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The World is Spirit Clothed in Sound

The Real is an Ocean of Consciousness,
light pulsations (spanda-prakasha),
the plenum.

The periodic Desire (kama) of the One
emerges in the primeval un-struck (anahata)
Sound (shabd), a great howling Cry (Rudra).

Thus the primeval unmanifest Sound
covers the oceanic Spirit, ubiquitous,
the One everywhere,
creating the ‘appearance’ of separation.  
An Illusion.

Objects are Spirit covered by sound.
Sound is the cosmic process
measuring out form (rupa).

Sound the primordial word (Vâk)
becomes multiplicity,
we experience manifest creation
through five-sense differentiation,

All gross material and subtle forms
are temporal holographic appearances,
covered, encased,
enclosed, clothed, embraced
in myriad Sound
frequencies, waveforms,

the primordial covering.

Sound freezes, coagulates,
solidifies Spirit in Time.


Bound and imprisoned in Time,
in place, limited
to a single distinct space,
all forms are fleeting,
subject to decay,

and inevitably - dissolution.

While the Spirit within remains
the observer,
immutable pure, stainless,

God consciousness is everywhere
in all temporal forms,
you & me,
statues, rocks and trees,
within and beyond them,


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