Colony Earth: Part IV

As I have previously explained, I had no intention of returning to the visions that had shown me planet Earth as a colony. My focus has been the devoted study of the Sanskrit texts and teaching myself Sanskrit. However when I attempted to translate the verses of the Rig Veda there were words, which had seemingly been ignored by other translators that I could not ignore. Did others not see ...? Perhaps the frequencies of Kali Yuga are cloaking even the Rig Veda in an impenetrable miasma.

The Cycles of Time are basic to all metaphysics and we are now living in the Age of Conflict and Confusion, the Kali Yuga. We are struggling to Remember who we are within the paralysing and suffocating frequencies of Kali Yuga density. Just how powerfully entraining, entrapping, and binding these frequencies of density are can be seen in our mind-numbing entertainment that offers us no deeper meaning, no wisdom; and the television that systematically programs us into passive viewers; and now the moronic content, intentionally 'produced' manufactured for consumption, stream of lies and constant obfuscation on the Internet. I don’t have to tell you. You know.

Benevolent Canopus versus Evil Shammat

Doris Lessing is our Seer and Prophetess in her 1978 novel ‘Re: Colonized Planet 5, Shikasta.’ The planet Shikasta is our planet Earth, and Lessing ever so accurately and brilliantly weaves our plight into her fictional tale. This is a polarity universe and thus there are dark tyrannical forces that find ways to infest even the most flourishing of planetary colonies.

Shammat is the darkside rogue outpost that was rumoured to have been “colonised by criminals fleeing” yet another empire. Shammat can “succeed only where there is disequilibrium, harm dismay.” Shammat had placed a transmitter that changed the ‘air’ [vibrational frequencies of consciousness] of Shikasta. These transmissions were working only because of “an unexpected malalignment among the stars that sustained Canopus” [the overseeing empire, benevolent and highly evolved].

Lessing here reveals the essence of the sphinx-like mysteries of our world and how Life in this universe is perceived on multiple levels and layers of consciousness:

“We are all creatures of the stars and their forces, they make us, we make them, we are part of a dance from which we by no means and not ever may consider ourselves separate.”


When “Gods [higher states of being] explode, or err, or dissolve” they possess a consciousness that allows them the perspective of an overview which can permit in Lessing’s perception “sometimes…always with respect—the mildest grimace of irony.” However such subtle irony from a very high place and the perspective of non-attachment is not available to the countless unconscious ‘victims’ of the approaching catastrophe and who as the inhabitants of the colony “would not even know enough to be able to nod their heads” in resignation.

The Lords of the Galaxy, as Lessing calls them, are “moving on their star-waves, on star-time.” They and their protégés may respond to the catastrophic evolutions of the universe with — “But we did not foresee that burst of radiation, that planetary collision!”

Mistakes are made in a universe that enjoys, delights in, and indeed relies on a certain amount of chaos and chance to reach unending perfections. We are led to understand that there is a hierarchy of awareness in consciousness and beings whose existence is within levels beneath the impervious Lords of the Galaxy may say “But we are, compared with the Majesties above us, of whom we are a part as you are of us, only small beings who have to submit, just as you do …”

The Rig Veda (X.129) expresses a similar hierarchy of unending layered nests of comprehending the mysteries and power of the Creator, asking if It can ever be known. [My translation.]

6.  Who here can grasp the colossal
boundless far-reaching entirety?
This universe is only a fraction,
a single portion of the infinite forever
Oneness measureless.

Who can speak further of far away creation?
On this side of it the One that moved integrating
became the senses for perceiving,
thus sliding away afar.

 7.  As we are ever in motion
opening unfolding the God-within,
so the axis of the universe is

undulating, two serpents embracing,
all pervading within the highest creation,
even far away space ever expanding,
stretched out and spreading in all directions.

 We know not if it can be held,
the continuum - indeed
if it can be known at all.

 Will the Creator ever be known by Its partial Beings? And perhaps we enjoy the eternal mystery.


The inimitable sage and Seer Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa is the author of the Bhagavad Gita, within which Krishna, as the Avatar of Vishnu, says something quite similar in Chapter VII, Verse 3:

"Of the thousands of men,
Scarcely anyone strives for perfection;
Even among the striving and the perfected,
Scarcely anyone knows Me [the One] in truth, in reality."



We cannot even imagine the states of consciousness of the authors, the Seers and poets who first spontaneously spoke these stunning and beautiful Rig Veda verses. Their brain patterns must have been so completely different to ours. They would have been telepathic and they would have not thought in any linear manner. Words would have been spheres of multiple meanings. The sounds would have contained and transmitted many layers of ideas into the listeners as states of consciousness, not merely as linear sentences the way we think today.

Researchers are finding that use of the computer is actually changing our brain waves and synaptic patterns. These Seers were carrying the consciousness of the Satya Yuga, and the Treta Yuga. Remember that writing was not even invented until our Kali Yuga era and is considered a degenerate symptom of our current era. The world must have looked quite different in those days.

The understanding that from yuga to yuga the world and perhaps even our Heliosphere itself changes, allowed me to have an open mind regarding the ideas of Dave Talbott in his 1996 documentary "Remembering the End of the World."

Talbott reveals and illustrates, according to the collective memory encoded in ancient myths, that during the Golden Era [the Satya Yuga in Sanskrit] the sky above us did not look anything like our current era sky. In fact the planets stood in line, a line that the Babylonian astronomer Berossos called 'The Great Conjunction of the Golden Age.'

Talbott says: “A single line ran through the hearts of the gathered bodies. … the planets were seen along a single polar axis and stay in polar alignment — an alignment of gathered bodies: Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. The animating eye heart and soul of the primeval Sun was the planet Saturn. …the ancient terms Helios, Sol, Shamash, Surya  are all names for Saturn.”


The ancients knew that as long as they looked up and saw this alignment in the sky above, their Satya Yuga was safe. But as time moved on and the alignment of the Great Conjunction of the Golden Age became disturbed and disrupted, various inharmonious and destructive vibrations were produced, and began to increase. According to Talbott, Mars moved back and forth between the Earth and the planet Venus. As Mars did this, enormous magnetic disturbances were generated and these disturbances gave rise to plasma fields of highly charged dust-fluff particles like the tails of comets.


In the Sanskrit text The Mahabharata - a very long epic, which occurs in the cycle of time the DVAPARA YUGA - the Monkey King Hanuman appears as a vision. Hanuman describes all four yugas and emphasizes the variations in the experience of time from one yuga to another. Hanuman explains that he cannot manifest the form he took during the previous TRETA YUGA because no one in the DVAPARA has the capacity to perceive it. No one could see his previous form, when he was with Rama, because Time is different in each of the yugas. Everyone, it seems, even the gods and great seers, must ‘adjust to time from eon to eon’ and so Hanuman’s original form no longer exists. Worlds such as Avalon do disappear.



Lessing's profound genius conveys the barriers in consciousness between the emissaries and the evolving colonists. The emissary Johor is attempting to explain to the [benevolent] 'Giants' who have served as an intermediary caretaker race to assist in the evolution of Shikasta's civilization and the human race living and evolving there. But even as Johor speaks, the terrible mind-numbing effects of Shammat's sinister and malevolent transmitter are taking over their consciousness.

Johor: "I saw then that it had begun. The Giants were affected, too ... and I [Johor the emissary] understood that in fact I had been changed without knowing it. I could see that soon I would be the only individual on Shikasta with the power of judgement, of reasoned action."

Johor endeavours to explain to the Giants what will happen and that the ship from Canopus are coming to take them off the planet. "And yet the Giants did not know their state ... there had been a real and drastic change. ... more restlessness, and moments too, when it seemed as if everyone there had lost themselves: their eyes would glaze and wander, and they spoke at random."

Shammat is feeding off Shikasta. These are the same ideas that we have now all heard and read over the last 30 years. Lessing foresaw and wrote it all out brilliantly in 1978.

Johor: "... the more the Natives [the human race apart from and under the benevolent guidance of the Giants who are about to leave the planet] degenerate, the more they will weaken and lose substance [rather like a connecting force, shakti or chi], the better that will be for Shammat ... Shammat cannot feed on the high, the pure, the fine. It is poison to them."

This is a primary Law of Magnetism in spiritual practice and occultism. Like attracts like. If our consciousness is pure, the dark forces cannot attach to us. As long as we are in anger, fear and even apprehension of impending catastrophes, these demonic forces can weaken us, interfere with our intentions, and literally eat our energies.

This is the reason why I have stopped reading Fear Inc. on the Internet. It is one thing to be informed, and quite another to be addicted to a daily dose of 'threat matrix' fear and states of sustained apprehensions. Sooner or later most come to the realization that we are reading is fabricated, made up, and padded by writers who are spinning sensational lies to get readers and advertisers. Fear Inc. is a business, but it is far worse than mere commerce.

Johor: "The level of the Lock [which connects Canopus to Shikasta and sends strength and harmony to Shikasta via the planet's Ley lines] in the past has been far above the grasp of Shammat. They are lying in wait, for the precise moment when their nature, the Shammat nature can fasten its nasty force onto the substance of the Lock! They are already withdrawing strength, they are feeding themselves ..."

The darkside tyrants are lying in wait, lying in wait for human consciousness to degenerate and sink to a frequency that will finally completely align with theirs. They are lying in wait for the EDC chemicals in our food, air, water, and the 'big pharma' drugs to destroy our immune system; and the endless confusion of mendacity intentionally designed to control us and render us so passive that we are merely helpless beggars, victims whining to be cared for.

Perhaps Lessing is only speaking metaphorically, which would be powerful enough. Shammat can easily be interpreted as the corporatist fascists who appear to be taking over our Mother planet Earth and simultaneously destroying her. Or perhaps the lady Lessing too had visions. I cannot speak for her, I can only point out the amazing accuracy of her writings and especially in regard to the sheer number who came to experience and finally understand what Lessing said over 30 years ago!

Johor explains that within the Canopus empire the very essence of The Degenerative Disease is to "identify ourselves as individuals" and that "every one of us in the Canopean Empire is taught to value ourselves only insofar as we are in harmony with the plan, the phases of our evolution."

I realize that this kind of language gets into political machinations that can easily be misconstrued, and used to manipulate and control. But I believe that what Lessing is talking about here is not some off-world form of communism. She abandoned that sort of tyrannical control-based propaganda many years ago. Doris Lessing is a Sufi, a mystic at heart. What she is evoking here is the Oneness, the fact that beneath all our differences in form, we are the Oneness.

Awakening to the reality of our inter-connectivity is the Key to Enlightenment and our graduation into the higher more evolved realms in the universe. We are the Oneness — and this Divine Lila is quite a 'Play' that we ourselves have created to play in!


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