Endless Worlds


This is an excerpt from the 8th Chapter of Abhinavaguptas Tantra Loka as illumined by the Kashmir Shaivite Swami Lakshmanjoo:


Swami Lakshmanjoo:


But Abhinavagupta afterwards concludes that, I have experienced in my samadhi one hundred and eighteen worlds, (but) I dont know if there are more worlds also created, which are outside my consciousness, outside my reach.

So there is possibility of more worlds also, existing everywhere. 


You must see what is created . . . (laughs) . . . you must see what is created by God and then you put your I consciousness in that and then you will come to know the vastness of that God consciousness.


He will experience the vastness of God consciousness.

So this orbit of space is most necessary subject


JOHN: So the point of the measuring this universe is to insert your consciousness.

SWAMIJI: Insert your consciousness in that.

DENISE: In that vastness.


SWAMIJI: What is universe . . . what is everything?

You must know, what is everything. Everything is not only your country in which you are existing. Everything is everything! Whatever is existing, whatever is not existing in your consciousness, that is everything.


What is existing in your consciousness? One hundred and eighteen worlds. What is not existing in your consciousness? It is beyond one hundred and eighteen worlds.


DENISE: Maybe more?

SWAMIJI: Maybe more, you cant know. There is no end to His expansion.

What is to be done then afterwards, when you know what actually universe is?





John & Denise Hughes have kindly given me permission to post this excerpt.











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