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The One That Ignites Unseen Particles

- Rig Veda X.121



In the beginning Oneness,

the root-motion-lord existed as

the womb-core nucleus

imperishable, golden potent

semen for creating out of Being

matter and creatures.


In the deep within,

we call to pierce penetrate

the One Light Consciousness

everywhere, holding sky and earth

united abiding together.



In reverence to the One Light

Consciousness within, gracious,

which bequeaths apportions entrusts

the vital strength of its being,

the Self that dwells implicate

within all, near, omnipresent

in the universe, complete,

the remnant balance remaining,

whose imperishable reflection

mirrors both immortality and death.



Invoking, calling forth the One

within, single sole and only,

the pervading Light of Consciousness

which moving shining swiftly

became - in the twinkling of an eye,

a moment – the Breath of Life

enlivening beings, two & four footed

in all the worlds, this universe.




Consciousness, That greatness,

held frozen congealed contained

in cold-mist-like seed-particles,

is advancing like arms, repelling

in all directions everywhere;

whose roaring reverberations

mighty, lay nested in the aerial

waters ocean-sky, circular,

stratum seas concentric;

to That we open our being, expanding

within the ubiquitous One Light.





Honor to the One we are,

by which sound, revealed in

sky-oceans deep-space,

is made firm, in balance fastened,

anchored, to appear solid;

the One by which the mighty

violence, the heat of the worlds

of Light expands, atoms combining,

forming bonds by forceful restraint;

the One which measures out primal energy,

brilliance in motion,

flowing ray-waves of sun-stars

weaving across dark space

between bodies celestial.





In awe the One within all,

that like the splendid morning Sun

above shining forth, became visible,

appeared, stabilizing the yet-to-be arrayed

fields of energy by the quivering trembling

shaking serpent-fire in primal matter,

the roaring battle cry of two contending

armies – heaven and earth.





Indeed only the eternal primal

state, that oceanic quantum energy

gives birth to the Cosmic Fire

‘beneath the curtain of each atom’

in the Core-Womb, which is extending

expanding the vast universe, bright

abundant mighty moving,

and thereafter operating,

turning equal uniformly

through the senses-mind-heart;

reverence to that One

Light of Consciousness.



That which is All-pervading created

through Its Sacrifice of Oneness,

thereby expanding the vast great

universal might and majesty,

from consciousness-light-sound

congealed and coagulated,

the quantum force flowing,

hidden among the lights above beyond

by the power of willed-energy satisfied.  





In humility & awe, honor to the One

Light of Consciousness within,

the unseen invisible shining

reflecting, expanding particles

born by that violent striking

strong force which created formed

the molecular realm through Laws

[Dharma] eternal real and true,

that constitute the bonding of matter,

mother earth and sky father.





The One that ignites the unseen

particles, inexhaustible shining

identical to one another,

which procreate, give birth to all

creatures in the universe

by extending stretching expanding

to become whatever designs,

longings and desires of

the implicate order, that must be

the Weaver moving and carrying

this flying-falling treasure of galactic worlds,

the sacrificial ladle reflecting sound

in the tongue-flame within us.





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