The Cults of Empire

In every Kali Yuga throughout endless Cycles of Time, tyrants have sought to dominate the world — and failed. They will fail again. According to author Charles R. Morris, in December of 2007, the chairman of the Federal Reserve in the United States, Ben Bernanke began the experimental practice of exchanging illiquid assets that were weighing down bank balance sheets for safe-haven U.S. Treasuries. These illiquid assets, which normally cannot be sold or exchanged without a substantial loss, are called CDOs, collateralized debt obligations. Foreign governments and pension funds have long perceived U.S. Treasuries as stable safe trusted investments.

Thus began the unraveling of the world economy. This 'experiment' was based on the current cult of financial ideology, the Chicago school of economics, a brand of financial capitalism. This economic 'experiment' is now failing. Depressions are cyclical. Over the next two years the world will be thrown into deep depression — and wipe out the wealth and savings of millions who never heard of CDOs and know nothing of financial cult ideologies.

When the American people begin to fully realize, as many now are, how their life savings, the security and safety of their families, and their future have been gambled away and squandered by the fanatical arrogance of an elite effectively cut off from the everyday real struggles of ordinary lives, there will be terrible and as yet unknown, perhaps violent consequences. I suggest that the elite fears public reaction — and the bizarre attempts to monitor and control any and all communications are symptomatic of their fears. They are afraid.

No one wants chaos.

No one wants to be pushed to violence. In the despair of utter helplessness, the idea of revolution may stir the blood and call brave hearts to action, but the consequences can be catastrophic. Civil wars are heinous in this regard as the absence of law brings out the worst in humanity. Historical accounts offer evidence of rampant atrocities committed during and in the name of such movements. The innocent, young and old, suffer.

As world governments have grown, the common people have been left behind, shut out of any possible responsible participation in our own destinies. In despair people have turned to conspiracy cults that offer explanations, participation and community. Developing alternative ways to live beyond consumerism, the new age, channels (the modern oracles), and conspiracies give the disenfranchised and disconnected the sense of belonging we all need.

Many of these groups are positive, creative, and have born constructive ideas based on sound research. We need new thinking, new ways to understand disease, our relationship with Nature, and consciousness. However there are numerous cults that are simply taking advantage of a large group of people who feel totally alienated from the leaders they once trusted. The disenchanted and lonely make easy pickings for carnival sharks.

I believe that many of these cult groups began in absolute sincerity. Like all of us, they were seeking answers. Their initial efforts were of real value to many, or they would not have succeeded in attracting followers. But success carries its own seeds of decay. The pressure on even the best of leaders to keep their followers interested may encourage them to produce the more and more bizarre and titillating, to the point of absurdity. The followers and closest disciples can and do corrupt their teachers and gurus. Stars are 'owned' by their fans.

The End of an Empire

We are living in the end of another Kali Yuga empire. Cults also flourished as the cracks began to appear in the Roman Empire. A plethora of alternative religious cults and practices found popularity with those who felt powerless, not only slaves, but also the wives of aristocrats.

"...the anguish, the general insecurity and feeling of precariousness which silently undermined the Roman world supplied further ammunition to the mystery religions (Dionysian cults), which while tightening the solidarity of the sect's members, guaranteed them the firm hope of divine protection in this world and the next." [The Cults of the Roman Empire, by Robert Turcan]

We have often been told that all empires are alike and the American Empire has been compared to the Roman Empire. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it (George Santayana)." As we stand on the precipice of world collapse, are we really any different? As we have lost faith in our cultural traditions and religions, have we not turned to questionable sources?

"When the condition of a citizen...lost a large part of its importance, the individual sought another status...by way of his integration...members of 'diaspora' create new bonds for themselves in another place another way... Where the individual no longer plays an active, direct and personal part in the running of the city, he inevitably loses interest and seeks responsibilities elsewhere, in other solidarities, other 'fraternities'...assure him a kind of reintegration and existence, when traditional frameworks and institutional authorities are in decline or failing in their mission." [The Cults of the Roman Empires]

I suggest that our ruling elites have been happy to keep us, the common herd distracted in rubbish conspiracy cults and new age channelings, just as the Roman aristocracy was pleased to keep their populace distracted in various religious cults. The Praetorian Guard didn't have the media, TV, and the Internet to use as a control mechanism.

Financial Cults

Our institutional authorities have not only failed us, they have disregarded us as human beings and betrayed our trust. In arcane secrecy, their cults of financial ideologies have eviscerated the middle class and destroyed our beloved democracy. Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and many others have warned again and again that this 'experiment' will end in suffering and tragedy. The collapse of the USD as the world currency can occur slowly, perhaps over the next two years as James Rickards suggests. But no one knows.

What we do know is that the massive tsunami of printed money issued as quantitative easing (QE) by the Federal Reserve has placed the very safety and sovereignty of America at risk — and left people around the world vulnerable. When banks fail and we see breadlines, the majority of Americans will begin to understand how we have been robbed, that "the greatest transference of wealth in the history of mankind" has taken place in the guise of the fanatical beliefs of an elitist financial ideological cult. The consequences will be terrifying.

The external world is a perfect reflection of our inner consciousness. What is needed is a change in consciousness. Yes, it is time to clean house, to examine the political and moral corruption that has overwhelmed us. Yet we must be very careful to act in considered, accurately informed, intelligent wisdom — lest in the process of liberating ourselves from these sociopathic thieving narcissists, we become the enemy. A recent example of a productive alternative is the march against secret government surveillance by thousands of activists. Legal courts have condemned J. P. Morgan and fined them billions of dollars. These are better approaches.

Those who have gained in wisdom will find that Wisdom-Knowledge is now more than ever, a crucial necessity. Ill-considered violence is not of value, and perhaps not even a lasting solution to the greed paradigm. We may ask what are the real motives behind those who are encouraging such acts? Do we really want to unleash dangerously destructive energies with the potential for unpredictable unforeseen consequences? Remember the sober conclusion of the French Revolution in the 1790s: "The Revolution eats its own!" The choice is up to us. Only we are responsible for the future.

Waiting for a change in our Consciousness

Consider the idea that the off-world beings that did in fact colonize our little planet are simply waiting, observing us, hoping that we will move into maturity — and take responsibility for our own actions as individuals, participate with Wisdom & Knowledge in our governments and in the care & protection of planet Earth herself, our Mother.

Perhaps these off-world beings, of which there appear to be countless numbers of multiple races, are indeed hoping that one day soon, we earthlings will come to the realization that we don't need tyranny in any form, and that we are capable of assuming an intelligent informed participation in our future.

Indeed they watch, hoping that one day we will lose our childlike interest in ever more bizarre fear-loaded tales, which render us useless. Could it just be that what the ETs are waiting and hoping for is for us, earth humans to grow up? Because unless we demonstrate that we have become responsible adults here on Earth, we cannot and will not be allowed to join and participate in the larger Universe.

Enlightenment is not escapism. Enlightened beings naturally develop compassion and engage in activities that contribute to the well-being of the world.

V. Susan Ferguson



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* NSA Washington march: Anti-secrecy activists marched in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., Saturday, protesting NSA spying. US citizens and world leaders are rattled at reports of vast surveillance of phone and Internet communications.




* JPMorgan Chase has reached a $5.1 billion settlement over alleged violations related to mortgage securities it sold in the lead up to the financial crash.













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