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Evidence that we are in The Twilight of the Kali Yuga



I fully understand and realize that the authorities on the ancient Sanskrit texts in India do not agree with what I am going to say here. The traditional and currently accepted timeline for the end of the Kali Yuga in India is that we have another 426,900 more years of the Kali Yuga.


However in 1991, I read Alain Danielou’s eye-opening enlightening ‘While the Gods Play, Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycle of History and the Destiny of Mankind’ (1985/Inner Traditions). Over the years I reread this book many times. It has taken me multiple readings, along with many related texts and my own experiences, to absorb what he said. To find out something about his life, I also read all of Danielou’s books that have been translated from the French into English.


Danielou said that he was taken into the trust of a group of Shaivites who were rather secretive. Unlike so many other ambitious gurus, they did not head for the west to promote their sacred teachings.


Danielou was French and had taught himself Sanskrit; but for whatever reason, these Shaivites trusted him and initiated him into their metaphysical system that included the theory of the Cycles of Time. ‘While the Gods Play’ contains a clear explanation of that school of Shaivite knowledge.


Danielou said that these Shaivites told him the ‘true’ dates. He gives 1939 as the date of the beginning this Twilight of the Kali Yuga. He connects this to the ‘discovery of nuclear fission’ - perhaps because it will be various forms of nuclear fission, including nuclear power facilities, which will be instrumental in the end. Like Fukushima?


Monsieur Danielou tells us, “The final catastrophe will take place during this twilight. The last traces of this present humankind will have disappeared in 2442.”


It took me years to assimilate the theory of the Cycles of Time. I was born in the wild west and brought up on faith in 'American know-how' and 'progress'!


It was really not until I read Rene Guenon's devastatingly brilliant 'Reign of Quantity, and The Signs of the Times' that I was completely convinced. Guenon's French razor-slicing arguments forever altered my consciousness. Do read this book. It will blow the cobwebs right out of your brain.


Later I began to study the works of Swami Lakshmanjoo. I know, you never heard of him - and that is a good thing!  With all the swarmy swamis around, who needs another! And while I realize that to many I will sound like just one more delusional brainwashed disciple, Lakshmanjoo was the real jewel. He had his own money and never took money from any of his disciples. In fact he gave money to many who needed it over the years. He stayed in Kashmir teaching only those who sought him out and never sought fame. The great Sanskrit scholars flocked to his ashram.


I noticed him because as I began to study Abhinavagupta and Kashmir Shaivism, every book was dedicated to Swami Lakshmanjoo - "without his patient guidance" these texts would never have been translated or understood. Laskhmanjoo was the last source of this Kashmir code Sanskrit. Born in 1907, he passed this world in 1991.


Many video recordings were made of Swami Lakshmanjoo and as I became immersed in his teachings, I at last felt the grace of a real guru. Even though Lakshmanjoo has already cleft the body, he touched me with his grace - and after so many years, I absorbed in my Heart, my very Being, what I had known in my mind. I began to communicate with his people in LA.


And it was by chance that the most trusted disciple of Swami Lakshmanjoo shared the knowledge with me and gave me permission to tell those who will benefit.


According to Swami Lakshmanjoo:

We are in PRALAYA, the eternally repeating process of the Dissolution of this cycle of time.




Again by chance …

I was searching for some nice music to post on this thread and came across this:




I had never heard of this teacher, who happens to also be a Shaivite.

So in my mind that made three Shaivites who were saying that we are in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga.

The clip is not in English and I don't understand one word.

So I emailed his people:



I am 67, living in New Zealand.

I have been studying Kashmir Shaivism with Swami Lakshmanjoo for many years now.

He said that we are now in the PRALAYA of this Kali Yuga.

So I was drawn to this online video of Guru Siyag.

Which seems to agree with Swami Lakshmanjoo.

However, the clip is not in English. So I cannot understand any of the details.

I tried your website, but was unable to find anything on this subject.

Can you help me with this? The source?

Is this something all Shaivites know?


And got this reply ...



For a while Guru Siyag has warned disciples of a Pralaya -- the exact nature or time of the destruction is not known. He hints at the possibility of a Third World War that will much havoc in the world. However, he has not written a detailed document about this or delivered any particular lectures on this topic. These are mostly off hand references that are made in the context of the power of the Shakti -- it's ability to protect the practitioner from natural and man-made disasters. He urges disciples to dedicate themselves completely to Sadhana to protect themselves from such a calamity. We are not sure if this is a secret knowledge that all Shaivites share. These revelations were made to Guru Siyag during the early part of his tapasya. 

We hope this helps.




So in that made three Shaivites who were saying that we are in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga.

I may be WRONG!

Personally, I hope this is the end of the Kali Yuga.

I'm not looking forward to another 426,900 years of this kind of a darkside-rules world consciousness!

It is obvious that we are heading to an Orwellian nightmare.


Here I have offered you my views based on years of experience and research.

You must decide for yourself.

In any case, becoming one with the God-within you is still the best plan and the only Refuge.


We meet in the Heart!

We are the Oneness forever.


When examining the dates of the Cycles of Time, I find it useful to keep this in mind:


All increments, meaning measurements of time and space, are relative to the consciousness of the perceiver and thus the product of variations in waveform frequencies, based on and the result of the specific degree of the illusion of Separation from Oneness.



*Duration of Time as a Function of Consciousness & The Four Cycles


The 4 Ages are:

1. The Krita Yuga, a Golden Age

2. The Treta Yuga, the Age of Ritual

3. Dvapara Yuga, the Age of Doubt: Man loses the sense of the

divine reality of the world and grows away from natural


4. The Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and confusion began in

3012 BC and will end with the nearly total devastation of

the present humanity


When you study the Hindu theory of the Cycles of Time and the yugas, you will find a confusing divergence of opinion concerning the dates of their duration. Considering that we are now living in the Age of Confusion, the Kali Yuga, it is not surprising to find so much disagreement on these matters.


What is more important to me than precise numbers is the fact that we are living in an era where there is almost no memory of the previous cycles of time. Most of us wrongly believe that civilization begins with written history where as writing is actually the symptom of a degenerative culture – because it is sound that communicates meaning, not the markings that seek to represent it.


Reach beyond the limited frequencies of this Veil of Illusion you have been confined within all of your life. The experience of expanding and projecting your thoughts, consciousness and imagination back into primordial time is in itself liberating, revealing and uplifting.


The realization that time is in fact a function of consciousness will alter your perception of reality. We all experience time relative to our own specific consciousness. You can verify this for yourself by simply reflecting on, for example, how time flies when you are happy - as opposed how time drags when you are stuck in traffic or at the dentist.


Another example would be to consider the consciousness of an ambitious type-A personality, the would-be-executive who runs around non-stop day after day, balancing a bazillion enterprises in order to gain money, prestige and power, keeping busy-busy-busy to avoid any possible solitude or contemplation.


Compare that with the consciousness of a Tai Chi Master who moves so slowly as to defy nature and yet can knockout his opponent from across the room, or an ascetic hermit yogi who never moves, never goes anywhere or does anything, but by remaining at the center of his being becomes One with the Universe.


Time does not exist outside the temporal illusory hologram.


All increments, meaning measurements of time and space, are relative to the consciousness of the perceiver and thus the product of variations in waveform frequencies, based on and the result of the specific degree of the illusion of Separation from Oneness.


This is similar to the quantum physics theory, The Copenhagen interpretation, Part II: Reality is created by observation. Or you might say more accurately, reality is created by the consciousness of the observer.


In ‘While the Gods Play’, the French scholar Alain Danielou explains that the length of a moment is established by the rhythms of consciousness that perceive it:


"It is energy, by producing vibratory waves having direction and length, that will give birth to the rhythms whose perceptions will create the dimension of time, the measure of space, and at the same time the structures of matter.


"For man, the perception of the dimension of time is determined by his vital rhythms, his heartbeat …"



A recent post that mentions Alain Danielou:

*Kali Yuga is quite often erroneously referred to as a 432,000 year period by scholars who are simply repeating a gross miscalculation in the underlying mathematics of the relevant scriptural pronouncements on the cyclic progression of the yugas.  The actual duration of Kali Yuga has been determined to be somewhere between 5000 and 5200 years long not including its dawn and twilights periods.  Alain Danielou offers an authoritative treatment of this subject matter in his book entitled “While The Gods Play”.


Why does the World Shadow Government destroy its own home planet?




The traditional and currently accepted timeline for the end of the Kali Yuga in India is:


"There were many rumours that kaliyuga would end by 2000. Now, also there are many rumours that, we are at the end of the kaliyuga, and there are so many people publicizing themselves as Kalki. This is absolutely not true. These rumours were created by the so-called astrologers, swamis for their personal benefit. Kaliyuga started just 5100 years back, and it takes 4,26,900 years more to complete, and Kalki will come at the end of this yuga. All the so called kalkis are only bogus people, they are NOT Gods.


There are four yugas, namely Kritha yuga, Tretha yuga, Dwapara yuga, and Kali yuga. Kali yuga spans 4,32,000 years. Dwapara yuga spans twice as of kali yuga, Tretha yuga spans thirce as of Kali yuga, and Kritha yuga spans four times as of Kali yuga.


Yuga Time Period

Kritha Yuga 17,28,000 years

Tretha Yuga 12,96,000 years

Dwapara Yuga 8,64,000 years

Kali Yuga 4,32,000 years


"All the four yugas combined together is called Maha Yuga. One Maha Yuga comprises of 43,20,000 years. 1000 Maha Yugas are equivalent to the day of the Brahma. Brahma's night is also of the same time. Brahma's one day is equivalent to 864,00,00,000 years. Brahma's one second is equivalent to 1,00,000 years on earth. Brahma lives like this for 100 years, and the entire lifetime of Brahma is equivalent to one breath of Sri Maha Vishnu. When Sri Maha Vishnu exhilarates, the entire world is created, and when he annihilates the entire world is destroyed. The time span between his exhilaration and annihilation is equivalent to 100 years for Brahma. 

Kali yuga started the day Lord Krishna left for spiritual world from this material world. It was around 5100 years back, and it takes 4,26,900 more years for Kali Yuga to complete. At the end of the kali yuga, when there is no dharma, Kalki will come and kill all bad people. All the present kalkis are only bogus people, and they are not Gods."


According to the above information, we have another 426,900 more years of the Kali Yuga. God help us… !








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