The Matrix produces the hologram for the Oneness


The external world of objects is ‘real’ enough to the five senses.

The five senses transmit signals/waveforms of sound, light, etc. to the brain, which acts as a receiver.

These signals carry the appearance of duality, multiplicity, differentiation.

This ‘appearance’ of multiplicity is the job, the function of the five senses.

The five senses are the tools of the Matrix.

In Sanskrit the Matrix is termed Maya, meaning the power of creative illusion, or Matrika in the Kasmir Saivism schools.

She is the feminine polarity, the Yin side, and she produces the hologram for the Oneness as the Observer that dwells in the Heart.

This Heart is not the physical heart that pumps blood around your body; it is the seat of consciousness in your being.

The Observer within you remains connected to and united with the Oneness; it remains pure – untouched by any act good or evil.

The Observer is the ATMA/Soul or Spirit/Purusha.

Identify your consciousness with that Observer within you.

You are That.  Tat Tvam Asi.

You have always been that. Remember.

Thus non-duality, meaning the Oneness, and duality, the appearance of multiplicity in the hologram, do exist simultaneously.

The hologram is temporal, fleeting – the Oneness is eternal.



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