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We are now in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga

May 2011: We are in fact in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga. These are the dark days that precede the close of this Cycle of Time. As we move closer, time will continue to accelerate and the spectacle of horror, catastrophe, war, starvation, and death will fill the air. You must now more than ever seek the God-within you for that will be your only refuge.

I fully understand and realize that the authorities on the ancient Sanskrit texts in India do not agree with what I have just said. However I have at last become completely convinced. The reason for my certainty is that the most trusted disciple of the enlightened master and Kashmir Shaivite, Swami Lakshmanjoo, has shared this knowledge with me and given me permission to tell those who will benefit. We are in PRALAYA, the eternally repeating process of the Dissolution of this cycle of time.

In 1991, I read Alain Danielou’s brilliant ‘While the Gods Play, Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycle of History and the Destiny of Mankind’ (1985/Inner Traditions). Over the years I reread this book many times. It has taken me multiple readings, along with many related texts and my own experiences, to absorb what he said. To find out something about his life, I also read all of Danielou’s books that have been translated from the French into English.

Danielou said that he was taken into the trust of a group of Shaivites who were rather secretive. Unlike so many other ambitious gurus, they did not head for the west to promote their sacred teachings. Danielou had taught himself Sanskrit; but for whatever reason, these Shaivites trusted him and initiated him into their metaphysical system that included the theory of the Cycles of Time. ‘While the Gods Play’ contains a clear explanation of that school of Shaivite knowledge.

As I have related to you previously on this website, Danielou gives 1939 as the date of the beginning this Twilight of the Kali Yuga. He connects this to the ‘discovery of nuclear fission’ perhaps because it will be various forms of nuclear fission, including nuclear power facilities, which will be instrumental in the end.

Monsieur Danielou tells us, “The final catastrophe will take place during this twilight. The last traces of this present humankind will have disappeared in 2442.”


A Litany of Evils

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist these days to see that we human beings, and our precious planet are facing unimaginable catastrophic events. The Internet is filled with daily reports, some credible and sincere, while others are intentionally distorted, manipulative, and confusing. 2011 has been the beginning of what is called Earth Changes.

We are facing immanent food shortages as the weather patterns continue to wreak havoc on earth’s traditional farmlands. The escalating price of food and the scarcity of water will instigate more wars as people fight for survival in a world where resources are vanishing. Even the rich will not be able to insulate themselves from this terrible future.

The purple plumes spewing from the Fukushima disaster are raining radiation and poisoning the northern hemisphere as I write this, primarily over North America, but will over time move into the southern hemisphere through the air and ocean currents.

Economic systems in the western world are bankrupt and must eventually collapse. The measures taken by those in power are simply staving off the inevitable. Corruption is unspeakable.

The military industrial complex’s corporatocracy has already succeeded in poisoning our oceans, land, and air with toxic chemicals. The planet has become inundated with the infamous EDCs, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, that mimic estrogen in our bodies and confuse our endocrine systems. Our endocrine glands control every aspect of the human body. EDCs are the cause of epidemic obesity, diabetes, and memory loss. The damage done by the big pharmaceutical corporations is incalculable.


How does the Creator draw the Curtain?

I have often wondered how the Creator would manage the end of a Cycle of Time. I suppose the assistance of a great many demonic forces are enlisted, all of whom are acting in their own self-interest, perhaps even in desperation for their own survival and their families. Would you agree to be part of a secret project that insured the survival of your children in a massive underground?

It appears to me that the human race is slowly but surely going quite mad. A few courageous souls are reporting these events. Clif High’s Half Past Human webbot data is one of my favorites. There are others and they are not always absolutely correct in their observations and predictions. That’s OK with me because like most of us, they sense something has gone terribly wrong and they are bravely endeavoring to find answers.

Honest answers are hard to come by in these days. Remember that the Kali Yuga is the Age of Conflict and Confusion. Confusion reigns! Do turn off your TV. Don’t expect ANYTHING you see and hear on your television to have much resemblance to truth. It has become the job of journalism to hide and obfuscate any shred of truth.

It is all propaganda of one form or another, even and perhaps especially the market/money channels. The remains of the decaying economic system could not withstand any revelations of reality. The emperor has clothes only as long as they say he does.

What you hear on the monopoly-media is scripted carefully to adhere to the current rules of propaganda. All politicians in both parties (except for rather hopefully Ron Paul) are the paid flunkies of the corporatocracy. Democracy died a silent death long ago.

The nature of the demonic, the negative frequencies, is endless diversity. When you say a person is good, that is often the end of the conversation. However, the perturbations of evil are endless and I could go on recounting the litanies of evil we are facing – but I am assuming you already know or you wouldn’t be reading this.


How much time do we have?

I do not know how much time we have. I have no idea. But my intuitive guess is around 50 years - depending on where you live and more importantly your own consciousness. In the coming days, your only real Refuge is your own consciousness. Now is the time to go inside and find that Refuge in whatever way you are pursuing.

In the final chapter of ‘While the Gods Play’, Danielou tells us “humankind is destroyed only after it has outlived its reason for existence.” The Shaivites who initiated him explained to him that there must be a receptacle to receive and pass on the ancient timeless metaphysical traditions of Knowledge and Wisdom. When there are no longer any who are capable of being such a ‘receptacle’ - in other words no one remains that can hold the higher frequencies of the Eternal metaphysical Truth, then the final decay and dissolution ensue.

Therefore how much time we have depends on us – each one of us as individuals. Those of us who understand the reality of these times are called upon, by the God-within you, to be the Holders of Truth. Your own consciousness will not only protect you, but also many, many others – including those close to you whom you love.

I believe it will be something like the family who has evacuated their neighborhood after a terrible tornado. They return to find every house destroyed, except theirs. So, your fate is in your own hands - as it always was.

I will keep posting articles here in the hope that what I have learned over my 65 years of seeking the God-within and Truth will in some small way support you in these terrible and awe-filled days until the Internet goes down. This worldwide communication system will remain only as long as our earth can dodge our Sun’s coronal mass ejections, the Solar Cycle 24, which are said to have the capacity to fry electrical grids.

Get out of the cities. May you walk in Peace and find Eternal Love everywhere. We Meet in the Heart.









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