Colony Earth Part V: Earth's Magnetic Field

Earth’s magnetic field is truly a miracle. If we humans need to worship something, maybe we should be worshipping our precious magnetic field! What little our current science knows about our Earth's magnetic field is changing rapidly. I have been reading many scientific papers and watching 'her' behaviour — yes, she does feel like the feminine as part of Prakriti’s Matrix, the womb, the Shakti power that manifests the universe for the Oneness. The online web pages [see links below] that offer graphic information are wonderful. I acknowledge this as a gift and am expressing my gratitude to the scientists who provide it for us so we can share in what they are learning.

Have you ever wondered just how our little green jewel of a planet has exactly the right stuff to allow Life? Without her magnetic field our momma Earth would look like Venus or Mars. What invisible ‘hand’ formed these delicately balanced forces so perfectly that we might live here. Doesn’t it seem totally miraculous — and yet there are 300+ billion galaxies out there! Surely there are more earth-like planets, or perhaps planets that precisely provide the needs of a vast multiplicity of beings residing here, there, and everywhere.

Gradually over many years I have experienced the Oneness within me, within my Heart and Being. I know from my own experience that this Oneness pervades and permeates All. There is a sacred interconnectivity at play in the universe. No one could ever convince me otherwise, nor can I imagine this magnificent creation without a guiding hand.

In my view the Earth is a place, a school if you like, where parts and portions of the eternal immutable Oneness come to experience limitation as we Forget that we are the One. Here we dive into Earth’s Veils, her holographic boundaries of Time & Space, knowing that we will Forget and yet bravely relishing the opportunity to re-emerge, reborn, and return to our memory of Knowing. We are enjoying the experience of Remembering who we are.

Among those who courageously venture to incarnate here, many may not believe how arduous it will be. William Blake's poem, 'The Book of Thel' is often interpreted as an unborn soul who refuses to live in the mortal world. As volunteers we possess a purity of consciousness, and none can imagine the foolish and cruel states we will sink into – but sink into them we do. Even the darkside Darth Vader types are the Oneness, and they too will find their way Home eventually. Swami Lakshmanjoo has said that these people “will sink down and take a good beating” that will wake them up. We all have plenty of time to play as this is a 'world without end' and there are endless countless cycles of time to play in.

Most of us now in our time have completely Forgotten who we are and why we came here. The really lost ones are running around desperate for power, gold, polluting the planet for profit and fracking oil – and then there are the wars, the killing, all for greed. But you already know the symptoms.

The 'why' is what is interesting. There is solid geologic evidence that our planet Earth has periodic cycles of Ice Ages and floods on a cataclysmic scale that devastate and wipe out entire civilizations and races. The magnetic field protecting us in fact seems to allow in catastrophic and disastrous energies that shift and destroy earth's equilibrium. The memory of these cataclysmic events is embedded in our spirit bodies and DNA. We all remember an "End" of time because we experience such cyclical endings again and again.


Consider the wisdom of placing a 'school' that cultivates and allows the evolutionary development of certain qualities, strengths and weaknesses in racial genomes, on a planet that has these cataclysmic intervals. If things have gone wrong, if the consciousness of any particular group has descended to the point of destroying itself and/or the environment that provides it sustenance and nourishment — then surely it is time for an appropriate cosmic correction. On our own smaller scale, we send individuals to places in the hope of correcting their behaviour; however, sometimes their actions have rendered them hopeless and a danger to the larger culture, our society, our civilization.

Why is life here on planet Earth such a struggle, so hard and often violent especially in the later cycles of time? We humans appear to respond best when we are under pressure. Studies have shown for example that second generation 'rich kids’ tend to become failures. It is rare that the children of those who are highly successful follow in their parent's footsteps, and more often than not they waste the family fortune and their lives. We excel and thrive under pressure.

The magnetic field herself exerts a form of pressure. She protects us as she presses against the constant stream of energies and a plethora of particles coming from space and the Sun in an interaction between Earth's magnetic field and the interplanetary magnetic field. She is our shield, our ultimate and final Guardian. Without Earth's magnetic field we would not exist at all. I am searching for her Sanskrit name in the Rig Veda, as I am certain these sages and Seers knew of her existence.

Our off-world colonizers would have known how to navigate Earth’s magnetic field and her cycles. I am tempted to wonder if planetary magnetic fields can be created, generated, manipulated or enhanced by very advanced civilizations. I have used the term the Etherians to point to such beings, who I perceive as very high consciousness entities serving as passive observers and overseers of thousands of colonies throughout the billions of galaxies. Doris Lessing calls her creator civilization the Empire of Canopus, and perhaps she chose the word Canopus to suggest a canopy, something that covers and protects.

The fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic field assist us in our journey Home. “This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God-Consciousness!” So said the Kashmiri sage and saint Swami Lakshmanjoo, who was revered by Sanskrit scholars from the west and India, who never sought out the disciples who came to learn from him, and who never took money from any of them.


We are the Oneness, we have never been anything but the Oneness — and we came here voluntarily. This adventure is not easy, not for the weak or faint of heart. Pulling the Veil over God Consciousness is as arduous or easy as removing it!

From the Paramarthasara of Abhinavagupta:

“… playing the gracious game of self-revelation, makes a person realize his own nature [the Oneness] and to recognize himself as none other than God. Such recognitive self-realization liquidates delusion. … he sees the whole phenomena as his own self. The whole universe appears in him, just as objects like a pitcher etc. appear in a clear mirror; 'everything flows out from me'…all phenomena [are] the wonderful reflections of his own divine powers.”

In her insightful sci-fi novel Shikasta, Doris Lessing shows us the power of the Veil as we experience forgetting in the density of the Kali Yuga. Johor the emissary from Canopus is speaking with one of the humans sinking into Forgetting, which in Sanskrit is termed MOHA meaning delusion, the ignorance of our true state. His partial memory is not completely lost, and yet —

“To say that he understood what went on was true. To say that he did not understand – was true. I would sit and explain over and over again. He listened, his eyes fixed on my face, his lips moving as he repeated to himself what I was saying. He would nod: yes, he had grasped it! But a few minutes later when I might be saying something of the same kind, he was uncomfortable, threatened. …as if I had never taught him anything at all. …as if part of him knew and remembered all I told him, but other parts had not heard a word. …as if someone stood there bound and gagged while an inferior impersonator spoke for him.”

Lessing the Sufi is ever brilliant in communicating the fluctuating degrees of our Veiled states of consciousness. There are wonderful DVD recordings of Swami Lakshmanjoo speaking to small groups in his ashram in Srinagar Kashmir. At one point, Laskhman says to them something like … “Do you know why I repeat these teachings to you so often? [He is smiling gently, tenderly.] I must repeat them because you forget the moment you leave here.”

So we do, and we forget and forget until the time comes that we really truly want to Remember. Until we want to Remember more than we want a new adventure in time/space, or a new toy, more than we want anything. We want to come Home. Then we Remember. We awaken!



:s47 - Version 3.jpg

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