Homemaking  for God


Most of my life I spent looking for my ‘Home’ even though I didn’t actually know what that meant. But whatever I had done or wherever I found myself, the longing for something more real, more fulfilling found its expression in this idea that I just wanted to go Home. As the years passed and I learned more about the possibility of an Inner-Life, I came to understand that this Home I was seeking was in fact actually within me all along, in my very own Heart, waiting patiently for me to turn my attention from the endlessly fluctuating external temporal world of things, people, and places - back into That, the One which is the Source of everything.


Anubhavananda Saraswati is a guru who believes in happiness and tells humorous stories to illustrate his profound Wisdom-Knowledge of the sacred Sanskrit texts. I saw him on cable TV many years ago when I lived in Virginia. He was the first teacher who got this idea that there is only one Soul through to me. Beneath all his smiling humor there is real power and Wisdom. “Be attentive!”


Recently by chance I found him again on YouTube where he has his own channel with many free ‘happy’ lectures for you, if you like. He does move from English to I think Hindi, or maybe Gujarati, and Sanskrit - and judging by the audience laughter, I miss many of his best jokes. It does not matter to me because so often he makes a point I need to hear, such as this one.


Anubhavananda Saraswati said that the other day God spoke to him and told him that like so many of us, God is searching for a Home, a place to stay. God is searching for hands that are free from selfishness, so that God can express through them. God is searching for a tongue that is not busy talking about their own glory or the ills of others, so that God can express Joy and Love. God is looking for a mind not overpowered by the wrong emotions, so that inherent Bliss can be expressed through that mind.


God is seeking an abode, a Home to stay in, an instrument to express Its real nature which is Joy, Happiness and Bliss. Therefore Anubhavananda Saraswati tells us that the real goal of life is not to merely “see” God, but rather to give accommodation to God. Our job is to make a Home in our own Being for God.


I find this idea wonderful because for so many years I had been searching for my Home, when all along God was simply waiting for me to prepare some room within my own being, in my consciousness, to make room on the couch so-to-speak, in my kitchen and Heart, everywhere, for what I had longed for all my life. This is a very simple idea, very beautiful, that can only come from a real master.


Anubhavananda Saraswati



















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