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The Universe is God Enjoying Itself in the Mirror of Consciousness

The Creator is full. God is Fullness itself. The void is not empty; it is the plenum. It contains everything in this universe embedded, encoded, in seed form within Its infinite imperishable, immutable potent potency of potential. It is expanding - bulging, exploding-imploding, bursting, expanding-contracting with Its own infinite unending energy, power, and Free Will.

It enjoys everything about Itself, absolutely everything – from angelic ascension to demonic Armageddon. The creator is All of it, every single expression of and in Its Totality, each vibratory wave generating countless forms - the good, bad, and the ugly. The Oneness enjoys all.

This eternal expansion and contraction of Its fullness is the nature and source of Its need to create the universe over and over – and when it runs-down, begins to decay, and rots beyond redemption, the Creator destroys Its manifested holographic external Self in all Its differentiated forms, thoughts, and feelings … so that IT can be recreated again and again, from yuga to yuga, in one kalpa and another, throughout the endless cycles of time - world without end. So it is and so it always will be.


The Creator is “digesting” and savoring Itself.

Think of the confluence of forces that impel a young man or woman to leave everything they have ever known, the safety of family and friends, home and the ‘known’ - and jump off the proverbial abyss into the unknown. One day they just pack up and sail away, catch a plane or train, hit the road. The far horizon beckons and they don’t look back.

Impelled by forces they can scarcely identify, they seek to express and fulfill their own urging talents, god-given gifts, and potentials. They seek the journey of chance. They seek the revealing to themselves of their own hidden energies. Those secret longings, silently hatching, demanding, emerging in their heart and soul, drive them on into dark and distant concealed mysteries.

So it is with God. We are the fragment-portions of that Oneness seeking to express the seed-germ of our own essence in time and space. Our lives are the expressions of the Creator enjoying, consuming, digesting Its infinite possible potential. That is what this ‘play’ is all about. God as us is enjoying Its vast spectrum Self in all Its inconceivable, unnamable, unlimited perfection in the external extruded temporal illusory hologram, as the ‘appearance’ of what can be conceived, named, and limited into differentiated perception.

This universe is nothing but that terrible, mad, horrendous, magnificent, splendid JOY of God’s Love for Its own Being.

If we can tune into that, and harmonize the frequency of our consciousness with that, even for a second of earth time, then we come to the understanding that all questions disappear. In God consciousness there are no questions – only stark raving bliss-filled JOY and the endless ecstasy of Supernal Love. The question of ‘why’ vanishes into Oneness. This universe is just God’s play.

The universe is God admiring Itself in a mirror. This universe is the reflection of the Oneness in the mirror of consciousness – the ultimate expression of “I am”!  Life is the ecstatic Love of the Highest Self, the Oneness, for Its SELF as all Selves, as all of us, all beings, everyone and everything – the All.


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Related Sanskrit words:

Aham: “I am” – there are two “I”s, the lower small personality self, the individual ego. This small “I” is deluded by the power of MAYA and thinks that it is separate from the Oneness. The higher “I am” Self, the Paramatman, is the supreme Self, the Absolute, the all-pervading Oneness, God consciousness.

Brahman: the ultimate reality, the Fullness, from the root word brih meaning “to expand.”

Abhasas: Appearances, caused by Maya.

Ac[h]alam: Unmoving, immovable.

Ac[h]intyam: Unthinkable, inconceivable, surpassing thought.

Aksharam: Imperishable, unchanging.

Ananda: Bliss.

Anirdeshyam: Undefinable, inexplicable, incomparable.

Avyaktam: Unmanifest, unseen.

Avyaya: Eternal, imperishable.

Bindu: The compact mass of spiritual power or energy (Shakti) gathered into an undifferentiated point, ready to manifest as the universe.

Hrydaya: The Inner Heart, the Light of Central consciousness which is the substratum of all manifestation; within each of us and simultaneously ubiquitous.

Sarvatragam: all pervading, omnipresent, “everywhere going.”



Pratibimba: The Theory of Reflection.

This universe is found in the reflecting mirror of God Consciousness. The mirror is the absolutely independent Free Will (svantantrya) of God. Unlike an ordinary mirror, in God Consciousness only the reflection exists and not anything that is separate and reflected. Whatever God wills appears in the mirror of his consciousness. In reality, only the reflection exists and not anything that is reflected. The universe is contained in seed form in God’s Free Will.

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