Rig Veda 2013 / Reflections and Inspirations

The Rig Veda remains a vast humbling unending mystery, imbued with wonder and glory. In transcribing and pursuing these ancient verses I am heartened, gently elevated into a higher realm of grace — perhaps the refinement and honour of another time. Subtly somehow I feel near the poet composers of the Rig Veda, the noble, brilliant and wise Rishis: Vishvamitra, Dirghatamas, Angiras, Vasistha, and others.

I am not a scholar and with only four years of study, truthfully I do not consider myself qualified to accurately translate the early Vedic Sanskrit. Therefore I invite the reader to consider my posts here as my own personal form of worship, puja.

I am only a lover of God, an old traveller, artist, visionary, and mystic who hopes to inspire as I am inspired, and perhaps ignite your Heart and encourage the few to read and translate anew the Divine Riddles in the Rig Veda’s 1028 hymns. Feeling the presence of the wisdom, beauty, and sacred thought waveform-frequencies of these ancient Seers is a constant enigma, a challenge, an arduous adventure that brings trembling delight and Peace.

I am not a political creature. For me God is everywhere and in everyone. As a hermit lady, isolated, living on a gentle green hillside, I have no ambitions here and no pretensions — only a burning devotion to the One within All.

 mayyāveśitacetasām - Bhagavad Gita XII.7




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