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Shiva Sutras 3.30 & 3.3 1- Nothing exists that is not God Consciousness

Shiva Sutra 3.30

svashakti-pracayo’sya visham

Jaideva Singh defines the Sanskrit in sutra 3.30 as:

visham – universe

sva – his

shakti – power

pracayah – unfoldment, elaboration

The enlightened master perceives this whole universe as “the embodiment of, and not separate from, his innumerable energies. So as that master is said to be just like Shiva (the Oneness, God consciousness), this whole universe is his own collective energy. [SLJ]”

Everything is everything. There is nothing but the Oneness. All appearances of form, sound, etc. are temporal manifestations on the Ocean of God consciousness, perceived by our sense organs that transmit data to the brain. Beneath all ‘appearances there is nothing but God consciousness. The enlightened feel that they are one with the universe, one with the All.

“Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms. There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness. Therefore, the world is simply a form of consciousness. [Jaideva Singh – Kalikakrama]”

The enlightened become unlimited. They are said to posses all knowledge and this “knowledge is found everywhere, inside and outside, because without knowledge, an object cannot exist. [SLJ – Kalikakrama]”

Knowledge itself is here equated with God consciousness. Everything is God consciousness therefore all objects are filled with knowledge and could not exist without this knowledge, which is God consciousness.

“If you think that in practicing yoga, God consciousness is to be possessed and that which is other than God consciousness is to be discarded, that is not the proper understanding…you must unite these two together. [SLJ – Kalikakrama]”

The enlightened know that the external world is not separate from God consciousness. The external world is the manifested temporal appearance and ‘play’ of the Oneness. The two are not separate. The mundane is also sacred. God consciousness exists within everything.

“Beneath the curtain of each atom lies concealed the life increasing Beauty of the face of the Beloved. [Mahmud Shabistari]”

The realization that each and every experience in our everyday life is sacred, offers us the opportunity to find God consciousness everywhere in every moment. Thus our lives become a continual intimacy with that which we have always been.

You may find entry into God consciousness in the simplest act. As they say in India, God is the ‘pot’ and when you wash dishes you may find God shining there. When you dust, you may see God in the dust. The birds are God singing to you and the plants in your garden are also pulsating with God.

A favorite love song becomes God whispering of Its love for you and this world. The stars in the dark night are shinning twinkling with the Light of God consciousness. The sounds of a rushing river and the tides of the ocean are resounding the energies of That which dwells within your Heart. You will find your own Self as God consciousness everywhere and that makes life beautiful and perfect beyond all imagination.

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Shiva Sutra 3.31


For the enlightened yogi God consciousness is found everywhere, and in every state of consciousness. God consciousness exists in the waking state, the dreaming state, and the dreamless state of deep sleep; and it is the state in the gaps between these three called TURYA state. Nothing exists that is not God consciousness. There is no existence apart from God consciousness.

This world is said to be three fold. The state of creation is the objective external world, which shines “vividly in your sphere of organs” [SLJ]. We perceive the external world through the five senses that transmit data to the brain. The brain receives and sorts these electric signals with the mind-buddhi-intelligence as solid, cold, etc., determined by our individual proclivities accumulated in previous lives. [See link below].

The enlightened yogi feels that he is one with this vivid state of creation, and also with that God consciousness which appears in the mind as ‘impressions’ of this objective world. “Initially, this universe is revealed to you by the energy of action. And after this universe shines before you, the knowledge of the universe remains for some time as an impression in your objective consciousness. [SLJ]”

This universe is seen by an enlightened master as not only the “expansion of his energy in its creation, it is also the expansion of his energy in the impressions of the objective (external) world left in your mind and in the void state where these impressions are absorbed. [SLJ]”

When these impressions are dissolved and there is nothing but Voidness, God consciousness remains. The enlightened are also one with this state where there is nothing. “For such an elevated soul, these two states (the impressions of the external world and the dissolution of all such impressions) are only the expansion of his energies and nothing else. [SLJ]”

The enlightened are said to experience their real nature, which is God consciousness, expanded everywhere in these three states: the created objective external world, the impressions that remain in the mind of this objective world, and in Voidness when all impressions of all created objects have been dissolved.


MAHMUD SHABISTARI: The Secret Garden, translated by John Pasha; The Octagon Press, London 1969.


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