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June 27, 2012

The Cycles of Time & Cosmic Waves Reconsidered

For those of you who read the previous version of this, I have rewritten this on the basis of reconsidering my understanding.

Our beloved planet Earth has witnessed many cycles of creation and destruction. We are living in the time of the end of a Cycle of Time, the Twilight of the Kali Yuga. The Sanskrit word for this is PRALAYA, meaning periodic cosmic dissolution. Literally Pralaya means ‘to dissolve away.’

Everyone senses this, and yet no one knows exactly how it will take place. I suspect that not even the-powers-that-be TPTB know exactly, precisely what will happen. But they do know more than we know and have intentionally left us out of their plans, as is evidenced by the millions of taxpayer dollars spent on massive underground bunker complexes, which may prove to be tombs.

My understanding in a very concise form is thus:

Everything is CONSCIOUSNESS. There is nothing that is not made of and from consciousness.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter a form of primal consciousness [prakasha and/or prana in Sanskrit] is the stuff that Prakriti, the Matrix, via her creative powers to generate temporal holographic illusions [shaktimaya], utilizes to manifest the temporal ‘appearance’ of this universe.


Thus plasma eventually forms all matter and is ubiquitous throughout space. ‘At least 99% of the known universe is in fact, matter in its plasma state’ [Plasma]. Plasma builds to become cosmic space dust, clouds of plasma fluff, ribbons, etc.

These plasma fluff accumulations are magnetic and changeable. Because they ‘interact with electromagnetism plasmas display a complexity in structure far exceeding that of matter in gaseous, liquid, or solid states. Plasma has a tendency to form into cellular and filamentary structures’ [ibid]. Waves of plasma dust-fluff are causing enormous changes in our Sun and its polarities; and also Earth’s poles, weather, earthquakes, ocean currents, etc., and the rest of our solar system.

Based on my inner reflection and research, I understand that these waves of plasma cosmic dust/fluff are an instrument by which the Oneness transforms Creation, this temporal illusory holographic universe, and moves us from one Cycle of Time to another.

Those who align their consciousness with the Oneness, the God-within that permeates and pervades All, will be fine. Those who have not will have the opportunity to do so in the next few years. Others perish.

Years ago when I first read about the Cycles of Time and the concept of a Pralaya, I wondered how the Creator would manage such destruction. I believe that the Oneness as Creator uses periodic build ups and intrusions of plasma cosmic dust-fluff to bring extreme energetic patterns of electromagnetism to earth and various parts of this galaxy to bring back into harmony what has fallen too far from the eternal Divine Harmony, out of alignment, and devolved away from its true nature – which is the Oneness, our Source.

The Galactic Center can be understood as the Heart of our galaxy and our Mother. She in fact creates everything in this galaxy, even our bodies. Now she is sending her ‘healing’ powers to our planet to re-align our consciousness with our Source, the Oneness. This ‘healing’ will be felt and experienced as catastrophe, devastation, and death for much of the planet. We were warned for many years and yet we went on ravaging, polluting the earth, poisoning the oceans, and killing each other. The Earth herself cried out for help.

In the 1996 documentary ‘Remembering the End of the World’ David Talbott explains his research and provides evidence that mythology is not mere ‘myth’ but in fact our collective memory. I have often said this in relation to the Cycles of Time. Myth is the far memory of previous cycles of time.

Documentary here:

Move forward into the film to 0:53:00 where Talbott reveals and illustrates, according to the collective memory encoded in ancient myths, that during the Golden Era [the Satya or Krita Yuga in Sanskrit] the sky above us did not look anything like our current era sky. In fact the planets stood in line, a line that the Babylonian astronomer Berossos called The Great Conjunction of the Golden Age.

Talbott says: “A single line ran through the hearts of the gathered bodies. … the planets were seen along a single polar axis and stay in polar alignment — an alignment of gathered bodies: Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. The animating eye heart and soul of the primeval Sun was the planet Saturn. …the ancient terms Helios, Sol, Shamash, Surya  are all names for Saturn.”

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The ancients knew that as long as they looked up and saw this alignment in the sky above, their Satya Yuga was safe. But as time moved on and the alignment of the Great Conjunction of the Golden Age became disturbed and disrupted, various inharmonious and destructive vibrations were produced, and began to increase. According to Talbott, Mars moved back and forth between the Earth and the planet Venus. As Mars did this, enormous magnetic disturbances were generated and these disturbances gave rise to plasma fields of highly charged dust-fluff particles like the tails of comets.

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Mars and Venus connected by plasma tails


These fields of highly charged plasma material eventually fell over the Earth, with “disastrous effects” and brought about catastrophic destruction, earthquakes, floods, and the close of the Satya Yuga.

Obviously such a ‘golden’ planetary alignment no longer exists and we will not be experiencing this now. But it illustrates how massive plasma events do allow for the changes in the Cycles of Time. Many other researchers have come to the same conclusion and connected these cosmic waves of plasma with such events. The skies darken for days.

This time the plasma cosmic dust-fluff material is not coming from a planetary alignment, but is coming from the Galactic Center. This is being reported by mainstream science and by alternative researchers. I will include links below. This plasma cosmic dust-fluff is on its way and in ways that we may not yet comprehend, will bring about the final days of the Kali Yuga.

This cosmic fluff dust consists of ions and electrons, which can and do mutate as they go through the well-known process of magnetic reconnection. The exact nature of the dust-fluff is not known, nor will it be. I am no longer feeling certain about the nature or effects of these possible events. However, these times hold the heightened possibility of urging us all on to our own enlightenment.

The Creator is within each and every one of us. The Twilight of the Kali Yuga is the great and grand opportunity for us to reconnect with our Source, with what we have always been and always will be. There is only One Soul! Only the Oneness manifesting in Time and Space as temporal multiplicity through five sense differentiated perception.

Time to come Home!

That time is now. Go within and reconnect. You are the Oneness. I do still believe that it is prudent to buy as much canned food as you are able to afford. An air respirator mask may serve you. Fukushima also looms as an unknown.

During this time we have to find a profound courage and remain in the Wisdom of a higher consciousness. We understand that this is a necessary phase in this cycle of time. In fact, we are leaving the Kali Yuga that has brought us unending wars, misery, and heartbreak — all the countless challenges that only the imperishable, immutable Oneness in all Its awesome wonder, mystery, and power could ever manifest. Only God would play such a game … the Divine Lila.

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For many months now I have felt a ‘presence’ inside me weeping, an old friend. I have tried my best to search and search for truth. If there is even one of you reading this who may somehow find your way Home, then the silent tears of that weeping lady may at long last find peace.

I will try to reveal whatever I learn as the days pass as long as the Internet is still up. The only Refuge is in Wisdom Consciousness. May the God-within bless you and keep you safe. Surely we can embrace the passage of this Kali Yuga and look towards a new time of harmony in the Satya.

We will meet in the Heart!

V. Susan Ferguson  /June 27, 2012

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"Remembering the End of the World" is a 1996 documentary based on the research of comparative mythologist David Talbott, that offered new answers to the mystery behind the universal theme of mythology in various ancient cultures across the world.


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From January 2009 to January 2012, there had been a gradual increase of about 25 percent in the amount of galactic cosmic rays Voyager was encountering," said Stone. "More recently, we have seen very rapid escalation in that part of the energy spectrum. Beginning on May 7, the cosmic ray hits have increased five percent in a week and nine percent in a month."


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