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Rig Veda X.125 – The Resonance of Sound



Moving within

the Howling Luminescence,

I pervade reflect suffuse

the eternal dynamic intelligence

with all encompassing harmony,

active as water moon polestar

wind fire earth light dawn,

by both polarities, the two breaths,

electromagnetic waveforms,

radiation, as bands of photons

illuminate the universe.



I am the nectar immortal pressed

out excruciatingly in consciousness.

I imbue, support and form

the Light of Wisdom Knowledge,

nourishing increasing shaping unfolding,

giving its essence, power and strength.

I am the mindful and attentive

who consecrate, make sacred,

and I am their offerings,

the oblation consciousness.



By the confluence of sacred

consciousness in union

with the sovereign goddess,

shakti-power-energy, I am

the roaring striking sound

light particles abiding

everywhere, profusely permeating

all directions places, becoming

water moon polestar wind

fire earth light dawn,

nature’s phenomena, variously

in many ways effecting

the consecrating ones.



By Me are all things seen

and heard, near & far; by Me

the breath is moving, food is eaten.


I say these words of knowledge,

sacred faith emitting sounds,

to those who have the ears to hear;

those ignorant of me perish.



I alone am that sounding,

speaking causing enjoying

vibratory waveforms pulsating

from unseen light particles

and by mankind, which for desire

I make the mighty fierce

savage noble expansion,

that Fullness [brahman],

known to the Seers, the wise

of intelligent understanding.



Permeating pervading I am

the onward moving curving

waveforms, the bow of Rudra

that howling luminescence,

stretched to shatter and destroy

those forces hostile to the expansion

raging centripetal, centrifugal out-pulling,

the battle between darkness & light

creating heaven and earth.



In the beginning I am creating,

pressing-out space the sky-father

within my ocean-womb

interior-core sound waveforms.

Thereafter I divide, fixing in all

directions the Worlds of Light.

With my touch I form the universe

blowing wind-rain nectar everywhere.



I am the World-of-Becoming

emitting by my vast expanding

fullness beyond, over space & sky

beyond, rushing brilliant darting

molecules forming earth matter,

like wind as vital force linking

heaven & earth, sending forth

the roaring violence, energy in all

the worlds, universe, cosmos, mankind.




This Rig Veda hymn is similar to verses in the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna, speaking as the God-within everyone and everything, is enumerating the divine manifestations of the One.


In Chapter X.19-42, Krishna begins with:

I shall explain to you My divine ubiquitous Self-manifestations;

Those only that are prominent, For there is no end to My extent.


In Chapter XV.13, Krishna tells Arjuna that he is the essence of all saps causing the planets to thrive; and in XV.14 he is the digestive fire of all men; XV.15 states that as the all-pervading Oneness, he has entered into the hearts of all beings. 






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