My understanding of Marshall Summer’s “The Allies of Humanity: Book Four” / …consider all the materials and fuel sources that must be necessary to build civilizations throughout the millions of Third Dimensional galactic systems… It’s a business, an inter-galatic business mafia-style.

V. Susan Ferguson

After reading Marshall Summer’s new book “The Allies of Humanity: Book Four,” I have concluded that his people, the Alliance for Humanity are limited to the perspective of the Third Dimension. In the Fourth Briefing chapter  ‘Higher Powers’ they say that the physical universe is only “forces that were set in motion at the beginning of time. There is no Divine Plan organizing everything, controlling everything, for the physical universe is largely chaotic and governed by … forces. And it is running itself now.”

No enlightened races in the universe?

He also says that “there are no enlightened races in the universe that we are aware of” — I cannot agree with this statement. As you know both the Sanskrit tradition, and Taoist & Tibetan traditions speak at length of many realms of enlightened Masters (within the Myriad Worlds or various Lokas). Therefore I conclude that Summer’s source Allies are limited to the Third Dimension and have no awareness of the existence of higher realms.

Summer does attribute higher consciousness to what he terms the ’Networks of the Wise’ who exist on ‘free’ planets. Freedom is the primary concern of the Allies. The Wise remain hidden in secrecy on the various ‘free’ planets where they provide guidance to nations by their connection to the Higher Powers (Angelic Forces). The Wise are not in positions of temporal power, they remain hidden. The point of Summer’s revealing this is to make clear that no enlightened race is going to come here and enlighten the human race. We have to enlighten ourselves, we have to reach God Consciousness on an individual level. We are very much on our own here and now.

He also talks about the fact that most of the universe is run like a greedy control-freak corporatocracy (my choice of words). This fits in with E.M. Nicolay, who states that the Draco Reptilian races are a highly successful group on the Third Dimensional Realm, also the Fourth, and soon to be the Fifth (they plan to invade Fifth Dimensional Terra/Earth after this Ascension period).

Inter-Galactic mafia-style Economic Hitmen

Summer’s perpetrators of Intervention (invasion or interference) are greedy for resources. When we consider all the materials and fuel sources that must be necessary to build civilizations throughout the millions of Third Dimensional galactic systems, you can understand why these Intervention entities are constantly seeking new supplies. It’s a business, an inter-galatic business mafia-style. 

Thus Summer’s Allies paint a picture of the Third dimension as a tyrannical trade operation where planets are enslaved and their natural resources raped in order to feed the beast, the corporatocracy — which I am assuming is made up of the highly successful Reptilian races E,M. Nicolay describes (who can & do incarnate into human bodies). The Draco Reptilians are a service-to-self greedy, cruel might-makes-right creatures who want our planet and have assisted the Zeta Greys in their silent hybrid infiltration Invasion (Bezos, Gates, and many thousands of others).

I stopped reading ‘channeled’ material many years ago when I realized that the material was limited not only by the consciousness of the channeler — but also the entities being channeled. I am convinced that Marshall Summers’ Allies are sincere, but limited in their understanding of the greater universe. E.M. Nicolay’s people SA-MU-EL appear to have a bigger picture. However there are certain reports in both that fit together — like the creation of a hybrid race to take over running our planet, which I believe is happening quickly (Dr. David Jacobs regressing abductees).

Also the description of a race of resource traders infiltrating planets fits with E.M. Nicolay’s assessment of the Dracos. Think of what Trump has allowed regarding all environmental protections, and the reports from John Perkins “Economic Hit Man” — we are doing the same pillage on our planet and it is being done to our planet by low consciousness ETs.

Summer’s Allies also give dire warnings about the technology these ETs have given us.

However, there is value in what the Allies have to say — very practical, boots on the ground intel, and useful to those who do not intend to reach Enlightenment or Ascend to a higher dimension, but have chosen to remain in this Third Dimensional realm planet Earth and fight the good fight for planetary Freedom.

Here is a recent June 2019 interview:

A critical review from amazon:

did not find the “Allies” to be allies at all 
March 29, 2013
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
I feel that Marshall is sincere, dedicated, and devoted. This review has nothing negative to say about him. What I found, however – and it took a good while of immersing myself in his work – is that these supposed allies are very tricky fellows. I found them to be – my opinion, only – dark beings posing as Beings of Light.

I’m not here to try to convince anyone. Each one leads his/her own life and makes their own choices. I’m just sharing mine, so please take it for what it’s worth. There is nothing more important for you than following your own guidance, your own heart – not someone else’s.

In the end I feel they have an agenda – one in which it’s very important for us to take on and be aware of our very junior or lesser state. We are the “newbies” on the galactic block, so to speak – that is how they clearly and strongly portray us. Well, to me that stinks from the start. We are not these human bodies or minds, my friends. We are, one and all, great spiritual Beings – beings of Light, ourselves – just not all fully awakened to that, yet.

If read in this light, it is easy enough to see how inculcating that particular, rather subservient attitude in us could be a prelude to “helping” us, but also to taking control. After all, they present themselves as those who know best – right?

So do step back from what they present, here. That is my hopefully helpful advice. It is fine to read and explore this or anything – but it is even finer to do so from a well centered state – firmly aware of one’s own innate worth and divinity. I don’t find the Allies’ voices to be that much different from those of TPTW (The Powers That Were) in all of their guises wherein they attempt to take more control from us.

Finally, some might wonder, “Why 3 stars?” For the Allies I give 1 star, but for Marshall I give the other 2. Besides, we are not such helpless, fragile things that we can’t explore both the dark side and the Light 😉

The bottom line? No one can take from us what we refuse to give 🙂

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Allies of Humanity: “…our world is undergoing an extraterrestrial Intervention by forces who, as demonstrated by their actions, are here to subvert human authority and to integrate into human societies for their own advantage. … the grave danger in our accepting and becoming reliant upon ET technology offered by the Intervention. This will only lead to our becoming dependent on the ‘visitors,’ resulting in our loss of freedom and self-sufficiency.”

V. Susan Ferguson: I have become increasingly convinced that we are indeed living in the midst of an alien invasion. I also believe that whatever “containment” our leaders may have previously had over these enemies of humanity – has now been lost. 5G will enhance their technology that can manipulate and control our DNA. We are on our own here. A higher consciousness is our only Refuge. This video from Marshall Vian Summers explains simply what I have been endeavoring to reveal. Wake up Earth!

  1. The Briefings reveal that our world is undergoing an extraterrestrial Intervention by forces who, as demonstrated by their actions, are here to subvert human authority and to integrate into human societies for their own advantage. These forces represent non-military organizations who are here to seek human and biological resources. The Allies refer to these forces as the “Collectives.” The Collectives do not value human freedom. 
  2. Because the Intervention is being carried out by small groups of intervening forces, it must rely primarily upon deception and persuasion to achieve its goals. The Allies Briefings describe in detail how this is being accomplished and what we must do to stop it. 
  3. This extraterrestrial Intervention is being focused in four arenas:

    • It is influencing certain individuals in positions of power and authority in government, commerce and religion to cooperate with the Intervention through the promise of greater wealth, power and technology
    • It is creating hidden establishments in the world from which the Intervention can exert its influence in the mental environment, seeking to make people everywhere open and compliant to its will through a “Pacification Program”
    • It is manipulating our religious values and spiritual impulses in order to gain human allegiance to their cause
    • It is taking people against their will, and often without their awareness, to support an interbreeding program designed to create a hybrid race and a new leadership who would be bonded to the “visitors.” 
  4. Those extraterrestrial visitors who have been potentially beneficial to humanity have all retreated from the world in the face of the Intervention. Those remaining are alien races who are not here for our benefit. This leaves us in an unambiguous situation regarding the intentions and activities of the extraterrestrial presence. This enables us to clearly see what we are dealing with. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to tell friend from foe. 
  5. The Allies Briefings emphasize the grave danger in our accepting and becoming reliant upon ET technology offered by the Intervention. This will only lead to our becoming dependent on the “visitors,” resulting in our loss of freedom and self-sufficiency. No true ally of humanity would offer this to us. The Allies emphasize that we have earth-based solutions to all the problems that we face. What we lack as a race are unity, will and cooperation. 
  6. In spite of the great challenge we now face, humanity still has a great advantage if we can respond in time. The Allies Briefings reveal both the Intervention’s strengths and its weaknesses. One of the Intervention’s weaknesses is its reliance upon human acquiescence and cooperation to achieve its goals. According to Greater Community rules of conduct within the region of space in which our world exists, Intervention is not allowed unless it can be demonstrated that the native people welcome and approve of it. Here our voices can have power in the Greater Community. At this moment, the Intervention has few critics. But if enough people can become aware of it and speak out against it, the Intervention will be thwarted and must withdraw. This is the first step in humanity’s preparation for dealing with the realities of life in the universe. This step and all the steps that follow give humanity its one great chance to overcome its longstanding conflicts and to unite in its own defense for the preservation of the world. The Allies emphasize that we as human beings have the spiritual and collective power to do this, and that we must do this if we want to survive and advance as a free and independent race in the universe. 
  7. Preparation for our contact with the Greater Community begins with awareness, education, and Knowledge, our spiritual Mind.

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Plasma: Merging Rajas and Tamas into Sattva through Resonance / The Biot-Savart Force law

The images are screenshots taken from NASA Worldview and show the ‘spiral coils’ which in my observation represent the Biot-Savart Force law. The geoengineering technicians around our planet are charging the plasma in the clouds to control the jet stream, to control the weather, to facilitate electronic warfare, and other secret covert operations we are paying for not only by taxation, but also to the detriment of our immune system. Toxic metals like aluminum, strontium, barium, lithium, and more give them more options to manipulate the ionosphere, the stratosphere, and our atmosphere.

Merging Rajas and Tamas into Sattva through Resonance

V. Susan Ferguson

Rajas is Centrifugal Force
Tamas is Centripetal Force

When both these forces are tuned into a Resonance, a harmonic frequency, a frequency wherein the Centrifugal Force is in resonant harmony with the Centripetal Force — the two opposing forces Rajas and Tamas reach Sattva, and a state of unlimited power that is created by the merging of the two polarities, Rajas and Tamas.

The toroidal field overcomes gravity producing levitation in the accomplished Yogi, and anti-gravity in UFO aerial ships.

Anthony Peratt: Physics of the Plasma Universe
The Evolution of Field-Aligned Currents
The Biot-Savart Force law states that current filaments or wires running in the same direction attract, while those in opposite directions repulse. For plasmas there is a neutral force region where the filaments do not merge, but rather start a rotational motion around each other to form a vortex-like geometry. (p.343)

The Evolution of Plasma Filaments via the Biot-Savart Force
In the early stages of the filaments are micropinches. The filaments converge to a strong pinch (center) where they twist into a helix structure before untwisting … (p.348)

Waves are reflected at cutoffs and absorbed at resonances.
A “plasma pond” is a diagram that describes a two-component plasma where cross-sections of the allowable wave normal surfaces are shown. The surfaces are typically in the form of spheres, ellipsoids, and wheel and dumbbell lemniscoids. (wave equation @ p.384)

VSF: Here is why the geoengineers are ‘playing’ with plasma to control the weather and control the world:

Anthony Peratt: Physics of the Plasma Universe
Plasma consists of electrically charged particles that respond collectively to electromagnetic forces. The charged particles are usually clouds, or beams of electrons, ions, and neutrals or a mixture of electrons, ions, and neutrals — but can also be charged grains or dust particles. …
While all matter is subject to gravitational forces, the positively charged nuclei, or ions, and the negatively charged electrons of plasmas react strongly to electromagnetic forces (Maxwell’s equations). …

Because of their strong interaction with electromagnetism, plasmas display a complexity of structure and motion that far exceeds that found in matter in the gaseous, liquid, or solid states. …
In addition to cellular morphology, plasmas often display a filamentary structure. This structure derives from the fact that plasma, because of its free electrons, is a good conductor of electricity, far exceeding the conducting properties of metals such as copper or gold. … the charged particle flow produces a ring of magnetic field around the current, pinching the current into filamentary strands of conducting currents. …

Nearly all matter in the universe exists in the plasma state … in the Sun and stars and interstellar space … in the sea of electrons that moves freely within energy bands in the crystalline structure of metallic solids, and in many other objects.

Plasmas are prodigious producers of electromagnetic radiation.

Anthony Peratt: Physics of the Plasma Universe
Springer Science, 1992, 2015

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Edward Snowden Interview / Sept.2019 / “Mass surveillance is not about public safety, it is not about terrorism — it is about POWER…”

VSF: Please, I urge you to watch this interview with Edward Snowden. When we are drowning in insanity, stupidity and confusion, listening to Snowden is like a healing cleansing rain of pure intelligence and truth. Snowden is obviously a man of depth and intelligence. His understanding of where we have found ourselves in this era of mass surveillance is clarifying, amazing and refreshing. Truth rings in his speech, his logic, and the undeniable brilliance of his mind. No wonder the agencies are terrified of him. He makes common sense out of the nonsense they labor to perpetuate. Snowden lifts up the curtain on the evil that threatens life on Earth.Over 2 million views since Sept. 17, 2019.

Excerpts paraphrased by me:

SNOWDEN:  We have no restrictions on the data collected by big companies … all these records belong to us, the people — not to the companies that are collecting them.  @49:00  Mass surveillance is not about public safety, it is not about terrorism — it is about POWER, economic espionage, it is about diplomatic manipulation, and it is about social influence.  It is about understanding the actions of everyone in the world, no matter who they are, no matter how innocent their life.

Our founding fathers would be shocked at what they would see today. They understood that an overly efficient government becomes very dangerous.  The government should be afraid of the people — people should not be afraid of the government.

The founding father were all considered to be traitors — by the British! The signing & writing of the Declaration of Independence was an outrageous act of treason, but it was also right.  What is legal is not always the same as what is moral. Look at the facts. Today you know that the US government broke the law in this country and around the world. Would you rather not know?

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“Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, and The Mafia” / Why Are They Spraying? Answers From An Insider / Siberia Thawing Fast / America’s Predatory Medical System

VSF: The above photo was taken by me from my home on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. We are still being sprayed and exposed to toxic radiation.

VSF:  ‘Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, and The Mafia’ by Paul L. Williams (Prometheus Books, 2018) is the well documented scholarly research into the decades of operations between the CIA, organized crime, and the Vatican that would result in “conflicts, wars, rebellions, financial upheavals, and an epidemic that would forever alter the flow of world history.”In what follows, I have used direct quotations from the book:

Documenting the history of this unholy alliance, the author begins in the 1940s with the creation of the Vatican Bank — and the brainchild of an American colonel who sold the idea of trafficking opiates to fund secret military operations run by the CIA. Air America, which transported opiates and cocaine during and after the Vietnam Conflict, was one known result. 30% of American service men in Vietnam became heroin addicts due to the opium flowing into Saigon.

The target buyers for heroin in the USA were the blacks in Harlem and Washington DC.  By 1971 there were more than 500,000 heroin addicts in the United States, producing a cash flow of $12 billion. When the war in Saigon ended, the CIA moved their operations to Afghanistan. Beginning in 1979 and for the next decade, the CIA poured more than $3 billion into Afghanistan. Increasing expenditures demanded an exponential increase in poppy production.

Banks were set up by the CIA (BCCI the Bank of Credit & Commerce International, others in the Cayman Islands & the Bahamas). Shell companies were created by the Vatican to funnel, move and launder the obscenely large amounts of money. The Vatican is said to retain 15% of all the billions of dollars they launder. The prestigious accounting firm Price Waterhouse provided phony audits. Price Waterhouse certifies the balance sheets of the Vatican.

All of these transactions were facilitated by the Sicilian Mafia. … The CIA found Sicily not only a strategic location for military bases (Sicily’s Sigonella naval base is known to have Mafia ties), but also because of the island’s pivotal importance for the narcotics industry. By 1970, the Mafia had established hundreds of laboratories within Sicily for the refinement of heroin. The Sicilian mob worked with the Nixon administration to launch the so-called war on drugs — which was designed to eradicate the competition.

The Plague of Pedophilia:  US bishops received complaints that approximately 6,000 priests had sexually abused children. With 3,000 lawsuits pending, 525 priests were behind bars. The cost was to exceed $3 billion and forced many Catholic institutions to fall into bankruptcy. The Pope John Paul II condoned the practice of pedophilia (he thought the priests were the victims) — and refused to help dioceses financially all over the world. The Vatican is a sovereign state that cannot be subjected to any ruling by any foreign court. It remains an institution with over $50 billion in securities, gold reserves that exceed those of some industrialized nations, real estate holdings that equal the total area of many countries, and opulent palaces containing the world’s greatest art treasures.

As the private bankers for the CIA, the Rockerfeller brothers allegedly played a strategic role in the laundering of the CIA’s money through the Vatican Bank and other parochial banks in Italy. Throughout the 1950s, the Rockerfeller Foundation provided funding for MK-Ultra, a code name given to a program of experiments intended to identify and develop drugs (LSD & others) and procedures to be used in interrogations in order to weaken the individual and force confessions through mind control.

Gladio II has produced the war on terror, the mad scramble for control of Central Asia, false-flag attacks against Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, and the rise of the Mujahideen and the Mexican cartels. Most Americans are still unaware that the Federal Reserve is privately owned by the banking families: Morgan, Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Warburg and Kuhn-Loeb make up a classic cartel. These elite families work together to manipulate the US and world economy. They print money out of nothing — and they intermarry.

Gladio began as a covert operation to thwart the spread of communism and evolved into an effort to advance the economic hegemony of an Anglo-American money cartel (now known as the 1%). It no longer sought to make the world safe for democracy, but rather to subject humankind to the designs of a synarchy (a secret ruling body).

For those of you who may not remember the “Deep Shield” report or may not have read it, please do so here:

Excerpts from: Why Are They Spraying? Answers From An Insider / Points To Ponder: The Shield Project

“Without the shield, UV poisoning would cause great death. The threat is a common one, which has brought nations together in defense. The natural outcome of having a common enemy is to strengthen international ties – a step toward globalization.”

Why all the secrecy?
Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off with in 20 to 50 years. Most people alive today could live to see this extinction take place. This means that an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed.

People would panic. There would be economic collapse, the production and movement of goods would collapse. Millions would die in all cities on earth, riots and violence would reduce civilian centers to rubble within days. Half of the population in dense metropolitan areas would try to leave the cities seeking ‘safety’ in the rural areas thinking that they would be safe. Those left behind in the cities would be at war with their neighbors, fighting for the remaining supplies. We would be telling the world that the world is coming to an end, and even with the Shield the chances of survival are small.

When will spraying stop?
There are several factors governing this:
A. Should the Ozone layer repair itself or our active attempts at repair reduces the amount of ground level UV to acceptable levels, spraying will stop. Present calculations place this between 2018 and 2024.
B. Should another method be found which is more effective, less costly or presents us with long-term solutions the Shield Project would be replaced.
C. When the other problems become too big to make the maintenance of the shield worth the effort. The estimated date for this is 2025 to 2050.

What about the reports of sickness after spraying?
There are several causatives for this. Some people are more sensitive to metals, whiles others are sensitive to the polymer chemicals. As stated in a previous email, people will get sick, and some will die. It is estimated that 2 billion worldwide will be affected to some degree by the spraying. Without spraying we have a 90% + chance of becoming extinct as a species with in the next 20 years.

In fast-thawing Siberia, radical climate change is warping the earth beneath the feet of millions

Anchorage Daily News Anton Troianovski, Chris Mooney, ON THE ZYRYANKA RIVER, Russia – Andrey Danilov eased his motorboat onto the gravel riverbank, where the bones of a woolly mammoth lay scattered on the beach. A putrid odor filled the air – the stench of ancient plants and animals decomposing after millennia entombed in a frozen purgatory.”It smells like dead bodies,” Danilov said.

The skeletal remains were left behind by mammoth hunters hoping to strike it rich by pulling prehistoric ivory tusks from a vast underground layer of ice and frozen dirt called permafrost. It has been rapidly thawing as Siberia has warmed up faster than almost anywhere else on Earth.  Scientists say the planet’s warming must not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) – but Siberia’s temperatures have already spiked far beyond that.

A Washington Post analysis found that the region near the town of Zyryanka, in an enormous wedge of eastern Siberia called Yakutia, has warmed by more than 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) since preindustrial times – roughly triple the global average.The permafrost that once sustained farming – and upon which villages and cities are built – is in the midst of a great thaw, blanketing the region with swamps, lakes and odd bubbles of earth that render the land virtually useless.… Siberians who grew up learning to read nature’s subtlest signals are being driven to migrate by a climate they no longer understand.

This migration from the countryside to cities and towns – also driven by factors such as low investment and spotty Internet – represents one of the most significant and little-noticed movements to date of climate refugees. The city of Yakutsk has seen its population surge 20% to more than 300,000 in the past decade.And then there’s that rotting smell.As the permafrost thaws, animals and plants frozen for thousands of years begin to decompose and send a steady flow of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere – accelerating climate change.

“The permafrost is thawing so fast,” said Anna Liljedahl, an associate professor at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. “We scientists can’t keep up anymore.”… In the summer, huge blazes tore through Siberian boreal forests, unleashing yet more carbon into the atmosphere. Some scientists fear worsening northern fires are amplifying the permafrost damage. Meanwhile, six time zones away (but still in Siberia) on the Yamal Peninsula, monstrous craters have opened up in the tundra. Scientists suspect they represent sudden explosions of methane gas freed by thawing permafrost.… Over the past 50 years, temperatures in most of Yakutia have risen at double or even triple the global average rate, according to work by Yakutsk-based scientists Fedorov and Alexey Gorokhov. The town of Zyryanka has warmed by just over 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) from 1966 to 2016, according to their analysis.

The Post’s analysis, which uses a data set from Berkeley Earth, looks further back. It shows that Zyryanka and the roughly 2,000-square-mile area surrounding it has warmed by more than 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) when the past five years are compared with the mid- to late 1800s.Some regions of Siberia bordering on the Arctic Ocean are warming even faster, The Post’s analysis shows.Desyatkin, at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Yakutsk, found that the changes are even more dramatic underground. From 2005 to 2014, his team found, the number of days with below-freezing temperatures three feet below the surface fell from around 230 days a year to 190.

That is significant because enormous wedges of ice lie under Yakutia.… ancient plant and animal remains trapped inside the Yedoma are exposed to nonfreezing temperatures – or even the open air. That, in turn, activates microbes, which break down the remains and unleash carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, especially from the thawing plant material.

Scientists estimate that the Earth’s Yedoma regions contain between 327 billion and 466 billion tons of carbon. Were it all released into the atmosphere, that would amount to more than half of all human-caused emissions from greenhouse gases and deforestation between 1750 and 2011.

This Is Why So Many Americans Are Deathly Afraid Of Going To The Hospital… – End Of The American Dream

What you are about to read in this article is likely to make you very angry.  Once upon a time, the primary mission of our hospitals was to help people, but today they have become vicious financial predators. 

Many Americans try very hard to avoid visiting the hospital because of what it might cost, but if an emergency happens there is no choice.  They often get us when we are at our most vulnerable, and they never explain to us in advance how much their services will actually cost.  

And then eventually when the bills start arriving we discover that they have charged us 30 dollars for a single aspirin or “$2,000 for a $20 feeding tube”.  It is a giant scam, but they have been getting away with it for decades, and so they just keep on doing it.  And many hospitals go after those that are not able to pay their ridiculous bills extremely aggressively.  Just consider the following example which comes to us from USA Today…
… they are a bunch of crooks.

But their racket is completely legal, and those participating are becoming exceedingly wealthy at our expense. 
… Our “healthcare system” is deeply, deeply broken, and it is destroying lives all across America.

A single trip to the hospital can ruin you financially for the rest of your life, and one recent survey found that health costs are “the main financial worry” for Americans aged 25 to 45…
… In America today, 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies are related to medical bills, and most of those that go bankrupt actually have health insurance.
… now the “healthcare system” in America has become a cesspool of greed, and for many of those that are attracted to it the main goal is to make as much money as possible.

Just because it is currently legal, that does not mean that the predatory behavior of the industry is moral.
… it has become a great shame to the entire nation, and it needs to be completely torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

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The Four Cycles of Time Reconciled & Re-fitted into the Twelve Dimensional Realms

The Four Cycles of Time Reconciled & Re-fitted into the Twelve Dimensional Realms

V. Susan Ferguson

The sacred texts say that “near the end, everything that has been hidden will be revealed.” For many years I have had difficulty with the numbers from Indian scholars, meaning their contradictory ‘official’ time lines on the Four Yugas. There is so much disagreement and unending heated arguments about the dates.

I do believe that we are in the closing years of a cycle of time — a Kali Yuga in Sanskrit definition. Any Kali Yuga would be infested with Archontic energies and potentially AI. God within uses these energies to Veil itself in delusion, illusions, and Forgetting.

Most of the information available on the Four Yugas in the Sanskrit texts comes from the Puranas — which were written in the Middle Ages and are very biased on their particular deity (Shiva, Krishna, Brahma, etc.). Indian scholars, for the most part, do not trust the Puranas, which are considered ‘popular’ appeals seeking patronage from kings and also disciples, texts that support various schools.

We also have evidence on the four yugas from the Sanskrit epics. The consciousness in the great epic, the Mahabharata is said to represent the Dvapara Yuga (3rd). The Ramayana is said to be from the Treta Yuga (2nd); the Ramayana was in fact seen, received, ‘channeled’ by the visionary Sage Valmiki around the first millennium BC — although no one in India doubts its sacred authenticity.

Both epics are about World Wars, which shows that these earlier cycles, the Treta and the Dvapara, were filled with conflict and catastrophe.

Expanding our consciousness out into the Universe

From reading E.M. Nicolay, I have begun to construct a new way of thinking about the cycles of time. I feel that Nicolay’s information is authentic and a heroic effort to expand our consciousness beyond the limited frequencies of this current cycle, beyond the limitations of five sense perception, out into the universe and the dimensional realms.

Using your visual sense, let us regenerate and transpose the Four Cycles of time into the Twelve Dimensions. 

Let us say that the Satya Yuga represents the 12th dimension (states of consciousness within the highest beings, no form) through the 9th dimension (light bodies).

The Treta Yuga represents the 7th through the 5th dimensions (our next stop if we choose Ascension).
The Dvapara Yuga includes the 5th down to the 4th dimension.

The Kali Yuga (our current era) is the term used for the 3rd dimension (the dimension we now exist within) down to the 1st.

Nicolay says that the dimensions do overlap.

The higher dimensions can actually ’see’ the lower ones, although they are generally not very interested. One dimension is somewhat affected by the others — and each dimension has twelve sub-levels of its own astral planes (think fibonacci numbers and fractals). Therefore these dimensional layers are many, multiple layers of consciousness — and not so neatly cut into compartmentalization as our bicameral polarity brains might prefer.

Thus we have a much more deeply meaningful and complex view of the dimensional realms than that given to us by the Vedic Cycles of Time.

A friend has commented: I like this way of thinking very much. It helps to intuit all the dimensions existing simultaneously and therefore the cycles, which then dovetails with the concept of “a non-linear time” at least, AND past, present & future existing all at once.

Keep in mind that Enlightenment and Ascension are not the same experience. Enlightenment gets us off the wheel altogether. While Ascension is the mechanism by which the Creator refreshes, alters, changes the various layered dimensions to keep the ‘play’ the Divine Lila interesting, non-repetitive.

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Active Denial Weapons: FIRE. “It can fry the water under your skin until you are screaming in pain” – Craig Hulet Interview / 5G and Active Denial Systems: The Truth About The 5G Rollout

VSF: This interview with Craig B. Hulet from 2014 is no longer available online. I made notes. Electronic Warfare in June on the Olympic Peninsula / Not just happening in WA, they are actually doing this in 17 states all up & down the borders, the east coast, west coast, and the southern coast, and every military base and they are enlarging and expanding this area of electromagnetic emissions & weapons systems training / This is not radar – it’s a weapon system …FIRE. It can fry the water under your skin until you are screaming in pain.
Craig B. Hulet
full interview [no longer] here:
my notes:
Quilcene WA is where Hulet lives
Electromagnetic Warfare on the Olympic Peninsula
The Navy & Forest Service were combining and not telling the public
will be covering the entire Olympic Peninsula
set up an electromagnetic training range using the Growlers
they pick up an electromagnetic beam and destroy that
noise pollution … plus health issues
Navy tended to dismiss the health issues saying there is no data
no one has tested

this is not radar from WWII – even though the Navy wanted to portray it as radar
Hulled knew how to ask the right questions
plenty of evidence from Europe showing these EMRs are dangerous to health
Colonel Joe Dupont called the emitter “FIRE” which in Army language means weapons, like bullets.
disrupting a signal is the lowest level of the technology capacity
The towers have the ability to do unbelievable damage to human beings
and most specifically children!

Hulet & (local) Karen Sullivan took the Navy apart for lying
Hulet found that this is NOT just a local issue
It gets worse
Navy claimed it was cost saving… …ridiculous as the Growlers jettison most of their fuel
They have mobile units that drive around the backroads in the rain forest
and it directs the electromagnetic beam out into the air for the Growlers to pick up

260 days out of the year, from 4 to a dozen of them are emitting the EMRs
No military persons are involved in moving around the mobile emitters
The drivers come from private security contractors – ie. unaccountable civilian contractors
Hulet made himself apply for the job and found the supplier
the company BAE owned by Brit & USA
Not just happening in WA, they are actually doing this in 17 states all up & down the borders, the east coast, west coast, 
and the southern coast, and every military base (names)
and they are enlarging and expanding this area of electromagnetic emissions 
and weapons systems training
just from one was of the contractors BAE
thus this is a nation-wide technology
China & Russia have these emitters – Russia ahead?
this kind of training used to be done in deserts where there were no people, animals
Hulet getting uncomfortable 
These systems can be turned around and used in any capacity they wish
as a weapon system, crowd control, use of microwave technology for crowd dispersal

deployed in Iraq, but withdrawn because it killed people
It was microwave burning frying people to death

Not big, can be put on the back of a pick-up truck, like a camper, about 14 feet high
The Navy promises to shut the system down if they see life around.
The Navy says the Peninsula is more convenient for the pilots
Hulet talks about the loss of our rights regarding search, etc.
The constitution now does not apply within 100 miles of the coast or a border.
The bases with mobile units, correlate to that 100 mile area
POSSE COMITATUS  is history with Homeland Security.
The laws have changed…civil disobedience allows the military to move in.

These electromagnetic weapons are “considered’ non-lethal.
This is not radar – it’s a weapon system …FIRE.
It can fry the water under your skin until you are screaming in pain.
They had to be withdrawn in Iraq & Afghanistan because they were killing people.
Military Field Manuals describe that they can make people behave differently.
Change your thinking, confusion, short term memory loss, feel ill all the time.

Disrupt your life, change & alter your behaviors to what the military desires in the Field Manuals.
This technology is completely out of control, DARPA out of control.
America clueless – except for the most extreme conspiracy people.
The military can use it right now, the technology is at hand – in 17 states.
BAE is only one company.
This machine also has an active audio weapons system.
Called acoustic denial system.
Drive you nuts, low frequency.

The technology is new only within 3-8 years
Was not deployed before because it is unsafe
A dozen Iraq veterans came to the meeting and testified that it made vets sterile
They are lethal weapons.
China has the same technology & the Russians
America is arming itself with lethal weapons – Hulet not anti-miltary
But they are deploying these lethal systems in heavily densely populated areas,
Near an Indian reservation – pay them off
Global – active denial technology, doesn’t kill but causes great pain & suffering
Barrie Trower

interviews on Microwave and electromagnetic wave technology posted on Hulet’s website
including WIFI – DNA fragmentation attacks young women, destroys their genetic make-up
never have children or their children will be deformed
The Navy want to deploy the largest facility 2000 feet from an elementary school
Capability of exterminating entire sections of humanity
This technology is killing birds and the honeybees – lowering male fertility.
This technology is already affecting us.
They should have consistent conclusive data.
The Navy never says it’s a weapon, but they are deadly weapons.
And no one knows what the long term effects are, 
because this evolution of the technology has only been around 5-8 years
Never deployed long term
[RF means radio frequency electromagnetic wave frequencies range 3 kHz to 300 GHz]
A caller Noel from Alabama a “victim” of the military
His whole life was dedicated to the service of this country
The military knows but refuses to do anything to protect the soldiers.
Says he is a deformed man, his genitals, his face, head, thinking all 
from working with RF communication microwave for half his military career

Noel was at Yakima WA, he was part of that regime that trained up there
on the Indian reservation
since then he steadily declined
Noel went to Egypt to train and worked with this equipment
He has burn marks on his face, his genitals, his insides felt like they were being torn apart.
He collapsed and they laughed at him.
They wouldn’t give him his retirement – false accusations.
He has an honorable discharge and medals – but treated like trash. Hurt.
[So sad….]
Many Vets are mutilated and sterile.
This technology is not safe.
Hulet says: The pilots are insulated in the lead-lined cock-pit.
The people who deploy these systems on the ground are considered to be collateral damage and they are treated as collateral damage.
Hulet was in Viet Nam.
The residual radiation coming off the RF [radio frequency] weapons system and the microwave system is getting into the human system.
No one can prove the long term effects are safe.
Hulet can prove they are not.
This has been the best kept secret in the military.
But deployed on the domestic soil of the country you are defending, you are killing your own citizens.
New military Field Manuals in fact discuss the ability to put words and thoughts into people’s heads.
The military brags about it.
Discussed in very clear language that they have the ability to do this.
Hulet was trained in the newest weapons in the 60s.
This is nothing compared to the technology that is coming up.
RF radio-frequency technology has evolved into weapons systems makes star wars weapons look lame.
Science will blow up the world.
The riot in Ferguson – there was one of these ‘active denial’ systems.
Horrible high pitched sound, drives people crazy.
ISIS is the biggest fraud ever penetrated on the American people.
The Pentagon now has full legal access to deploy propaganda here on domestic soil.
The National Defense Act of 2013 over ruled previous laws that made it illegal to use propaganda against the domestic population.
All this junk you are seeing about ISIS is coming out of the Pentagon and the Intelligence Community.
The American people are being lied to so we will accept another long term protracted war against an enemy that doesn’t exists as they are described.
We are being PROPAGANDIZED like never before.

Active Denial Technology
Active Denial Technology is a non-lethal, counter-personnel capability that creates a heating sensation, quickly repelling potential adversaries with minimal risk of injury. Active Denial Technology has the potential to support multiple missions, including:
• Force Protection
• Perimeter Defense
• Crowd Control
• Patrols/Convoys
• Defensive and Offensive Operationsh

Active Denial
Gallium-nitritde has the potential to go well beyond radar. It could also transform the Pentagon’s favorite “non-lethal” ray gun, the Active Denial System, sometimes called the “pain beam”. Active Denial uses a beam of short-wavelength microwaves to heat the surface of the target’s skin producing what is termed a “repel effect.” You might call it “pain.” Anyone, however tough they think they are, would flee after a few seconds of exposure.

5G and Active Denial Systems: The Truth About The 5G Rollout

Israeli research studies presented at an international conference reveal that the same electromagnetic frequencies used for crowd control weapons form the foundation of the latest network – branded as 5G – that will tie together more than 50 billion devices as part of the Internet of Things. Current investigations of wireless frequencies in the millimeter and submillimeter range confirm that these waves interact directly with human skin, specifically the sweat glands. Dr. Ben-Ishai of the Department of Physics, Hebrew University, Israel recently detailed how human sweat ducts act like an array of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths. Scientists cautioned that before rolling out 5G technologies that use these frequencies, research on human health effects needed to be done first to ensure the public and environment are protected.

And the article goes on to explain:
Research studies from the Dielectric Spectroscopy Laboratory of the Department of Applied Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, headed by Dr. Yuri Feldman, indicate that millimeter and submillimeter waves may lead to preferential layer absorption. The number of sweat ducts within human skin varies from two million to four million. The researchers pointed to replicated peer research of these biological effects in laboratory research conducted in other countries and considered this mechanism of action well proven.

Today’s cellular and Wi-Fi networks rely on microwaves – a type of electromagnetic radiation utilizing frequencies up to 6 gigahertz (GHz) in order to wirelessly transmit voice or data. However, 5 G applications will require unlocking of new spectrum bands in higher frequency ranges above 6 GHz to 100 GHz and beyond, utilizing submillimeter and millimeter waves – to allow ultra-high rates of data to be transmitted in the same amount of time as compared with previous deployments of microwave radiation.

The article goes on to explain how the US, Russian and Chinese government has been developing electromagnetic technology to induce “burning” sensations in the skin of target individuals. This can be deployed as a crowd dispersal gun which has been called “Active Denial Systems”.
Dr Paul Ben-Ishai explains this research:

The bottom line here is that this Israeli research has revealed that what is being branded as “5G Technology” is using the same frequency technology that has already been used for military application in crowd control and who knows what else that has not been revealed yet.

So the industry is packaging up a very dangerous, already weaponized frequency band (millimeter/sub-terahertz waves) to facilitate an infrastructure supporting “the internet of things” regardless of its seriously problematic interaction with human skin. The sweat glands are acting as helical antennas and that’s how ADS (active denial systems) cause people subjected to a crowd control beam to have a nearly instant reaction to flee!
I could go on and on about this but I’d rather get this out now and continue this discourse on future reports.
Please share and comment below any thoughts you have on this crazy technology.

Here’s a reference on the skin glands response to tetrahertz waves:


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The Alien Invasion Agenda: The Weaponization of our DNA

The Alien Invasion Agenda: The Weaponization of our DNA

Our human DNA is the core building material that controls and directs us as human beings. Access to our DNA and the alteration of it is the ultimate malevolent weapon, the key to manipulation, and way beyond any ‘Frankenstein’ fantasy ever conceived by the human mind. The practice of cutting into DNA strands, creating breaks, and inserting foreign molecules like bacteria and others, has already become a thriving business.

“Today, we are synthesizing more than 10,000 genes every month,” he says, showing off a lab at a Boston biotech company called Ginkgo Bioworks. Making genes from scratch used to be laborious and time consuming, but not anymore. That’s why federal officials are now considering new measures to prevent this rapidly advancing technology from being misused to create dangerous viruses or bioweapons. … the global synthetic DNA industry is currently churning out approximately 3 billion pairs of DNA letters a year—or about the same amount found in each human cell. She says her company produces about 10 percent of that, and its customers include pharmaceutical firms, agricultural companies and academic scientists trying to understand basic biology. “You log on to the website, you upload the sequence you want and you can order one gene or 10 genes or a thousand genes,” explains Leproust. A couple weeks later, custom DNA arrives in the mail. At least, it does if the order gets through Twist Bioscience’s rigorous security screening. What makes DNA so powerful, after all, also makes it potentially dangerous. Someone could use it to change a harmless bacteria into one that makes a deadly toxin. And scientists have already shown that it’s possible to use bits of DNA to construct viruses like polio and Ebola.

Let us consider what the consequences of altering DNA are in the metaphysical sense with the insights of E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang. In their book ‘The Systems Lords & the Twelve Dimensions’ Nicolay & Jang reveal the dire importance of our human DNA not only to our connection with planet Earth, but also its crucial technical application in the process of the coming Ascension.

From a science paper available online (see below for link): “DNA is one of the prime molecules, and its stability is of utmost importance for proper functioning and existence of all living systems. Genotoxic chemicals and radiations exert adverse effects on genome stability. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) (mainly UV-B: 280–315 nm) is one of the powerful agents that can alter the normal state of life by inducing a variety of mutagenic and cytotoxic DNA lesions such as cyclobutane-pyrimidine dimers (CPDs), 6-4 photoproducts (6-4PPs), and their Dewar valence isomers as well as DNA strand breaks by interfering the genome integrity.” 

DNA as Antennae

Modern science says that “DNA is one of the prime molecules, and its stability is of utmost importance for proper functioning and existence of all living systems. Genotoxic chemicals and radiations exert adverse effects on genome stability.” The intuitive insight of E.M. Nicolay teaches that human DNA is a kind of antennae. Our human DNA, our human etheric and energetic body is designed to receive the photon energies that are relayed from the Galatic Core via the Sun to the Earth’s electromagnetic grid structural system.

The materials used in geoengineering our planet are creating a shield in the Ionosphere, a ‘space fence’ that literally blocks the photons and EMF energies coming from our Galactic Core that are a necessary component in activating our DNA so that we may Ascend — “through Earth’s electromagnetic grid and energetic portal structures, to increase your vibrational frequency and raise human consciousness.” The materials are in the aerosol spray operations are aluminum (in multiple forms), barium, strontium, lithium and many others — and they are often based in fungi (routinely used in nanotechnology).

The ‘space fence’ materials used in geoengineering “not only dampen the universal energetic effects, they essentially deaden human DNA and block it from receiving vital messaging and stimulus. … the resulting subdued photon communication and DNA response to natural evolutionary impulses has the potential to stop Earth’s Ascension, and the Ascension of those human angelic Souls incarnated therein, in its tracks.”

Invasion Agendas

We are under assault, an attack that is taking place on multiple fronts. In fact it is difficult to find even one area of life on Earth the Invaders have ignored. Everything that remains in our world is slowly poisoning us, weakening our immune system. The air that we breathe is filled with metal oxides (like aluminum) known to cause memory loss & various forms of dementia. Our vast oceans are being poisoned by radiation from Fukushima — while the UVs from ozone depletion are destroying the plankton that is the base food source for life in the the oceans. Our medical ‘health care’ system has failed us and there is convincing evidence that prescription drugs produced by the pharmaceutical corporations are themselves a source of the breakdown of our immune system — side effects included. Many prescription pills are eventually taken off the market; and after years of expensive lawsuits, we often find that the drug company knew all along of their serious side effects.

Radiation is another source of the Invader strategical tactics. We are being inundated with and we are literally drowning in radiation — from EMF, wifi, EW electronic warfare, cell phones, smart meters, devices that track us in our cars for insurance companies, and soon 5G.

5G will be the nail in our coffin as these intense frequencies will allow our DNA to be broken and altered remotely. The Zeta Reticuli have been working to produce “a genetic Earth race into which its Soul matrices can incarnate, and therefore it is necessary for them to genetically engineer a human being that can accommodate the Zetas’ Soul matrices [Nicolay].” Remember that the Zeta Greys are in a race for their own survival, they want implement “complete evacuation from their system” to ours.

Their goal is our enslavement and eventual elimination.

The Zetas are very advanced in genetic manipulation. Think how long abductions have been ongoing and read Dr. David Jacobs. The idea of creating a hybrid race in order to infiltrate a planet has, according to many of the abductees, been used many times before on many planets and has been highly successful. Their Invasion strategies work!

E.M. Nicolay says that our reliance on “biological altering chemicals and pharmaceuticals to shock the body into submission or control inconvenient symptoms on a long term basis is reaping havoc. … directly impacting your ability to evolve by altering principle glandular and cellular structures and processes … interfering with hormonal and cellular cascades … vital to the Ascension process … your DNA is being altered and damaged substantially by this onslaught.”

The addition of every known form of radiation — and some unknown like scalar radiation — to the toxic chemical onslaught on our body, hormone system and cellular structure is producing a “wide variety of symptoms” such as headaches, nerve disorders, sensations of trembling, insomnia and anxiety. We are under attack on every level of life. The Zetas intend to “sicken and sterilize the human Angelic populations without their awareness.”

E.M. Nicolay: “Those who believe this is coincidental or who laugh off the Zetas’ effort to keep Earth at second or third density have no understanding of the betrayal they are serving on the human Soul matrices.”

We have long known that the pineal & pituitary glads are connected to our ‘Third Eye’ and a few years back floride was found to be calcified around these glands. Nicolay tells us that the “pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus activation is directly related to the Ascension process.” Both Enlightenment and Ascension effect the DNA. These effects will vary with each individual.

The Evisceration of Nature

The idea that we are ‘reconnecting’ and expanding our DNA strands is key when we consider how radiation and toxic chemical warfare are being used to break the DNA molecule, infect it with lesions (dimming), and many other unnatural aberrations. Such an assault is essentially the evisceration of Nature.

Mr. Electromagnetics will soon return with information regarding the technicalities of the weaponization of DNA.

V. Susan Ferguson

Molecular Mechanisms of Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced DNA Damage and Repair

Copyright © 2010 Rajesh P. Rastogi et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. 

DNA is one of the prime molecules, and its stability is of utmost importance for proper functioning and existence of all living systems. Genotoxic chemicals and radiations exert adverse effects on genome stability. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) (mainly UV-B: 280–315 nm) is one of the powerful agents that can alter the normal state of life by inducing a variety of mutagenic and cytotoxic DNA lesions such as cyclobutane-pyrimidine dimers (CPDs), 6-4 photoproducts (6-4PPs), and their Dewar valence isomers as well as DNA strand breaks by interfering the genome integrity. 
To counteract these lesions, organisms have developed a number of highly conserved repair mechanisms such as photoreactivation, base excision repair (BER), nucleotide excision repair (NER), and mismatch repair (MMR). Additionally, double-strand break repair (by homologous recombination and nonhomologous end joining), SOS response, cell-cycle checkpoints, and programmed cell death (apoptosis) are also operative in various organisms with the expense of specific gene products. This review deals with UV-induced alterations in DNA and its maintenance by various repair mechanisms. 

  1. Introduction 
    The stratospheric ozone layer is continuously depleting due to the release of atmospheric pollutants such as chlo- rofluorocarbons (CFCs), chlorocarbons (CCs), and organo- bromides (OBs). Consequently there is an increase in the incidence of UV radiation (UVR) on the Earth’s surface [1] which is one of the most effective and carcinogenic exogenous agents that can interact with DNA and alter the genome integrity and may affect the normal life processes of all organisms ranging from prokaryotes to mammals [2– 10]. However, wide variations in tolerance to UV-B among species and taxonomic groups have been reported. 
    Moreover, ozone depletion followed by increased UV exposure has been predicted to continue throughout most of this century [11]. In all the groups of UVR (i.e., UV-A: 315–400nm; UV- B: 280–315 nm; UV-C: <280 nm) UV-B radiation produces adverse effects on diverse habitats, even though most of the extraterrestrial UV-B is absorbed by the stratospheric ozone [12]. UV-A radiation has a poor efficiency in inducing DNA damage, because it is not absorbed by native DNA. UV- A and visible light energy (up to 670–700 nm) are able to generate singlet oxygen (1 O2 ) that can damage DNA via indirect photosensitizing reactions [13]. UV-C radiation is quantitatively absorbed by oxygen and ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere, hence does not show much harmful effects on biota. 
    Solar UV radiation is responsible for a wide range of biological effects including alteration in the structure of protein, DNA, and many other biologically important molecules, chronic depression of key physiological processes, and acute physiological stress leading to either reduction in growth and cell division, pigment bleaching, N2 fixation, energy production, or photoinhibition of photosynthesis in several organisms [3, 9, 10]. It has been documented that UV-B severely affects survival, fecundity, and sex-ratio in several intertidal copepods [14]. 
    full article

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth – How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public
By Steven M. Druker
Foreword by Jane Goodall
Published March 2015

… Based on the evidence presented in the book, Druker and Goodall will assert that it would be foolhardy to push forward with a technology that is unacceptably risky and should never have been allowed on the market in the first place.
The book is the result of more than 15 years of intensive research and investigation by Druker, who came to prominence for initiating a lawsuit against the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that forced it to divulge its files on GM foods. Those files revealed that GM foods first achieved commercialisation in 1992 only because the FDA:
• Covered up the extensive warnings of its own scientists about their dangers.
• Lied about the facts.
• And then violated federal food safety law by permitting these foods to be marketed without having been proven safe through standard testing.
• Many well-placed scientists have repeatedly issued misleading statements about GM foods, and so have leading scientific institutions such as the US National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the UK’s Royal Society.
• Consequently, most people are unaware of the risks these foods entail and the manifold problems they have caused.
• Contrary to the claims of biotech advocates, humans have indeed been harmed by consuming the output of genetic engineering. In fact, the technology’s first ingestible product (a food supplement of the essential amino acid, L-tryptophan) caused dozens of deaths and seriously sickened thousands of people (permanently disabling many of them). Moreover, the evidence points to the genetic alteration as the most likely cause of the unusual contamination that rendered the supplement toxic.
• Laboratory animals have also suffered from eating products of genetic engineering, and well-conducted tests with GM crops have yielded many troubling results, including intestinal abnormalities, liver disturbances, and impaired immune systems.
• Numerous scientists (including those on the FDA’s Biotechnology Task Force) have concluded that the process of creating genetically modified food radically differs from conventional breeding and entails greater risk.
• There has never been a consensus within the scientific community that GM foods are safe, and many eminent experts have issued cautions – as have respected scientific organizations such as the Royal Society of Canada and the Public Health Association of Australia.
Druker says: “Contrary to the assertions of its proponents, the massive enterprise to reconfigure the genetic core of the world’s food supply is not based on sound science but on the systematic subversion of science – and it would collapse if subjected to an open airing of the facts.”

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The Archontic Draco Reptilian & Zeta Grey Holographic Matrix

The Archontic Draco Reptilian & Zeta Grey Holographic Matrix

God dwells within each and everyone of us, patiently waiting for us to turn our consciousness, our focused awareness from the external manifestations that have intrigued, beguiled, deluded and deceived us for thousands of years. The Taoist call this the ‘ten thousand things’ that desire as a cosmic force (KAMA in Sanskrit) compels us to sink into and become ever further lost from Rembrance that we are the One.

Abhinavagupta was a 10th century Kashmir Shaivite saint & scholar who many consider as India’s greatest genius. In his Paramarthasara, or the Essence of the Exact Reality ( Abhinavagupta said:

No diversity is the Real Truth.
The whole universe appears in me.
Pure consciousness manifests the reflections of its own divine powers of Godhead inside its own psychic luster of consciousness.
[After] Realization of the Truth … No other aim in life remains to be accomplished.

We are all projecting our own ongoing uniquely individual ‘virtual realty’ hologram. As Veiled portions of the great unlimited, immeasurable, eternal One, we are playing, enjoying our adventures in time & space. In the Divine LILA (‘play’) we experience limitation, death & birth, entrapment in five-sense perception, and the vagaries of a polarity universe that are often confined to and result in war — the struggle for power, dominance and greed for acquisition.

Why would the Creator intentionally confine portions of Its Infinite Consciousness in a dimensional realm that brings unending pain and suffering? The Sanskrit words for pain and pleasure are often written as one word: SUKHA-DUHKHA. The ancient Seers understood that all pleasures inevitably lead to pain. Just as life ends in death, we must soon let go of everything we desire. Civilizations rise and fall, our family & loved ones leave us and die. So as crops in the field must be cleared to make way for new plantings — everything in our temporal universe ends!

A fraud-filled world ….

The great Kashmir Shaivite saint & scholar Swami Lakshmanjoo has said this is a fraud-filled world — with a smile … “Enjoy hell!” This realm has indeed been a hell world for centuries — and now corruption and fraud have infected every part of our world including the medical profession that dispenses prescription drugs that make us sicker, the judicial system that only serves the elite rich, a military that exists to protect the corporatocracy and the 1%, along with absurd lies covering up the geoengineering/terraforming of our planet.

While there is much we cannot know about the previous cycles of time, we do know that within the Kali Yuga there has been unending war. Writing is a ‘symptom’ of the Kali Yuga, like an illness. All we know of history was written in the Kali Yuga.

The Sanskrit epic, the Mahabharata, which contains the Wisdom-Knowledge in the Bhagavad Gita, is the story of a great war, the world war of that time. Indeed the sacred dialogue between Krishna as the ‘voice of God’ and Arjuna, the greatest warrior of his time, takes place on the battlefield before the war commences. The Mahabharata is said to be from the Dvapara Yuga, the third cycle of time..

The Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana is said to be from the Treta Yuga, the second cycle of time. Again we have the story of a great war taking place between the demonic Rakshasas (who I say were Reptilian incarnates) — and Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya who personifies DHARMA, and whose purity of consciousness and inimitable courage against evil are exemplary.

The Archons are aggregates of energies

The Gnostic texts provide a remarkable understanding why God, the imperishable One, would choose to descend into matter and ever-increasing density. Gnosis means knowledge and the gnostics believed that knowledge would release us forom our self-imposed delusions and bring about the Remembrance of the God-within.

In the Nag Hammadi, found in Egypt 1945, one of the most translated and read Gnostic texts is the Secret Book of John. Written in Coptic, originally in Greek, the Secret Book of John contains revelations on our descent into solidity.

Matter is actually a mere reflection, a distortion of the higher realms. The Gnostics believed that an understanding of our ‘descent’ would enable us to reverse the process and ascend back into the realms of higher consciousness frequency wave forms.

The translation & annotation of the ‘Secret Book of John’ by Steven Davies is excellent. Keep in mind that ALL is God, including the demonic, satanic, darkside, shadows, etc. are all God. How could it be otherwise? Davies sums up the causal factor as SOPHIA, the Greek word for Wisdom, who “seeks to know an image of herself apart from the fullness.”

I would connect the Sanskrit word MATRIKA or SHAKTI-MAYA with Sophia. Equating God with the ‘fullness’ brings to mind the Sanskrit word BRAHMA as a metaphysical principal of an ever-expanding fullness — not a deity. After ten years of translating the sacred Sanskrit text the Rig Veda, I have concluded that these ancient words are in fact metaphysical principles, cosmic forces, or as I prefer Cosmogonic Forces. They became personified as a matter of convenience to communicate subtle ideas to a population that in the Kali Yuga was losing its ability to comprehend such subtlety.

A bad copy…

Sophia’s individual desire to create apart from the fullness produces “disastrous results” as the monster named Yaldabaoth, who “begins to construct a world based on his inadequate, half-witted knowledge of the higher realms of God’s mind. This is an artificial world, a bad imitation of the real world, a world that becomes our world. Yaldabaoth brings beings into existence who are his subordinate rulers: demons [archons] who dominate this lower artificial world.” [Davies]

Perpetual cloning results in diminishing returns.

Davies reminds us that the entities named and nameless that are depicted in the Gnostic texts are symbolic, they are metaphors for states of consciousness in the Mind of God: “Sophia, God’s wisdom, is not a person distinct from God; Sophia is a form of God’s own consciousness. … God seems to be human [takes on the appearance of being human] and falls into the multiple personalities we know as human beings. Humankind is fallen God.”

We also understand that the Archons are not individuals, not entities as such, rather they are an energy or an aggregate of energies. Beings with a low frequency waveform consciousness resonate with these Archontic energies and therefore through the Laws of Magnetism attract the Archontic frequencies.

The beings who resonate with Archontic energies are typically service-to-self races such as the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys who have currently invaded our planet. This invasion is a “foothold invasion” like a beach head that must be defended and repelled and defeated by raising the frequency waveform of our individual consciousness into God Consciousness, the Spirit of Truth and Love.

V. Susan Ferguson / September 11, 2019

Essence of the Exact Reality or Paramarthasara of Abhinavagupta
With English translation and notes by B.N. Pandit
Munshiram Manaharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; New Delhi, 1991

The Secret Book of John, The Gnostic Gospel, Annotated & Explained
Translation & Annotation by Steven Davies
Skylight Paths Publishing, 2005

Everything You Need to Know, But Have Never Been Told
by David Icke
David Icke Books, 2017

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Connecting the Gnostic Scriptures with the Sacred Sanskrit Wisdom / Part One

Connecting the Gnostic Scriptures with the Sacred Sanskrit Wisdom / Part One

The Nag Hammadi

Throughout my life I had attempted to read the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Scriptures — but insight into these texts remained veiled in unfamiliar-to-me names and symbols. However because of my many years of studying the sacred Sanskrit texts, their meaning is now beginning to be understood. The Nag Hammadi is “transforming what we know about Christianity.”

“… the unexpected discovery of over fifty ancient texts, most of them Christian, has demonstrated what the Church fathers long had indicated: that these familiar gospels are only a small selection … from the early generations of the Christian movement, circulated among groups throughout the known world.”

What strikes me as of great value, is that these revelations are to me conclusive evidence that the Master Jesus Christ did bring the Wisdom-Knowledge from the east — to the west. Using three books in the Nag Hammadi, I will share my intuitive insights. I am not a scholar, nor do I know Greek or Coptic. The Nag Hammadi is a series of religious texts found in 1945 in Egypt.

As everyone knows, the Gnostic teachings and texts were excluded from the Bible beginning in 325 AD when the First Council of Nicea created the ‘Nicene Creed’ from a selection of redacted scriptures allowed by the patriarchal church and enforced by the Roman Empire. Some fifty Gnostic texts were declared as heresy.

Thus the west has been effectively locked into ‘prisons of religious dogma’ designed to keep the human race in guilt and fear — by denying the existence of God within each of us; our right to speak directly with God, not through corruptible priests; and the idea of transmigration or reincarnation of the soul. This truncation of Gnostic texts effectively left humanity in ignorance, believing that we only had one life to live and that one life was sufficient to condemn us to eternal hell, or into a heaven that if we were rich enough we might buy entry into through indulgences.

These texts were well known during the early Christian era, and some were popular before the birth of Jesus. They contain ideas that can be understood in the terms found in the sacred Sanskrit texts. For example a very popular Gnostic scripture, ‘The Secret Book of John’ often reads as if it could have been taken from the sacred Sanskrit texts, especially the Upanishads & the Bhagavad Gita — a text that often contains direct quotations from various Upanishads.

‘The Secret Book of John’ describes the One God as illimitable (avinashinam), unfathomable (avyakta), immeasurable (aprameyasa), eternal (nitya, sanatanas), etc.

Jesus says: “I am the remembrance of Fullness” (brahma = expanding fullness). ‘The Secret Book of John’ talks about the different ‘spheres’ that each have their own realm, which I take to mean the various layers of astral planes within dimensional realms.

The ultimate victory of Light over darkness is described: “ … the authorities [the demonic archons, rulers of darkness] will surrender their years and ages.  Their [dark] angels will weep over their destruction, and their demons will mourn over their death.  Then all the children of the light will know the truth, and their root, and the Father of All, and the holy Spirit.”

The Archons

‘The Origin of the World’ states that the ‘archons’ — demonic entities & their darkside angels were created through the power of the One in the form of Sophia [Prakriti Maya Shakti as the Matrix] “…when she became forgetful in the darkness of ignorance” (Sanskrit moha).

Thus the cyclical descending of the Light into the darkness and the solidification of matter through the aeons. These archons are forces that delude us for the purpose of control — and I say that these archontic demonic tyrannical forces include the Reptilians and the Greys now infesting and invading our planet.

We are told that “…all these things came to be by the will of the Father of All” and therefore we understand that the One created the multitude of conflicting warring polarities that we are experiencing in the adventure of consciousness in Time & Space. This polarity universe is God’s Will.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

“… envy became something androgynous. This was the beginning of envy.  Envy produced death, death produced children, and death put each in charge of a heaven. All the heavens of chaos were full of their masses.  But all these things came to be by the will of the Father of All, after the pattern of all that is above, so that the sum total of chaos might be reached.”

There are numerous correlations in the Gnostic scriptures with the Wisdom-Knowledge of the sacred Sanskrit. These Gnostic texts are evidence that the Master Jesus did spend his early years in India, perhaps indeed in Kashmir as has been asserted.

The Purpose of the Archons

The Gnostic term for the demonic negative forces of darkness that exist along with the Light is Archon. They are also called the ‘rulers’ as they do indeed rule our deluded world that sinks into evermore darkness and differentiated perception. Since God is All That Is, meaning God is everything including these archontic demonic forces, we come to understand that the creation of these darkside villains is the means by which the eternal immutable immeasurable One Veils Itself in Time & Space and expands into centrifugal patterns of manifestation appearing in endless forms of matter. The events we term history, and the confusion of conflicting theories that intend to explain it all are the result.

Each being represents a small portion of the eternal One and sees Creation through its own eyes, its uniquely individual lens. The universe itself is reflected in the Mirror of God’s Consciousness. Each one of us is observing this reflection ‘mirror’ (pratibimba in Kashmir Shaivism) through our individual perceptions. The lens through which we perceive is based on our accumulated experiences throughout hundreds of lives, as we incarnate in various bodily forms in multiple dimensional realms.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

The Archons or demons are the negative attenuating polarity mechanisms by which we as portions of the One, Veil our consciousness so that we may ‘play’ in this Veil of Delusion, termed the Divine LILA in Sanskrit. We become attached to our delusions and imagine that the temporal appearances of solidity, interpreted by five-sense perception are real. [In Shaivism these appearances (ābhasas) are real as they are created out of the universal light (para prakasha) of the creator. It is the prism of differentiated perception that causes one to remain in ignorance (moha) of the underlying/unifying light of God Consciousness.]

Thus we remain ‘bound’ in a deceitful miasma of amnesia, as if tied in ropes of delusion by our own ignorance, our forgetting who we are. Archons and demonic forces are the negative polarity mechanisms of our bondage. We go on playing in our self-generated delusions until we grow weary of the potentials inherent in polarities and turn within to reach and return to Home — the Enlightened Knowledge that God is always within us all.

The Kashmir Shaivite Swami Lakshmanjoo calls this delusional state that we ourselves are creating a “fraud filled world!”

The Secret Book of John:
“ Forethought … narrates in the first person her three salvific descents into the world of darkness to awaken her ‘seed’ from the deep sleep by the archontic powers and to elevate them into the supernal light … Thus the ultimate restoration of Seth’s progeny [Seth is the third son of Adam], who continue to live on earth, will be accomplished in the last days [of the aeon].”

The Hypostasis of the Archons / The Reality of the Rulers

The word ‘hypostasis’ means the underlying state or underlying substance, the fundamental reality that supports all else. I like the term ‘substratum’ which suggests not only foundation, but also the idea of the material of which something is made and from which it derives it special qualities. The Archons may be named as the demonic, service-to-self tyrants, an ‘evil god’ that is described as a ‘malevolent demiurge.’

The Archons are real, they exist and their influence continues to increase throughout the Cycles of Time. As the density of ignorance and the solidification of matter increases, the power and intensity of the influence of the archontic forces grows, further binding us in our delusion. We are quickly falling deeper into their psychic-prisons, as the archons are weaving webs of confinement, limitation, and servitude into our minds.

Evidence is seen in the consciousness of our delusional rulers, who now appear to be merely self-serving monsters willing to implement a level of corruption that would impress the greatest tyrants in history. Earth’s oceans are poisoned, her forests burned. Our food, air and water are inundating our bodies with toxic metal oxides, unknowable chemicals, and microplastics — everywhere, even the once pristine Arctic.

The Archons as ‘demonic’ ETs

We may come to understand that the current Invasion Agenda of the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys represents the genocidal operations of the Archons. According to E.M. Nicolay and others, these service-to-self demonic forces seek to further enslave the human race and are using the DNA from abductees to produce hybrids suitable to their soul group and clones.

Rene Guenon: ‘The Fissures in the Great Wall’

The great French metaphysical writer Rene Guenon has warned us: Space Invaders for Real! Was there a specific period of time during which the ETs were supposed to keep their hands off our planet and did that time come to an end?
This is a polarity universe and as a temporal illusory hologram, our universe exists only because both positive and negative forces hold it in time and space. This means that along with the Light, there is also the other – the Darkside. In the first cycles of time the Light is manifest and in full view, while the Darkside is cloaked, hidden, the underneath, which is still there doing its job, but not apparent.
As we move through the Four Cycles of Time, the Dark begins to emerge and reveal itself – while the Light withdraws. By the time we arrive at the Kali Yuga (our current cycle or age), the Light has become more veiled, and the Darkside begins to rule. By the Twilight of the Kali Yuga – which began in 1939 with atomic fission – the Darkside rules and goodness, although it still exists with us, is hard to find.
One element of the rule of the Darkside Tyrants in the Kali Yuga is the entry of entities into our third dimensional earth plane world.

The Great Wall: Unanticipated Interferences
In Rene Guenon’s the chapter on ‘The Fissures in the Great Wall’ in his book “The Reign of Quantity”, Guenon warned that our world was being threatened by what he called unanticipated interferences. As we have come to accept matter as the only reality, meaning as the solidification of the world has progressed, we have come near to the limits to that solidification. And because the world can never become a completely closed system, what Guenon calls fissures have occurred in the protective barrier that surrounds our world. This protective barrier is known in metaphysics as the Great Wall and it exists to protect us.
When I first read this idea of fissures forming in the Great Wall, what immediately came to mind were the infamous Montauk Experiments. Those of you who are familiar with this story will recall that when the time warp was achieved with their Tesla-like frequency emissions there was a tear, as in a rip, in the time field.

Whatever protects the 3rd dimensional planet Earth from ETs and astral forces — was opened. It was reported that through this tear many ETs – friendly or not – slipped into this dimension. The increase in sightings and abductions is evidence.
Guenon points out that the Great Wall is, as he terms it, a shell — and as such not only keeps energies out to act as our protection, it also serves as a limitation, a container. This may explain why so many have said that 3rd dimensional planet earth is under some sort of quarantine. Was there a specific period of time during which the ETs were supposed to keep their hands off the planet and our consciousness — perhaps in compliance with the Law of Non-Interference? Has that agreement been recently broken over and over? Has that formal and supposedly ‘legal’ limitation come to an end.
As Guenon says, the Great Wall exists to ensure that we are protected from being attacked by enemies from below. I assume this implies that many of these entities are not particularly evolved and may have a somewhat Darkside consciousness.
Apparently in previous cycles of time before the current solidification of the world, there existed openings in the top of this protective shell that allowed us to communicate with the higher realms. Such communication was the purpose of the ancient Spiritual Centers clustered all over the planet which function as time portals. Most of these are now abandoned and have been intentionally taken over by the Darkside, so that they may feed off the residual frequencies once generated there. Think of how many once sacred sites are the focal point of ongoing wars and human misery.
Our current acceptance of the doctrine of materialism allows us to believe only that which comes to us through the 5 senses. Our own limited way of thinking has shut us off from communication with the higher more evolved domains and access to the higher realms through these sacred centers is now closed.
More than ever before, we are on our own here!

The Real Nature of the Archons is described as “the authorities of darkness … our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the authorities of the world and the spirit of wickedness … The leader of the authorities [Archons] is blind. … [because of his power, ignorance, and arrogance he said, ‘I am God; there is no other but me.’ When he said this he sinned against [the realm of the All.]”

V. Susan Ferguson
To be continued …

The Revised and Updated Translation of Sacred Gnostic Texts, Complete in One Volume; Edited by Marvin Meyer; HarperOne, 2007.

The Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times
Rene Guenon
Originally published in French, 1945
Sophia Perennis, 2001, Ghent, NY

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The Imperial Billionaires: “Expanding an empire is extremely profitable for its aristocrats…” / Burning the Amazon Forests / Third World USA / American Homeless

Jeff Bezos’s Politics
Eric Zuess / Strategic Culture / Aug.24, 2019

Jeff Bezos is the owner of the daily newspaper in Washington DC, the Washington Post, which leads America’s news-media and their almost 100% support of (and promotions for) neoconservatism — American imperialism, or wars. This includes sanctions, coups, and military invasions, against countries that America’s billionaires want to control but don’t yet control — such as Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya, and China. These are aggressive wars, against countries which had never aggressed against the United States. It’s not, at all, defensive, but the exact opposite. 
It’s not necessarily endless war (even Hitler hadn’t been intending that), but it is war until the entire planet has become controlled by the US Government, which Government is itself controlled by America’s billionaires, the funders of neoconservatism — US imperialism — in both of America’s political Parties, via think tanks, newspapers, TV networks, etcetera.

Bezos is a crucial part of that, neoconservatism, ever since, at the 6-9 June 2013 Bilderberg meeting, he arranged with Donald Graham the Washington Post’s owner, to buy that newspaper, for $250 million, after he had already negotiated, in March of that same year, with the neoconservative CIA Director, John Brennan. 

This $600 million ten-year cloud computing contract transformed Amazon corporation, from being a reliable money-loser, into a reliably profitable firm, and therefore caused Bezos’s net worth to soar even more (and at a sharper rate of rising) than it had been doing while it had been losing money. He was now the most influential salesman not only for books, etc., but for the CIA, and for such mega-corporations as Lockheed Martin. US imperialism has supercharged his wealth, but didn’t alone cause his wealth. Jeff Bezos might be the most ferociously gifted business-person on the planet.

Some of America’s billionaires don’t care about international conquest as much as he does, but all of them at least accept neoconservatism; none of them, for example, establishes and donates large sums to, anti-imperialistic organizations; none of America’s billionaires is determined to end the reign of neoconservatism, nor even to help the fight to end it, or at least to end its grip over the US Government. None. Not even a single one of them does. But many of them establish, and donate large sums to, neoconservative organizations, or run neoconservative organs such as Bezos’s Washington Post, which is simultaneously a neoconservative and a neoliberal organ; i.e., it’s a Democratic Party type of neoconservative organ. 

That’s the way billionaires are, at least in the United States. All of them are imperialists. They sponsor it; they promote it and hire people who do, and demote or get rid of people who don’t. Expanding an empire is extremely profitable for its aristocrats, and always has been, even before the Roman Empire.

Bezos also wants to privatize everything around the world that can become privatized, such as education, highways, health care, and pensions. The more that billionaires control those, the less that everyone else does; and preventing control by the public helps to protect billionaires against democracy that would increase their taxes, and against governmental regulations that would reduce their profits by increasing their corporations’ expenses. So, billionaires control the government in order to increase their takings from the public

He, through his Washington Post, is one of the world’s top personal sellers to the US military-industrial complex, because he controls and is the biggest investor in Amazon corporation, whose Web Services division supplies all cloud-computing services to the Pentagon, CIA and NSA. And in April there was a headline “CIA Considering Cloud Contract Worth ‘Tens of Billions’,” which contract could soar Bezos’s personal wealth even higher into the stratosphere, especially if he wins all of it (as he previously did)

He also globally dominates, and is constantly increasing his control over, the promotion and sale of books and films, because his Amazon is the world’s largest retailer (and now also one of the largest publishers, producers and distributors) of those. That, too, can be a huge impact upon politics and government, indirectly, through promoting the most neocon works, and thus helping to shape intellectual discourse (and voters’ votes) in the country

He also is crushing millions of retailers, by his unmatched brilliance at controlling one market after another, and is retailing, either as Amazon or else as an essential middleman for — and often even as a controller of — Amazon’s retail competitors

Jeff Bezos’s Politics

Leaked Documents Show Brazil’s Bolsonaro Has Grave Plans for Amazon Rainforest Libardi / Aug. 21, 2019
Leaked documents show that Jair Bolsonaro’s government intends to use the Brazilian president’s hate speech to isolate minorities living in the Amazon region. The PowerPoint slides, which democraciaAbierta has seen, also reveal plans to implement predatory projects that could have a devastating environmental impact

The Bolsonaro government has as one of its priorities to strategically occupy the Amazon region to prevent the implementation of multilateral conservation projects for the rainforest, specifically the so-called “Triple A” project

“Development projects must be implemented on the Amazon basin to integrate it into the rest of the national territory in order to fight off international pressure for the implementation of the so-called ‘Triple A’ project. To do this, it is necessary to build the Trombetas River hydroelectric plant, the Óbidos bridge over the Amazon River, and the implementation of the BR-163 highway to the border with Suriname,” one of slides read.
One of the tactics cited in the document is to redefine the paradigms of indigenism, quilombolism and environmentalism through the lenses of liberalism and conservatism.

Is the U.S. Becoming a Third World Nation?
Charles Hugh Smith / Aug.23, 2019
… symptoms of a status quo that’s fast losing First World capabilities. What characterizes Third World/Failing States isn’t just poverty, crumbling infrastructure and endemic corruption; at a systems level these are the key dynamics in Third World/Failing States:

  1. The status quo protects insiders at the expense of everyone else.
  2. There is no real accountability; failure has no consequences, bureaucrats are never fired for incompetence, reforms are watered down or neutered by institutional sclerosis.
  3. Pay-to-play is the most cost-effective way to influence policy or evade consequences.
  4. The status quo is incapable of differentiating between complexity that serves the legitimate purposes of transparency and accountability and complexity that serves no purpose beyond guaranteeing insiders’ paper-shuffling jobs. As a consequence, complexity that adds no value chokes the economy and the government.
  5. There are two sets of laws: one for insiders and the super-wealthy, and another harsher set for everyone else.
  6. The super-wealthy fear nothing because the system functions to serve their interests.
  7. The super-wealthy and state insiders control the media’s narratives and the machinery of governance to serve their interests. Reforms are in name only; the faces of elected officials change but nothing changes structurally.
  8. Insiders, well-paid pundits and the technocrats serving the corporate and state elites believe the status quo is just fine because they’re doing fine; they are blind to the soaring inequality, systemic corruption, stupendous waste and the impossibility of real reform.

Does America’s status quo protects insiders at the expense of everyone else? Yes. As for the other seven characteristics: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.
And lets’ not forget #9: the vast majority of the economic gains flow to the elite at the very top of the wealth-power pyramid: is this true in the U.S.? Definitively yes. Just look at this chart: this is a chart of an informal kleptocracy which cloaks itself in the faux finery of democracy and a (rigged) “market” economy.
That’s the very definition of a Third World failed state.

The New American Homeless | The New Republic

… If the term “working homeless” has not yet entered our national vocabulary, there is reason to expect that it soon will. Hidden within the world of homelessness has always been a subset of individuals, usually single parents, with jobs; what’s different now is the sheer extent of this phenomenon. 
For a widening swath of the nearly seven million American workers living below the poverty line, a combination of skyrocketing rents, stagnant wages, and a lack of tenant protections has proved all but insurmountable. 
 Theirs, increasingly, is the face of homelessness in the United States: people whose paychecks are no longer enough to keep a roof over their heads.

Strikingly, this crisis of housing insecurity is erupting in America’s richest, most rapidly developing cities. New York, whose economy soared to historic heights between 2009 and 2018, watched its shelter population swell by 72 percent during that time. Washington, D.C., boasts one of the country’s highest median incomes; it also has the greatest per capita homeless rate. Seattle is close behind. In Los Angeles and Charlotte, San Jose and Nashville, the trends are similar. 
Unemployment is at a generational low; corporate profits have surged; the signs of growth—from new construction and consumer spending to the unbridled “revitalization” of urban space—are everywhere. Yet the teachers, maintenance workers, supermarket cashiers, and medical assistants who help sustain these cities are getting relentlessly priced out of them. 
Last year, 7.8 million extremely low-income renters were classified as severely cost burdened, meaning they spent at least 50 percent of their income on rent and utilities, and more than half a million people were homeless on any given night. 
Unlike earlier periods of widespread homelessness and displacement, such as during the recession of 2008, what we’re witnessing today is an emergency born less of poverty than prosperity—occurring not despite but precisely because of the economic boom.

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Our Refuge is God-Consciousness / Nagas: “We must allow the electrical force of the entire universe, its secret currents of pure consciousness and bliss to flow within us like a dance of perpetual lightning.”

VSF: I have been spending more time in the inner-realms and less online — and I recommend this practice as a means to place emphasis on what is real, as opposed to the passing ephemeral ever-increasing madness, lies, and tyranny that is flooding our planet. The entire Earth is now enveloped in an electromagnetic frequency prison.

Geoengineering the climate will be made legal legitimate as a ‘necessity’ we must accept to prevent planetary catastrophe, while in fact this technology has been developed and used for over 20 years. The ongoing aerosol dispersion of metal oxide nano-particles through plasma radiation technology will be kept secret under the legalese term of “national security defense” because it is basic to EW, electronic warfare — all war is now and will be electronic.

Protect yourself as best you can from the coming 5G. The video below explains the technology of 5G as a weapon and the Paradise Fires in California.

Move to higher ground through your own consciousness. Remain very quiet and still — absorbing the Light-Energies coming from the Galactic Core. Allow the God-within you to expand throughout your entire Being. Become a Light in this darkening realm. Love God. Increase your Devotion to God. Love God. You are That. TAT TVAM ASI.

Nag Panchami : Revealing the secret of the nagas
We must honor all forms of Nagas, from ordinary snakes to Kundalini.
by David Frawley

Nagas are not simply snakes but represent all the transformative electrical forces of the cosmos from the material level to that of pure consciousness. Unfortunately, today we have forgotten how to read the symbolism of nature, such as rishis and yogis can, and see only a literal serpent worship in the traditional honoring of the Nagas.

As modern physics notes, the entire universe and all of space consists of various wormholes through which subtle currents are relentlessly flowing. These currents are all Nagas, snakes or serpents in a metaphorical sense, powers arising out of a hole or moving through a channel. They are all forms of lightning or dynamic energy strikes that have their enlivening power and their danger or poison. We must recognize that we live, breathe, speak and think in and through the serpent forces of the greater cosmos.

The human body is composed of numerous channels from the digestive tract to the respiratory and circulatory systems, to the brain, from gross to subtle levels, through which the prana or vital force flows at various vibratory frequencies as our main stimulating lightning energy that keeps us alive and awake. All these channels within and around us are connected in the vast fabric of life and awareness, of which we ourselves are but a focus, a point or a transmission center.

Some of these serpent forces are hidden and support us in the background like the electro-magnetic energies that sustain the Earth through the force of gravity, or like Vishnu’s serpent Ananta who holds the power of the entire universe in a state of pure potential. This hidden contracted or concentrated state of forces is like that of a coiled serpent. Other forces are manifesting like a moving snake and swirl around us creating colorful force fields in a magical phenomenal display.

One of the most important of these serpent powers is the Kundalini Shakti, the electrical force of higher prana, mantra and awareness. Normally it is latent or coiled in the earth chakra at the base of the spine, with our life energy resting upon its sleeping state. In Yoga Sadhana, the Kundalini awakens and spreads its electrical currents throughout our body and mind extending to the entire universe, propelling us into the infinite.

Honoring the Higher Serpent Forces on Nag Panchami

Nagas as powerful forces contain profound wisdom, which is the highest transformational energy of awareness. There are such Nagas in the Earth or earth currents holding the Earth wisdom and power, creating various sacred sites and nature’s points of power. There are Nagas in the atmosphere or life currents from which all weather patterns arise through the thunder and lightning, clearing the air and renewing all life. There are Nagas in the sky extending from solar, lunar and planetary currents to those of the stars and galaxies – subtle winds and energies of light in an overflowing tapestry reaching beyond time and space.

On Nag Panchami we honour all forms of Nagas from ordinary snakes to Kundalini, to Lord Shiva who is Nageshvara or Ahipati, the Lord of the Serpents, who holds all the electrical forces in existence, both manifest and unmanifest. The transcendent awareness of Shiva alone in its unshakeable stillness, calm and centeredness can master all the cataclysmic energies of the universe, which dance around him like powerful serpents under his control, yet can never touch him.

Today in our information technology era, which is another kind of Naga, serpent or electrical force, we need to contact the higher wisdom Nagas and not become victims of mere artificial currents and commercial powers. It is important that our minds and hearts are vibrating not just with electrical energies from the media, music, our computers, or our instruments of communication and travel on any level.

We must allow the electrical force of the entire universe, its secret currents of pure consciousness and bliss to flow within us like a dance of perpetual lightning.

This is the real inner worship of the Nagas. We do this when we recognize our true nature, our inner being, the presence of Shiva, who rules over the vast and intricate ever-changing cosmos from a point of pure unity within the spiritual heart.

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Insanity – or their Ongoing Brilliant Invasion Strategy? / “…the potential to shape the trajectory of humanity” / … consensual hallucination

VSF: These are just a few of the online reports that from the ‘human’ perspective look insane — while from the Agenda of the Invaders, who are systematically infiltrating our world with their Zeta Reticuli hybrids facilitated by the Draco Reptilians who are incarnated in human bodies, these reports on AI artificial intelligence, the implementing of 5G, individual DNA research, etc., make strategic sense. Read the news from the Invaders strategic point of view and you will quickly see their clear intentions to conquer and control our planet.

Microsoft Invests $1 Billion In Musk’s OpenAI, Will Become Exclusive Cloud Provider

… In exchange, Microsoft will become OpenAI’s exclusive cloud provider, according to CNBC. 
According to the company, artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be able to solve more complex problems than standard AI systems, and seeks to create a ‘long-term positive impact’ on humanity. Of note, Musk has characterized AI as the “biggest existential threat” to humanity. 

“Modern AI systems work well for the specific problem on which they’ve been trained, but getting AI systems to help address some of the hardest problems facing the world today will require generalization and deep mastery of multiple AI technologies,” the companies wrote in a joint press release. “OpenAI and Microsoft’s vision is for artificial general intelligence to work with people to help solve currently intractable multidisciplinary problems, including global challenges such as climate change, more personalized healthcare and education.” …

“We believe that the creation of beneficial AGI will be the most important technological development in human history, with the potential to shape the trajectory of humanity,” wrote OpenAI. 
Of course, that’s exactly what the robots want.

“…consensual hallucination” /I Got it, Nothing Matters. Tesla, Boeing, Other Stocks: It’s Like the Whole Market Has Gone Nuts | Wolf Street

“…consensual hallucination “

I Got it, Nothing Matters. Tesla, Boeing, Other Stocks: It’s Like the Whole Market Has Gone Nuts
by Wolf Richter • Jul 24, 2019
Story stocks, momentum stocks, hyperventilation stocks, consensual hallucination stocks, financial engineering stocks: anything but reality.
… the corporate cost-cutters and financial engineers, rather than real engineers, had the final word.
Markets don’t care about any of this. They don’t care about real engineers either. They love corporate cost-cutters and financial engineers. They want share buybacks, and if something bad happens, they’ll overlook the $5 billion to pay for the fallout because it’s just a “one-time item.”
… Companies are getting away each with their own thing. There are companies that are losing a ton of money and are burning tons of cash, with no indications that they will ever make money. And market valuations are just ludicrous.

… Anything goes: story stocks, momentum stocks, hyperventilation stocks, consensual hallucination stocks, and financial engineering stocks that generate mind-boggling share prices that give these companies incomprehensible market capitalizations, and the mere mention of “fundamentals” gets naysayers ridiculed and thrown out. It’s like the whole market has gone nuts.

Our Ruling Elites Have No Idea How Much We Want to See Them All in Prison Jumpsuits
Charles Hugh Smith / July 22, 2019
Even the most distracted, fragmented tribe of the peasantry eventually notices that they’re not in the top 1%, or the top 0.1%.
… I propose a novel crisis unlike any in the past, a Moral Crisis in which the people challenge the power of the nation’s corrupt Ruling Elites: not just elected officials, but the technocrats of the Deep State, the vested interests pillaging the nation, the New Overlords of Big Tech, the financier New Nobility, the Corporate Media and the self-serving state/corporate technocrat Nomenklatura who do the dirty work of the Ruling Elites.
Divide-and-Conquer has been the absurdly easy strategy of the Ruling Elites to fragment and disempower the citizenry. It’s child’s play for the Ruling Elites to ceaselessly promote a baker’s dozen of divisive issues via the corporate media, and then watch the resulting conflicts split the citizenry into fragmented camps which subdivide further with every new toxic injection.
The one issue that could unite the fragmented citizenry is moral revulsion: As the Epstein case promises to reveal, there is literally no limit on the excesses and exploitations of the privileged few in America, no limit on what our Ruling Elites can do with absolute impunity.
The Nobility of the feudal era had some reciprocal obligation to its serfs; our New Nobility has no obligation to anyone but themselves. It is painfully obvious that there are two sets of laws in America: bankers can rip off billions and never serve time, and members of the Protected Class who sexually exploit children get a wrist-slap, if that.
Here’s the sad reality: everybody in the Ruling Elites looked the other way: all the self-described “patriots” in the Intelligence services, all the technocrats in the Departments of Justice, State, etc., the Pentagon, and on and on. Everybody with any power knows the whole class of Ruling Elites is completely corrupt, by definition: to secure power in the U.S., you have to sell your soul to the Devil, one way or the other.
Like all Ruling Elites, America’s Elites are absolutely confident in their power: this is hubris taken to new heights.
That the citizenry could finally have enough of their corrupt, self-serving Overlords does not seem in the realm of possibility to the Protected Few. There’s always a way to lawyer-up and plea-bargain for a wrist-slap, a way to bend another “patriot” (barf), a way to offer a bribe cloaked as a plum position in a philanthro-capitalist NGO (non-governmental organization), and so on.
The possibility that moral outrage could spark a revolt seems improbable in such a distracted culture, but consider the chart below: even the most distracted, fragmented tribe of the peasantry eventually notices that they’re not in the top 1%, or the top 0.1%, and that the Ruling Elites have overseen an unprecedented concentration of wealth and power into the hands of the few at the expense of the many:
Our Ruling Elites have no idea how many of us already want to see them all in prison jumpsuits, and they also have no idea how fast the moral revulsion with their corrupt “leadership” might spread. Scanning the distracted, consumerist rabble from the great heights of their wealth and power, they reckon the capacity for moral outrage is limited, leaving them safe from any domestic crusade.
They also trust that the citizenry can be further fragmented, further distracted, and so they will continue to be invulnerable. Or worst case scenario, a few especially venal villains will need to be sacrificed, and then all will return to the bliss of Neofeudal exploitation.
But they may have misread the American citizenry, just as they’ve misread history.

VSF: Amazon’s Bezos owns the Washington Post, in fact some refer to it as “Bezos’ blog”! Well, it gets creepier… The unwitting fools who send off the material in their vacuum canister will not only be giving ‘researchers’ an inexpensive free way to count the effectiveness of the metal oxides (you know that tiny gray-dust) we find covering our electronics, screens, tables, clothing, etc. inside our homes — they will also be able to identify our DNA through body hair and dead-cells that accumulate in these bags. Then they can identify your DNA with your mailing address, connect it with with front door GPS and add another mountain of insane information on us to their data base. Why do they want this? Bezos was born out of DARPA…

How the dust in your home may affect your health – The Washington Post

Along with environmental scientist Mark Taylor at Macquarie University and other international partners, I’m conducting a research project on the indoor exposome.
Instead of dumping their vacuum canister into the trash, citizen-scientists put it into a sealable bag and send it off to our lab for analysis. This project, called 360 Dust Analysis, is one of a number of recent efforts that are starting to crack the code on indoor dust.
About one-third of household dust is created inside your home. The components differ depending on the construction and age of your home, the climate and the cleaning and smoking habits of occupants, so there’s no standard formula for dust.

No Accountability in Washington. The CIA Wants to Hide All Its Employees — Strategic Culture
Philip Giraldi
July 25, 2019

Government that actually serves the interests of the people who are governed has two essential characteristics: first, it must be transparent in terms of how it debates and develops policies and second, it has to be accountable when it fails in its mandate and ceases to be responsive to the needs of the electorate. 
Over the past twenty years one might reasonably argue that Washington has become less a “of the people, by the people and for the people” and increasingly a model of how special interests can use money to corrupt government. 
The recent story about how serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein avoided any serious punishment by virtue of his wealth and his political connections, including to both ex-president Bill Clinton and to current chief executive Donald Trump, demonstrates how even the most despicable criminals can avoid being brought to justice.
This erosion of what one might describe as republican virtue has been exacerbated by a simultaneous weakening of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which was intended to serve as a guarantee of individual liberties while also serving as a bulwark against government overreach. …
… governmental lack of transparency and accountability is a more serious matter when the government itself becomes a serial manipulator of the truth as it seeks to protect itself from criticism. 
Reports that the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) is seeking legislation that will expand government ability to declare it a crime to reveal the identities of undercover intelligence agents will inevitably lead to major abuse when some clever bureaucrat realizes that the new rule can also be used to hide people and cover up malfeasance.
The new legislation is an intelligence agency dream, a get out of jail card that has no expiry date. And if one wants to know how dangerous it is, consider for a moment that if it turns out that serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was indeed a C.I.A. covert source, which is quite possible, he would be covered and would be able to walk away free on procedural grounds.

5G / $1 billion: Apple (AAPL) to Buy Intel’s (INTC) Modem Unit – Bloomberg

Apple Inc. is buying Intel Corp.’s struggling cellular modem unit, bringing on key engineering talent and patents that will allow the technology giant to more quickly develop crucial components to connect its devices to the mobile internet.

The deal is valued at $1 billion, Intel and Apple said in joint announcement. Intel sought to shed the unit because Chief Executive Officer Bob Swan decided it was costing the chipmaker too much money to support just one customer, which is Apple. The deal will give Apple 2,200 new employees and now a total holding of 17,000 wireless patents, the companies said.
Apple has been using Intel modems exclusively in iPhones since last year. But after having settled its long-standing royalties lawsuit with Qualcomm Inc. in April, it will go back to using that company’s 5G cellular modems for future versions of products like the iPhone. 
Qualcomm was the first to offer such technology at a mass scale and was on track to have its second-generation chip in the market before Intel released its first. Eventually, Apple wants to shed all third-party partners and bring modem production in-house, a move that the deal with Intel should help expedite.
… The deal is scheduled to close in the fourth quarter. Intel said that Goldman Sachs served as its financial adviser.
Apple has been working on its own modem technology for the past couple of years and has established development centers, including in San Diego, a hotbed for modem development and Qualcomm’s backyard, to support the effort. In recent months, Apple has been ramping up hiring from Intel and Qualcomm to work on 5G modems.
Earlier this year, before settling with Qualcomm, Apple re-located its modem engineering team, moving it from the main hardware-engineering group under longtime vice president Ruben Caballero, into the hardware-technologies division led by Srouji. Caballero has since left the company. 

The settlement with Qualcomm helps Apple in part to be able to bring a 5G iPhone to market next year after Intel missed deadlines and featured inferior performance, according to people familiar with the series of events.
By planning to develop its own modems, Apple will not need to rely on a third-party designer for such a key part. Selling its own modems would follow the long-time Apple playbook, which is to design critical components internally. Apple already designs the main processors for its mobile devices and eventually plans to do the same for Mac computers. The company also built its own graphics engines, wireless chips and is exploring custom batteries and screens.
The deal with Intel is similar to one struck by Apple to pay Dialog Semiconductor Plc. $600 million for its power management business, the provider of another key component for Apple’s devices.

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Hive Mind Indoctrination: “…the permanent isolation of your world together with the Souls experiencing incarnation cycles within it.”

The HIVE MIND Indoctrination

VSF: Even though I sincerely dislike arguing and finding fault with other teachings, I am compelled to write this. My preference is to allow everyone to wander through the ‘delusion thicket’ and discern for themselves. However I must clarify because I have quoted Lyssa Royal’s information on the Orion Net, which I found to be prescient and stunningly accurate considering the technology we know about in the Lockheed Martin Space Fence.

I do feel that Lyssa Royal is completely sincere regarding her channeled detailed information about our off-world origins and the numerous worlds existing in the universe. Sad to say I must conclude that the reports on the Zeta Reticuli are — in my view — little more than propaganda designed to indoctrinate earthlings to accept the hive mind and the loss of our individuality.

Forget what we ‘think’ we know…

The Prism of Lyra urges us to forget anything we ‘think’ we know about the Zetas. We are told that they are “a one-mind culture…kind of like the Borg.” Perhaps in the 1980s this directive would have just rolled off us. No one could have imagined the degree of Mind Control, AI, and relentless brainwashing propaganda currently coming from billionaire control-freak technocrats like Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, and Bezos — and many more who I suspect are themselves Zeta hybrids.

Human Individuality

‘The Prism of Lyra’ says that “the Zeta Reticuli require a way to strengthen their genetic line in order to create a future for their race,” deflecting blame to Orion — and on the existence of “too much individuality” in our human race. Aren’t we being told to be good little consumer minions of the group mind, keep our eyes on the screens that will continue to program us, and alter whatever truth might slip through their controlling algorithms?

Insectoids — Insectalins

In Lyssa Royal’s book ‘Galactic Heritage Cards’ we are told that the Insectoid race is “based on the idea of a group thinking as one” and rejects individuality by utilizing a rather twisted justification of the “oneness that lies underneath the illusion of separation.” We are told that “in order to evolve — and survive — as a species we will need to embrace group consciousness.” The Insectoid race is described as a hive mind. We are directed to relinquish our individuality and embrace the collective. Whose collective?

The researcher Dr. David Jacobs terms these Insectoids — Insectalins. According to Jacobs, these beings are Praying mantis-like, 6 feet tall, thin, with a “very strong neural engagement.” They are said to be overseeing the abduction operation and appear to be in command. The have “more knowledge of the program that other aliens” and being “supremely logical” they lack human emotion and “care little about human civilization” which they consider inferior.

Dr. David Jacobs: “Insectalins care little about the people whom they use to create hybrids.” Do these sound like a race that is sympathetic to humans? Why would we want to reject our individuality and embrace their group consciousness?

I do not believe that Lyssa Royal has meant any harm. I feel that like so many channels she simply has accepted to the information coming through her.

Again I return to E.M. Nicolay who has a highly developed understanding of the sacred Sanskrit Wisdom-Knowledge. Nicolay has in no uncertain terms warned us about the Zeta Agenda and their cunning gift to deceive.

The Zetas are well on the way to accomplishing their hybrid race. They have in exchange for our DNA, hormones, etc. taken through thousands of abductions over the last 40 years – given our military a toxic technology that is meant to destroy us and save them the trouble. They want our planet! Their intent is to “sicken and sterilize the human angelic populations without [our] awareness through a combined systemic electromagnetic assault and mounting exposure to an ever-increasing list of environmental toxins, all figure prominently in the Zetas’ plans.”

E.M. Nicolay: Those … who laugh off the Zetas’ efforts to keep Earth at second and third density have no understanding of the betrayal they are serving on the human Soul matrices.”

E.M. Nicolay says that we in fact have been invaded, but not from outer space as we have often seen in science fiction films. The alien conquest of Earth is being attempted from within the human form itself — a Bio-Invasion. “The potential exists for alien Souls and Souls not related to Human Angelic to incarnate into physical human bodies through the use of emerging hybrid genetics and DNA manipulation.”

Nicolay: “Unbeknownst to their ‘human’ associates … these extraterrestrials … principle objective [is] the hampering of your universal Ascension and even the permanent isolation of your world together with the Souls experiencing incarnation cycles within it. Their efforts are geared toward potentially trapping your world and the Souls that inhabit it in universal third dimensional density without the possibility of Ascension at this juncture in order to exploit your realm for their own species and purposes.”

Pawlec: “My concerns are for the freedom of our country — and the free world. … If we don’t find ways to neutralize these negative forces, we are going to find our lifestyles — our concepts of life as a species — nullified.” Pawlec’s statements above were made in 2011. How far have the ‘negative forces’ advanced since then?

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shift of 2012-2250 and the Evolution of Human Angelics by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor);
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; June 6, 2012.

Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor); Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition, October 8, 2015.

Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, by David M. Jacobs, PhD; 2015.

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Pinball …

ALL magic, occultism, and sacrificial rites for personal gain fall into the category of manipulating the Temporal Illusory Realms and are a complete waste of your time.

Unless you enjoy being one of those little silver balls in a pinball machine.

Just as laboring to acquire the Siddhic powers, that will unfold quite naturally as you evolve, is a waste of time and effort.

Just as channeling ETs, spirits, and angels is nothing more than a time-pass. How can they gift you with the enlightenment they themselves do not possess?

Only the God within you can bring you Home.

Withdraw from the objects of the senses, and turn your complete and total attention to the God-within your Heart.

Sacrificing and renouncing your attachment to the temporal illusory hologram based on Knowledge of the Real will bring you Liberation.

Why settle for the small results today or tomorrow, when Union with the Eternal Oneness awaits your call!

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