Eternal Expanding Consciousness

The true description of Enlightenment may be eternal expanding consciousness. The Sanskrit word brahman is derived from the root brih which means to expand, thus brahman is the fullness, the broad, high, wide and deep ever expanding ubiquitous One that pervades All. Brahman is termed Parabhairava in Kashmir Shaivism, the Presence, also the luminescent effulgence, akshara [the Imperishable], Atma [Self], and Isha [power]. Over millenniums the names have changed, but never the One. This substance that is no substance is the eternal substratum of all that is temporal, the Sufi poet’s ‘beneath the curtain of each atom’ [Mahmud Shabistari].

The Rishis, meaning Seers that composed the Rig Veda X.129 wondered if the One can ever be known, [my 'translation']:

6. Who here can grasp the colossal
boundless far-reaching entirety?
This universe is only a fraction,

a single portion of the infinite forever
Oneness measureless.

Who can speak further of far away creation?
On this side of it the One that moved integrating
became the senses for perceiving,
thus sliding away afar.

7. As we are ever in motion
opening unfolding the God-within,
so the axis of the universe is
undulating, two serpents embracing,

all pervading within the highest creation,
even far away space ever expanding,

stretched out and spreading in all directions.

We know not if it can be held,
the continuum - indeed
if it can be known at all.

Surely it is true that the expanding Knowledge of That which we are — and is beyond Time and Space, the nameless formless that is simultaneously all names and forms — will go on and on in continuity for eternity. There are billions of galaxies now seen by our earth bound astronomers.  The Myriad Worlds, the realms of manifested universes have been ‘seen’ by the Seers of ancient days, Vedic, Buddhist and others.

It is thus the substantive cause of numerous universes floating in it like bubbles in an ocean.
- Essence of the Exact Reality or PARAMARTHASARA of Abhinavagupta; English translation & notes by Dr. B.N. Pandit.




World without end

Therefore it seems logical, at least to me that we, as the joyful enterprising mirrors in ‘discovering’ unending aspects and facets of the Creator Oneness weaving this magnificence, might never reach an end final anything completion. How can there be an ending for the never-born and never-dies? The next adventure will always await us, perhaps especially for those who have been brave, even stubborn and a bit arrogant, enough to come to this pleasure-pain sukha-duhkha polarity earth plane, which is considered by the Tibetans to be the Realm of Endurance.

As Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita IX.33, “Having attained this impermanent [anityam] and unhappy [asukham] world [lokam]…” The Razor’s Edge is not an easy place to walk! No one said it would be easy. But here we are. We must love the challenge of being Veiled in density, ignorance, delusion [moha], and the adventure of Waking Up to our Real Self, the One within All.

The One enjoys being in these data-collecting vehicles — us, you and me — in our Veiled states, from more or less Veiled ignorance to subtle layers of Enlightened consciousness, as we move across the galaxies in search of our dreams and desires. We are here on planet earth ploughing our fields, kshetra, metaphysical and other, while simultaneously some are transporting their consciousness in a non-existent instant across the vastness of space to other dimensional realms.

While it is fun to speculate on other possible excursions into the vastness, layers of infinite waveforms, nevertheless we are here and must focus our concentration on this world. We came here for total Liberation. As Rene Guenon has said in ‘Multiple States of Being’:

“…all these [multiple] states [exist] simultaneously in one and the same  being. …There is an indefinity of such possible modes of manifestation. …The existence of extra- or super-human beings is fundamentally of little importance to us. There may, assuredly, be an indefinite variety of them…we still have no reason to occupy ourselves especially with them…many and different stages which can be passed through successively or simultaneously…must never be confused with total liberation.”


Everything is coagulated consciousness.

We are all Consciousness. There is nothing but consciousness; everything is consciousness. Form is coagulated consciousness. The Shiva Sutra 3.17 says that the one who knows there is no difference between ice and water is wise indeed. What we think we see, hear, etc. – meaning differentiated five sense perception are merely the transitory temporal coagulated aggregates of wave forms that emerge interactively as appearances in Time & Space. Just as ice is water in another form, so the universe is the temporal coagulation of consciousness. When we realize, recognize this consciousness as God-Consciousness and experientially feel that we are That — TAT TVAM ASI [Chandogya Upanishad VI.8.7] — we have reached Enlightenment, the ever expanding, Brahman, the adventure of Knowing the imperishable immutable One.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna often enumerates many of the qualities we should ideally aspire to that are natural to the man of wisdom. For example in BhG. XII.17-19 he says that dear to Him [the Oneness] is the man  [or woman] who neither rejoices nor hates, nor grieves nor desires, has renounced good and evil, is alike toward enemy and friend, [reacts] the same in honour and disgrace, alike in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, and is freed from attachment, indifferent to blame or praise, silent, content with anything whatever. When I first read these amazing elevated words, I thought — Oh God, how far away I was from real wisdom. And yet now I am at least beginning to see that these qualities are simply the inevitable result of Self-Recognition and Knowing the One is you in All.



Perhaps the cornerstone of the Bhagavad Gita is this concept of non-attachment. The Sanskrit word sanga means attachment or clinging. Attachment to temporal forms, whether they be family or possessions, is a consequence of identifying with the body. As long as we feel that we are solely the small identity ego-self that is limited to the current data collecting vehicle, born on such date, 'I' did this and that etc. — then we will remain attached to all those people and things that verify and prop up our limited identity. We are not that.

The Sanskrit texts often advise those who are seeking wisdom to give up their 'kith and kin' and reject any connection to their previous loved ones. This admonition is quite common in texts for Sannyasins, those ascetics and monks who have “thrown down completely” everything. I have observed that family is a double-edged sword, offering comfort, acceptance and at the same time confinement. The family unit has a hierarchy and each member, no matter how dull or troublesome is accepted for what they are as long as they keep their place in the order, and don’t move beyond what is comfortably accepted by the others. Each is confined to their expected identity within the group. Achieving a state of non-attachment from family, while not abandoning our loved ones can indeed be arduous; however, not impossible for some.

The Real is that all beings are the One. Family members and strangers, people of all races and colours are the One. We are interconnected in the Oneness. Each is our brother, our mother, and friend. Swami Muni Narayana Prasad points out that the Sanskrit texts don’t need to preach brotherly love as many religions do, because love for all others simply blooms in the Heart once we Realize they are us! The Real is that all beings, all names and forms are the temporal coagulations of waveform frequencies of the One.


All the wisdom in the Sanskrit texts is said to originate from the Rig Veda and yet...

"...Veda has no mention of the idea of 'hell' or naraka mentioned in the Puranas. Yama is the ordainer and king of the pitriloka [the world of the ancestors]. Rig Veda mentions clearly the concept of rebirth or metempsychosis.

"Many popular beliefs on death are not found in the Veda. ...Veda, in particular, does not mention the belief that a person is born on earth because of the effects of his works done in earlier births, the so-called prArabdha karma."

- quoted from 'Semantics of Rig Veda', by R.L. Kashyap, Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture, Bangalore, 2006.

My exploration of many of the divergent schools that developed from the Sanskrit texts over the centuries and recent discovery that there is no concept of hells worlds or the idea of ‘prarabdha’ karma in the Rig Veda, said to be the source of all the other texts, has opened my mind to a lovely sense of freedom. As the Kashmir Shaivite Abhinavagupta has said:

"But all such theories are merely dialectical speculations useful in discussions and debates. None among such entities has a real existence, as all these are mere suppositions and imaginary concepts of thinkers. No diversity is the real truth."

The hell worlds described in such excruciating detail in the Puranas and texts of other religions, are the temporal holographic projections of the minds that created them. They were created for the purpose of control, to stop people from committing harmful acts that would destabilize society, and give priestcraft tyrants the power. They are also the product of a resonant consciousness. The human beings who conceived these hell realms had themselves sunk to that level.

The invisible realms work on the principle of magnetism and like attracts like. Forgive me being personal here for a moment. Back in my Texas high school days, I experienced the little Greys. My teen-age memory of this was suppressed to protect me and so their faces came out in my oil paintings, which oddly enough were very popular, coveted and even stolen. In my 40s, I again briefly encountered these happy beings who were delighted to see me, literally laughing in innocent childlike joy. The point is that I never experienced any fear around them.

In the same vein of thinking, my visions of the colonization of this planet by the Anunnaki did not include fear-loaded experiences with blood-dripping Reptilian monsters. Instead, my consciousness picked up on Inanna as a spoiled self-willed lady who like most of us, came to the end of her foolish selfish desires and sought the higher truth. ‘Inanna Returns’ is about her journey to enlightenment, not grisly tales of reptiles devouring humans. The laws of magnetism are infallible. Those in fear will perceive fear and attract fearful experiences. The cultivation of a higher consciousness is our only Refuge.


“Space represents pre-matter, the sub stratum in which energy can be manifested in the form of vibratory waves and magnetic forces… Time is born of consciousness. …The formation and development of the visible world is related to the principle of Time…expressed in the form of rhythms.”

- Alain Danielou, ‘While the Gods Play’

The quotation above from the French scholar Alain Danielou is from the concepts of the ancient primordial metaphysical teaching Samkhya. In ‘While the Gods Play’ Danielou explains that the length of a moment is established by the rhythms of consciousness that perceive it: 

"It is energy, by producing vibratory waves having direction and length, that will give birth to the rhythms whose perceptions will create the dimension of time, the measure of space, and at the same time the structures of matter. For man, the perception of the dimension of time is determined by his vital rhythms, his heartbeat…"

Thus time is experienced differently by all beings in various dimensional realms. Here within the rhythms of our earth plane vibrational waveform frequencies, the metaphysics of Time is a spiral compression that produces density of form relative to our consciousness. As we move through the cycles of time, our perception of Time speeds up and density increases as the interaction between our five senses and external form generates the further solidification of matter, from an astral-light fluidity to rock granite hard.

Collapsing waveforms

Intergalactic Space travel across vast distances does not take place in such a dense vibratory level of Time. Newtonian rocket-engine physics will not liberate us from the boundaries of our heliosphere. Perhaps there is a physics, or metaphysics of consciousness as yet unknown to us, which delineates the technology of utilizing collapsing waveforms that project and traverse in magnetic spirals into the multiple hyper-dimensions of various holographic universes. Yet we earthlings remain ‘trapped’ in density by our limited consciousness, attached to the delusional perception that we are the body. A truly Enlightened being Knows that he or she is not limited to the human flesh-and-blood body. Thus the siddhis, such as remote viewing, changing the density in one's body, flying through the skies and traveling in seconds from one location to another, etc. are said to be effortlessly achieved.

All visible forms are merely the temporal accumulative aggregates of waveforms. The space beings and their ships often appear and disappear, do they not? These beings are not encased in delusion. Thus they move in and out of the akasha at will. Their sky vehicles appear and disappear because they are not limited to our Time/Space


A multidimensional fabric woven of electromagnetic charges

 A polarity Universe is made up of positive and negative charges. Your physical/subtle body is a walking spherical satellite system of charged particles - a Field, Kshetra in Sanskrit. The entire visible world is manifested and supported by electromagnetic forces that sustain its very temporal holographic existence. The nature of your sphere is relative to its charge – meaning your consciousness. Once you realize this you will know the eternal Secret of the Ages: Change your consciousness and you gain the power to change your hologram, your life.

 In the treatise ‘Cosmos Without Gravitation’, the great iconoclastic thinker Immanuel Velikovsky states that the Sun, planets, satellites (moons, etc.), comets are charged bodies. As charged bodies they are interdependent. As Spirit inhabiting human bodies, we are each similar to such ‘charged’ bodies. Velikovsky uses the term circumduction to describe the electromagnetic interaction of celestial bodies. Circumduction would imply moving around an object in a circular or spherical manner. If you imagine yourself and those around you as unique spheres of electromagnetic energies, the term circumduction becomes a more accurate and less linear description of our everyday lives.

 We are all interacting with each other in every moment, not just in physical passing, say in the market or street, but also at a distance as we think of people or they think of us, or we read another’s thoughts or they read ours. Life is a multidimensional fabric woven of electromagnetic charges, all forming fields within fields.



Mad blissful Joy across thousands of universes

I believe there are benevolent beings observing this Earth, who are waiting for us to evolve into a deeper understanding of universal metaphysical Wisdom-Knowledge which they already possess. Our fear of them is symptomatic of our lack of wisdom. Until we understand that we live in the Woven Universe, where everyone and everything is deeply profoundly interconnected, then we cannot be allowed a greater participation even in our own solar system. We are destroying our precious blue-green jewel of a planet. Should we be given access to vaster knowledge, science that goes far beyond our conception of matter, which could destroy the fabric of Time itself?

A higher consciousness is our only Refuge. Amazing, is it not? This soup the One has cooked up for Itself. What an adventure, yours and mine, into limitation, five-sense perception, and very vulnerable perishable temporal forms. God is crazy in Love for Its Creation. There is only one Soul, forever dancing in crazy Love, Its mad blissful Joy across thousands of universes — an eternally expanding consciousness.

We meet in the Heart

V. Susan Ferguson



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