Praise Hymn to the metaphysical principle of All-Pervading Omniscience Cosmic Fire, Agni, inspired from Rig Veda I.143 by the Rishi Dirghatamas




Sacred utterance, ardent impassioned,

flaming burnt offerings of sound,

holding musings on all-pervading

omniscience Cosmic Fire, Agni,

from the offspring, descendents

carrying praises woven made anew,

to the beloved excellent

bright ones dear within, which

saturate the world on earth

in the Order of Truth.



In the expanding ether-atmosphere-sky

highest, the Cosmic Fire Agni generated

made manifest the Mother sound,

growing within like a fire-spark

struck that became Life-energy,

heaven’s majesty shines in earth,

creating its design, igniting

kindling flaming brilliance,

pure light.



Of this sparkling glittering brilliance,

vehement impetuous, the un-decaying constant

of this radiance, perfect vision, clear view,

sweet in form-shape-image, shining beautifully,

lustrous glow peeling off like extraordinary

rays, intense night-darkness, Agni

the constant Cosmic Fire within waveforms,

oceans causing trembling, quivering,

quaking, the Fire that never sleeps.



Discharging propelling sparks of sound,

Agni brings omniscient fire

as universal All-Knowing, majesty,

into the naval of the earth,

permeating living beings,

just as the shining one, Varuna,

dwelling as the eminent all enveloping

sky, the waters of the firmament

upholding heaven and earth,

subdues, overpowers by command.



Howling wind water thunder

the resounding of the Maruts,

shining flashing ones, particle-drops

having iron teeth, roar like lions,

and armed with lightning thunderbolts,

ride in golden airships, just as missiles

in battle array are discharged,

a flash of lightning let go, so

jaw-tooth sharp-flames biting off,

to nourish eat possess, in the same way

as a warrior overthrows an enemy,

Agni’s fire fills, bakes and fries,

creating an enclosing circumference,

arranges a cloud as the vessel in the sky,

spheres in space.



Where our hymns of praise to Agni,

all pervading omniscience, Cosmic Fire,

where all impelling beneficent desires,

the craving of the pervading residing

shining ones, the enclosing space,

a circumference of further choosing,

where all inspiring meditative thought

accelerating attainment, pushing,

pressing on, according to thy wisdom

for pleasure, gasping for breath,

the radiant face, glowing gleaming

waveform waters of reflection.



The shining face, forever bright,

composing trembling, agitating,

Agni in-dwelling residing enlightened,

as the friend makes straight right proper,

luminous always, Truth-Righteousness.


Lightning firm inactive steady,

the soaring bright appearance,

kindles resplendent form, pure mantle,

in the assembly of higher beings,

the learned, gods uplifted, OM

perhaps, the howling luminescence,  

restrains, subdues, expands

thoughtful devotion.



O Agni, protect us and

those cherished born to us!

Auspicious gracious kind

protector, powerful mighty,


keep watch,

attentive, not deviating,


by your inflamed vigilance,

looking steadily unwinking,

unbroken, unimpaired, undeceived,

irrepressible — everywhere.


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