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Before time

there is neither existence nor non-existence,

no seed-particles in the ether permeating space.


What comes to direct onward, arrange, and cover?

Where is the power of that refuge?

What was the deep mystery, inscrutable

the density of those far reaching sounding depths.



Death was not, nor immortality,

no night silence, no sky day.


What advanced the intention of the One,

spontaneous, beyond, from the non-existent,

breathing without air.



Both matter and anti-matter lay inert,

implicate in the oceanic waveform potency,

pulsating light dark wealth,

yet hidden as if covered.

The pervading One

stung the covering mightily,

forcibly with Its vast heat.



Desire was the first cause,

the heart-mind above prevailing,

attraction magnetism pulling together

thrusting apart, agitating

the flow of streaming semen seed particles.



Thereupon beaming rays of light

spread out from the particle-seeds,

flowing streaming semen,

and at once spontaneous instantly

began invisible oblique secretly moving,

manifesting in ever magnifying waves,

vibrating pulsating frequencies, fractals,

woven waveforms, forward across outward,

to dwell above upward afar,

and downward below beneath.



Who here can grasp the colossal

boundless far-reaching entirety?

This universe is only a fraction,

a single portion of the infinite forever

Oneness measureless.


Who can speak further of far away creation?

On this side of it the One that moved integrating

became the senses for perceiving,

thus sliding away afar.



As we are ever in motion

opening unfolding the God-within,

so the axis of the universe is

undulating, two serpents embracing,

all pervading within the highest creation,

even far away space ever expanding,

stretched out and spreading in all directions.


We know not if it can be held,

the continuum - indeed

if it can be known at all.



Description: :spanda21.jpg


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