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Rig Veda VII.63

Surya as the Heliosphere

Hymn 63 in Mandala VII of the Rig Veda is a prayer to Surya, which traditionally has meant the Sun in Sanskrit. In his 2002 translation Shyam Ghosh presents the idea that Surya is not limited to the Sun, but is the ‘invisible cosmic radiation’ that we have more recently become familiar with as we watch the 24th Sun Cycle.  Mr. Ghosh tells his readers that the Rishis who authored the Rig Veda considered our Sun, which is after all only one star of billions ‘as a minor manifestation of that vast radiation.’ 

In my rendering of these verses, which I assure you are not intended to be scholarly translations, I am expanding Mr. Ghosh’s idea and interpret the Sanskrit word Surya to include our entire Heliosphere. I am following the path of understanding that these lines were written by the ancients who in fact were far more advanced in their wisdom and knowledge than we are today. Not only were they more evolved spiritually, but also in terms of what we call science.  

In my view, the great Rishi Vasishtha, who composed this Mandala, would never have separated metaphysics from astrophysics and heliophysics. I believe the verses reveal the idea that as our Heliosphere travels bravely through space, its bubble-like containment shield-skin selectively allows in or repels the grand spectrum of particle-waves, cosmic radiation, X-rays, gamma rays, etc. found in inter-stellar space and a plethora of plasma clouds. These particles and ribbons of plasma interact and collide with our star, the Sun and the other planets in our solar system creating constant change.

The Oneness offers Its own Being in the ultimate Cosmic Sacrifice to manifest a variety of plasma (prakasha or pulsating spanda), cosmic radiation, particle waves, and other elements that take on the appearance of solidity for us to enjoy the adventure we know as life within the protective ‘skin’ of the heliosphere here on planet Earth.

The ancient Seers, the Rishis, would have known that everything is consciousness, even the Heliosphere, planets, stars, and plasma. Therefore I suggest that it is our consciousness as living beings that dictates these changes within our Heliosphere as we move down through the four Cycles of Time. I offer my ‘rendering’ in the hope that Rishi Vasishtha would approve.





The Heliosphere moving goes

through the inertia of darkness

in a skin-like shield, constant impartial,

that impelling auspicious dispenser,

breaking through, bending asunder

radiance all pervading, making visible

urging the “sight” of the universe

the appearance of hydrogen

and every particle waveform,

frequencies in the ocean of light,

that which resting in its support

is common to all, the basis,

and belonging to humankind.



Vast is the Ocean of particle-waves

agitated foaming, restless moving

rays of light appearing as shapes,

forms flooding the ether-air with

bright comets, meteors, falling stars,

golden strands, hair, hands,

arms that rouse and vivify men.

Wheels spinning, evenly turning

surrounded by restless whirling,

that which carries the shining

spectrum of light, joined trembling,

brilliant, shaking, combining.



Shining intensely, glittering,

far illuminating, diffused,

burning from a sheltered secure place,

consuming, resounding with crackling

murmuring, moves perhaps singing

in acclaim, praised succession,

making the sounds of light that 

rouse vivify stimulate, and which 

seeming to appear with the same measure

delight uniformly, evenly, alluring 

as it were the same superhuman

dwelling of sacred fire.



A golden disc moves

wide-eyed perhaps far-seeing,

radiant, crossing over the heavens,

carrying from the firmament

now, the purpose of generating,

impelled by distant far-going,

creating offspring by the sun,

the shining form, flow of rays

pointing out the aims,

requesting the sense of

objects and men.



Where the eternal whirling deathless,

constant cycling turning wheels,

moving as an eagle on the pathway

to its prey for what offerings

of hydrogen are moderated,

in an exchange of particles,

and bended waveforms,

following, spreading out.

For this purpose we know the wise

noble sun is advancing forward.



Granting space, freedom

and comfort, moving along

the entire path of the Milky Way,

the heliosphere produces the coagulation

of hydrogen and particle waveforms,

 and therefore new-born offspring

for our well-being.

May your flying pathways

all be easy going.





See list of books on the Rig Veda for sources and dictionaries.

Linguistic Study of the Seventh Mandala of the Rigveda, written by Dr. Sharda Chaturvedi; Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India, 2001.