Colony Earth - Part III:

Universal Metaphysics

In the year 2000, I put the visions of Inanna's family colonizing planet Earth aside and focused solely on my quest for enlightenment, meditation, and my study of the Sanskrit metaphysics. I could accept, understand and digest the wisdom I found in the Sanskrit texts, especially the Bhagavad Gita, based on my own experiences — but I could never quite harmonize it all with the off-world interactions I had seen in my visions. However, resonances of my visions would obliquely surface and return to haunt me.

When I was writing Inanna Returns, Inanna had explained to me that when she went to the Indus Valley to further develop the already established civilization there, she took her great-aunt Ninhursag with her. Ninhursag is a brilliant genetic scientist who along with her brother Enki was deeply involved in the creation of new races for planet Earth. But unlike Enki and their brother Enlil, Ninhursag was different in that her Mother was not of the Pleiades. According to Inanna, Ninhursag's mother came from Altair, in the constellation of Aquila (which means the Eagle).

Inanna explained to me that the beings that reside around the star Altair were far more evolved than those in the Pleiades. A group of select individuals in the Altairian systems were Keeper Guardians of the primordial metaphysics that underlies and structures the entire universe. Knowledge and awareness of the metaphysical principles that allow and provide us with Life is essential to all civilizations. In her temples, Inanna implemented the teachings of Wisdom-Knowledge from Altair in the Indus Valley Civilization.

During various phases of the Cycles of Time, this metaphysical Wisdom-Knowledge gets lost. In the Bhagavad Gita (IV.1-5), Krishna tells Arjuna that he taught "this imperishable yoga" in previous cycles of time and that it was lost. Arjuna asks Krishna how it can be that Krishna taught men, such as Manu and Ikshvaku, who were born before Krishna's birth. Krishna replies that he incarnates again and again to teach the Wisdom-Knowledge and that he, Krishna remembers all these lives. 

Dharma is the eternal Wisdom-Knowledge and primordial metaphysics is the underlying support that permeates the entire universe in various forms. Throughout the Cycles of Time this Wisdom-Knowledge is fully expressing its power and influence, and at other times is weakened, even disappearing. Fluctuations in the pervasiveness of this wisdom are the nature and character of the four Cycles of Time. The Sanskrit texts say that Dharma stands on four legs in the Golden Age, the Satya Yuga; three legs in the Treta Yuga; two in the Dvapara; and one in the Kali Yuga. We have been living in the Kali Yuga since 3012 before the Christian era. Therefore we understand that for all of our written history, we have been living in a cycle of time that is inundated with conflict and confusion, unending wars and the obfuscation of Truth through lies and propaganda.



Doris Lessing's first novel in the Canopus in Argo series, 'Re: Colonized Planet 5 - Shikasta' offers her readers crucial insights into our existence here on planet Earth, which is but one of hundreds of the planetary colonies guided by Canopus. Johor is the emissary who writes his reports back to Canopus to be used as instruction for first-year students of Canopean Colonial Rule.

Johor: "I have known more than once what it is to accept the failure, final and irreversible, of an effort or experiment to do with creatures who have within themselves the potential of development dreamed of, planned for ... and then — Finis! The end!"

We understand that mistakes are made, that there is a certain element of randomness in the universe, which brings about sudden and very destructive catastrophes, or perhaps a blast of radiation from an unknown unexpected source will somehow allow amazing creative changes that enhance a racial genome. This is a polarity universe - there are many others - and in such a polarity based structural environment there must be negative forces that of necessity interplay with the positive in order to generate movement and the evolution of forms.

Johor: "This is a catastrophic universe, always; and subject to sudden reversal, upheavals, changes, cataclysms, with joy never anything but the song of substance under pressure forced into new forms and shapes."

When I read this "... with joy never anything but the song of substance under pressure forced into new forms and shapes," I think of Swami Lashmanjoo, the great and wonderful Kashmiri saint and sage. I believe he would smile and say, "Ah, yes. This is ParaBhairava. This is God's Play!" The Divine Lila is surely described by "with joy never anything but the song of substance under pressure forced into new forms and shapes."

Lessing is our Muse, Sibyl, our Prophetess. She is not only giving glimpses into our future, she is revealing the very nature of the temporal illusory holographic universe. The Sanskrit texts divide primordial metaphysical principles into three: Creation (Brahma), Sustainer & Preserver (Vishnu/Krishna), and Destruction (Shiva). These are the essential division of the Oneness into Three. They are principles which became personified into deities, and transformed into myth for the purpose of holding the wisdom in an accessible form that could be transmitted as the dense frequencies of Forgetting, ignorance (moha) and the bondage (bandha) that inevitably follows, increased down into the Kali Yuga.

Johor: "I am a small member of the Workforce, and as such do as I must. That is not to say I do not have the right, as we all have, to say, Enough! Invisible, unwritten rules forbid. What these rules amount to, I would say, is Love."

Even the best of emissaries become worn down by the tasks they face, but what keeps them and us going, never giving up, is simply Love. For Love is what holds the universe together. Love is the one force, the substance that generates all Life in this universe. Love is the essence, the creative and all pervasive permeating power of the Oneness, manifested and unmanifested. Love is what lies beneath the "curtain of each atom" as the Sufi poet Mahmud Shabistari says.



I was happy to turn away from my unresolved experience of an off-world colonization. Over the years there had been more and more conflicting information, compromised sources, mysterious deaths, and of course increased sightings. I was happily immersed in the Sanskrit texts and especially the Bhagavad Gita, which I will always be grateful to and believe in as an authentic source for liberating Truth.

In 2008 I began to teach myself Sanskrit, which was not easy for me especially at my age! I am now 67. But the prospect of knowing Sanskrit delighted me and I pursued my studies as an offering, a kind of meditation. I had always wanted to know the meaning of the Rig Veda, which is said to be the source of all the other texts. The Upanishads were written to explain, illuminate and elucidate the Rig Veda. It never occurred to me nor was it in any way my intention to find evidence of a highly technologically advanced civilization in the Rig Veda.

It was never my intention, but nevertheless as I tediously laboriously searched for meanings of the ancient encoded words in multiple Sanskrit dictionaries, I found that the translators had ignored many, if not most, of the definitions. It was as if they were going to force the meaning, to make the verse say what the translators had traditionally been inculcated and taught.

I began to read books on the Rig Veda written by Indian scholars. All of the scholars agreed that there was little agreement on the meaning of the words in the Rig Veda, but some were more accepting of the conventional interpretation. While the frank insights of others set me free to expand my ideas about the actual source of these amazing verses.

"To this day there is no internally consistent and coherent interpretation of the Vedas. Meaning, however, has been forced out of the hymns..." [B.G. Sidharth]. Yes, I could see for myself that meaning had been forced out of the hymns. Sanskrit words have multiple meanings that have evolved and changed over the millennia. Definitions that might be seen through a lens aware of a technology from a far more advanced civilization were ignored.

The spiritual wisdom was also there in the Rig Veda, the primordial metaphysical principles are written within and right along side of superb poetic verses containing descriptions of rocket fuel and Ionospheric Heating, meaning weather control. Surya can easily be interpreted as the Heliosphere. As we today learn more about the universe we live in, I believe that some brave Sanskrit scholar, far brighter and more skilled than I am, will show that these verses contain many of the same observations our astrophysicists are now making. Surely plasma physics will be found in the Rig Veda, just as the Vedas were the source of quantum physics.



Doris Lessing's last novel in the Canopus in Argos series, 'Documents Relating to the Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire' begins with a letter from another emissary to Joran on Canopus:

"I requested leave from service on Shikasta [planet Earth]; I find myself on a planet whose dominant feature is the same as Shikasta's. Very well! I will stick it out for this term of duty. But I hereby give notice, formally, that I am applying to be sent, when I'm finished here, to a planet as backward as you like, as challenging as you like, but not one whose populations seem permanently afflicted by self-destructive dementia."

So it appears according to our here honored Noble Prize winning Muse, the Lady Lessing that we are not the only planet in the galaxy suffering under a miasma of amnesia. The darkside forces must be reckoned with, understood, and mastered. That is our process, our 'application'. That is what we have come here to do, to learn and it is painful, beautiful and horrible.

Not easy, but remember we volunteered! When we Knew that we are eternally the Oneness, we fearlessly volunteered, chose to come here. We knew of the dangers, the risk of forgetting and becoming lost. The God-within me once many years ago in the 1970s told me that I came to planet Earth for a 'vacation'! Of course, I laughed my socks off — between tears.



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