“Releasing entire stretches of DNA into a biosphere & allowing them to spread” and Mars as a backup planet? / INVASION: Why the ETs are terraforming our planet…

Microwave ‘FRIED’ skies over the Olympic Peninsula Washington State / Aug.28, 2017


VSF: When I first read this article below, I was bewildered and shocked! How Frankenstein-insane can this get! They want to “release entire stretches of DNA into a biosphere – allowing them to spread”? And they are exploring biological options in terraforming Mars — Mars as a backup planet?

Geoengineering and Synthetic Biology
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Guest post by Devang Mehta
This September, as part of their annual symposium, EUSynBioS will hold an Open Discussion on the topic, “Synthetic Biology and Environmental Engineering”, at the National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid, Spain. They will host experts in the field to talk about the science and the more difficult aspects of public acceptance and bioethics surrounding geoengineering and synthetic biology. 

Geogineering is a word that means many things to many people. Formally defined as the “deliberate intervention in the climate system to counteract man-made global warming”, for some scientists it represents a cheap and effective way to protect our planet from the ravages of climate change. To others, it is symptomatic of technological hubris: a grand, doomed plan to control every aspect of our ecosystem. Dig past the rhetoric though and you find a science that’s still in its infancy, being developed by scientists around the globe, almost as a last resort in the (now very possible) event that on-going efforts to avert climate catastrophe by reducing global emissions fail.

Current research on geoengineering is focused on either removing carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere or reducing global warming by reflecting more solar radiation away from the planet.  Most proposals to achieve these goals rely on physical engineering solutions, cloud seeding for instance. A more expansive reading of “geoengineering” though, leads to several intriguing ideas on using synthetic biology to remedy the effects of intensive industrialisation/pollution on the environment.

… a group of scientists is advocating the use of such organisms on a global scale to help mitigate the effects of climate change. Their, very SciFi-ish, ideas include: modifying particular species of bacteria that exist in harsh environments like deserts and equipping them with water harvesting capabilities; releasing entire stretches of DNA into a biosphere and allowing them to spread, equipping any host creature with water/temperature sensing capabilities, or releasing bacteria into the oceans that can cause pieces of plastic to stick to each other, solving the scourge of microplastic pollution.

“biologists are ever-aware of the conceit involved in predicting biological futures”

These and other ideas find few takers, though, and carry some real risks. We would have to be prepared to deal with the fact that any man-made bacteria released into a particular part of the world might escape a particular ecosystem, potentially wreaking havoc in others.  Biological entities evolve, and evolution might change released modified bacteria in unpredictable ways.

These are concerns synthetic biologists are tackling head on. In the last five years, we’ve made tremendous progress in engineering ‘kill-switches’ that could allow us to precisely control engineered bacteria in natural ecosystems. We’ve also developed bacteria which have been so extensively engineered that they cannot interact with other life-forms very well, or cannot reproduce, hence limiting the potential spread of synthetic DNA. Yet, biologists are ever-aware of the conceit involved in predicting biological futures and for the moment these bacteria will remain in Petri dishes in labs around the world.

II. The red planet

The largest concern with biological geo-engineering is the fact that we might cause dangerously irreversible changes to the only habitable planet we know of.

This is why a group of scientists, including NASA researchers, are exploring biological options in terraforming Mars. The hopes are many, ranging from making Mars human-habitable (paving the way for eventual human colonisation), to using the red planet as a test-bed for ecosystem engineering whose lessons might then rescue the Earth from climate catastrophe.

Less futuristic scenarios include the possibility of employing bacteria to harvest resources directly from Mars, or recycling consumable resources like waste-water, making manned Mars-missions a cheaper and easier endeavour. Most experts agree though that terraforming, the process of completely changing Mars’ atmosphere is a process that could take centuries.

A nearer-term option is something called para-terraforming. Paraterraforming envisions making smaller, enclosed spaces on Mars habitable for humans. Previous experiments in paraterraforming conducted on Earth have met with little success; however the prospect of engineering organisms specifically for terraforming makes this a more feasible proposition.

Some, however, question the ethics of using Mars as a lab-bench. One argument is that any human attempt at terraforming Mars might destroy or alter any remnant, hitherto undiscovered life on the planet. Another, that seeding Mars with terrestrial life may change a potential independent development of biological life on the planet in the distant future. These are minority opinions, however. A view that, in my opinion, holds more merit suggests that the creation of Mars as a back-up planet might hinder attempts to mitigate anthropogenic climate change and pollution here on Earth.

Geoengineering and Synthetic Biology


Another demon…face…mask? These things are malevolent, understand there is no benevolence in these toxic chemical sprays whatsoever!                                                     Eastern Pacific off California / Aug.14, 2017

INVASION: Why the ETs are TERRAFORMING planet Earth

by V. Susan Ferguson / August 18, 2017

E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang explain the facts of geoengineering our planet’s atmosphere in their fourth book, “TIMELINE COLLAPSE & UNIVERSAL ASCENSION, The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra” [2015].

In chapter eight, entitled ‘The Weaponization of Nature Leading to Catastrophic Earth Changes and Occurrences’ the authors say that by 2025 it had become “exceedingly clear…that governments had in fact reengineered Earths’ atmosphere, its oceans, and the planet’s electromagnetic grid to facilitate the use of scalar and sonic technology…”

For the last two years I have been actively involved in exposing the technology currently being used to geoengineeer our planet. In the late 1990s, while I was traveling and lecturing on my first book “Inanna Returns” by chance I was seated next to the man involved in retrofitting airplanes to disperse aerosols, aka chemtrails. He got very drunk and told me someday I would be grateful to my government. That day never came and I hope, assume that this man may have realized the terrible mistake he had made.

However, my entry into serious activism came when — upon returning to the states after seven years in New Zealand — I found myself on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State observing the Navy lay out chemical aerosols for EW electronic warfare, which they then fried with radio-frequencies and microwave.

Every time I looked out my windows at the beautiful view of the Olympic Peninsula, I saw the atmosphere and the air that I was breathing being poisoned with metal oxides: Lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, coal fly ash, and various other nano-sized particles which are based in fungi. I found these particles as white ‘dust’ all over my house. At first the stuff was readily identifiable as CHAFF, which is commonly used by fighter jets in radar. Over time, as nanotechnology advanced, the ‘dust’ became smaller and smaller, the aerosol trails in the sky became less dense, more like whisky gossamer milky webs that quickly disperse to cover the entire sky, often moving over Vancouver Island Canada.

As Nicolay says in his book, “By the late 2010, one needed only to look up at the increasingly greying hazy and unnatural streaking of usually blue skies…” There are countless US Patents for weather control and the technologies that grew out of this science.

Nicolay elucidates our understanding with the fact that, “This technology proceeded slowly until alien collaborations with secret factions of the US government…beginning in the early 1980s…under the auspices of developing new weather and space technologies…were being directed full force towards Earth.”

We have been given many reasons for the aerosol operations, and perhaps all of them have some truth in them, but it is also true that they are all partial truths and decidedly false in their intent to hide the true motive. When you study what is actually occurring now all over the planet, the conclusion that human life is being exterminated and the planet itself terraformed in an INVASION cannot be ignored.  I have not wanted to believe these suspicions. One must conclude that either these elite psychopaths are beyond insane — or that Earth has been invaded by an alien race which has its own ideas about our genome and the total altering of the planet.

The ‘metallization’ of the atmosphere allowed the “…complete weaponization of the atmosphere, the oceans, Earth’s magnetic fields and the electromagnetic grid system… These efforts would secretly turn weather patterns into potential weapons…and most destructively, use the Earth Itself as a medium for transmitting massive scalar and electromagnetic energy waves that could silently be used for enormously destructive purposes anywhere in the world.” [Nicolay]

Again Nicolay: “By the mid to late 2010s hardly any region on Earth was free of the newly ionized and ‘metalized’ atmosphere, or by virtue of particle fallout, the ionization of the electromagnetic grid system of the Earth itself, and its atmosphere, were now the ideal medium for the transfer of vast waves of scalar energy…[that could be] delivered with near pinpoint accuracy and devastating results.”


Multiple patterns, microwave, R/F… Eastern Pacific off California (above) / Aug.14, 2017  https://go.nasa.gov/2wZge1j

We are now breathing and living in this highly ‘metalized’ and ionized toxic environment.  The exponential increase of diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, respiratory illnesses, chronic digestive issues and more, can be directly linked to these toxic metals. We are literally being poisoned from the sky, not to mention the effects of radio-frequency, microwave, and soon 5G technologies, all of which are known to break down the immune system and even damage our DNA.

Why? Who would do this? Is the human military really totally insane? Or are they being manipulated by an off-planet race who wants our planet.

A higher consciousness is our Refuge!

V. Susan Ferguson












Microwave “fried” … various …


Sea of Okhotsk & Kamchatka Krai, Russia (above) / Aug.17, 2017                 https://go.nasa.gov/2wfkVaM

Off the California coast / Aug.17, 2017    Is that “brown” smoke or coal ash in the center of the rectangle?                                                                https://go.nasa.gov/2wfnji0



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Filament-explosions in cloud formations found on NASA Worldview / Filament formation in wind-cloud interactions: “magnetohydrodynamic systems of supersonic winds impacting clouds with turbulent density, velocity, and magnetic fields”

Manila the Philippines (above) / Jan.8 2017        http://go.nasa.gov/2iTzMAq


Filament formation in wind-cloud interactions: “magnetohydrodynamic systems of supersonic winds impacting clouds with turbulent density, velocity, and magnetic fields”

[VSF: This page is a collection of images, relevant science articles, and my ‘assumptions’ which are only just that, assumptions as I have no way to prove the connection between these very odd sort of “filament-bombs” I have found on NASA Worldview. The real technology is secret and more likely based in scalar physics. As my friend suggested, the beginning of a discussion and inquiry into these cloud shapes. What are they doing and WHY?]

Filament formation in wind-cloud interactions. II. Clouds with turbulent density, velocity, and magnetic fields
Wladimir Banda-Barragán, Christoph Federrath, Roland Crocker, Geoffrey Bicknell
(Submitted on 20 Jun 2017)
We present a set of numerical experiments designed to systematically investigate how turbulence and magnetic fields influence the morphology, energetics, and dynamics of filaments produced in wind-cloud interactions. We cover 3D magnetohydrodynamic systems of supersonic winds impacting clouds with turbulent density, velocity, and magnetic fields. 


[VSF: These look to me as if some ‘force’ is literally blasting the water-clouds and exploding them out.  A plasma gun? ]                                                                                          Africa eastern coastal (above) / July 21, 2017            https://go.nasa.gov/2vJZUks

We find that log-normal density distributions aid shock propagation through clouds, increasing their velocity dispersion and producing filaments with expanded cross sections and highly-magnetised knots and sub-filaments.

In self-consistently turbulent scenarios the ratio of filament to initial cloud magnetic energy densities is ~1. The effect of Gaussian velocity fields is bound to the turbulence Mach number: Supersonic velocities trigger a rapid cloud expansion; subsonic velocities only have a minor impact.

[VSF: What would cause “supersonic velocities to trigger rapid cloud expansion”? Are they doing this in a cloud-chamber, or in the atmosphere with their interferometry emitters?]

The Yellow Sea – between China & Korea (above) / July 22, 2017                 https://go.nasa.gov/2tApc7X

The role of turbulent magnetic fields depends on their tension and is similar to the effect of radiative losses: the stronger the magnetic field or the softer the gas equation of state, the greater the magnetic shielding at wind-filament interfaces and the suppression of Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities.

Overall, we show that including turbulence and magnetic fields is crucial to understanding cold gas entrainment in multi-phase winds.

South America / May 1, 2017  (above)          https://go.nasa.gov/2pq0VOe

South America (detail above) / May 1, 2017      https://go.nasa.gov/2pq0QtP

While cloud porosity and supersonic turbulence enhance the acceleration of clouds, magnetic shielding protects them from ablation and causes Rayleigh-Taylor-driven sub-filamentation.

Wind-swept clouds in turbulent models reach distances ~15-20 times their core radius and acquire bulk speeds ~0.3-0.4 of the wind speed in one cloud-crushing time, which are three times larger than in non-turbulent models. In all simulations the ratio of turbulent magnetic to kinetic energy densities asymptotes at ~0.1-0.4, and convergence of all relevant dynamical properties requires at least 64 cells per cloud radius.

Korea / April 21, 2017        https://go.nasa.gov/2p5zKbM

Korea / April 21, 2017         https://go.nasa.gov/2q0zc44


The Weibel instability is a plasma instability present in homogeneous or nearly homogeneous electromagnetic plasmas which possess an anisotropy in momentum (velocity) space.

This anisotropy is most generally understood as two temperatures in different directions. Burton Fried showed that this instability can be understood more simply as the superposition of many counter-streaming beams.

In this sense, it is like the two-stream instability except that the perturbations are electromagnetic and result in filamentation as opposed to electrostatic perturbations which would result in charge bunching. In the linear limit the instability causes exponential growth of electromagnetic fields in the plasma which help restore momentum space isotropy. In very extreme cases, the Weibel instability is related to one- or two-dimensional stream instabilities.

Consider an electron-ion plasma in which the ions are fixed and the electrons are hotter in the y-direction than in x or z-direction. To see how magnetic field perturbation would grow, suppose a field B = B cos kx spontaneously arises from noise. The Lorentz force then bends the electron trajectories with the result that upward-moving-ev x B electrons congregate at B and downward-moving ones at A. The resulting current j = -en ve sheets generate magnetic field that enhances the original field and thus perturbation grows.

Weibel instability is also common in astrophysical plasmas, such as collisionless shock formation in supernova remnants and lambda-ray bursts.

San Joaquin Valley California (above)/ March 19, 2017       https://go.nasa.gov/2pfHx3u

Sepia enhanced detail of San Joaquin Valley CA (above) / March 19, 2017              https://go.nasa.gov/2pfHXa4

detail San Joaquin Valley CA (above) / March 20, 2017         https://go.nasa.gov/2pfX4Al


A collisionless shock is loosely defined as a shock wave where the transition from pre-shock to post-shock states occurs on a length scale much smaller than a particle collisional mean free path. The reason such a structure can exist is because particles interact with each other not through Coulomb collisions, but by the emission and absorption of collective excitations of the plasma; plasma waves. 

In nonrelativistic collisionless shocks, there is a belief, though not proved, that a pre-existing magnetic field is necessary to allow the existence of such plasma waves.  The situation concerning relativistic shocks is less clear, where even in the absence of pre-existing magnetic field, at least in simulations, the colliding flows can generate large scale magnetic field through the Weibel instability (Medvedev & Loeb 1999). A similar phenomenon has been reported for nonrelativistic shocks (Kato & Takabe 2008).


The Gulf of Mexico (above) / May 10, 2017          https://go.nasa.gov/2qtNpuS















The Gulf of Mexico (above) / July 7, 2017      https://go.nasa.gov/2tSWRJs

Supersonic non-equilibrium ionization magnetohydrodynamictechnical experimental system
Article · August 2015
Design methods and composition of supersonic non-equilibrium ionization magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technical experimental system were introduced; the aspirated double-throat wind tunnel operated in Mach number 3.5 flow was designed and made. The large-scale, stable and uniform plasma was obtained continuously in supersonic flow through the capacitively coupled radio-frequency (CCRF) barrier discharge, in which the ceramic plate was taken as the barrier dielectric. Main conclusions are made as follows: the stable working time of the wind tunnel and the static pressure of experimental section are approximately 18 s and 650 Pa, respectively. Besides, when tunnel works in typical conditions of CCRF discharge, the conductivity of plasma is estimated to be 1.27×10-3 S/m in supersonic air.


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Aerosol Spraying for EW Electronic Warfare on the Olympic Peninsula WA / August 15, 2017

These photos were taken by me on the morning of August 15, 2017 from my house on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where the US Navy has commandeered a once pristine beautiful area into an electronic warzone. What you see are the nanoparticle chemicals, primarily metals like Lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, along with coal fly ash and other unknown nanoparticles that are based in fungi.

Note the wispy-feathery nature of these clouds and ask yourself if you have ever before in your life seen anything like them. Advances in nanotechnology appear to have contributed to the ‘wispy’ effect and increased both their dispersion rates and the amount of time the metalized plasma will remain aloft. More efficient.

VSF:  The photos with bright cobalt blue are intentionally contrast enhanced by me to reveal the structural properties that I can see with my eye, but that my inexpensive camera does not show. I want you to see how insanely unnatural these toxic clouds are.

Dispersion and damping rates of dispersive Alfvén wave in a nonextensive plasma
Y. Liu1, a), S. Q. Liu2, B. Dai1, and T. L. Xue1
Physics of Plasmas 21, 032125 (2014)
The dispersion and landau damping of the dispersive Alfvén waves (DAW) have been studied in the plasma with nonextensive electrons and ions.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics
March 2015, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 39–43
Dispersion relation and growth rate in two-stream thermal plasma-loaded free-electron laser with helical wiggler
Authors and affiliations: S. Meydanloo, S. Saviz
1.Plasma Physics Research Center, Science and Research BranchIslamic Azad UniversityTehran Iran
Open Access Research/First Online: 10 December 2014
Linear theory of the two-stream free-electron laser consisting of a relativistic electron beam transported along the axis of thermal plasma-loaded helical wiggler is proposed and investigated. The dispersion relation is derived employing linear fluid theory. The characteristics of the dispersion relation are analyzed by numerical solutions. The results show in that in the special values of the plasma temperature the growth rate is considerably enhanced. It is also shown that the growth rate after critical plasma density gradually decreases. Moreover, in the presence of the two-electron beam the growth rate of electrostatic mode is two times greater than that for electromagnetic mode.

[VSF: I am assuming that their “two-electron beam” has similar properties to an heterodyne interferometer. Yes, I am extrapolating here and making amateur assumption based on what I can find in terms of research articles online and the countless images I have been accumulating for over a year now.]

My 9am Photos / Heterodyne Interferometry on the Olympic Peninsula WA / Oct.28, 2016

Fungal-derived nanoparticles
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Throughout human history, fungi have been utilized as a source of food and harnessed to ferment and preserve foods and beverages. In the 20th century, humans have learned to harness fungi to protect human health (antibiotics, anti-cholesterol statins, and immunosuppressive agents), while industry has utilized fungi for large scale production of enzymes, acids, and biosurfactants.[1] With the advent of modern nanotechnology in the 1980s, fungi have remained important by providing a greener alternative to chemically synthesized nanoparticle.[2]
Culture techniques and conditions
Culture techniques and media vary depending upon the requirements of the fungal isolate involved, however the general procedure consist of the following: fungal hyphae are typically placed in liquid growth media and placed in shake culture until the fungal culture has increased in biomass. The fungal hyphae are removed from the growth media, washed with distilled water to remove the growth media, placed in distilled water and incubated on shake culture for 24 to 48 hours. The fungal hyphae are separated from the supernatant, and an aliquot of the supernatant is added to 1.0 mM ion solution. The ion solution is then monitored for 2 to 3 days for the formation of nanoparticles. Another common culture technique is to add washed fungal hyphae directly into 1.0 mM ion solution instead of utilizing the fungal filtrate. Silver nitrate is the most widely used source of silver ions, but silver sulfate has also been utilized.[10] Choloroauric acid is generally used as the source of gold ions at various concentrations (1.0 mM[14] and 250 mg to 500 mg[18] of Au per liter). Cadmium sulfide nanoparticle synthesis for F. oxysporum was conducted using a 1:1 ratio of Cd2+ and SO42− at a 1 mM concentration.[21] Gold nanoparticles can vary in shape and size depending on the pH of the ion solution.[18] Gericke and Pinches (2006) reported that for V. luteoalbum small (cc.10 nm) spherical gold nanoparticles are formed at pH 3, larger (spherical, triangular, hexagon and rods) gold nanoparticles are formed at pH 5, and at pH 7 to pH 9 the large nanoparticles tend to lack a defined shape. Soni and Prakash (2011) reported an opposite response to pH for silver nanoparticles synthesized by both C. tropicum and F. oxysporum.[22] The authors concluded that silver nanoparticle size increased as the pH of the ion solution decreased. Temperature interactions for both silver and gold nanoparticles were similar; a lower temperature resulted in larger nanoparticles while higher temperatures produced smaller nanoparticles.[18][22]

VSF:  The photos with bright cobalt blue are intentionally contrast enhanced by me to reveal the structural properties that I can see with my eye, but that my inexpensive camera does not show. I want you to see how insanely unnatural these toxic clouds are.

VSF: What kind of humans would poison their own land, air, and people with toxic metals and who knows what else? The military has a long history of experimenting on their own people, but this atrocity is going on world wide as the images from NASA World view clearly show day after day!

The damage to the atmosphere may be irreversible. Many are now saying the ozone is depleted, and oxygen itself is decreasing due to the damage of oceans’ phytoplankton.

I am now breathing these toxic particles. In spite of all my efforts, lithium, aluminum, barium, etc. will remain lodge in the soft tissues of my lungs for the rest of my days. We know the effects of lithium toxicity. Aluminum has been confirmed to be connected with dementia and Alzheimer’s for many years. Who would want a stupefied, passive and numbed population losing whatever remains of its memory? And WHY? This is genocide.


I have no illusions whatsoever that the Navy cares about me or any of the other people living out here in this once peaceful beautiful area. I have come to see the military of the empire as self-obsessed and greedy, arrogant with the power of technology.

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Understanding Enlightenment and Ascension / Resonance & the Rishis

Understanding Enlightenment and Ascension – V. Susan Ferguson 8/14/17

Enlightenment is the Realization that for all eternity we have been and are portions of the ubiquitous ONE God Force that dwells within each of us and within every manifested form. We are the imperishable immutable immeasurable ONE — we are That. TAT TVAM ASI. God Consciousness.

Ascension pertains to our evolution through the dimensional realms that God ‘plays’ in. In the sacred Sanskrit tradition, this is called the Divine LILA, the Divine Play. God Veils Itself as us, every individual being in the universe, to move through these dimensional realms that are created for the purpose of the unending explorations of the ever expanding and contracting, centrifugal and centripetal, God potential, the Adventure of Consciousness. The universe is the ‘mirror’ for God to reflect Its vast superb magnificence within.

I began my serious spiritual journey in the late 1960s when I read an inspiring book, “The Adventure of Consciousness” by Satprem, who was a disciple of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry India. Thus my path Home was from the very beginning rooted in the sacred Sanskrit Wisdom Knowledge. Years later, as this term Ascension began to find its way into the new age movement dialogue, I was confused, perplexed. Where would we ascend to?  We are already the ONE, albeit Veiled in a self-imposed Delusion (MOHA).  What direction was there to ascend to, to move up to, when we already were beyond time and space, beyond all direction up, down or sideways.

E.M. Nicolay defines ascension in his books “The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions” and “Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension” in a simple clear way. The Ascension process pertains to the consciousness of the many beings who are eternally moving from the lower dimensions to the higher within the varying frequency waveforms that they resonate with. Like attracts like. This is the Law of Magnetism. You will find yourself located in precisely the frequency that resonates with your own consciousness. Location is the unerring result of the frequency of our consciousness.


Resonance is in fact the primary principle that governs Cosmogonic Forces. Resonance is also primary in the current science of electromagnetics, and electromagnetics can be seen as substructure template reflection of the creative energy the ONE uses to “paint” the universe.

The One Creative Source is always generating new forms to experience, to ‘play’ within. Thus we, as pieces of that Oneness, are moving through these interconnecting dimensions so that we may enjoy Life. However as long as we are Veiled, and functioning within the Matrix of the spirit body we have created as a result of many lifetimes, this movement is somewhat involuntary — for these dimensions are the same realms that have been termed the “astral planes” by theosophists and others. The astral planes are well known to be full of the perils of deception, as well as heavenly pleasures. Consider the etymology of the word ‘astral’ and include the extraterrestrials who are currently either assisting human consciousness or interfering with our planet Earth’s well-being.

There is no thing wrong or right about playing in these layered realms, the Dimensions or astral planes, as you may like to term them. However there comes a time when many will want to move beyond them. This is the beginning of the journey towards what is termed Enlightenment in the sacred Sanskrit tradition. It is the Enlightened beings who are Liberated from the Matrix [Prakriti’s GUNAS] and thus have the freedom to move into and out of any realm, any dimension, any astral plane they choose. They have real lasting Freedom, and because they are united with the God-within them, immersed in God Consciousness, they do have true Free Will, not the limited free will of the temporal ego-self. They can choose to shape the ever-changing consciousness of dimensional realms as a Guardian. They can incarnate to assist others, comparable to the ideal of Bodhisattva.  They are no longer bound, no longer Veiled in the Delusion that they are, or were ever, Separated from God Consciousness. Thus they become a Living Home and a mode of expression for the ONE, the Cosmogonic Force that generates this universe and others.


The ancient Seers, those Rishis who composed the verses of the Rig Veda were in fact invoking these Cosmogonic Forces within themselves.  For example, they would invoke Indra, that force that may be understood as the Divine Mind working through a sort of cosmic electromagnetism and the subtle forces of Gravity to coalesce form into planetary systems and galaxies, into life on Earth. The Rishis also invoke Agni, which is often translated as Fire, but can be interpreted as the Divine Fire that is energy itself, the energy, electromagnetic plasma charge that fuels all of creation — even the rivers of fire, the Kundalini that rises in the human body to purify our consciousness.

These two Sanskrit words – Indra and Agni – are often combined as INDRAGNI in the Rig Veda, because all of the various cosmogonic forces work together in tandem. It is the mistake of compartmentalized confused western thinking to treat them as being distinct. They are not. Everything is interconnected. We live in a Woven Universe.


Both Indra and Agni work with SOMA, the flowing [pavamana] rivers of etheric plasma that are ignited in Kundalini, and in the substratum of stellar events like supernovas, volcanoes, the plasma generated from atomic bomb explosions. Indra and Agni are said to “drink” masses of Soma. But Soma is not a plant, the Rig Veda is very clear about this. What is imbibed is far more subtle, far more powerful. Awesome!

Thus we may choose the remain in the paths of Ascension, or we make seek Enlightenment, our final Liberation, MOKSHA in Sanskrit. There are many enlightened ones who are ‘playing’ in the dimensions. Perhaps you are one of these…

V. Susan Ferguson

SOMA in the Rig Veda is Not a Plant to Drink! / by R.L.Kashyap

Volcanic lightning is seen over the Puyehue volcano, over 500 miles south of Santiago, Chile, Sunday June 5, 2011. Authorities have evacuated about 600 people in the nearby area. The volcano was calm on Sunday, one day after raining down ash and forcing thousands to flee, although the cloud of soot it had belched out still darkened skies as far away as Argentina. (AP Photo/Francisco Negroni, AgenciaUno) CHILE OUT, NO PUBLICAR EN CHILE, NO SALES




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The ETs, the Harvesting of Souls & the Sanskrit Texts


The ETs, the Harvesting of Souls & the Sanskrit Texts

V. Susan Ferguson

In the March 27, 2013 post on Ancient Origins website, William Bramley author of ‘Gods of Eden’ has said:  “Based upon some of the Ancient Astronaut evidence, the Great Flood legend, and the UFO evidence connected to the Black Death, my guess was that the ETs’ solution would be another annihilation of humans… Such annihilation might be in connection with their creation of a new version of Homo sapiens that is more compatible with the ETs to replace us, just as custodial ETs had reportedly done in pre-history to create the current version of homo sapiens…”

This intriguing conjecture portends the end of a Cycle of Time, which leads to the fear-loaded question of the Harvesting of Souls. The archaic phrase ‘harvesting of souls’ is in fact specious, wrong and misleading.  There is only the One. There is only one Soul. We all share the same Soul, the Oneness.

“I am the same in all beings.”  [Bhagavad Gita IX.29]

We exist individually as spirit or astral bodies that transmigrate, moving from one material body to another by the law of magnetism. Like attracts like. Our actions, thoughts and consciousness create the subtle or spirit body over hundreds of life times. In Sanskrit the subtle body is called the SHARIRA. Seers and psychics can easily see this body and read its condition.

The word harvesting is also misleading. No one can ‘take’ you or make you do anything unless you yourself have generated a consciousness that resonates with a particular force, a waveform that would then magnetize you into its similar frequency.  Therefore a deeper understanding of the mechanics of this process will relieve you of fear and help you to realize why it is imperative to generate a high consciousness at every moment.

The Subtle Body

As you incarnate in Time and Space, you build a subtle body – also termed as the spirit or astral body. In Kashmir Shaivism is it called the puryashtaka rupa [Sanskrit]. Like the physical body, the subtle body contains a complex nervous system.

These “nerve currents are called Hita Nadis [Sanskrit] and they are very fine in structure, finer than even the thousandth part of a hair. Through these very fine, subtle nerve currents pass the serum of the essence of the human individual…” [Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, translated with commentaries by Swami Krishnananda and available online].

These subtle nerves store the impressions of our lives and our thoughts. Every thought, every experience is stored in this the subtle body that carries our individual consciousness from one life to another. This individuality is only a temporal ‘appearance’ for beneath all forms of multiplicity is the One, the eternal Real.

It is this aggregate, this cumulative consciousness that determines our next incarnation. Inevitably, inexorably we become that which our actions and thoughts, our own individual consciousness has self-created, self-generated.  We alone are responsible. We are drawn to the external holographic manifestations of our own thoughts. There is no one to blame. It is all our doing. We are each a portion of the Oneness playing in Time and Space — like everyone else.

The eternal, imperishable, immutable ONE assumes a temporal ‘appearance’ in a fragment of Its Self as the individual. When we are born we move into a new physical body and when we leave, meaning die, we do so in this subtle body. The subtle body is our data-collecting vehicle. It carries the five senses and the mind, the impressions (samskaras) of our experiences as “the wind carries scents.” [Bhagavad Gita XV.7 & 8]

Like attracts like!

From an understanding of the subtle body, we realize that no one can ever actually ‘take’ or harvest our soul. Our own consciousness has built the subtle spirit body. We will be magnetized to the-where-and-what it resonates with. Like attracts like – that simple!

Location is determined by your consciousness

Consciousness determines everything.  In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that the god worshippers go to the gods, the god worlds; those who worship the ancestors go to them, the ancestral realms; those who sacrifice to the spirits go to the spirits (bhutani), the shaman worlds; and those who Know and Become the One merge into That. (BhG IX.25)
There is nothing wrong in any of these forms of worship. However, these approaches are only “partial manifestations of the highest reality.” [Abhinavagupta, Bhagavad Gita VII 21-23]

The Invisible Realms

In previous Cycles of Time, we were not limited to the five senses and we were aware of these off-world realms now invisible to most of us.  As individuals we have played in these realms before. We may have bonds with them. If we humans were created by off-world beings, then it is only reasonable that they will want to salvage what is rightfully theirs – family DNA. However it is up to you to decide what you want and where you want to arrive.

Are the ETs Enlightened?

The so-called extra-terrestrials are merely the inhabitants of the Myriad Realms.  They may have grand technologies and may be very pretty, but are they enlightened? If they were enlightened would they be in these phantasmal realms?  If they are not enlightened, if they do not have the understanding of the One, if their consciousness has not reached eternal Wisdom, if they have not Become the One – then why do we need them?

The Oneness pervades All. However, these Myriad Realm beings in their countless phantasmal hierarchies do not want us to know that we too are the very Soul permeating this entire universe. Why trust these myriad spirit guides, ETs, etc. if you have no idea who or what they are?  You would not walk up to any stranger on the street and give your life over to them, would you? Ask yourself what does ‘saving’ you mean. Exactly where will they take you?

Our Refuge is a Higher Consciousness

If we are facing the end of this Cycle of Time, as many are suggesting and feeling, then our only Refuge is a higher consciousness. Use this time wisely. Do not waste it in fear. You are the Oneness. You are That. As they say in Sanskrit, Tat Twam Asi  – That thou art!

V. Susan Ferguson


The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Swami Krishnananda; The Divine Life Society, Uttaranchal, Himalayas, India, 2006.
Abhinavagupta’s Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, GITARTHA SAMGRAHA, Translated from Sanskrit with Introduction & Notes by Boris Marjanovic; Indica Books; 2004, Varanasi India
The Bhagavad Gita, Translated by Winthrop Sargeant, State University of New York Press, 1994


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NASA Worldview Wild FIRES 2017: Manitoba Canada and Central Siberian Plateau & SAKHA Republic Russia FIRES

Detail of Manitoba fires (above). What would produce these “vortex” shapes?
Are they coming up from the ground?         https://go.nasa.gov/2wSPrDF

Manitoba Fires:
WINNIPEG, MB. — The province of Manitoba has released its fourth wildfire bulletin of the summer. People in Manitoba are reminded that conditions remain hot and dry. That’s elevated the wildfire danger levels in many areas of Manitoba. As of August 10th, there have been more than 325 fires this season. With many other fires burning across the Prairie provinces and the Northwest Territories, parts of Manitoba may experience smoky conditions this weekend. No open burning is allowed without a permit between April 1st and November 15th.

Manitoba Releases 2017 Wildfire Bulletin #4

Manitoba Fires (above)/ Aug.12, 2017 / Very strange ‘new-to-me’ vortex shapes.      https://go.nasa.gov/2wT7nhF

Maybe coming up from the ground, but dispersing in a vortex form?
Manitoba Fires (above) / Aug. 11, 2017          https://go.nasa.gov/2wT4OvW

Manitoba Fires (above), sepia & contrast enhanced for definition. Are they spiraling? Toroidal fields? / Aug.12, 2017                                https://go.nasa.gov/2w04IXd

Manitoba Fires (above), sepia & contrast enhanced for definition. Are they spiraling? Torodial vortex? / Aug.12, 2017                  https://go.nasa.gov/2w04IXd

EOSDIS Worldview: Central Siberian Plateau & SAKHA Republic Russia FIRES  (above) on Aug.10, 2017, no “vortex” shapes. They must be experimenting with a new R/F zap to control the smoke?                https://go.nasa.gov/2wT009V

Same area in Central Siberian Plateau & SAKHA Republic FIRES / Aug. 11, 2017 / No noticeable “vortex” shapes.                    https://go.nasa.gov/2wSZTuP

EOSDIS Worldview: Central Siberian Plateau & SAKHA Republic FIRES (above)
Same area, but on Aug.12, 2017.  Note the spiraling “vortex” shapes. They must be experimenting with a new R/F zap to control the smoke?      https://go.nasa.gov/2vZGBrF

Central Siberian Plateau & SAKHA Republic FIRES (above). Detail.
Same area, but on Aug.12, 2017. Note “vortex” shapes.      https://go.nasa.gov/2vZB7wP

Central Siberian Plateau & SAKHA Republic FIRES (above). Detail.
Same area, but on Aug.12, 2017.  Note “vortex” shapes.       https://go.nasa.gov/2vZrxtN

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 The Battle Within & The Grace of God: “All crookedness of the Heart brings on destruction…” / from the Sanskrit Epic ‘The Mahabharata’


The Battle Within & The Grace of God

VSF: The following passage in the Mahabharata made me smile because it resonated with my own inner struggles.

Krishna is speaking to his friend Yudhishthira, the Pandava king who has just won the great internecine war that is the primary plot structure of the epic Mahabharata. Yudhishthira is depressed, ‘afflicted in mind’ and mourning the losses on both sides those who have died in the terrible battles, ‘bereft of his relatives and kinsmen’.  Krishna seeks to comfort his friend and urges him to prepare for the real battle – the one that will take place within Yudhishthira.

This is the very same ‘struggle’ that every human being must face as we move toward enlightenment and freedom.
The Mahabharata – Ashvamedhika Parva
Chapter 11
Verse 4:

All crookedness of the heart brings on destruction, and all rectitude leads to Brahman [the Oneness]. This and this only is the aim and object of all true wisdom. What can mental distraction do (to him).

Verse 5:

Your deed [karma] has not yet been destroyed nor have your enemies been subjugated, for you do not yet know the enemies that live within your own body.

Chapter 12
Verse 13:

Therefore, O chief of Bharata’s race [Yudhishthira], you must now prepare to carry the struggle against your mind, and by dint of abstraction and the merit of your own Karma [his acts/deeds], you must reach the other side of the mysterious and unintelligible (mind).

Verse 14:

In this war there will be no need for any weapons nor for friends or attendants. The battle, which is to be fought alone and single-handed, has now arrived for you.

Verse 15:

And if defeated in this struggle, you shall find yourself in the most wretched condition, and, O son of Kunti [Yudishthira’s mother], knowing this, and acting accordingly, shall you attain success.


Many years ago I wrote an article that has been very popular, The Real Armageddon: Learning how to be Alone!

The process of Remembering is something you have to do alone. No one can do it for you.

It is your return in complete solitude to the God-within you that reconnects you with the entire universe.

The individual personality-self, that God created to hold its infinite consciousness within the temporal illusory holographic matrix, is not so easily defeated. Often just as we think we have conquered everything, some bits of our old compulsions come forth and raise their hungry dragonheads! As Krishna says, we have to come to know and conquer “the enemies that live within your own body.”

The great masters, who have achieved enlightenment, say that in the end it is the Grace of God that will bring you Home. The battle is to arrive at a state of being that resonates with the higher realms, with the Absolute, the One. Your own efforts will raise your consciousness to a frequency that will permit God’s Grace to intervene.

Loving God in all Its forms will enhance this process.

V. Susan Ferguson

The Mahabharata, Vol. IX, Sanskrit Text & English Translation; translated by M.N. Dutt; Parimal Publications, Delhi, India; 2004
My inserts are in brackets; the others are Mr. Dutt’s.

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Message to the Emissaries: INVASION! / E.M. Nicolay: The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions / Timelines Collapse & Universal Ascension / “there are more of them and their cloned progeny present on Earth today than at any time prior.” / We may perceive the entire universe as the result of electromagnetics, the magnetic forces that create and dissolve the appearance of matter or form in the layers that are often termed as dimensional realms.









E.M. Nicolay:
The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions
Timelines Collapse & Universal Ascension

Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self Soul groups

As I have repeatedly stated over the years, Earth is a colony, one of millions in a universe that contains billions of galaxies and numerous races that all have their own way of perceiving life and their own agendas. Earth has been colonized by various species for millennium. The fact that this knowledge has been kept from us has contributed to a sinking down in the time frequencies of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and Confusion. We have not progressed as a species, we have done nothing but war with one another over religion and resources for all of written history — and we are now in the full-on-going process of poisoning our air, land, and water with toxic industrial waste and geoenginnering.

E.M. Nicolay reveals irrefutable insight into geoengineering as a definite part of the “foothold” Invasion of planet Earth. I sincerely hope that those of you who are grounded in your own spiritual understanding and aware of the presence of our off-planet progenitors will read his books. I am still going through them, however at this point I have no objection to his information and in fact find that what he says is in complete agreement with my own work and research over forty years. It is time for the emissaries to wake up and assist in the intended purpose for incarnating here to increase the higher vibrational frequencies of this planet. We are here to prevent the “invisible” and far reaching consequences to such an imbalance of energies to other dimensions and planetary systems.

E.M. Nicolay describes the Greys as “a humanoid-like species unrelated to earth humans consisting of various races.”  Nicolay states that the Greys, particularly the Zetas, have been highly genetically manipulated, as well as radioactively contaminated. This led them to experiment with genetic engineering and provided “superior telepathic and extra sensory abilities. … The group mind … led the to advances in telepathy, mind control, thought fencing and electromagnetic blocking techniques … and widespread use of universal electromagnetic frequency sciences.”

I have recently had the privilege of becoming friends with a man who has a very advanced understanding of the science of electromagnetics. Many hours of conversation with him patiently explaining the theories of Resonance, energy moving through a capacitor and inductor to create a magnetic field by a flow of electrons, along with a beginning glimpse of Maxwell’s equations, not as math, but rather more as metaphysics — these lessons have expanded and deepened my understanding of the implications of resonant frequencies.

We may perceive the entire universe as the result of electromagnetics, the magnetic forces that create and dissolve the appearance of matter or form in the layers that are often termed as dimensional realms. These Cosmogonic Forces are precisely what is being invoked in the Rig Veda by the Sanskrit words Indra, Agni, Soma, Ashvins, Maruts, Usha, and others.

Thus knowledge of the electromagnetic sciences, which we here on planet Earth are only beginning to comprehend, would allow races that wished to colonize a planet various means to manipulate not only genetic material — but also the alteration and control of a planetary atmosphere and what is currently known as geoengineering.

I have often said that no colonizing races would travel to a planet without the knowledge of geoengineering. This science would be of ultimate necessity to control the weather and alter land masses, flatten mountains and change the course of rivers to suit the need of the colonizers. In the Rig Veda the term used is “progenitors” which can also mean fathers (pitaram in Sanskrit).

Again I reiterate, Earth is a colony — one of millions. We must now seriously get over the ridiculous and crippling idea that we are alone in the universe.

E.M. Nicolay agrees with me and many others in the fact that our governments made “formal treaties” with various extraterrestrial races, which according to him have the potential to cause havoc in the time period we are in now. The treaties are in fact permission to ‘Invade’ our planet, to access our DNA through abduction, and carry out their hybrid programs that are allegedly now highly successful. There is a very subtle time factor involved in the Invasion, which you need to read Nicolay to understand. However, Nicolay does say that “there are more of them and their cloned progeny present on Earth today than at any time prior.”

The above image is enhanced by me to show structural properties.

The plan the ETs are engaged in is very complicated, and again I am recommending that you read the two books mentioned above. As most of you know who read here, I have become very involved with exposing the geoengineering atrocity that has been going on around the planet for well over fifty years now. I have used the NASA Worldview screenshots of electrically ‘fried’ and charged unnatural cloud formations to convince you that something seriously wrong and abnormal is being perpetrated in our skies as the Earth’s atmosphere is being weaponized and turned into a capacitor.

The above image is enhanced by me to show structural properties.

E.M. Nicolay sheds light on geoengineering, explaining in credible detail that the extraterrestrial presence “decided that the atmospheric, climatic, and other planetary conditions on Earth would need to be slightly altered to be more compatible with their own” and thus make our planet more compatible for them! In this chilling disclosure: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

The chemicals that have been found in the aerosol spraying include lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, and other fungi-based nanoparticles. The atmosphere is being “metalized” — METALIZATION is a term now used by Russian science (Vladimir Fortov in the “Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma”, Oxford Science Publications) — and in plasma physics and electromagnetics, metalization implies ‘metal dialetric transition’. The chemical composition of the sprays are also said to contain desiccates which dry out the air.

We know that the planet is in fact warming because the Arctic, the Antarctic and Greenland are all in meltdown (again I have posted multiple articles and images showing this fact). We do not know the long term consequences of the warming beyond rising sea levels and methane release from various locations world wide, especially in the polar regions.

Regarding the desire for a more radioactive world by these ETs, we need look no further than Fukushima, San Onofre in CA, Hanford WA, Chernobyl, and the tons of spent fuel rods that nobody has the slightest idea of how to safely dispose of. Did you know that more nuclear power planets are being built, and most of them on water where they will be vulnerable to sea level rise. 

I understand that one can easily conclude that the human race is completely insane and simply shut down, unable to comprehend how this can actually be occurring. However, consider that it is this day, actually now, true that the hybridization program is already in full implementation, and that these hybrids may in fact include, (consciously or unconsciously), many of our leaders, the elite 1% rich, and scientists employed by the corporatocracy, who have control of the secret deep-state ‘black’ programs that are being carried out at our expense, and with no thought whatsoever to public safety. We the ‘eaters’ as the elite term us, have become less than slaves. We are collateral damage at best, and lab rats.

Nicolay: “As a result of those agreements [with our governments, or secret ‘deep state’ governments], the Zetas have continually and ‘willingly’ provided new technologies to your defense and secret government organizations … which can be used detrimentally.” Our governments cannot acknowledge their complicity, because at this point the public would revolt and demand retribution for destroying the atmosphere, the ozone, the ocean, and the planetary climate. And Nicolay informs us that, “the treaties in question, as specified by the Zetas, do not allow the governments with whom they are involved to divulge their existence.”  Smart, aren’t they. These ratzoid ETs included a clause in the contractual agreements forbidding disclosure. What can the penalties be? Simply no more profitable technology for the greedy rich elite? Or something worse? Are they afraid?

These photographs are taken by me from my home on the Olympic Peninsula WA.

Nicolay also states that there are in fact efforts to “sicken and ‘sterilize’ human angelic [our Soul group as he terms us] without their awareness through a combined systemic electromagnetic assault and mounting exposure to an ever-increasing list of environmental toxins, all figure prominently in the Zetas’ plans.”

This is indeed an Invasion! I will write further on this soon.
Earth WAKE UP!

Our Refuge is a higher Consciousness.

V. Susan Ferguson


WAKE-UP EARTH: The Reality Now!




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Dramatic Drone Footage as HEATWAVE devastates European glaciers / SCIENTISTS EXTREMELY WORRIED: IT’S RAINING IN ANTARCTICA! / MAHAR: A Genetic Ark – Mahar [the extraplanetary world] and from there will return to the world of life” (janaloka).” [Linga Purana 1.4.39-40]

European heatwave devastates European glaciers

RT: Dramatic drone footage as HEATWAVE devastates European glaciers

Drone footage has been released showing the devastating impact of heatwave Lucifer on the Italian Alps, as temperatures soared to over 40 Celsius.


Seemorerocks: http://robinwestenra.blogspot.com/

Greenland melt off east coast (above)  / Aug. 6, 2017          https://go.nasa.gov/2vFCsZq






MAHAR: A Genetic Ark

Most of us can really not imagine the total destruction of our world, our planet Earth. And yet one of the most popular modern myths is that of Superman and the annihilation of his home planet Krypton. Is the universal appeal of this story merely Superman’s ability to save us from the bad guys? Or is there something deeper and profoundly fundamental to our unconscious memory in the meme of the total destruction of a home-world planet?

The idea of the cyclical, eventual, and inevitable dissolution of the world within Four Cycles of Time is basic to Sanskrit metaphysics:

“What is called accidental or provoked destruction (of living species) takes place at the end of…the cycle of Yugas. Therefore it concerns the human species. It takes place when the creator can no longer find any remedy apart from a total destruction of the world to put an end to the disastrous and unplanned increase in the number of living beings.”

[Mahabharata 12.248.13-17]

Did you ever wonder – ‘What is all this life on Earth for?’ What does the Creator want? Sanskrit metaphysics tells us that the God-within, the ATMA/SELF, is never affected in the slightest by anything we have ever done. Reason it for yourself – if we could alter IS-ness in anyway, for even a NY minute, we would have destroyed the entire universe eons ago. Look what we have done recently to our planet and to each other for the past 6,000 years!

In his famous interview with Art Bell, the UFO informant John Lear says that the ETs refer to us humans as ‘containers’ and even though he does not seem to understand the implications of his statement – he knows that this entire experience has something to do with our SOULS. These containers, the human body or – as I like to say – our data-collecting-vehicles, are illusory temporal homes for our souls.

The soul is eternal, immutable, and perhaps seeking evermore interesting vehicles within which to express and experience indefinite possibilities. So imagine that you are a ‘higher’ being who is in charge of cooking-up some new and more interesting data-collecting-vehicles in the universe. You pick a planet from millions and you arrange for a myriad of species to donate their DNA into the experiment. Over time more and more souls incarnate, because this intensely polarized place is so endlessly fascinating – while you wait to see what will happen.

You don’t judge anything or anyone in the experiment! You just never know what will happen – meaning from whence that great gene code will emerge. Sometimes the most worthless rogue and blackguard will resurrect itself like the Phoenix, and become an unexpected brilliance beyond your wildest dreams.

After a time, for example four cycles of time, you see what will be worth saving. It’s like deciding what to pack when going on a vacation – or more dramatically and relevant, choosing what to take on the proverbial Noah’s Ark. You wouldn’t take anything you couldn’t use or things that will weigh you down. Carefully, you only take what you will need for the trip. You retrieve the most interesting and fertile gene codes for the next probable future.

“When the dissolution of the world seems immanent, some people abandon the earth during the last days of the Kalpa and take refuge in the world of

Mahar [the extraplanetary world] and from there will return to the world of life” (janaloka).”

[Linga Purana 1.4.39-40]

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E.M. Nicolay: “Ascension” is about the eternal movement of interlocking dimensional realms. This eternal on-going never-ending process is assisted by the Enlightened ones who dwell in the highest dimensions.

VSF: I am just beginning to read E.M. Nicolay and find him very much in resonance with my own thinking. He writes about geoengineering as part of the tyrannical ET races plan to invade and take over our planet Earth.  He is very detailed in his understanding and I will write more as I get deeper into him.

Nicolay also is well versed in traditional metaphysical truth, and this makes his work stand on an excellent foundation. He comprehends that “ascension” is about the movement of interlocking dimensional realms. This eternal on-going never-ending process is assisted by the Enlightened ones who dwell in the highest dimensions.

Thus we understand again, even from the view point of teachings regarding “ascension” that our own Enlightenment is the key to Liberation. Yes, challenging times are ahead. These experiences will encourage many to wake up. Our only Refuge is a higher consciousness, God Consciousness.












The Question of Relationships
E.M. Nicolay
January 20, 2016

Many times the question of  “relationship,” one you have with another individual or one you have with a group, comes into play.  We would like to explore with you the basis for many of those relationships. …

It is unfortunate that Soul Mate in your vernacular has come to mean a love object or a person you desire, or even a person who is closely related to you or associated with you in terms of liking what you like and being your friend.  While this can be true, usually nothing could be further from the truth.  You should be aware that the basis of a Soul Mate relationship from the perspective of your Soul is NOT the individual who likes the same things you like or wants to do the same things you want to do.

On the contrary, more often than not your Soul Mate is that relationship that provides you with the maximum opportunities for growth, and as such can sometimes push your predispositions in extraordinary ways. …

In many cases, in fact in the majority, that growth and the relationship are charged with important dynamics that originate through the volatile situations and difficult challenges coming out of the relationship.   Again, although this is not always the case and it must be remembered that a Soul Mate is most likely an entity known to you at a Soul level who supports your growth unconditionally, generally Soul Mates are those individuals in the lifetime who provide you with extraordinary challenges.

In important ways they participate with you, unconsciously, in difficult and often extreme situations intended to provide you with either the development of certain aspects of your character or for long term growth from inside the lifetime. 




“Our task to wake up those of us who have forgotten what they went for…”

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Schumann Resonance at 40 hertz – MAJOR frequency rise / Soot, Forest Fires & “Atmospheric Aerosols, Life Cycles & Effects on Air Quality & Climate”

Published on Aug 4, 2017
August 4, 2017: Earth’s harmonic OHM or vibration is at unprecedented levels today. This frequency does affect every living creature on the earth. Science has proven our brainwaves strongly respond to this energy, this frequency.
Sometimes this can come with anxiousness, along with many other feelings and emotions. Try not to be to eager to over react to situations, sit back for a minute and think things through completely, be rational and you know the drill…be wise. You are aware of why this is happening and use this knowledge to help others that may not know what the Schumann Resonance is, try and explain to them what this frequency shift is and how it affects them, all of us. Be safe out there…

Thanks to #MrMBB333





VSF:  My view of the Olympic Peninsula WA from my house was totally socked-in with smoke from the Canadian forest fires this morning, Saturday Aug.5, 2017. Although yesterday the smoke had cleared off a bit, today it is much worse! The air quality report today states that the Seattle area has the worst air quality in the nation.


On NASA Worldview over the last few days, it did appear that ionospheric heater radio-frequency & microwave manipulation was taking place — because there were “rectangular” patterns not only in the clouds off the west coast, but a right angle was also seen in the smoke itself [yesterday Aug.4].

Could it be that geoengineering can manipulate and move smoke “soot” from wildfires to specific locations?  Why was the smoke moving south & west — and not east as it would normally do? Could it be that a big interferometer transmitter was creating a low pressure area that would draw the smoke into it.  Note the very curious completely unnatural ‘rectangular hole’ in these clouds! When did clouds form into geometric shapes? God only knows what is in this smoke, meaning what toxic chemicals, lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, fungi-based nanoparticles — and the fact that this smoke-haze can hide whatever spraying they are doing above us. 

Off the west coast USA (above) / Aug.4, 2017               https://go.nasa.gov/2wpShQj

Ridiculous! geometry (above) … from Monday, July 31, 2017.  A precursor to the later “rectangular” patterns?                https://go.nasa.gov/2vnP9rI

WIKI: Soot /ˈsʊt/ is a mass of impure carbon particles resulting from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons.[1]  It is more properly restricted to the product of the gas-phase combustion process[citation needed] but is commonly extended to include the residual pyrolysed fuel particles such as coal, cenospheres, charred wood, and petroleum coke that may become airborne during pyrolysis [burning wood] and that are more properly identified as cokes or chars.
Soot causes cancer and lung disease, and is the second-biggest human cause of global warming.[2]



Forest Fires a Huge Cost to Health
Making a case study of a 2001 fire in Chisholm, Alberta, that ravaged 116,000 hectares of forest land and burned buildings in and around the town, researchers used satellite imagery and monitoring stations to assess the contributions of the fire to concentrations of particulate matter (PM) in the air. The seven-day blaze caused PM levels 160 kilometres away in Edmonton, Alberta, to soar well above the air quality guidelines for Canada.

In terms of values of health risks, the study estimates the effects as between $9 million and $12 million, with 95 per cent of the impacts related to increases in mortality risk, restricted activity days, lost wages, and acute respiratory symptoms suffered by those affected by the poorer air quality. “The overall health impacts were significant, when compared to other related costs such as fire-fighting,” said Dr. Vic Adamowicz, a professor of rural economy at the University of Alberta and co-author of the study.

[Excerpt below from: “Atmospheric Aerosols, Life Cycles & Effects on Air Quality & Climate” – 2017; WILEY-VCH, Germany]

“The effect of gaseous emissions from biomass burning on atmospheric chemistry and climate is critically important.  Biomass burning is one of the major sources of atmospheric aerosols, mainly consisting of small smoke particles…having submicron particles … a large fraction of smoke particles can easily penetrate the respiratory system of humans. … Such forest fire particles are rapidly uplifted to high altitudes and transported over long distances, with major effect on air quality…

“The climate effects are mainly associated with an appreciable decrease in surface reflectance and a decrease in the single scattering albedo [reflectance] of columnar aerosols, which both appreciably contribute to cause local warming effects in the atmosphere.”

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Smoke from the Canadian wildfires on NASA Worldview: Aug.2, 3 & 4 / Could it be that geoengineering can manipulate and move smoke from wildfires to specific locations?

Could it be that geoengineering can manipulate and move smoke from wildfires to specific locations?

Smoke coming down from Canadian wildfires / Aug.2, 2017                        https://go.nasa.gov/2vARMGZ

detail / Aug.2, 2017  (above)       https://go.nasa.gov/2wtAfwF

Aerosol spraying off shore in the Pacific Ocean / Aug.2, 2017   (above)            https://go.nasa.gov/2vADdTU

North America west coast: Note the large unnatural rectangular shape that is filling with blue smoke. / Aug. 3, 2017  (above)          https://go.nasa.gov/2vAAAkR

See the blue smoke in the rectangle… Doesn’t this look as if they are intentionally drawing the smoke in a certain direction by creating a low pressure area?  / August 3, 2016     (above)                               https://go.nasa.gov/2vx9wmF

Why is the smoke moving south & west and not east as it would normally do? Could it be that a big interferometry transmitter was creating a low pressure area that would draw the smoke into it.  Note the very curious completely unnatural ‘rectangular hole’ in these clouds!  When did clouds form into geometric shapes?    August 3, 2017 (above)                             https://go.nasa.gov/2wpShQj

Now look at the NASA Worldview map for August 4, 2017.  Notice how the smoke over Seattle WA and the Olympic Peninsula, etc. has ‘cleared’ off, or perhaps been cleared off by the same technology, an interferometry transmitter creating a low pressure area that can manipulate the smoke. Perhaps using the smoke from these Canadian wildfires to cool down certain areas, like an umbrella — or simply experimenting, ‘playing’ meaning seeing what they can accomplish with these electromagnetic radiation plasma-based technologies, similar to HAARPs, large and small.           August 4, 2017          https://go.nasa.gov/2wtB8Wc

More detail of the smoke manipulation on Aug. 4, 2017   https://go.nasa.gov/2wtFTPA

These ‘rivers’ of aerosols were out at sea in the eastern Pacific Ocean off the west coast on August 4, 2017.                   https://go.nasa.gov/2vADdTU

Another detail showing the ‘rectangular’ shape of the smoke in the upper right hand area on Aug. 4, 2017.  Since when did smoke make geometric shapes?                              https://go.nasa.gov/2vAzoxK

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BOLO HAR HAR HAR: ‘SHIVAAY’ film Title Song / with English Translation

Song : Bolo Har Har Har
Singer :Mithoon Featuring Mohit Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Badshah, Megha Sriram Dalton & Anugrah.
Additional Vocals Parthiv Gohil
Music Composed Arranged And Programmed By : Mithoon
Lyrics & Rap By : Sandeep Shrivastava

Say Har Har Har
Fire flows through your veins
There’s no one like you in the whole world
You are the beginning of the time
You destroy when you open your eyes

Abeyance erupts,
Say Har Har Har,
(All the three har’s have different meanings
first one means “to captivate”
second one means “to consolidate”
third one means “to destroy”)

(Lyricist define Lord Shiva as)

he can never be created nor destroyed
he is equal for everyone
he is the one in which the world strings like pearls
he is serene & rejoices his own space

He knows everything about magic & talismans
He knows everything & respects his pride
He can dismantle anything & deathless
He speaks the language of ‘Omkar’ (The sound of sacred syllable)

Marijuana & dhatura are hoisted to him
He is the king of all the three loka’s (hell,earth & heaven)
He is immortal even after drinking poison as well
He is the lord of universe who chants har har

He is zero & absolute
In whom Lord Shiva resides

This is Aghor mantra
(if someone repeats it regularly
He becomes equal to dues)

My salutations to the letter “Na” , which is Shiva
Who wears as garland the king of snakes
Who has three eyes
Who wears ash all over Him
Who is the greatest Lord
Who is forever
Who is the cleanest
And who wears the directions themselves as dress

Shiv protect us save us

Shiv protect us save us
Only you can guard us

He can see anything with eyes shut
He is playing with time
He is only great lord
For him this whole universe is minuscule

The holy river Ganges tied in his hair with moon as his crown
He can be loving and sometimes horrendous
He came in existence through fire and lives in Kailash mountain
He is more energetic then the energy itself

Ram & Ravan belongs to him
He can take or give life
He can be chaotic & forgiving
He teaches the way of life to everyone

When he opens his third eye(mounted on his forehead)
The earth & heaven shakes
His name echoes in every direction and on the horizon
All Hail Lord Shiva

He is zero & absolute
In whom Lord Shiva resides

He is zero & absolute
In whom Lord Shiva resides

Say har har har

Go to Kailash Mountain & Destroy

My salutations to the letter “Ya” , which is Shiva,
Who takes the form of Yaksha,
Who has a tufted hair,
Who is armed with spear,
Who is forever filled with peace,
Who is godly,
Who is the great God,
And who wears the directions themselves as dress.



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Arctic sea ice may well be gone by September 2017 / NASA Worldview: The Arctic & Greenland August 1 & 2, 2017

VSF: I wonder how the transmitter interferometers make these oval shapes, like a cookie-cutter…  Greenland / August 1, 2017 (above)         https://go.nasa.gov/2wkbJ14


THE ARCTIC (above) / Aug.2, 2017            https://go.nasa.gov/2wns0lN

Arctic sea ice may well be gone by September 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 – [excerpt]

The Arctic Ocean is warming up fast and this is melting the sea ice from below.

Sea surface temperature anomalies are well above 8°C (14.4°F) in several parts of the Arctic Ocean. The image on the right shows sea surface temperature anomalies from 1961-1990 for the Arctic (60°N – 90°N) on August 2, 2017.

Global sea ice extent is at a record low for the time of the year, as illustrated by the graph below, by Wipneus. Lower sea ice extent means that less sunlight is reflected back into space.

The danger is that much of the extra heat will instead reach sediments at the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean that contain huge amounts of methane in currently still frozen hydrates.



Davis Strait – Greenland (above) / Aug.1, 2017        https://go.nasa.gov/2wkbl2F

Davis Strait – Greenland (above) / Aug.1, 2017          https://go.nasa.gov/2vrx248

Greenland east coast (above) / Aug.1, 2017                 https://go.nasa.gov/2wkdj2X

Greenland (above) / Aug.2, 2017          https://go.nasa.gov/2wnA2v5

Greenland (above) / Aug.2, 2017         https://go.nasa.gov/2vv2EG4

Greenland (new weirdness? above) / Aug.2, 2017        https://go.nasa.gov/2vuPRDU

Greenland (new weirdness? above) / Aug.2, 2017            https://go.nasa.gov/2wnIs5k

East coast Greenland (above) / Aug.2, 2017                https://go.nasa.gov/2wnymkZ

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Jeff Rense & Dane Wiggington – Shocking GeoEngineering Climate Roasting Of The West / and NASA Worldview: west coast North America Aug.1, 2017

West coast North America / August 1, 2017  (above)             https://go.nasa.gov/2vrHtVo


Jeff & Dane Wiggington – Shocking GeoEngineering Climate Roasting Of The West


Off the Washington State coast (above) / Aug.1, 2017              https://go.nasa.gov/2vryqnu

California & Baja CA / Aug.1, 2017                 https://go.nasa.gov/2wjCqTw

Guadalupe Island (the little “rabbit” upper right above)  / Aug.1, 2017                                           https://go.nasa.gov/2wjCJOa

Smoke from British Columbia fires over Washington State / August 1, 2017  https://go.nasa.gov/2wk8aYH




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