The Obstacles to Liberation are Self-Created!

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“May Shiva [the Oneness] who has entered into us as the Subject [us] make obeisance by Himself, to Shiva who is extended as the universe, by means of para [the Highest, the Absolute] who is his own Shakti in order to remove all obstacles which are but Himself.”

 - Somananda in Shivadrsti (S.D. I, 1); quoted in Abhinavagupta: Paratrisika-Vivarana, The Secret of Tantric Mysticism.


In other words, meaning in my words:

May the Oneness  

- who in the spirit of ‘play’ has become us (the Subject)

- and is projecting the hologram, the universe, as the appearance of differentiation within the Illusion of Separation

- may the Oneness honor Its own Self/Being/Existence through the requisite waveform in consciousness, that purifying vibrational-frequency, that humble surrender of the small identity ego which arises from Knowing the Truth

- and as that very same Oneness (as us) by means of that aspect of the Oneness, which is the Matrix-Shakti-Maya (which offers us the endless opportunities for Self-Recognition in the external manifested world)

- in order to remove all obstacles, the Veil of Forgetting, which are     created by the Oneness and are in fact nothing other than the Oneness!


You are worshipping, praying to, asking for help and liberation from that which you always are!

In the first Cycle of Time, the Golden Age or Satya Yuga, we all know this — we all know that we are the Oneness. There is nothing else. There is only the One. You are That!


This entire universe is an endless array of opportunities to come Home — to Recognize the God-within you, Self-Recognition (Pratyabhijna). This is why there are so many ways to adore and revere God, so many paths to enlightenment. At every point there exists the possibility of Remembrance and Return to the eternal Oneness within — that which you have always been and will always be.

We are playing. You can choose to Forget, to struggle, to suffer — until you are weary, bored, and ready to Remember. At that moment when you cry out to your real Self, you will begin the Journey Home.





Abhinavagupta: Paratrisika-Vivarana, The Secret of Tantric Mysticism; English Translation with notes and running exposition by Jaideva Singh; Sanskrit text corrected, notes on technical points and charts dictated by Swami Lakshmanjee (Laskhmanjoo); Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 2000








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