Colony Earth: Part VI - The Labyrinth of Time

The Creator's expansive magnificence is indeed humbling when considered from the perspective of 300+ billion galaxies in this universe. My intention here is not to discard spirituality and metaphysics, but rather to enlarge and extend our understanding of both into the greater universe. I have cultivated a life long reverence and respect for the Sanskrit texts. As my heart’s final refuge, I believe that ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ is the ultimate user’s manual for the human condition. The hymns in the Rig Veda are verses of superb sublime poetic beauty and elevating empowering spiritual wisdom – even though in my view not yet properly, fully, and accurately translated. In no way am I demeaning these ancient traditional sources, in fact I am joyfully increasing the sphere of their sacred relevance.

Can we as humans living on planet Earth expand our awareness out into space without losing our balance? Surely even the most materialistic of disciplined intellects can see that imagining we are the only form of life in a universe with 300+ billion galaxies is stunted madness! The idea that we have been seeded here is not terrible — and does not deny the existence of a Creator God.

I assert that in fact we actually know very little about the intent of various extraterrestrial groups. What we do know comes from researchers like Sitchin and John Mack, psychics and channels, a handful of self-serving entertainers, and whatever our paranoid governments choose to reveal to us for their own confusing purposes.

Many of the psychics and channels have been revealed as frauds, or simply as otherwise unemployed people who have their own agendas and ambitions. The reader might include me in this batch – after all I wrote a book based on my visions of Inanna, the Sumerian goddess who has been accused of just about everything under the Sun. However, I would suggest that the sheer number of reports on a multitude of off-world beings is clear evidence of our collective racial memory. During the late 1990s many were publishing descriptions of various diverse civilizations with astounding variety. Surely the science fiction genre itself can be viewed as a form of memory.

Sitchin’s translations have been questioned by cuneiform scholars, and even proven to be wrong for example in the case of the word Nibiru, which he saw as a planet in his own dream. Other researchers are relying on their own interpretations of artefacts, bits of rubble, and ancient languages. Based on my excursions into Sanskrit, I seriously doubt that these languages have been accurately translated. How can we know the real meaning of these bits of evidence with our modern minds that are totally at the mercy of five-sense perception, when the ancient’s awareness level far exceeded our own. John Mack may have come the closest to any balanced authentic research. Mack found that many of the ETs were teaching something close to Buddhism to their abductees. Mack died somewhat mysteriously, as did other researchers.

Which brings us to the tsunami of specious spurious accounts and reports that in the early days were difficult to come by, but now flood the Internet with titillating fear-mongering rubbish. We know that the information concerning the ET presence has been categorically denied, then manipulated, and twisted by clever writers and tale spinning liars in an effort that can only remind us of Shakespeare’s line, “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!” Why was it necessary to spend so much time, effort, and taxpayer money to throw us off track and actually make us deny what we had in fact seen with our own eyes? Were the western military powers afraid to admit that they had no power over these beings? Or were they even more afraid that they would lose control over Earth’s populations if they admitted that technologically we are still in the Stone Age and helpless.

There are obviously many different types of aerial ships and thus multiple races observing us. I’m not suggesting that all of the beings in the extraterrestrial presence are highly evolved. Clearly some are not. But like attracts like, and perhaps those humans who have experienced fearful and painful episodes with ugly cruel creatures simply attracted them. One famous researcher wrote horror novels before his malevolent encounters. It may be that the quality of ET encounters reveals more about the psyche and sub-conscious of an experiencer than the nature of ETs in general.

I have come to be sceptical about conspiracy professionals. One of them recently admitted, probably under stress, that he was forced to make things up to keep up with the demands of posting in cyber space and keep his job. Certainly John Lear would not be high on my credibility list, but in his 2003 interview with Art Bell, Lear said something that stuck in my mind. He said that the ETs were interested in our souls.

I doubt that Lear knew anything about metaphysics and the word most natural to him would be soul, but I believe that what he thought the ETs meant by the word ‘soul’ was in fact the subtle body, spirit body or SHARIRA in Sanskrit. The spirit body is the repository of all our experiences, every act, and thought in all of our lives. If the ETs had contributed to the human experiment, they would not only be interested in us — they would have a vested interest. Perhaps they have the rights to specific DNA held in the holographic spirit bodies of particular groups. After all, these bodies are their ‘offspring’ in the sense that they contributed.

At this moment in time, we have no idea of the real intent of the off-world presence. We as humans either deify, turn into gods, or destroy what we don’t understand. Faced with bewildering and unknowable advanced life forms obviously far ahead of us and who we are powerless against, we have fabricated an absurdly complete and encyclopaedic mythology around them - which most likely horrifies them and assures them that we are a dangerous species ruled by irrational fears and not to be trusted.

The list of opinionated contributors to this mythology is long and varied, but what can we really know? These beings cannot all be bad as some would have us believe or surely they would have, indeed could have blown us off the face of planet Earth long ago. No, our demise is clearly not their intention. If they are here on our planet, in fact have always been here as coordinators and contributors to the ‘seed bank’ Earth, we might ask what happened to make them leave or remain out of sight to most earthlings.


The Labyrinth of Time

I believe there was and still is an ongoing ‘seed bank’ here on planet Earth. Our small blue-green world is one of many planets where forms of bodies and gene pools are developed to seed other planetary systems. Earth is an amazing Labyrinth of Time — and the Cycles of Time are excellent incubators for forms to evolve through layers of holographic experience as consciousness. We are metaphorically 'clay in the potter's hands' and the potter is Time. We are not enslaved, not in a prison, and have come here as volunteers to evolve within our planet's cosmic Labyrinth of Time.

At the close of the previous cycle of time, the Dvapara Yuga, there was a war. This war took place within a family, and the Mahabharata is the archetypal mythopoetic telling of that epic war. Radiation weapons such as the Gandiva, the Brahma Astra, and others are described in the Mahabharata. The liberating wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita is within and a part of this great and wonderful Sanskrit epic. The great war described in the Mahabharata is in our planetary racial memory; and it left such terrible devastation that the ‘higher’ more evolved off-world beings commanded the warring ETs to leave the humans alone for a time, and this quarantined non-interference time period is what we have been living in.

The war between the overseers of the ‘seed bank’ had become a menace to the heliosphere and beyond as vast quantities of radiation spilled out into space. The command to back off was given and obeyed. I believe, as do many others, this quarantine period is coming to an end and thus we see the number of increased sightings of their ships all around the planet. The period of non-intervention is coming to a close because this cycle of time is coming to a close - and another era of Ice is on its way to clean up the mess we have made!


Ice Ages are Cyclical

The Rig Veda contains precise descriptions of the sky that could only be seen from the Arctic regions. In his book ‘The Arctic Home in the Vedas’ Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak states:

“The evidence, cited in the foregoing chapters, mainly consists of direct passages from the Vedas and the Avesta (sacred texts of Zoroastrianism), proving unmistakably that the poets of the Rig Veda were acquainted with the climatic conditions which can be witnessed only in the Arctic regions…the unusually long Arctic day and night or a year of less that twelve months’ sunshine, were all known to Vedic bards, and have been described by them not mythologically or metaphorically but directly in plain and simple words, which, though misinterpreted for so long, can, in the light thrown upon the question by recent scientific researches, be now rightly read and understood.”


Faravahar symbol of Zoroastrianism in ancient Iran


Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak was more than a scholar, and “is remembered in his native India, where he occupies a place in history comparable to one of the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution in the United States.” Tilak was thrown into prison by the British for using the Bhagavad Gita as justification for violence against them. In prison he researched and wrote his Arctic theories, which are no longer accepted by “the majority of professional scholars today, no doubt in large measure due to the fact that it has become closely associated with the Aryan Invasion Theory, which now carries political baggage…”

India does not want to see itself as a civilization that is “merely the product of an earlier colonization carried out by similarly enlightened conquerors from the North” — from the North Pole, the Arctic Circle. However, I am not arguing that the superbly brilliant gems of wisdom and knowledge in the Sanskrit texts are from a civilization in the North Pole. I am saying that all wisdom and knowledge in all the cultures and civilizations around this world originated in space. Clearly Tilak’s Arctic theories make no such assumption or connection, nor do they mention any off world civilization; the only colonizers Tilak was concerned with were the British.

However, what India has done and perhaps more accurately, brilliantly, and devotedly than any other culture, is to preserve the knowledge and wisdom encoded and contained within the verses of the Rig Veda in the sacred language of Sanskrit. Tradition tells us that these verses were spoken, handed down in memory from generation to generation, until they were finally written down in Sanskrit. We are indeed in debt to the power of their memory and sheer dedication required to preserve 1028 hymns.


John Ackerman, author of Peleh: Hidden Knowledge, has used the Rig Veda to substantiate many of his theories on the planetary chaos and close encounters between Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury. Even though I do feel that like many other scholars, he forces the verses to fit his ideas, Ackerman makes a beautiful supposition I resonate with. He suggests that over time the true meaning of the Rig Veda may have been lost and obscured, but the dedicated sages kept the verses in their original form in the hope that one day they would again be made known in the fullness of their magnificent genius. Ackerman [website link below], who aligns himself with Velikovsky, also feels that sequences of cosmic events are deliberately designed by a higher power.

The Oneness dwells in the Heart of us all, and simultaneously permeates and pervades this entire universe. We are also a part and portion of that Oneness, the higher power that has no name, for as Lao Tzu has said 'Existence is beyond the power of words to describe.' We are all that higher power at times veiled in Forgetting, so that we may again be revealed in Remembrance. Each one is precious to the Creator. We bravely came here voluntarily to wander in this Labyrinth of Time, a maze of weblike entanglements through unending Cycles of Time and Dissolutions — until we are weary of it all, until we Remember, and head Home.

All of this is in our memory buried some where beneath our programming, cultural identities, multiple life times stored in our subtle spirit body, and a miasma of amnesia. We are the Oneness playing, making forms to express, experience, and relish the taste of our eternal immutable imperishable Being in temporal limitation, in Time and Space.

Perhaps one who truly understands is the great writer, Noble Prize winner, and Sufi, Doris Lessing. Was Lessing privy to some secret knowledge in her London days with Idries Shah, her good friend and teacher for 30 years? Did Shah's "reintroduction of an ancient teaching" impart an understanding of the cosmic plan that became her five Canopus in Argos novels? I doubt the lady Lessing, who is both Sphinx and Seer, will ever tell!

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John Ackerman - Firmament and Chaos






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