Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) / DNA Hybridization / Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy of Triangular Aluminum Nanoparticles / NASA Worldview Oct.14, 2017

South America, detail off coast of Chile (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Oct.14, 2017


VSF: How many of us have ever heard of “surface plasmon resonance”? In my research into geoengineering and plasma technology, I have read many actual textbooks. A recent text, “Plasmon Resonances in Nanoparticles” by Isaak D. Mayergoyz, led me to unexpected territory. Obviously there are many aspects to our current science that most of us are not informed about. What other uses can these technologies be applied to? There are over 66,000 links found on Google Scholar when I write “DNA hybridization plasmon resonance.”

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is the resonant oscillation of conduction electrons at the interface between negative and positive permittivity material stimulated by incident light. SPR is the basis of many standard tools for measuring adsorption of material onto planar metal (typically gold or silver) surfaces or onto the surface of metal nanoparticles. It is the fundamental principle behind many color-based biosensor applications and different lab-on-a-chip sensors.

South America, detail off coast of Chile (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Oct.14, 2017.

DNA-DNA hybridization: When DNA is heated to denaturation temperatures to form single strands and then cooled double helices will re-form (renaturation) at regions of sequence complementarity. This technique is useful for determining sequence similarity among DNAs of different origin and the amount of sequence repetition within one DNA.

DNA–DNA hybridization generally refers to a molecular biology technique that measures the degree of genetic similarity between pools of DNA sequences. It is usually used to determine the genetic distance between two organisms. This has been used extensively in phylogeny and taxonomy.
The DNA of one organism is labeled, then mixed with the unlabeled DNA to be compared against. The mixture is incubated to allow DNA strands to dissociate and renewal forming hybrid double-stranded DNA. Hybridized sequences with a high degree of similarity will bind more firmly, and require more energy to separate them: i.e. they separate when heated at a higher temperature than dissimilar sequences, a process known as “DNA melting”.
To assess the melting profile of the hybridized DNA, the double-stranded DNA is bound to a column and the mixture is heated in small steps. At each step, the column is washed; sequences that melt become single-stranded and wash off the column. The temperatures at which labeled DNA comes off the column reflects the amount of similarity between sequences (and the self-hybridization sample serves as a control). These results are combined to determine the degree of genetic similarity between organisms. WIKI.

South America, detail off coast of Ecuador & Peru (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Oct.14, 2017. I call these “drippers” like they are dripping down. What would make metalized plasma drip, ooze, like a slow slime…?                                      

Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy of Triangular Aluminum Nanoparticles
George H. Chan †, Jing Zhao †, George C. Schatz*, and Richard P. Van Duyne*
Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University, 2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, Illinois 60208-3113
August 15, 2008
Copyright © 2008 American Chemical Society
The localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) of Al nanoparticles fabricated by nanosphere lithography (NSL) was examined by UV−vis extinction spectroscopy and electrodynamics theory. Al (aluminum) triangular nanoparticle arrays can support LSP resonances that are tunable throughout the visible and into the UV portion of the spectrum. Scanning electron microscope and atomic force microscope studies point to the presence of a thin native Al2O3 layer on the surface of the Al triangular nanoparticles. The presence of the oxide layer, especially on the tips of the nanotriangles, results in a significant red shift in the LSPR λmax. The refractive index (RI) sensitivity of the Al triangular nanoparticle arrays in bulk solvents was determined to be 0.405 eV/RIU. Theoretical results show that the oxide layer leads to a significant decrease in this RI sensitivity compared to unoxidized triangular nanoparticles of similar size and geometry.

South America, detail off coast of Ecuador & Peru (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Oct.14, 2017. More unnatural “tufted” cloud forms.                                 

Building plasmonic nanostructures with DNA
Shawn J. Tan, Michael J. Campolongo, Dan Luo,  & Wenlong Cheng
April 17, 2011
Plasmonic structures can be constructed from precise numbers of well-defined metal nanoparticles that are held together with molecular linkers, templates or spacers. Such structures could be used to concentrate, guide and switch light on the nanoscale in sensors and various other devices.

DNA was first used to rationally design plasmonic structures in 1996, and more sophisticated motifs have since emerged as effective and versatile species for guiding the assembly of plasmonic nanoparticles into structures with useful properties. Here we review the design principles for plasmonic nanostructures, and discuss how DNA has been applied to build finite-number assemblies (plasmonic molecules), regularly spaced nanoparticle chains (plasmonic polymers) and extended two- and three-dimensional ordered arrays (plasmonic crystals).

South America, detail off coast of Ecuador & Peru (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Oct.14, 2017. More unnatural ‘tufted’ cloud forms.  Detail of radio-frequency/microwave radiation charging ‘erect tuft’ clouds.

Artificial DNA and surface plasmon resonance
Roberta D’Agata and Giuseppe Spoto
April 1, 2012
The combined use of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and modified or mimic oligonucleotides have expanded diagnostic capabilities of SPR-based biosensors and have allowed detailed studies of molecular recognition processes. This review summarizes the most significant advances made in this area over the past 15 years.

Functional and conformationally restricted DNA analogs (e.g., aptamers and PNAs) when used as components of SPR biosensors contribute to enhance the biosensor sensitivity and selectivity. At the same time, the SPR technology brings advantages that allows for better exploration of underlying properties of non-natural nucleic acid structures such us DNAzymes, LNA and HNA.
Keywords: DNAzyme, LNA, PNA, SPR, aptamer, biosensors
The advent of click chemistry1 has led to the design of DNA analogs with modified nucleobases and backbones,2 thus allowing the development of a new generation of “smart” systems useful for chemical and biological applications.3 As a consequence of those synthetic efforts DNA analogs with improved stability, functionality and binding characteristics and with properties not present in natural nucleic acids have been produced.4 The new nucleic acid analogs have been also produced with the aim to develop innovative therapeutic agents5 or new tools for diagnostics.6
Aptamers7 and DNAzymes,8 collectively referred to as functional nucleic acids, are RNA or DNA structures with binding and catalytic properties respectively. These systems have sequence-specific folds9 that achieve their tertiary folds and activities through a combination of different molecular interactions and motifs.10 Unfortunately, the use of functional nucleic acids in therapeutics has been hampered by their denaturation and/or biodegradation in body fluids. In this perspective, artificial nucleosides with unusual structural features may offer improved half-life in vivo, better structural stability, and could represent innovative systems to be used as novel interacting groups. Examples of promising non-natural nucleosides include conformationally restricted oligonucleotides such as peptide nucleic acid (PNA),11 locked nucleic acid (LNA),12 hexitol nucleic acid (HNA)13 and phosphoramidates morpholino (MORFs)14 oligomers.
Specific properties of artificial nucleosides have contributed to the development of more efficient tools for bio-sensing. In fact, artificial nucleoside probes have been used in combination with a number of different transduction platforms in order to achieve an even more sensitive and selective detection of nucleic acids and proteins.
Among the different platforms for multiplexed detection of protein markers and nucleic acids available, SPR15 has the greatest potential.16 In fact, recent improvements in instrumental and experimental design17 together with important features such as being real-time, label-free and having sensitive detection, make SPR a key technology for a wide range of potential therapeutic and diagnostic applications.18,19

The SPR phenomenon20 occurs when a plane-polarized radiation interacts with a metal film under total internal reflection conditions. At a specific incidence angle of the incoming radiation the intensity of the reflected light is attenuated. The resonance angle is dependent on the thickness and dielectric constant of both the metal film as well as its interfacing region. Keeping all the other conditions constant, the binding of molecules to the metal surface modifies the dielectric constant of the interface region, thus changing incident light/surface plasmons coupling conditions and the resonance angle. SPR experiments involve immobilizing one reactant on a metal surface (typically gold) and monitoring the reactant interaction with a second component which is typically available as a solute in a solution that flows over the sensor surface through a microfluidic cell.21
full article:


The eastern Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the USA, California, etc. (above – not enhanced) / Oct.14, 2017.                                                                               

Local Electric Field and Scattering Cross Section of Ag Nanoparticles under Surface Plasmon Resonance by Finite Difference Time Domain Method
M. Futamata,*†Y. Maruyama,‡§ andM. Ishikawa§‖
Nanoarchitectonics Research Center and Nanotechnology Materials Program, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba 305-8562, Japan, Hamamatsu Photonics Co. Ltd., and Single-Molecule Bioanalysis Laboratory, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Shikoku, Takamatsu 761-0395, Japan
July 4, 2003
Local electric field and scattering cross section on Ag nanoparticles were evaluated by the FDTD (finite difference time domain) method with respect to single-molecule sensitivity (SMS) in SERS (surface-enhanced Raman scattering). As a result, (1) vast enhancement of >300-fold (in amplitude enhancement) in the SMS level was obtained at a junction between two connecting Ag particles with various shapes and sizes in addition to an edge of isolated triangular cylinders. Other sites of the connecting particles and of isolated circular and ellipsoidal cylinders gave only modest enhancement of ca. 20−30-fold. (2) The enormously large electric field at the junction rapidly decays with increasing gap sizes <1 nm, irrespective of particle size or shape. In contrast, the LSP (localized surface plasmon) extinction spectra from connecting particles gradually shift toward those from isolated particles with the gap. Thus, in addition to the dipole LSP excitation, nanostructures such as sharp edges, which yield higher order surface modes, are crucial for the vast enhancement.

Two-dimensional ordered structures do not yield any additional enhancement concerning SMS−SERS. (3) A red shift of the LSP extinction peak with decreasing height of Ag particles was reproduced only by use of three-dimensional simulation, while broadening and larger extinction at longer wavelength are given by two-dimensional calculation. (4) Blinking of SERS signal observed for dye and DNA base is most probably due to thermal diffusion of adsorbates between the junction with vast enhancement and ordinary sites with modest enhancement, which was supported by the numerical simulation and also experimentally evidenced by suppression of the phenomena at low temperature.

The eastern Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the USA, California, etc. (above – not enhanced) / Oct.14, 2017.                                                                              

Off Baja CA in the eastern Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the USA, California, etc. (above – not enhanced) / Oct.14, 2017.                                                        

Detail off Baja California in the eastern Pacific Ocean, the west coast of the USA, California, etc. (above – sepia enhanced)/ Oct.14, 2017. Note the radiation ripples in the ’tufted’ cloud shapes – just show up better in sepia, also contrast enhanced a bit.






Caterpillar-Larva clouds. Detail off Baja California in the eastern Pacific Ocean – off the west coast of the USA, California, etc. (above – sepia enhanced)/ Oct.14, 2017.







Praying mantis ‘eggs’ nest. Detail off Baja California in the eastern Pacific Ocean – off the west coast of the USA, California, etc. (above – sepia enhanced)/ Oct.14, 2017.




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Evidence: California Fires from 1PacificRedwood, inTruthbyGrace – “a tree is burning (from within) AS IF IT IS A FURNACE”, and NASA Worldview screenshots

California fires (above) / Oct.10, 2017                                                         

10-13-2017; Terrorists Controlling Our Weather Have Again Stopped Potential For Rain; Fires Continue

Published on Oct 13, 2017

1 PacificRedwood:

(Fri.) The terrorists controlling our weather know there are giant, out-of-control fires burning in Central California which have destroyed entire neighborhoods. These people have the capability to allow precipitation in Central CA.

Instead there are ‘red flag’ wind warnings posted for a large area in Central CA as the weather terrorists install high pressure on the Jet Stream to evaporate its moisture which is preventing any chance of rain in the region! The continuity of the Jet Stream’s moisture into California is clearly disrupted by this nefarious activity. Meanwhile, entire neighborhoods have burned in Central California as engineered winds resulting from installed high pressure adjacent to a low pressure system located further North continue to thwart firefighting efforts!


Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES

Published on Oct 13, 2017

Something turned these houses into in furnaces to allow for near complete combustion… the evidence of what we are seeing defies the laws of physics for an open air fire, I have ALREADY documented the wind speeds were marginal for the areas at the time the fires started. The fat that a tree is burning AS IF IT IS A FURNACE is noteworthy and should be of great concern to anyone educated prior to 1995 when physics and chemistry actually taught us what is possible with a mere open air burn v a furnace. TOTAL combustion of material is NOT possible outside of a furnace, yet that is exactly the damage we are observing with temps reaching high enough values to MELT GLASS..


California Fires ARSON & REAL Wind Speed Metrics for 10/8-9/2017

Published on Oct 13, 2017

The news will NOT cite their sources for their outrageous windspeeds.. the narrative has been planted and PGE will get blame BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT THE WIND SPEEDS WERE TOO SLOW TO TAKE OUT POWER LINES.

I DO know that the eye witnesses reported high winds, but if there were energy weapons used here, the frequencies may not have generated measurable wind displacements as much as it would have moved things by EMF current. There is definitely something else going on here.

VSF: Screenshot of California fires on Oct.13, 2017 (above). Has our country become so divided, the factions within the government fighting each other to the extent that attacks are now being made within our country? Is California being crippled, economically and more with drought, fire, and disease? Who or what could perpetrate such villainous evil treason?                                                                                                              

VSF: Screenshot of California fires on Oct.13, 2017 (above). I took a close-up and adjusted the contrast so I could see the “linear” pattern in the smoke, meaning evidence of ‘ripple’ effects from transmitter generate radio-frequency/microwave radiation energy. See the ripples on the lower left / and on the bottom middle right. Were they microwaving the smoke? And why. There were reports of military vehicles on the ground. Why?                                                                                                             

VSF: Screenshot of California fires on Oct.13, 2017 (above). Another screenshot even closer, sepia and heavily contrast enhanced. See the ripples on the lower left / and on the bottom right. Were they microwaving the smoke? See older image below.  We cannot know what is under the smoke.                                                                 












VSF: I realize that the ripples in the California smoke images are vague and perhaps not evident to the untrained eye. The example above is merely to give an idea of the transmitter generated signature of radio-frequency/microwave radiation in clouds. From Auckland Island, New Zealand  (above) / Feb.25, 2017                                     

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Extreme States of Matter, High Energy Density Physics: Laser Facilities worldwide / “about 20 facilities with a peak output laser power of 100TW (terawatts) and a pulse length below 1 ps (per second) are operated in the world’s leading laboratories. At least ten facilities of the same level are under construction or upgrading.”







High Energy Density Physics

According to Vladimir Fortov, “about 20 facilities with a peak output laser power of 100TW (terawatts) and a pulse length below 1 ps (per second) are operated in the world’s leading laboratories. At least ten facilities of the same level are under construction or upgrading.” This page is to give the reader an idea of how extensive laser facilities that experiement with high energy density physics now are. The photos are mainly from the Lawrence Livermore/NIF – The National Ignition Facility.
— Extreme States of Matter, High Energy Density Physics, Second Edition; Springer (textbooks Berlin & Switzerland), 2016.

The National Ignition Facility is the largest and most energetic laser facility ever built.  NIF is the size of a sports stadium—three football fields could fit inside. NIF is also the most precise and reproducible laser as well as the world’s largest optical instrument. The giant laser has nearly 40,000 optics that precisely guide, reflect, amplify, and focus 192 laser beams onto a fusion target about the size of a pencil eraser. NIF became operational in March 2009.

Built for Extremes
By focusing NIF’s laser beams onto a variety of targets, scientists create extreme states of matter, including temperatures of more than 100 million degrees Celsius (180 million degrees Fahrenheit) and pressures that exceed 100 billion times Earth’s atmosphere.  NIF users and collaborators include researchers from Department of Energy national laboratories, universities, and other U.S. and foreign research centers.









Enduring NIF partnerships include representatives from throughout government, industry, and the academic sector. Longstanding Lawrence Livermore/NIF partners include researchers from Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories, General Atomics, and the Laboratory for Laser Energetics at the University of Rochester (LLE/UR). Other key contributors include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in England and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

For stockpile stewardship, the National Nuclear Security Administration program to assure the safety, security, and reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile, NIF experiments involve scientists from throughout NNSA’s weapons complex. Similar experiments are also conducted with researchers from Britain’s AWE.

For experiments devoted to furthering the understanding of the universe, NIF is transitioning to a true international user facility. A campus at Lawrence Livermore for high-energy-density science research allows collaborators from different institutions to more easily work on NIF experiments. To make effective use of their allotted shot time, many teams first develop their experimental setups at smaller facilities, such as the OMEGA laser at LLE/UR and the Jupiter Laser Facility at Livermore.

Three Thousand Partners
More than 3,000 U.S. companies contributed to building NIF and its tens of thousands of components. The challenges associated with building the world’s largest laser were enormous, particularly in managing such a large, technically complex project, developing laser and optical technologies, and constructing and aligning the superclean environmental enclosures that contain the 192 laser beams. The construction effort alone required the involvement of the best of America’s construction industries. Scientists recognized that the giant facility’s technical successes depended upon the most advanced products and processes offered by hundreds of American high-technology companies. As a result, Lawrence Livermore engineers and scientists partnered with manufacturing companies in optics, communications, integrated circuits, computer controls, diagnostics, and precision parts fabrication.


National Security

NIF can create conditions—temperatures of 100 million degrees and pressures 100 billion times that of the Earth’s atmosphere—similar to those in stars and nuclear weapons. NIF is thus a cornerstone of the experimental element of stockpile stewardship.

The nuclear weapons in the U.S. stockpile range in age from more than 20 years to more than 40 years. The National Nuclear Security Administration’s Stockpile Stewardship Program (SSP) maintains the reliability and safety of the U.S. nuclear deterrent without the need for full-scale testing. The SSP is an ongoing process of surveillance, assessment, refurbishment, and reassessment.

NIF experiments are an essential component of the nation’s stockpile assessment and certification strategy because NIF provides the only process for scientists to gain access to and examine thermonuclear burn. These experiments also will help the nation maintain the skills of nuclear weapon scientists, which is crucial in order to assess the age-related changes that could compromise weapon reliability.

NIF allows researchers to perform experiments in a controlled environment and at a much higher rate than could have been imagined with underground testing. A problem can be picked apart and individual physics pieces can be studied. Researchers no longer have to wait for a supernova event to gather data or attempt to parse information from an underground test with limited diagnostics. Radiation transport also is central to the operation of nuclear weapons. With NIF, researchers can perform detailed radiation-hydrodynamic experiments.

Data from NIF experiments complement testing at other experimental facilities at Livermore and elsewhere. These data help inform and validate sophisticated, three-dimensional weapon simulation computer codes and bring about a fuller understanding of important weapon physics. In effect, NIF allows scientists to separate the pieces of the physics of a nuclear weapon and examine each piece in isolation.

Under Pressure
NIF beams also can be used to create conditions of extremely high energy density in materials. One example is using various arrangements of beams to shock materials and demonstrate how they behave at high temperatures and pressures. Understanding how the many different kinds of materials used in nuclear weapons behave, especially as they age beyond their intended lifetimes, under the extreme environments produced in a thermonuclear reaction is key.

NIF will be used to help address planned and proposed Stockpile Life-Extension programs, which are regularly planned refurbishments of weapon systems to ensure their long-term safety and reliability. Changes to weapon systems for safety and security can have unintended consequences if those changes cannot be fully validated. Full validation is achieved through the combination of experiments using facilities such as NIF and advanced computational modeling.






Peering into Thermonuclear Plasmas at the National Ignition Facility / Speaker: Daniel Casey, Ph.D. and Laura Robin Benedetti, Ph.D.; Staff Scientists
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The goal of inertial confinement fusion (ICF) is to release copious amounts of energy by compressing isotopes of hydrogen to extreme conditions: i.e. densities and pressures, existing only for a few pico-seconds, that exceed those found in the core of our sun. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) was built to explore these conditions and attempt to demonstrate controlled thermonuclear fusion in the laboratory. The diagnoses of these extreme conditions at the short timescales and in the harsh environments where they exist is very challenging indeed.  A suite of world-class diagnostics (including optical, x-ray, and neutron detectors) have been developed to accomplish these goals.  This talk with introduce some basic requirements of ICF and techniques used to diagnose these experiments. Additionally, it will discuss a few techniques we are exploring for the future.

About the Speaker: 
Daniel Casey and Laura Robin Benedetti are staff scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory studying inertial confinement fusion (ICF) at the National Ignition Facility (NIF).  They work on diagnosing and understanding the properties of ICF implosions as the implosion achieves its highest densities and temperatures (stagnation).
Daniel Casey also performs experiments to study the growth of hydrodynamic instabilities of imploding capsules that can impede performance.  Previously, he helped design and commission the magnetic recoil spectrometer that measures the neutron spectrum of NIF implosions. Dr. Casey obtained his B.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of New Mexico (2005) and a Ph. D. in Applied Plasma Physics from the department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT (2012).
Laura Robin Benedetti also probes the properties of materials at extreme pressures, temperatures, and strain rates.  Additionally, she is a world recognized expert at high speed x-ray imaging instruments and related technologies. Prior to working at LLNL she studied the physical and chemical properties of materials in giant planets.  Dr. Benedetti has a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering and a B. A. in Philosophy from the University of Southern California (1994) and a Ph.D. in Physics from University of California Berkeley (2001).

LASER MegaJoule/PETawatt Aquitaine Laser – 19 September 2014 / PDF
LMJ characteristics & status
The laser bays and target bay are complete
The first bundle (8 beams) is under test
High energy test shots at 3w has begun
The first experiments will be carry out on December 2014
PETAL characteristics & status
The PW beamline, compressor and focusing system are complete
Alignment process is in progress
Test shots at PW level will be performed next year
Academic access to LMJ-PETAL
LMJ-PETAL will be open to the scientific community in 2017









LMJ/PETAL laser facility: Overview and opportunities for laboratory astrophysics

The advent of high-power lasers facilities such as the National Ignition Facility (NIF), and Laser Megajoule (LMJ) in the near future opens a new era in the field of High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics. The LMJ, keystone of the French Simulation Program, is under construction at CEA/CESTA and will deliver 1.5 MJ with 176 beamlines. The first physics experiments on LMJ will be performed at the end of 2014 with 2 quadruplets (8 beams). The operational capabilities (number of beams and plasma diagnostics) will increase gradually during the following years. We describe the current status of the LMJ facility and the first set of diagnostics to be used during the commissioning phase and the first experiments.

The PETAL project (PETawatt Aquitaine Laser), part of the CEA opening policy, consists in the addition of one short-pulse (500 fs to 10 ps) ultra-high-power, high-energy beam (a few kJ compressed energy) to the LMJ facility. PETAL is focalized into the LMJ target chamber and could be used alone or in combination with LMJ beams. In the later case, PETAL will offer a combination of a very high intensity multi-petawatt beam, synchronized with the nanosecond beams of the LMJ. PETAL, which is devoted to the academic research, will also extend the LMJ diagnostic capabilities. Specific diagnostics adapted to PETAL capacities are being fabricated in order to characterize particles and radiation yields that can be created by PETAL. A first set of diagnostics will measure the particles (protons/ions/electrons) spectrum (0.1–200 MeV range) and will also provide point projection proton-radiography capability. LMJ/PETAL, like previously the LIL laser [X. Julien et al., Proc. SPIE 7916 (2011) 791610], will be open to the academic community. Laboratory astrophysics experiments have already been performed on the LIL facility, as for example radiative shock experiments and planetary interiors equation of state measurements.

The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) is a new Research Infrastructure (RI) of pan-European interest and part of the European ESFRI Roadmap. It is a laser facility that aims to host the most intense beamline system worldwide, develop new interdisciplinary research opportunities with light from these lasers and secondary radiation derived from them, and make them available to an international scientific user community. It will be the world’s biggest and first international user facility in beamline and laser research.
The facility will be based on four sites. Three of them are presently being implemented in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, with an investment volume exceeding €850 million, mostly stemming from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In Dolní Břežany, near Prague, Czech Republic, the ELI-Beamlines facility will mainly focus on the development of short-pulse secondary sources of radiation and particles. The ELI Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS) in Szeged, Hungary is establishing a unique facility which provides light sources within an extremely broad frequency range in the form of ultrashort pulses with high repetition rate. In Măgurele, Romania, the ELI Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) facility will focus on laser-based nuclear physics. The location of ELI’s fourth pillar, the highest-intensity pillar, is still to be decided. Its laser power is expected to exceed that of the current ELI pillars by about one order of magnitude.

The Vulcan 10 PW project
Article · August 2010
The aim of this project is to establish a 10 PW facility on the Vulcan laser system capable of being focussed to intensities of at least 1023 Wcm-2 and integrate this into a flexible and unique user facility This paper will present progress made in Phase one developing the 10PW Front End as well as the concept for the new Vulcan 10 PW facility. The new facility will be configured in a unique way to maximise the scientific opportunities presented through a combination with the existing capabilities already established on Vulcan. This ground breaking development will open up a range of new scientific opportunities.

Central Laser Facility
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Oxford, UK

The Vulcan 10 PW project (PDF Download Available). Available from:

RUSSIA: 18 May 2010 200MeV electron bunch generated by PEtawatt pARametric Laser (PEARL)
V. Ginzburg; E. V. Katin; E. A. Khazanov; A. V. Kirsanov; V. V. Lozhkarev; G. A. Luchinin; A. N. Mal’shakov; M. A. Martyanov; S. Yu. Mironov; O. V. Palashov; A. K. Poteomkin; A. M. Sergeev; A. A. Shaykin; A. A. Soloviev; M. V. Starodubtsev; I. V. Yakovlev; V. V. Zelenogorsky;

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VSF:  The creator of this film, Piperon is very talented, an excellent graphic designer & artist. His film is both fun and true. The strategy of giving technology to the planet being invaded and DNA activation are part of his understanding. He also has a wonderful sense of humor. The titles at the end are very funny. Good work, Piperon! Thank you.


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SEEMOREROCKS: Paul Beckwith on the California fires / Were The California Wildfires Deliberately Set?

Wednesday, 11 October 2017
SEEMOREROCKS: Paul Beckwith on the California fires

Were The California Wildfires Deliberately Set?
Paul Beckwith

start @11:20

About a week before the California wildfires erupted I posted a video onto YouTube titled how “Climate Change Magnified MegaFires”.

In this video I discuss horrendous & ongoing California fires. These wildfires have killed multiple people (100s are still missing) & destroyed thousands of buildings. In examining Earth Nullschool data on air particulates, it seems that the fires appeared in multiple locations within the space of one hour. This seems suspicious, if the data is accurate…

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Chemical Desiccants, ‘metalized’ atmosphere, wildfires: 1PacificRedwood / the international conventions, laws and agreements that are being broken by secretly covertly geoengineering our planet. / 6.3 Billion Dead Trees / NASA Worldview

Published on Oct 10, 2017

(Mon.) A moisture field full of tropical rain potential is moving into Southern California tonight. There is also a no-rain forecast from the stooges reporting the weather on television. What this means is we will see some heavy chemtrail spraying when we wake up in the morning Tuesday in Southern CA. Already, we can see the chemtrails being sprayed at night tonight as the moon rose over the mountains. The aerosol chemtrails cause a Capping Inversion layer which prevents atmospheric lift. We must have two components for precipitation: a) Lift in the atmosphere and, b) moisture in the atmosphere.

These chemical desiccants prevent the lift and stop the precipitation here in the Southwest. There are fires burning many homes in the Napa Valley, Petaluma and Santa Rosa areas of Central California right now, and allowing precipitation in California would be the best solution to help put these fires out!

But the terrorists controlling our weather will instead spray chemtrails to prevent the rain here in Southern CA while generating dry winds in Central CA despite a trough of low pressure extending from Canada all the way to the Mexican border with two low pressure centers situated along the California coast!



NAPA fires (above) / Oct.9, 2017                                                                

VSF: These desiccants in the sprays are toxic!
God only knows what they are using in these spray desiccants.  To keep the rain from falling, that would help alleviate the fires in Napa etc., they are spraying northern California with desiccants, which also happen to be toxic.

“The most common desiccant is Silca. Inhaling finely divided crystalline silica is toxic and can lead to silicosis, bronchitis, lung cancer, and systemic autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.”

No wonder so many people are coming down with respiratory diseases and systemic autoimmune diseases. This is another fluoride deception. We trusted these monsters.

California smoke from fires & aerosol spraying (above) / Oct.10, 2017                        

California (detail – above) / Oct.10, 2017                                                      

WIKI: Although some desiccants are chemically inert, others are extremely reactive and require specialized handling techniques. The most common desiccant is silica, an otherwise inert, nontoxic, water-insoluble white solid. Tens of thousands of tons are produced annually for this purpose.[1] Other common desiccants include activated charcoal, calcium sulfate (Drierite),[2] calcium chloride, and molecular sieves (typically, zeolites).

The most common desiccant is Silca:
Inhaling finely divided crystalline silica is toxic and can lead to silicosis, bronchitis, lung cancer, and systemic autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.


The removal of volatile organic compounds from supply air using a desiccant column – A theoretical study – ScienceDirect
The capability of silica gel to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from air under dynamic conditions was theoretically investigated using a packed bed desiccant column. A rigorous model was developed for the prediction of breakthrough profiles of benzene on a silica gel packed desiccant bed. Simulations were carried out on an isothermal, desiccant packed, fixed-bed and single compound-in inert-carrier system to determine the effects of varying operating and design parameters such as bed temperature, initial gas phase concentration, initial adsorbed phase concentration, bed length, particle radius and interstitial velocity. The Dubinin–Raduskevish equation was used to predict the adsorption equilibrium constant, K. The characteristic benzene–silica gel breakthrough curves of the adsorption process were produced using Excel. The potential of the model to predict any Adsorbent–VOC breakthrough curves under various operating and design conditions was demonstrated in this paper.
Silica Gel

1. Introduction
Indoor air pollution poses many challenges to the health professionals and the engineers alike. Acute and chronic illnesses emanating from poor indoor air quality in the UK are very common. Studies have shown that people in Europe spend more than 90% of their time indoors and it is this prolonged exposure to air contaminants that is of highest concern (Das et al., 2004). Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a class of pollutants that pose a greater risk to human health since they cause toxicity even at very low concentrations (ppb). They include 4–16 carbon alkanes, chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters, terpenes, ethers and aromatics.

The adverse health effects caused by these compounds can range from minor complaints such as minor irritations of the nasal and ocular mucosa to chronic complications such as the exacerbation of asthma.  Substances such as Benzene which has been linked to cancer in recent studies, are of particular concern to the health of indoor occupants. Benzene is prevalent in outdoor air due to emissions from diesel engines. Removal of VOCs such as benzene by conventional means such as photo catalytic oxidation, air ionisation, condensation and ozone oxidation has proved insufficient due to their existence at very low concentrations.

Most recently the main focus has been on sorption filtration using desiccant materials such as silica gel, zeolites, activated carbons and aluminas [which means aluminum oxides] for two reasons. Firstly, sorption has been found to be the most effective way of VOC removal. Secondly, the use of desiccants for both dehumidification and pollutant removal (co-sorption) is an energy efficient process because it eliminates the need to cool air to dew point temperatures to remove water vapour. Co-sorption is a process that involves the simultaneous removal of VOC and moisture from supply air. Fang et al. investigated the practical implications of using silica gel packed rotors to determine perceptions of indoor air quality. The results showed a better appreciation of the indoor environment where desiccants had been used (Fang et al., 2005). Even more recently desiccant regeneration techniques involving microwaves have been used and even more energy has been saved this way (Polaert et al., 2010). Several experimental and predictive methods have been used to determine the suitability of the adsorbents for pollutant removal (Das et al., 2004; Elkilani et al., 2003; Huang et al., 2005). However due to the complex nature of the adsorption process many models require prior knowledge of several parameters which rely on experimental data, for example adsorption constants are usually experimentally determined.

NAPA fires (above) / Oct.9, 2017                                                                  


WIKI: A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity. It is the opposite of a humectant. Commonly encountered pre-packaged desiccants are solids that absorb water. Desiccants for specialized purposes may be in forms other than solid, and may work through other principles, such as chemical bonding of water molecules. They are commonly encountered in foods to retain crispness. Industrially, desiccants are widely used to control the level of water in gas streams.

Although some desiccants are chemically inert, others are extremely reactive and require specialized handling techniques. The most common desiccant is silica, an otherwise inert, nontoxic, water-insoluble white solid. Tens of thousands of tons are produced annually for this purpose.[1] Other common desiccants include activated charcoal, calcium sulfate (Drierite),[2] calcium chloride, and molecular sieves (typically, zeolites).
Desiccants induce dryness in any environment and reduce the amount of moisture present in air. Desiccants come in various forms and have found widespread use in the food, pharmaceuticals, packing, electronics and many manufacturing industries.


Kevin Galalae / Jun 4, 2017

This was recorded in Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday, 3 June 2017. It explains why governments deny chemtrails and lists the specific international conventions that are being violated by the geoengineering program.

VSF: This excellent 11 minute video (above) explains the international conventions, laws and agreements that are being broken by secretly covertly geoengineering our planet. Kevin Galalae’s research into the specific legal contracts is impressive stunning. Apparently the Canadian government has already harassed him and thrown him into jail (for a week), because he is intelligently exposing the depopulation agenda with credible facts.

He has fully grasped that one of the methods utilized by the United Nations depopulation agenda is geoengineering, and that the aerosol spraying toxic nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, etc. that are ‘metalizing’ the atmosphere across our skies worldwide is inundating infusing the air we breathe with immune destroying poisons – and blatantly ignored, thus condoned by our own governments who we pay to protect us.


Pacific Northwest & wildfire smoke (above) / Sept.2, 2017                                             

detail off the coast of the Pacific Northwest (above) / Sept.2, 2017         

detail of wildfire smoke off the coast of the Pacific Northwest (above) / Sept.2, 2017

Clouds off Bay Area & Southern California (above) / Sept.2, 2017        

Over 66 million trees dead in California (Up from 3.3 million in 2014) causing even greater fire risk

6.3 Billion Dead Trees: ALBANY, Wyo. (AP) — Vast stands of dead timber in the Western U.S. have forced firefighters to shift tactics, trying to stay out of the shadow of lifeless, unstable trees that could come crashing down with deadly force.

About 6.3 billion dead trees are still standing in 11 Western states, up from 5.8 billion five years ago, according to U.S. Forest Service statistics compiled for The Associated Press.

Since 2010, a massive infestation of beetles has been the leading cause of tree mortality in the West and now accounts for about 20 percent of the standing dead trees, the Forest Service said. The rest were killed by drought, disease, fire or other causes.

Researchers have long disagreed on whether beetle infestations have made wildfires worse, and this year’s ferocious fire season has renewed the debate, with multiple fires burning in forests with beetle-killed trees.

But no one disputes that dead trees — snags, in firefighter parlance — present an unpredictable threat, prone to blowing over onto people or getting knocked down by other falling trees. Amid the noise and distraction of a fire, firefighters sometimes get little warning.



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For the Emissaries / Nicolay & Jang: “It is unfortunate to understand that there are those beings, both from inner-dimensional levels and distant time periods, as well as from within your own dimension and time, who would intercede and attempt to prevent you own natural access to these portals, just as there are those who would choose to use Earth’s portals for their own purposes manipulating the Earth structure, its energetic grids, and YOU in the process.”

“hive” shape cloud above Heard Island & McDonald Islands – French Southern & Antarctic Lands / Oct.8, 2107                                                                                                







Actual Praying Mantis nest (above). Note the similarities in form.


Photo above taken by me on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State, October 2017 – both color & contrast enhanced.

Our Refuge is a Higher Consciousness

Why it is now crucial to remain in and cultivate the highest consciousness. And thereby reach God Consciousness.

The period of time we are now currently living in is indeed one of supreme and momentous importance. Each one of you carries a key to the safety and well-being of the entire planet. This is no exaggeration. Understand that those of you who are in various stages of Awakening are entrusted with a great responsibility to the whole of Life, the Woven Universe we exist within.

I have long ago understood that we are living in the final days of this Kali Yuga. I have this on the authority of the great Kashmir Shaivite saint and scholar Swami Lakshmanjoo, who expanded my consciousness beyond the levels I had previously understood — even though he had already left the body. Lakshmanjoo changed my consciousness from beyond time and space. Here is the link to what he said concerning the fact that we are indeed in the final days, years of the Kali Yuga. I do not care for all the arguments and disagreements on this fact — the signs are everywhere.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Sept.29, 2017. These are cylindrical ‘metalized’ hive-shaped clouds. Could they be any more unnatural. We are being lied to on a planetary scale.

The recent work of E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang has further expanded my understanding of the reality we are currently experiencing. Essentially we are all super-conducting antennas that not only anchor and hold the electromagnetic energy of the planet in harmony — we are also antennas that will conduct the electromagnetic “charge” that is coming from the Galactic Core through our Sun, into the Earth and all who are capable of receiving this highly transformational energy. We are both receiver antennas and transmitter antennas.

Location above Port aux Francais, French Southern & Antarctic Lands (above image) / Oct.8, 2017. Note the intense radio-frequency/microwave ripples that show up with the sepia enhancement. More hive-like pods, created by cylindrical equations used in their algorithms?                                                                                                      


Our Responsibility is Now

We who have been given the “eyes to see” have a great responsibility. This is what you came here for. The time we have been waiting for is now.  Every moment can be dedicated to reconnecting to Source.  Live every day in the truth that you have been chosen to assist in the uplifting of the planetary consciousness and the enlightened Ascension of this realm into a higher dimension. The truth is that it was you who made this ‘choice’ long ago. You have ‘chosen’ yourself to accomplish this. It is our job, your chosen destiny.

Photo taken by me from my home of the Olympic Peninsula Washington State, Oct.9, 2017 and not enhanced.

The sacred Sanskrit texts will be our trusted infallible guide. The ancient text, the Rig Veda is actually an INVOCATION of the Cosmogonic Forces the Creator uses to generate universes. The Seers-Rishis are not praying for material wealth, for cows — they are calling upon these vast Forces, the electromagnetics, invoking them within their own beings, because these Forces already exist there within each and every one of us. We may think of the universe as an ever increasing swelling of electromagnetic Forces that when perceived through the five senses, appear as form, light-dark, hot-cold, etc.

The sky over the Olympic Peninsula in October 2017 – color & contrast enhanced.

The exact same electromagnetic energy that generates the universe, every temporal form, and is the substratum of interconnectivity within all ‘appearances’ — also binds the Veiled forms of the One in the self-created temporal illusory holographic manifestations that we find ourselves bound in, attached to, confused by, and trapped within.

The Matrix is generated by the cosmic technology of electromagnetics operating through the substratum, the subtle realms of Aether and the metaphysics of Aetheric plasma.  The Knowledge of that which has kept us in bondage, also has the power to illumine and Liberate us.

south & east of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia (above – contrast & slight sepia enhanced) / October 8, 2017                                                                                                  

In their first book, “The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions” Nicolay & Jang reveal that our Chakra system and our human DNA are inextricably connected to our Earth’s electromagnetic grid. Each of us is part of the “unified system.” Our eternal interconnected-ness to this planet cannot be over emphasized.  The fact that we have lost this profound and crucial understanding is a great tragedy, and evident in the sinister way that science is now contributing to the poisoning of our oceans, land, and air.

Is not the unimaginably terrifying fact that millions of trees are dying all over the planet, an inescapable and profoundly disturbing report-card sign that we have lost our connection with the ancient Wisdom. Our responsibility to our planet has been ignored with devastating consequences. When we cannot be responsible for our own planet, and we leave it to die — then surely there is the possibility of a legal and lawful justification for other races, beings from planets with requirements not aligned with ours, to be allowed to invade and assume proprietorship.

We have lost our planet.

The Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (above) / June 30, 2017. Russia excels at these very subtle radio-frequency/microwaves.                                                                       

This Invasion will serve its purpose. It will wake many of the sleeping ones up to the fact that we have behaved irresponsibly to our Mother Earth. Is not the very body you are reading this is in, nothing more that the effects of the nourishment provided for you by the good earth? Why have we allowed her soils to be neglected and poisoned. Our physical body in truth made up of the food cultivated in her soil, from the milk in a mother’s breast to everything on your plate.

The Invasion will serve its purpose. Please do look at the video below, as this man has carefully categorized every means and method which is being used to decrease the human population. Ask yourself what race could possibly carry out these draconian programs. I do not use the term ‘draconian’ lightly — for I agree with Nicolay & Jang that the perpetrators of this Invasion are the Reptilian Dracos and the Zeta Reticuli Greys.

It must become obvious that these various strategies that are being implemented to decimate the human race — are not harmful to the Dracos and the Zeta Greys. This fact is clearly revealed by Nicolay & Jang in their detailed explanation of geoengineering, which is in fact an alien technology, and the precise results that the Invaders are seeking. In every case, the results are desired by the Dracos and the Zetas. At the rate we are proceeding in, it appears that we will have to experience, and live within and under the control of a race that is not in harmony with our soul group, what Nicolay & Jang term the Human Angelic. This will not last forever, for the Earth herself will shake them off — after we have learned the lessons they will provide, the lesson of planetary stewardship and responsibility for our own actions.


There is no one to blame. We have done this to ourselves. Therefore it is imperative for all of us to take action, to become Light Warriors on our dying planet. I urge you to Remember who you are and why you came here. I am not your guru. The God-within you will guide you far better than I could ever do, because the God-within you knows you and your purpose. I am happy to answer any questions, however, and my email is above.

Sincerely, I feel that the work of Nicolay & Jang will be very helpful to an expanded understanding. Yes, the sacred Sanskrit texts, the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras — which are both available on my primary website for free — are infallible guides to your own Enlightenment. However, Nicolay & Jang have insights into the moment we are now submerged within, the oceanic delusionary frequency waveforms that are flooding the final years of this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and Confusion indeed!

The California coast ( above) / June 19, 2017                                            

As Light Warriors you are absolutely needed to anchor the “exponentially greater energy” that is inundating our planet from the Galactic Core. We are in the activation of our consciousness that alters our DNA “as a cellular antenna in each person and subsequent increase” in our ability to “pull energy from the Earth’s grid” into the body.

Nicolay & Jang: “… by understanding that access to the higher inter-dimensional realms is only available to you through Earth’s portals and the energetic grid structure. … it is the activation of the Earth grid through the guardianship of humanity, via humanity’s DNA, that not only provides the keys to Ascension [meaning the raising of the vibrational frequency of this realm, not individual Enlightenment], but also prevents access to higher dimensional realms for those not intended to have access or permitted to use these vital portals.”

This is what you came here for. Now is the time to activate your own Remembrance of who you are and why you came to this planet, perhaps lost in hundreds of lifetimes as I have been. For those of you who want to get an experience of your possible multidimensional selves, my first book “Inanna Returns” in the second half, is the story of my multidimensional selves, my memory of my incarnations. The character Gracie is me, and Gracie’s story is my life. Many have kindly said that this book gives the reader the experience of multidimensional selves. Of course, since time itself is an illusion that does not exist, all these selves, these lifetimes are simultaneous. So you can access your own selves — and use their knowledge and experience whenever you like.

Vladimir E. Fortov:  “… superextreme matter parameters, at which the known physical laws are thought to be no longer valid … owning to the gravitational compression of stars to the stage of black holes there again emerge singularities — ultrahigh parameters of Planckian scale.

“In this field physical models are discussed that assume that our space has more than three dimensions and that ordinary matter is in a three-dimensional manifold — the ‘3-brane world’ — embedded this many dimensional space.”

— Extreme States of Matter, High Energy density Physics (Second Edition), by Vladimir E. Fortov; Springer 2016.

The fact that the Russians have admitted that there are more than one dimension should further ground this metaphysical reality as Truth. There are many entities in various dimensions watching what is occurring here on our precious planet — because what we do will effect them. Everything is connected.

Nicolay & Jang: “It is unfortunate to understand that there are those beings, both from inner-dimensional levels and distant time periods, as well as from within your own dimension and time, who would intercede and attempt to prevent you own natural access to these portals, just as there are those who would choose to use Earth’s portals for their own purposes manipulating the Earth structure, its energetic grids, and YOU in the process.”

Our Refuge is a Higher Consciousness! Perhaps we are indeed the Portals.

V. Susan Ferguson



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Russian Physicist Vladimir E. Fortov: “…assume that our space has more than three dimensions and that ordinary matter is in a three-dimensional manifold embedded this many dimensional space.”

South of Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (sepia enhanced) / Sept.11, 2017. Are these bizarre cloud formations the result of a “cylindrical” geometry?                                  

The Sea of Okhotska & Kamchatka Russia (above) / Sept.14, 2017            


Vladimir E. Fortov:  “… superextreme matter parameters, at which the known physical laws are thought to be no longer valid … owning to the gravitational compression of stars to the stage of black holes there again emerge singularities — ultrahigh parameters of Planckian scale.

“In this field physical models are discussed that assume that our space has more than three dimensions and that ordinary matter is in a three-dimensional manifold — the ‘3-brane world’ — embedded this many dimensional space.”

— Extreme States of Matter, High Energy density Physics (Second Edition), by Vladimir E. Fortov; Springer 2016.

Vladimir Yevgenyevich Fortov (Russian: Владимир Евгеньевич Фортов, born 23 January 1946 in Noginsk, Moscow Oblast) is a Russian physicist and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; on 29 May 2013 he was elected its president.[1] Prior to the election, Fortov was the director of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures. On 22 March 2017, Fortov resigned as a President. He has recently been replaced by Aleksander Sergeev.

The new faster dispersion aerosol spray with the fine nano-particle toxic metals, aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. – taken from my home on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State. These diaphanous plumes can cover the entire Peninsula very quickly.

VSF:  Reading from a section in Vladimir Fortov’s classic textbook ‘Extreme States of Matter, High Energy Density Physics’ I have extended my intuition and extrapolate what I am reading regarding experiments in laboratory research conditions — that perhaps are now being conducted above us in the Earth’s atmosphere. Frankly I don’t think it takes much imagination to apply what is being said in these excerpts to the ongoing current technology used in the geoengineeering of our planet.

This technology is said to be ‘weaponizing’ and ‘metalizing’ our atmosphere — and is a military [Naval Research Laboratory/NRL, Los Alamos, etc.] and corporate secret [Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, American Elements, etc.]. Thus I continue my intuitive investigation of what-the-hell are they doing to us and the planet as best I can.

What follows (below) are a group of quotations by Vladimir Fortov that describe ‘Devices of High-Current Impulse Energetics.’  My study of the over 3000 screenshot images I am collecting from NASA Worldview every day, convince me that whatever fuels this technology — be it scalar, fusion power, electric or other — it must be very powerful indeed to cover so much of our planet. The radiation being emitted by these interferometry transmitters, Digisonde, SBX-Sea-based X-band Radar, HAARP-like, and phase array antennas — is spreading out over a vast area. Where are they getting the energy to alter the entire atmosphere of our planet? Is the atmosphere being transformed into a vast semi-conductor? Where did they get the technology?


Above photo taken by me from my house on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State.

FORTOV:  “Devices of high-current impulse energetics are employed to produce high-energy-density plasmas in various kinds of experimental facilities. … the energy may be used to produce intense bursts of soft X-ray radiation with the subsequent generation of intense shock or radiative thermal waves by this radiation, or for the electrodynamic generation of shock waves, as well as for the electrodynamic acceleration of metal liners. The energy capabilities of electrodynamic devices of this kind are as a rule, several orders of magnitude higher than for lasers…”

East of AFRICA (above) / Sept.6, 2017                                                       

FORTOV: “The electroexplosion of conductors and metal foils by a pulsed current … with the attainment of strongly supercritical metal states … permit, in particular, the ‘metal-dialectric’ transition to be studied in the continuous supercritical expansion of metal plasmas.”

A screenshot of close-up detail of off WA coast (ab0ve) / Sept.5, 2017. Note the very fine microwave ripples. Of course I have no idea really, but it feels to me to be some kind of energy storage/transfer.  Resonance = inductor to capacitor. Or perhaps a SCALAR technology.                                                                                                        

FORTOV: “The highest plasma perimeters have been obtained in high-power Z-pinches of the terawatt power range, in which the electric energy of capacitors … effects the electrodynamic plasma acceleration followed by the focusing of its kinetic energy on the cylindrical axis. … at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico.”

Eastern Pacific Ocean (above – close up detail) / Oct.6, 2017                 

The Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), managed and operated by the National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia (a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell International), is one of three National Nuclear Security Administration research and development laboratories. In December 2016, it was announced that National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, under the direction of Honeywell International, will take over the management of Sandia National Laboratories starting on May 1, 2017.
Their primary mission is to develop, engineer, and test the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons.  The primary campus is located on Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the other is in Livermore, California, next to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
It is Sandia’s mission to maintain the reliability and surety of nuclear weapon systems, conduct research and development in arms control and nonproliferation technologies, and investigate methods for the disposal of the United States’ nuclear weapons program’s hazardous waste.  Other missions include research and development in energy and environmental programs, as well as the surety of critical national infrastructures. In addition, Sandia is home to a wide variety of research including computational biology, mathematics (through its Computer Science Research Institute), materials science, alternative energy, psychology, MEMS, and cognitive science initiatives. Sandia formerly hosted ASCI Red, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers until its recent decommission, and now hosts ASCI Red Storm, originally known as Thor’s Hammer. Sandia is also home to the Z Machine. The Z Machine is the largest X-ray generator in the world and is designed to test materials in conditions of extreme temperature and pressure. It is operated by Sandia National Laboratories to gather data to aid in computer modeling of nuclear weapons.

Eastern Pacific Ocean (above – close up detail) / Oct.6, 2017. I’m trying to get some idea of what kind of center “seed” energy they are creating?                               

FORTOV:  “In experiments in the Angara facility [TRINITY in Russia] a pulsed current of about four mega amps accelerated a xenon liner to a velocity about 500 kilometers per second. The highly symmetric impact of this liner on the surface of a cylindrical highly porous target excited in it a thermal radiative wave, which emitted soft X-ray radiation … This high intensity X-ray radiation from the cylindrical cavity was employed for the highly symmetric production of plane shock waves … for the excitation of thermal radiative waves … as well as for the acceleration of metallic liners…”

The Caspian Sea (above) / Oct.7, 2017. Are these comparable to the “cylindrical cavities” Fortov speaks of?  Radio/Frequency ripples on the pod “tufts”.             

SSC RF “Troitsk Institute of Innovative and Thermonuclear Research” or TRINITY for short Russian: Троицкий Институт инновационных и термоядерных исследований, ГНЦ РФ ТРИНИТИ) is a Russian state scientific center (SSC) in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion, plasma physics, laser physics, and the technology and practical application of impulse sources of power supply based on MHD generators.
It is located in Troitsk, Moscow Oblast. It was established in 1956 as the Magnetic Laboratory of the USSR Academy of Sciences by an initiative of the academician Anatoly Aleksandrov.
In 1961, it was merged into Kurchatov Institute as a special sector (later a section). From 1971 it was a subdivision of Kurchatov Institute under the direction of academician Evgeny Velikhov. From 1978 until December 2003 its director was the USSR Academy of Sciences correspondent member Vyacheslav Pismenniy. Currently, its Director is Professor V. E. Cherkovets.
TRINITY was reestablished in 1991 receiving its current name. In 1994 it was granted the status of State Scientific Center (SSC), which was renewed in 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2007.
TRINITY operates the experimental facility Angara 5-1 and the thermonuclear complex SFT (Strong Field Tokamak T-11M).


Off Baja CA (above) / Oct.4, 2017.  This image is sepia enhanced. Note all the ripples in these fried ‘metalized’ slightly geometric, crystallized ‘hive’ forms [my interpretation only]. Is this the “cylindrical cavity” geometry (perhaps now algorithms) that Fortov speaks of?                                                                                                          


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“Pinwheel-Vortex” Cloud Formation from NASA Worldview on October 6, 2017


These screenshots from NASA Worldview were taken on Oct.6, 2017 and are located in the eastern north Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Spain & Africa. New and strange – a pinwheel-like-vortex with a center.  I’ve never seen this so clearly before.         





Mr. ElectroMagnetics:  Water is a charge carrier. Clouds are water. Moving water is a moving charge carrier. A moving charge carrier creates a moving magnetic field. A moving magnetic field generates a moving charge field. A moving magnetic field aligns itself with the magnetic field that surrounds it. Resonance causes the ‘coupling’ between a charge carrier and magnetic carrier.

When you have a moving charge (for example water flowing rapidly down a drain forming a vortex), the molecules are a changing current that create a magnetic field. We are in the changing magnetic field of the Earth. Currents align themselves and “couple” with a moving magnetic field, which turns into a synergistic formation. The moving charge — in this case the energy injected into the cloud from the transmitter — starts to create a magnetic field that aligns itself with Earth’s spinning magnetic field. Coupling. the moving charge effects and creates the spin.

Off the coast of Spain & Africa (above) / Oct.6, 2017. The pinwheel-vortex is in the upper and center-left.                                                                                                

The pinwheel-vortex is on the left in the center of the image. (above- slight sepia & contrast enhanced). Detail of the image above.                                                                

WIKI:  Electromagnetism is a branch of physics involving the study of the electromagnetic force, a type of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles. The electromagnetic force usually exhibits electromagnetic fields such as electric fields, magnetic fields, and light and is one of the four fundamental interactions (commonly called forces) in nature. The other three fundamental interactions are the strong interaction, the weak interaction and gravitation.[1]

Lightning is an electrostatic discharge that travels between two charged regions.
The word electromagnetism is a compound form of two Greek terms, ἤλεκτρον ēlektron, “amber”, and μαγνῆτις λίθος magnētis lithos,[2] which means “Μagnesian stone”,[3] a type of iron ore. Electromagnetic phenomena are defined in terms of the electromagnetic force, sometimes called the Lorentz force, which includes both electricity and magnetism as different manifestations of the same phenomenon.

Contrast & slight sepia enhanced so that you can identify the radio-frequency/microwave ripple patterns in the lower-center section of the image.                                                                                                              



Every vertical dipole antenna creates a high frequency oscillating electrical field (E-field) between the antenna and the surrounding earth. As the antenna voltage rises to its peak value, it creates an E-field around the antenna. The lines of the E-field curve around and then terminate in the surrounding conductive earth. As with a conventional capacitor, potential energy is stored in the surrounding E-field as the antenna voltage rises to its peak value, and then most of this energy is returned back to the antenna as the voltage swings back towards zero. The surrounding earth around the antenna forms one plate of this capacitor while the antenna is the other.

As you may already know, the Earth also has a relatively large self-capacitance versus the rest of the universe – about 710 microFarads.  We really don’t use this capacitance for any human endeavor since we don’t have a direct electrical connection to the “rest of the universe”.

It is interesting that at least one study suggests that the entire Earth, including its atmosphere, is slightly negatively charged versus the rest of the universe. The estimated net charge of the entire Earth is about -1 Coulomb.


Contrast & slight sepia enhanced.

Earth: A Self-repairing Capacitor
One electrical device which serves as a model for cosmic plasma activity is the capacitor. A capacitor is a device for accumulating and storing electric charge. It is made of two conductors separated by an insulating medium. When charge is placed on one conductor it attracts charge of the opposite polarity on the other conductor. As a result, an electric field is set up between the conductors, a reservoir of electrical energy.

In both everyday electronics and advanced plasma research the capacitor is important for its ability to rapidly store and release electrical energy. Some of the highest energy experiments in the world are performed using large rooms full of charged capacitors to produce intense discharges.

Toroidal inductors and transformers are inductors and transformers which use magnetic cores with a toroidal (ring or donut) shape.  They are passive electronic components, consisting of a circular ring or donut shaped magnetic core of ferromagnetic material such as laminated iron, iron powder, or ferrite, around which wire is wound.

Although in the past closed-core inductors and transformers often used cores with a square shape, the use of toroidal-shaped cores has increased greatly because of their superior electrical performance. The advantage of the toroidal shape is that, due to its symmetry, the amount of magnetic flux that escapes outside the core (leakage flux) is low, therefore it is more efficient and thus radiates less electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Toroidal inductors and transformers are used in a wide range of electronic circuits: power supplies, inverters, and amplifiers, which in turn are used in the vast majority of electrical equipment: TVs, radios, computers, and audio systems.

There are many faces in this screenshot.                                                 

The Earth’s Capacitance
The earth can be considered as a single-conductor capacitor.

It can also be considered in combination with a charged layer of the atmosphere, the ionosphere, as a spherical capacitor with two plates, the surface of the earth being the negative plate.

The ionosphere is at a level of about 70km, and the potential difference between earth and ionosphere is about 350000V.


Is this a partial formation, meaning are they just beginning or trying to create another pinwheel-vortex? (above – sepia enhanced)                                                  

ELECTROMAGNETICS: Indra and Soma in Rig Veda VI.23.9 / Indra is the Cosmogonic Force that weaves the subtle Aether, coalescing and coagulating the substratum of ‘appearances’ that are perceived through five-sense perception as solidity, polarities of hot and cold, etc.

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The Olympic Peninsula / October 6, 2017

Photo above taken by me from my home Oct.6, 2017 and contrast enhanced so you can get an idea of how much of the Peninsula is covered. These are radio-frequency/microwave energies that have been transmitted over the entire Olympic Peninsula by the US Navy.

VSF: I was up very early this morning, 5am Friday, Oct.6. The god-forsaken Navy was blasting, frying the sky here over the entire Olympic Peninsula WA, and injecting massive transmitter generated doses of radio-frequency/microwave for hours. I took so many photos my camera batteries died.

I’m beginning to think they correlate their emissions to some extent with a Full Moon. Since all this is at the core ultimately electromagnetic energy, it stands to reason that the EM energy being reflected back to earth from the Moon would enhance their electronic warfare operations. I’m going to add this to my observations of cycles.  Photo above not enhanced.

I often see the (now) diaphanous clouds that disperse quickly and are loaded with particulates, heading north & east towards Vancouver Island and Canada.  Photo above not enhanced.

Surely there is no forgiveness for these heinous criminal acts. Photo above not enhanced.

Early morning light, more subtle, but still evidence of transmitters.

I see this kind of cloud pattern on NASA Worldview frequently.

Again very familiar pattern on NASA Worldview over the Pacific Ocean.

NASA Worldview-Pacific Ocean / Sept.15, 2017                                        

Sepia enhanced to show unnatural cloud structure from ‘metalized’ nano-particles.

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WEATHER MODIFICATION from AMERICAN ELEMENTS Corporation: “nucleating agents, industrial production, chemical formulation” / Hidden Fukushima nuclear waste being released into ocean / NASA Worldview and “surfactants”

detail off Africa’s east coast & Mozambique (ab0ve) / July 23, 2017      

Antarctica (above) / Sept.28, 2017. Note the ‘snake-like’ patterns in the center – these are SURFACTANTS being used on the surface of the water to ice-nulceate, a nucleating agent as American Elements describes below.                                           

VSF: As if we need any more proof to connect American Elements with the toxic spraying of our skies, here is more information from their own website!

Advanced Materials for Atmospheric and Environmental Technologies
American Elements manufactures numerous products for customers in the the weather modification and environmental science industries including nucleating agents, tracers, and other advanced materials. Applications include cloud seeding, storm prevention, meteorological support services, and environmental monitoring.

American Elements maintains industrial scale production for all its cloud seeding and weather modification materials. Additionally, we provide customer guidance on topics such as the selection of appropriate materials for aerial and ground-based cloud seeding, trace gas detection, chemical formulation and material safety data.

Antarctica (above) / Sept.9, 2017. Note the ‘snake-like’ patterns – these are chemical SURFACTANTS being used on the surface of the water to ice-nulceate, a nucleating agent as American Elements describes.                                                      

Antarctica (above) / Sept.9, 2017. Note the ‘snake-like’ patterns in the top of the image – these are chemical SURFACTANTS being used on the surface of the water to ice-nulceate, a nucleating agent as American Elements describes.                                               

Antarctica (above) / Sept.9, 2017. Note the ‘snake-like’ patterns in the top of the image – these are chemical SURFACTANTS being used on the surface of the water to ice-nulceate, a nucleating agent as American Elements describes.                         

Antarctica (above) / Sept.9, 2017. Note the ‘snake-like’ patterns in the top of the image – these are chemical SURFACTANTS being used on the surface of the water to ice-nulceate, a nucleating agent as American Elements describes.                             

Baffin Bay, Greenland & the Davis Strait (above) / Sept.22, 2017. More evidence of nucleating agents, SURFACTANTS.                                                                                           




Hidden Fukushima nuclear waste being released into ocean — ‘Surprisingly’ high levels of radiation now detected along Pacific coast and in groundwater far from reactors — Expert: No one expected this — “Alarming example of how radiation has spread”
Published: October 5th, 2017 at 3:25 pm ET 
By ENENews

Newsweek, Oct 4, 2017 (emphasis added): Radiation From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Discovered in Sand and Groundwater 60 Miles Away… the beach groundwater is even 10 times more radioactive than the ocean directly next to the Fukushima plant.

Gizmodo, Oct 4, 2017: Fukushima’s Radioactive Waste Is Leaking From an Unexpected Source — A new and unexpected source of radioactive material left over from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster has been found up to 60 miles away along coastlines… The discovery shows that damaged nuclear reactors are capable of spreading radiation far from the meltdown site, and in some surprising ways.

UPI, Oct 3, 2017: Beaches found releasing radioactive cesium into ocean 60 miles from Fukushima… Scientists have discovered a surprising new source of radioactive cesium… [Researchers] found unusually high levels of radioactive cesium-137 in the groundwater beneath several beaches… “No one expected that the highest levels of cesium in ocean water today would be found not in the harbor of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, but in the groundwater many miles away below the beach sands,” WHO researcher Virginie Sanial said…

Fox News, Oct 3, 2017: Fukushima’s radioactive cesium found an unexpected hiding spot… The find wasn’t just a surprise, but significant. As the researchers write, “Aside from the aquifer beneath [the plant], the highest recorded present-day activities of [cesium-137] in the aqueous environment in Japan are associated with brackish groundwater underneath beaches.”

IFL Science, Oct 2, 2017: Scientists investigating the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan have found an unexpected source of radioactive material… [It’s] an alarming example of how radiation from the reactor has spread

“It is as if the sands acted as a ‘sponge’ that was contaminated in 2011 and is only slowly being depleted,” said study co-author Ken Buesseler…

Study – Unexpected source of Fukushima-derived radiocesium to the coastal ocean of Japan, Sep 26, 2017: [T]he highest radiocesium (137Cs) activities outside of the power plant site were observed in brackish groundwater underneath sand beaches… During our study period, we found the highest cesium-137 (137Cs) levels (up to 23,000 Bq⋅m−3) outside of the FDNPP site not in the ocean, rivers, or potable groundwater, but in groundwater beneath sand beaches over tens of kilometers away from the FDNPP. Here, we present evidence of a previously unknown, ongoing source of Fukushima-derived 137Cs to the coastal ocean… This estimated ocean 137Cs source (0.6 TBq⋅y−1) is of similar magnitude as the ongoing releases of 137Cs from the FDNPP site for 2013–2016, as well as the input of Fukushima-derived dissolved 137Cs via rivers… This unexpected and ongoing 137Cs source requires further investigation…


ANTARCTICA (above) – detail AMERY ICE SHELF / Oct.5, 2017        

As the Arctic keeps warming, the jet stream is expected to become more distorted, bringing ever more heat and moisture into the Arctic. This constitutes a self-reinforcing feedback loop that keeps making the situation worse. In conclusion, it’s high time for more comprehensive and effective action to reduce the underlying culprit: global warming.

ANTARCTICA: Evidence if radio-frequency/microwave from transmitters on the South Sheltand Islands; the Bridgeman Island on right – off Larsen area (above) / Oct.5, 2017


Russia (above) / Oct.5, 2017                                                                             

detail Russia (above) / Oct.5, 2017                                                               

detail Russia (above – sepia enhanced to show radio-frequency & microwave ripples) / Oct.5, 2017                                                                                                            

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DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation for $21 Trillion of Undocumentable Adjustments – video with Catherine Austin Fitts / and NASA Worldview

DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation for $21 Trillion of Undocumentable Adjustments
Catherine, News & Commentary on October 2, 2017 at 12:10 am · 2 Comments
[Update from CAF on October 5, 2017: It appears that some of the DOD and HUD OIG links have just been changed or taken off line. We are in the process of restoring these with the documents – we will have these fixed by October 10th, so check back then if you are looking for a specific link]

[Update from CAF: Dr. Skidmore and his team have now reviewed additional documentation and undocumented adjustments at DOD and HUD now total $21 trillion – more than the outstanding debt on the US government balance sheet. The report table has been updated as of Wednesday, September 27 to include these staggering amounts. The Summary Report still uses the prior totals. Our gratitude for Dr. Skidmore’s efforts to understand and document this phenomenon is “off the charts”! We will be adding additional files and information as they find them.]

Greg Hunter /
Published on Sep 30, 2017

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts contends the Deep State swamp creatures do not want to give the $21 trillion they have stolen over the last two decades back to “We the People.” This is why there’s a big push by the Deep State Globalists to tear up the U.S. Constitution. Destroy it, and they get to keep all those trillions of stolen dollars.

Fitts explains, “You want to preserve the Constitution because you want to have individual sovereignty, and you want your taxes to only go into things that have financial and national sovereignty. So, that has to be restored. The reason they want to tear up the Constitution is they don’t want to give the money back. That’s a legal mechanism that requires us and gives us the power to reverse this. . . . They say we have $20 trillion in debt and there is no money. It’s a very different policy discussion if I can say, wait a minute, there’s $20 trillion in debt, but you stole $21 trillion . . . and we’re putting that back on the table for purposes of this policy discussion.”

In other words, “We the People” could pay off the entire federal deficit with the money that was stolen and still have $1 trillion left over. Fitts also says, “Here’s the magic trick. You don’t need everybody to change this. It only takes 5% to 10% of the population to completely turn this around. It doesn’t take everybody, and that is one of the things that has got them so scared. . . . We don’t need to implode the federal government. We need to take it back, clean it up and get it to run according to the law.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the President of, Catherine Austin Fitts publisher of The Solari Report.



VSF:  Ask yourself where are they getting/hiding the millions of dollars needed to spread these toxic-to-humans-and-all-life on our Earth all over and around the planet? How convenient to have trillions of dollars simply go missing! Insane. This is massive financial fraud, a criminal enterprise at an obscene level. The DOD, the Department of Defense includes the US Navy, Marines, the Air Force, Army, etc.


NASA Worldview:

South Atlantic Ocean (above) / Oct.3, 2017                                              

Greenland & North Atlantic Ocean (above – sepia enhanced) / Oct.3, 2017

Baja California (above) / Oct.3, 2017

Off Baja CA (above – sepia enhanced) / Oct.4, 2017. Note all the ripples in these fried metalized slightly geometric crystallized ‘hive’ forms. This is my interpretation only.

Off Baja CA (above) / Oct.4, 2017                                                                 

detail from off Baja CA (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Oct.4, 2017. Unusual to see a line-separation like this one in this cloud form type.                               

Arabian Sea & India (above) / July 2, 2017                                                 

Arabian Sea & India (above) / July 2, 2017                                                  

Arabian Sea & India (above) / July 2, 2017                                                

Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (above) / July 1, 2017                                          

Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (above) / July 1, 2017                                          

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Has The Primary Geoengineering Materials Supplier Been Identified? / NASA Worldview: Jan. & Feb. 2017

Dane Wigington

The global climate engineers are spraying unimaginable quantities of materials into skies all over the world as part of the ongoing geoengineering / solar radiation management assault.


Tasmania, south of Australia (above) / Jan.20, 2017                                 

Tasmania, south of Australia (above) / Jan.20, 2017                                 

West of Kerguelen Islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, in the south Indian Ocean. (above) / Jan.20, 2017

Lake Erie & Ohio (above) / Jan.21, 2017

North of Antarctica & below Kerguelen Islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands (above) / Jan.20, 2017

Florida off the east coast USA (above) / Jan.21, 2017                               

The Gulf of Mexico (above) / Jan.21, 2017                                                  

North America (above) / Feb,2, 2017. If you adjust the contrast, etc. enough, you can reveal the R/F ripples even in these thick clouds. Sepia shows them up best.

Santa Catalina Island, California (above) / Feb.2, 2017                             

Coast of Chile (above) / Feb.2, 2017                                                               

Port-aux-Francais and the French Southern & Antarctic Lands (above) / Feb.2, 2017

detail of angular-rectangle hole in the clouds (above) over Port-aux-Francais and the French Southern & Antarctic Lands/ Feb.2, 2017                                        

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‘Metalizing’ and Weaponizing our Earth’s Atmosphere: evidence that there is a massive program of altering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Above photo taken by me from my home on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State.

‘Metalizing’ and Weaponizing our Earth’s Atmosphere

The NASA Worldview new images I am collecting (now over 3000) and posting here are evidence that there is a massive program of altering the Earth’s atmosphere. Companies like American Elements and fifteen others are providing the nano materials — aluminum, barium, strontium, titanate, europium, and countless other toxic nano sized particles — to the various corporations that are working to distribute these metal oxides in the aerospraying that we can visibly see in the sky above us.

Press Release
Global Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles Market 2016: American Elements, EPRUI Nanomaterials and Microspheres, Reinste, Sigma-Aldrich, US Research Nanomaterials

Major Key Players Analysis – in Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles market:-

1. American Elements
2. EPRUI Nanomaterials and Microspheres
3. Reinste
4. Sigma-Aldrich
5. US Research Nanomaterials
6. Meliorum Technologies
7. NovaCentrix
8. Xuancheng Jingrui
9. Advanced Nano Products
10. Applied Nanotech Holdings
11. DuPont
12. Methode Electronics
13. Heraeus
14. Sun Chemical Corporation
15. Taiyo Ink


detail of Atlantic off west coast Spain (sepia & contrast enhanced) “fried” / Oct.2, 2017

The Global Electric Circuit: Electric Field and Conductivity of the Atmosphere

“… the clouds, precipitation, fogs, and dust clouds contain a large amount of spatial electric charges. The electric field permanently exists in the atmosphere even though there is a fine weather condition. … Owing to the presence of charged aerosols, the electric field may increase in amplitude…”
— Ultra and Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Vadim Surkov & Masashi Hayakawa; Springer Geophysics, Japan, 2014.


Canary Islands off Africa west coast (above) / Oct.2, 2017                    

Our atmosphere is is electrically coupled with our planet — “…the Earth is negatively charged while positive charges are mainly concentrated in the lower atmosphere. The permanent thunderstorm activity around the world is said to be a major source for the global atmospheric electric circuit, which is formed by the lower ionosphere and terrestrial surface conducting layers. Lightning discharge currents flow basically upwards, while the background atmospheric current flows downward to the Earth’s surface from the atmosphere and lower ionosphere.”

west coast Spain (above) / Oct.2, 2017                                                       

In the chapter entitled ‘The Weaponization of Nature Leading to Catastrophic Earth’s Changes and Occurrences’, the author E.M Nicolay reveals the truth about geoengineering our planet. Nicolay says that by 2025 it will be very clear to us that “governments had in fact reengineered Earth’s atmosphere, its oceans and the planet’s electromagnetic grid to facilitate the use of scalar and sonic technology.”

This reengineering is said to be harmful and in some cases detrimental on a global scale. We are living in an increasing era of insane technological experimentation that is cutting us off from the Sun and the stars as a milky haze of metal oxides creates layers of toxic pollution which can be used by the military and the corporatocracy that is profiting by controlling the weather and more.

Nicolay says that their geoengineering technology proceeded slowly at first — “until alien collaborations with secret factions of the US government took place beginning in the 1980s.”

My NASA Worldview screen shots confirm this insanity.

Davis Strait – west of Greenland (above) / Oct.2, 2017                           

detail Davis Strait (above – sepia enhanced) / Oct.2, 2017. Note microwave ripples.

In 2001, a scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell tried to warn us in her book, “Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War” — which shows how the quest for military power has destabilized the delicate natural balance of our planet. As early as 1968, the US Navy experimented with an ELF [extremely low frequency] submarine communication system. In 1977 the Navy built an antenna system in Wisconsin, which is described in Bertell’s book: “The ELF antenna loop used the ionosphere as an outer shell of a spherical capacitor [storing more electrical potential than the surrounding Earth], with the inner conductor composed of the Earth’s surface.”

Guadalupe Island & Baja California (above) / Oct,2, 2017                     

E.M. Nicolay states that “by the late 2010s, hardly any region on Earth was free of the newly ionized and metalized atmosphere.”

We are already living in the complete weaponization of the atmosphere, the oceans, Earth’s magnetic fields and the electromagnetic grid system of the planet. I now have over 3000 screenshots from all around our Earth, and surely no one can with any honesty say that these highly charged and metalized aberrations of cloud forms are in any way natural.

The atmosphere has been permanently altered to become the “ideal medium for vast waves of scalar energy.”  The development of nanotechnology has made these dispersions more difficult for the untrained eye to detect, but everyone can be aware of the milky haze that lays over the land and the fact that our Sun has become impossibly piercing as its rays must pass through these layers of toxic metal particles in the air we are breathing that are being used to charge the atmosphere.

China (above – enhanced to show microwave lines) / January 26, 2017

A friend has further explained: A charge carrier is a conducting surface. Earth is a spherical capacitor. Think in terms of onion layers. Each layer is active at certain frequencies. The separate frequencies can be simultaneously excited and functioning at the same time. There is an inner diameter and an outer diameter. The conducting surface is on the inner side. The physical dimensions in electromagnetics determine everything. When they are metalizing the Ionosphere, changes can be made by altering the Schumann Resonance. All the layers have a different resonant frequency and changes can be made by adding conductive materials into the atmosphere.

detail off coast of Baja CA (above) / January 26, 2017                             

E.M. Nicolay talks about technologies that are used to create psychotic behavior. The increase in dementia, depression, hormonal imbalances, and nervous system imbalances are evidence of these scalar microwave technologies. The reports of constant “humming” sounds are said to be coming from “energy resonators that were being used (equipment transformer stations placed along specific grids and axis used to magnify and propel energetic currents) or where scalar equipment discharges originated or terminated. Nicolay says that geoengineering will reach its peak between 2020 and 2035 — and perhaps will do the most harm to civilization at that time. He also says that this reengineering (his term) of the planet will be the single greatest cause of the total downfall of western civilization in both Europe and North America.

Geoengineering will in fact bring about the catastrophic Earth changes we have all been warned about for so many years in multiple prophecies. Examining the website of American Elements, a privately held company, will give you an idea of the massive size and scope of these operations. There are 15 companies worldwide participating in metalizing and weaponizing our planet’s atmosphere.

North of Antarctica & west of Australia (above) / January 26, 2017       


Our Refuge is a higher consciousness.

And to this day, [those] who…know the self as I am Brahman [the ONE], become all this universe.
Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. …if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he  does not know.
He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away!
     Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are the ONE].

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad
, I.iv.10

Work on your own consciousness as if every day is the last, for indeed it may be. Truly we have no idea of the consequences of geoengineering. As one scientist, Thomas Ackerman, a UW professor of atmospheric science said: “We’re talking about some kind of new world in terms of the ethical issues,” Ackerman said. “But for climate, we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ We are altering the climate already. It’s now a case of ‘the lesser of two evils.’”

Guadalupe Island (above) / January 23, 2017                                               

Questioning NOAA data / Joe Neubarth, via Facebook
SEEMOREROCKS: How reliable is NOAA data? / 29 September 2017

Now, contrast the satellite data with the NOAA “In Situ” Measurements, that are (for the most part) 2000 ppb or below. According to NOAA, the methane readings are so low there is nothing to worry about. The In Situ machine takes its samples from the air just a few feet above the building and paints a totally different picture. of consistently LOW methane readings below the pink that we see in the chart from the Satellite data. Hummmm, they totally disagree! NOAA tells us to disregard the satellite data because it conflicts with their “Near the Ground” Data (for a gas that is lighter than air). You can see that data below these paragraphs. Obviously, the two data sources totally disagree and I believe that there is malicious intent from NOAA to even post the In Situ data. Why won’t they give us Flask Data from altitude?

I have totally detested NOAA since 1979 when I found out that they will lie at any time to please any corrupt official in government. Back then, they treated me as a Naval Officer (and all the men of my ship and the flotilla of ships that were going over to the coast of Iran with us) as EXPENDABLE COMMODITIES.

Do you remember the Iranian Embassy Rescue Attempt? That was what we were there for. THAT, BY NOT BOTHERING TO UPDATE OUR DAY TO DAY OCEAN CHARTS FOR THE HOT SPOT IN THE MID PACIFIC (That includes thermal inversion layers in which enemy submarines can hide from our sonar systems.) The updates were extremely important because we were going into a potential hot war situation during the Iran Hostage Crisis. China was selling Iran Anti Ship missiles through North Korea. There were numerous submarines from the potential belligerent countries that might attack us for being in the Indian Ocean near the Iranian coast, and our own agency, NOAA was NOT helping us one iota with valid data that was absolutely necessary for our ships’ defense.

If there was a confidence level for the up to date Ocean Temperature Data to depth from NOAA, it would be near Zilch. I have as much confidence in NOAA then as I do now. It is still Zilch. They lie all of the time.  Compare the satellite data to the insane crap NOAA is putting out in the chart below AFTER they remove all the high readings. TOTAL CORRUPTION ALL OF THE TIME! {Otherwise known as “TCAT” by American Naval Officers who are experienced in Anti Submarine Warfare.} We know that surface ships are the TARGET. We should not give the submarines additional help in their effort to kill our men on our ships.


above Antarctica & west of South America (above – sepia enhanced) / January 23, 2017

Dr. David Jacobs: “The almost flawless alien program suggests that they posses previous knowledge of how to ‘capture’ a planet. Most important, the evidence points to the idea that taking over another planet is standard practice throughout the galaxy and hybridization is at least one method of accomplishing it. …planetary acquisition via hybridization has happened many times before. … It is common. It is routine. It is happening to us.” Now!                                                              

Dr. David Jacobs: I tend to look at the 21st century differently than most people. I see it through the prism of the UFO and abduction phenomenon. What I see does not give me confidence or optimism. In my research (described in The Threat) abductees have indicated to me that aliens and hybrids plan a possible integration or colonization of human society.  I have come to agree with them. I arrived at this extreme view cautiously after spending over thirty-five years studying the subject – the last eighteen of which I spent concentrating almost exclusively on abductions. It is not a view of which I am very fond. I makes me seem as if my quality of mind is lacking and my judgment is severely impaired. It destroys my credibility in virtually all other areas of my intellectual life as a professor of history. Yet, I must adhere to it because I have found the evidence for it to be so compelling, even though I have struggled against believing the evidence for this strain of thought.                                                                                       

Dr. David Jacobs: Are hybrids living among us now?
In the past I was completely convinced that hybrids were not walking around with us.  That notion was silly and evidence-free.  In recent years, however, I have found mounting evidence that has forced me to change my mind.  I now believe it might very well be possible that hybrids are integrating into the society and therefore actually walking around here.  I feel somewhat foolish saying this, but I have to go where the evidence leads me and, alas, it has led me to this position.                                  

above Antarctica & south of New Zealand (above) / January 23, 2017  





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For the Emissaries: The Silent ‘Foothold’ Invasion of Planet Earth / I sincerely believe that there are now more hybrids walking among us than we can imagine.

Antarctica – off McMurdo Station (above) / September 29, 2017                 

Antarctica (detail above – sepia enhanced)  / September 29, 2017         

Antarctica (detail above – sepia enhanced)  / September 29, 2017. Note the cylindrical tube shapes that have V-shaped geometric lines on them (bottom right).  

Organ-pipe Mud Dauber nest (above)

Antarctica (detail above – sepia enhanced)  / September 29, 2017. Note the cylindrical tube shapes that have V-shaped geometric lines on them (bottom right).  These look more like rocks than clouds!


For the Emissaries: The Silent ‘Foothold’ Invasion of Planet Earth

While I realize that for many of my readers the pursuit of evidence regarding an alien invasion of planet Earth may seem inconsistent with my years of studying the sacred Sanskrit texts, for me the two have never been separate. The events of my soon-to-be seventy-two years of life have been inextricably woven both by my search for Truth and God — along with an awareness of other worlds. As I have said previously, even as a child I had an imaginary ET friend who shared many amazing fascinating teachings with me, which I forgot at puberty. In Texas high school, I painted oil paintings of the Greys, not knowing who or what they were. I saw my first UFO up close in the early 1970s on Mount Shasta — and since that time there have been over 30 sightings by me, either when I was alone or with friends. Perhaps the most extreme was watching a battalion of ships flying in formation moving into the top of Mount Rainier Washington State, at night guided by an orange neon-light grid in the sky. I was with two close trusted friends and we watched for over an hour, continually confirming with each other what we saw.

My mother was the 7th child of the 7th child and buried her vast psychic gifts in prescription drugs — a great tragic waste that she paid for dearly as she remained practically comatose for the last ten years of her life. This can happen. Her misuse of her God-given talents motivated me to learn about the so-called Invisible Realms I was sensitive to and labor to discipline myself, to walk the proverbial Razor’s Edge, to use my own doubt and question everything, so that I might not become lost in self delusion.


“We lost the Planet”

The six-month long experience of being in Inanna’s body and watching the colonization of our planet through her eyes, changed me forever — and the book “Inanna Returns” was the consequence. Even though I tried to put this life-altering experience aside, the reality of Inanna often seemed more potent, more ‘real’ authentic than this current earth-plane. I had stopped listening to Inanna many years back, so in New Zealand around 2014, when I saw her inside me weeping saying, “We lost the planet!” — she got my full attention. Note that Inanna did not say, “We are losing the planet.” She said, “We lost the planet.” As if to say that our planet Earth had already been invaded and lost. Not a future event. Of course, I did not want to believe this. Denial is a powerful delusional force, MAYA at the most deceptive frequency.

It is not easy for me to say these truths to you, just as it is not easy for me to accept them myself. But I am being directed to speak what I am being shown, because there are many of you who are what I have termed EMISSARIES, those of you who have come to this earth-plane realm at this particular moment to assist in raising the consciousness frequency level of the planet — as this is indeed a time of great transition. My responsibility in this crucial moment is to you, to the many or the few that know who you are, and may be further strengthened by the insights that are coming to me from the higher realms, my Spirit Self, the God-within me. This is a perilous time, but also a time of intensely fertile ground in which many seeds of Truth will come to their full understanding.


A Silent Invasion

It may be that most of Earth’s population will never realize their planet has been invaded by off-world entities who do not have their best interest in mind, who want hybrid bodies to incarnate in. It may be that the group mind of these service-to-self beings — the Draco Reptilians, the Zeta Reticula Greys, and the Insectalins — will succeed in transforming the planet and its inhabitants through their ongoing assault of overwhelming Orwellian propaganda, further saturating the air-food-water with endocrine disrupting chemicals, altering geonegineering Earth’s entire atmosphere to make the planet warmer, more methane rich, increase radiation (UVs and nuclear power waste), and literally ‘metallize’ (aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, etc.) and ‘weaponize’ the layers of our planet’s Ionosphere, the troposphere, etc.


“Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity”

As Dr. David M. Jacobs says a planetary acquisition can take various forms. The invaders can destroy the civilization, or they can “convince humans that takeover is in their best interests … Or they can take over the planet and the civilization without the people’s knowledge and maintain an intact alien-controlled global society for future purposes.” Jacobs concludes, as I have, that this ‘silent invasion’ is the option they are now proceeding to implement and enforce. Consider the effort that has been placed on discounting and ridiculing the idea that there are other lifeforms in a universe filled with millions of galaxies. People who have seen UFOs – or claimed to be abducted are considered as cranks and loonies by the status quo powers that control consensus thinking. The internet is distorted with so much rubbish information, so many confused and confusing witness experiencers (many of whom may in fact be victims of Tavistock mind control themselves!) — that getting to any kind of reasonable truth is over whelming.

So many years ago beginning in the 1960s, I turned to the sacred Sanskrit Wisdom Knowledge as my life boat that would carry me out of my miasma of amnesia and over the Ocean of Delusion, SAMSARA. Personally I found that these ancient texts, especially the Bhagavad Gita, were more clear than any of the other sources — at least for me. I began to teach myself Sanskrit because of the diversity of various translations into English. After a time of very slow Sanskrit learning, I approached the primary text, the Rig Veda. I was completely innocent of any expectation of finding anything even remotely connected to the extraterrestrial presence. This was not in my mind. I was sincerely humbly in profound reverence seeking the meaning of these wondrous verses, which I knew had been so often mistranslated.

I was astounded to find Ionospheric Heaters in the Rig Veda. I was right back to my awareness and experience of an off-world reality.

I am writing this so that you, the reader will know that I do not take what I am saying lightly. I feel that I have a responsibility, one that has weighed upon me all my life — like so many of you who have always known there was something for you to accomplish, a mystery of your own Self waiting to be revealed. I only hope that what I will continue to share with you will serve to strengthen you in whatever ways the God-within you desires. Thy Will Be Done.


We humans were not sufficiently developed to allow resistance…

Dr. David M. Jacobs: The aliens arrived many decades ago … “found they could alter human gametes [sperm or egg] for their own purposes and that the human nervous systems were susceptible to the aliens’ neural abilities.” [We humans] “were not sufficiently developed to allow resistance — and were perfect candidates for a clandestine takeover.”

According to E.M. Nicolay and many other researchers, the Draco Reptilians have been incarnating into human bodies throughout our history: “Reptilian species Souls began to incarnate at will within human form amongst you from those earliest times…” My view is that the bloodlines that are identified as the Illuminati and currently the elite, who are forcing a One World Order, are in fact these Draco Reptilians. E.M. Nicolay states that the Draco Reptilians are a “civilization spanning several solar systems and dimensions” — therefore we may understand that these Reptilian races are indeed a basic component of this polarity universe, and thus part of the Creator’s Plan. What we judge as ‘evil’ may only serve as balance within a system of Universal Electromagnetics. E.M. Nicolay also says that these “Draco Reptilian races were never satisfied that they could not have a dominant stake in the Earth realm … they had the desire to dominate and control third dimensional reality.”

Inanna herself makes clear that the primary struggle in her Anunnaki family was the conflict of Reptilian tendencies (personified by Marduk) with more compassionate impulses that began to develop in Inanna, Ninhursag and others the longer they remained involved with planet Earth and the people they genetically created.

Dr. David M. Jacobs: “Abductees describe a program of well-ordered, non-violent (with individual abductee exceptions), gradual stealthy takeover. When this integration program succeeds, it will mean the end of humans’ control over their own destiny.”

Well yes, so it seems we are losing control over our destiny — and yet what have we humans done to show that we deserve this beautiful once pristine planet? Yes, I know there have always been pockets of highly evolved, enlightened, wise and gentle beings who have been Lights in the darkness of all written history. But all of written history is fill with repeating cycles of war, defeat and devastation to the efforts of the brave.


“There are millions of alien hybrids walking the streets of our large cities…”

I do not ask you to accept this, however I sincerely believe that there are now more hybrids walking among us than we can imagine. The researcher Len Kasten says that the process of alien hybridization “has now been progressing for more than fifty years, there are millions of alien hybrids walking the streets of our large cities, interacting with humans at every level, and producing second- and third-generation hybrid aliens.”

E.M. Nicolay says that the largest number of hybrids are in the so-called Third World countries. We may ask ourselves why and how many of these ‘third world’ people are now pushing into Europe and America as immigrants and refugees. Is this not an invasion of sorts? I suggest that you read “The Camp of Saints.”


Hybrids are gradually taking over government organizations…

Len Kasten: “The hybrids all have enhanced paranormal capabilities, so they have the advantage of elbowing aside the genuine humans in competitive situations, as with employment in sensitive government jobs, thus gradually taking over those organizations.” Surely all of us who are still ‘human’ and sane, have found ourselves wondering what has happened to this world? The constant assault of lies and propaganda that spews out of the media is an offense to any true sense of dignity and integrity. The push to AI artificial intelligence, cloning, GMO genetically modified food, the acceptance of and indoctrination to a herd hive-mind Borg-like consciousness is repulsive to those of us who are likely to have by now already fled out of the cities into the more remote countryside. Yet even in rural areas and small towns, we find ourselves being saturated with daily doses of chemical aerosol spraying (‘chemtrails’) containing toxic immune destroying aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, etc., and inescapable radiation in the form of cell towers (soon 5G) and radio-frequency/microwave transmitters.

Is our planet now today being run by hybrids, Draco Reptilian incarnates and Zeta Reticula hybrids? Nicolay suggests that many of their agents have ‘soul agreements’ with these ETs — and it may be that many of our leaders in the military, political, and business world are already now in fact complicit and being controlled by the alien agenda, the Silent ‘Foothold’ Invasion.

The eastern Pacific Ocean (above) / Sept.20, 2017

I have taken over 3000 screenshot images from NASA Worldview, which I hoped would serve to convince the reader that our atmosphere is indeed being ‘metalized’ and weaponized everyday, all over the entire planet from the California coast to Greenland, to Siberia, the Sea of Okhotsk, Africa, and Antarctica. I have been reading many text books on plasma physics and Earth’s atmosphere in an effort to understand the technical mechanics of the geoengineering of our planet — which is still being denied in an insanely futile cover-up.

I did not expect to find these “hive” shaped clouds. Over the last few months there has been a noticeable increase in these “hive-like” clouds, which are intentionally formed by radio-frequency and microwave radiation being transmitted by interferometry, various HAARP-like antennas that are stationed all around the planet — very often on many small islands.

Because I was seeing more and more of these “hive” type formations, I could not help but notice their similarity to forms that insects use to incubate their offspring. Thus I am showing you the correlations above. Some of the most dramatic cloud hive forms were found off the McMurdo Station, which is the American station in Antarctica. My intuition tells me that these forms are actually holding the ‘souls’ of the Zeta Reticula – and that as Antarctica continues to melt, the new continent will be used as their “home base” — because the northern hemisphere, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East in particular will be too conflicted, violent, toxic an environment for their preservation.

A higher consciousness is our Refuge.

V. Susan Ferguson


Antarctica – Larsen area & South Shetland Islands (above) / Oct.1, 2017

detail of west & south of the South Island New Zealand (above) / Sept.20, 2017. I believe that they are altering the harmonic resonance of our entire planet. Very dangerous, sick. Sepia makes many otherwise subtleties in the screenshots show.                                                                                                                    

Off Baja CA. (above) / Sept.16, 2017. I call these ‘bundle’ or coil clouds. Always ‘charged’ & creepy unnatural.                                                                                               

Guadalupe Island & Baja CA (above – sepia enhanced) / Sept.11, 2017. Endless layers of ‘electric rings’ or spirals.


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