Scott Ritter: The Raw TRUTH!!! / Nuclear War

Ritter says that the potential for a nuke war is very real and that if we don’t do something to stop it — we risk annihilation. Shiva is the frequency waveform of Dissolution.

Military background
In 1980, Ritter served in the U.S. Army as a private. Then, in May 1984, he was commissioned as an intelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps. He served in this capacity for about 12 years.[3] He served as the lead analyst for the Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Force concerning the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iran–Iraq War.
Ritter’s academic work focused on the Basmachi resistance movement in Soviet Central Asia during the 1920s and 1930s, and on the Basmachi commanders Fazail Maksum and Ibrahim Bek.[4][5]
During Desert Storm, he served as a ballistic missile advisor to General Norman Schwarzkopf. Ritter later worked as a security and military consultant for the Fox News network. Ritter also had “a long relationship […] of an official nature” with the UK’s foreign intelligence spy agency MI6 according to an interview he gave to Democracy Now! in 2003.[6]

Weapons inspector
Ritter “ran intelligence operations for the United Nations”[6] from 1991 to 1998 as a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq in the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM), which was charged with finding and destroying all weapons of mass destruction and WMD-related manufacturing capabilities in Iraq. He was chief inspector in fourteen of the more than thirty inspection missions in which he participated.
Ritter was amongst a group of UNSCOM weapons inspectors that regularly took Lockheed U-2 imagery to Israel for analysis, as UNSCOM was not getting sufficient analysis assistance from the United States and the United Kingdom. This was authorized by UNSCOM, the American U-2 having been loaned to UNSCOM, but caused Ritter to be subjected to criticism and investigation by U.S. authorities. Iraq protested about the supply of such information to Israel.[7][8]

Mitchell Henderson

Ukraine And Nuclear War Near


“Government officials are leaving Moscow…& American officials are leaving DC.”

A very interesting video!

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TIH: The Temporal Illusory Hologram as ‘a program within a program within a program…’ / “…at some point the myriad of events happening in your world hold no further interest for you.” / “…you got too bored, so you created a program. … just something to do!”

VSF: Around 2004 I was living in Charlottesville, VA. I went into my ‘hermit mode’ and began to once again seek answers in the Bhagavad Gita. Sitting out on my screened-in porch on a lovely summer day, reading the Gita — suddenly, sweetly, slowly I began to experience that highest Truth that God was dwelling in my very own heart. I had searched everywhere for God, for Truth and yet found that sweetest nectar subtle bliss in my own Heart. Tears of Joy flowed from my eyes. I was never the same.

That was the period I wrote my own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, using multiple translations. And I came up with the term Temporal Illusory Hologram, TIH. I never dreamed that so many years later I would find a very straight forward clear explanation of the TIH as a program within a program within a program — and in a book by Dolores Cannon.

When we contemplate the following three excerpts, we begin to understand that all three saying the exact same Truth. We have come here and Veiled our inner God-Self in ignorance of our own God-Self, in an Illusion, deluded our consciousness so that we may play in this polarity plane of pain & pleasure. The structural mechanics of the Ascension process is part of the Illusion. We can go Home whenever we like. Game over.

I often thought — God must be very bored with eternal Bliss to have created such a cruel and beautiful, terrifying realm as Third Dimensional planet Earth. Indeed, I remember feeling bored in some ‘heavenly’ realm!

I hope these thoughts will help us in our travail across these last days as the current Cycle of Time is unraveling. Our world is collapsing. I always wondered how God would bring this darkest cycle of time to its close.

[The brackets are mine.]

A Higher Consciousness is our only Refuge.
We meet in the Heart

Excerpt from Timeline Collapse and Universal Ascension by E.M. Nicolay, 2015

“Even now in the current physical lifetime on Earth, as you gain consciousness and enlightenment you will find more and more that you have lost interest. What you see transpiring around you and happening in the News on a Third Dimensional Earth in turmoil will seem like an absurd and distant dream. This tendency will increase until at some point the myriad of events happening in your world hold no further interest for you.

Excerpted from The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, Dolores Cannon; 2011.

“I understand the process of it [the appearance of the temporal illusory hologram]. I understand the program, the holographic, the thoughts. I know the program and you are living inside the program, so…it’s harder for you to first realize you are in a real program. And then break out of the program [become enlightened]…”

Dolores Cannon: You have told me many times it’s an illusion.

“It doesn’t have any existence whatsoever. That’s why it’s so funny for us.”

DC: It’s a game. It’s a play. [The Divine LILA, God’s Play in the Sanskrit]

“As soon as you leave, you will realize you were in a program. But while you are in it, you can’t even imagine … We really don’t comprehend your pain and agony because we know how the program works. But we also know that it’s only a program so we need to live in this program in order to realize it, just as you do.

“But nevertheless, there is nothing to learn if you are going back to the origin of all.”

[This is why I say Earth is NOT a school! We are God, therefore we already Know All. What is there to learn? Both the Bhagavad Gita and the Kashmir Shaivite Abhinavagupta say that once you have achieved God-Realization, there is nothing more to do, nothing to learn.]

“With it or without the program, there is only One. I would say it like this: you got too bored, so you created a program. … just something to do! … the program is a program within the program, but you started an original [a piece of the Creator] before the program ever came …

“The program can go on forever [in the sacred Sanskrit tradition the term is the Wheel, we need to get off the Wheel and realize our Oneness with the One], yet the beginning and the end is just the One. … It’s never been separated from anything. [We are and never were separated from the one — ever! We are THAT: TAT TWAM ASI.]

“It was always One and always will be.”

The Song of Ribhu
Translated from the Original Tamil Version by Dr. H. Ramamoorthy & Nome; Society for the Abidance of Truth, 2000.

Never entertain in your mind at any time
The frightening attitude that
This perishable body and such are myself
And this world is apart from me.

Be rid of the debilitating bondage of worldly existence,
By practicing so as to be
Unfaltering in the rock-like conviction
That nothing ever exists,
That whatever illusory appearances are there
Are all, in reality, the mass of Bliss, the Supreme,
And I am ever that Supreme
And thus devoid the sense of yourself [small identity ego],
abiding in your Self as the Supreme.

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The Barents Sea Arctic

VSF: To understand the Russian Arctic, the Barents Observer always has interesting informative articles. Years ago I read from many sources that Putin did not accept global warming. In fact he saw recurring Sun Cycles as an opportunity to develop oil and gas.

The Barents Sea borders both Norway and Russia. There have been agreements as to who gets the resources. But mostly they seem to get along.

Here are a few recent articles.

Russia must make a great shift towards the East, says Minister of the Arctic | The Independent Barents Observer

…the shift towards the East will take time, and argues that Russia has a time gap of ten years where it can use its revenues from natural resource exports to rebuild the economy.
Natural resources from the Arctic will be of significant importance in the process. And regional resources must be develop “as soon as possible, as long as the markets allow for it.”
Minister Chekunkov admits that international sanctions now inflict massive damage to Russian businesses. Our industry is now cut off access to technology that is needed for production of thousands of goods, “from paper to satellites,” he writes.
“The skies are closed for our aircraft, the borders are closing for goods, as well as for people.”
And there is a dramatic situation in domestic east-west logistics. According to the minister, there is today a deficiency in transportation capacities between western Russia and the Far East of 70 million tons. That will increase to 160 million tons by 2025, he explains.
And the situation has gotten even worse as western companies have moved their shipping containers out of Russia.
But the troubles notwithstanding, Russia will prevail, Chekunkov writes confidently. “Russia has everything that is needed for it to overcome the problems and achieve a high level of economic growth, not fall behind in technologic development and take a decent position in a complicated and changing world,” the minister argues.
The bright prospects outlined by Russia’s Arctic minister are not shared by leading economists. Paradoxically, Chekunkov’s opinion piece was published on the same day as an economic report by Vladislav Inozemtsev, Director of the Russian Center for Post-Industrial Studies.
In his analysis, Inozemtsev writes that Russia’s current economic downturn is “certainly going to ‘outdo’ the crisis year of 2009.” Then, the country’s GDP shrank by 7,9 percent.
The economist warns that Russian economy could end up in “a full-blown disaster as early as in 2024−2025.”

As more warriors from Pechenga perish in war, local military towns face overhaul | The Independent Barents Observer

 Russian brigades located near the border to Norway and Finland have experienced big losses of warriors on the battlefields in Ukraine. Already the first days of the onslaught, a major number of men are believed to have lost their lives in fights outside Kharkiv.
Regional Governor Andrei Chibis in mid-March made a visit to the 61st Naval Infantry Brigade and the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade, the units that are believed to have suffered the biggest losses.
… from regional information, there are at least 1,274 soldiers from the Kola Peninsula that either are dead, injured or still fighting in Ukraine.

Construction of second Arctic floating nuclear power plant is underway | The Independent Barents Observer

Construction of second Arctic floating nuclear power plant is underway
Three years after “Akademik Lomonosov” started to produce electricity for the remote Siberian community of Pevek, the first of four in a new generation of up-scaled floating nuclear power plants for the Arctic is now officially under construction at a yard in China.

   The hull to the first two new floating NPPs will be built in China. This is unlike the “Akademik Lomonosov” whose hull was built in Severodvinsk by the White Sea before being towed to St. Petersburg where reactors and other gear were built.
Atomenergomash, a sub-company of Russia’s Rosatom state nuclear corporation, took part in the keel laying ceremony via a video-link from Moscow to the yard in Nantong in the southeastern Jiangsu province.
The barge will be 140 meters long and 30 meters wide and will have a weight of nearly 10,000 tons, Atomenergomash informs.
By the end of 2023, the barge will be towed to Russia where installation of the reactors, auxiliary equipment, control room and accommodation area will take place.
The company doesn’t say which shipyard in Russia will do the job; the Baltiskiy Yard in St. Petersburg or the Zvezda Yard in Bolshoy Kamen in the Far East of the country. Severodvinsk in the northwest is likely too busy with building military nuclear submarines.
By the end of 2022, a decision will be taken on where to build the hulls for the third and fourth floating NPP.
As previously reported by the Barents Observer, the contract to supply four floating nuclear power plants to Chukotka Autonomous Okrug was signed with Rosatom last year.

The “North Pole” is on its way to the Arctic | The Independent Barents Observer

The Severniy Polus has the shape of a bathtub and will soon become a key tool in Russian Arctic research.
It is due to arrive in Murmansk on the 15th of September. Shortly afterwards, the platform will embark on a voyage to the New Siberian Islands, Minister of Natural Resources Aleksandr Kozlov informs.
“Already in the near future we will have reliable and full information about the North Pole of our planet!” the minister says.
The Severny Polyus is capable of undertaking geological, acoustic, geophysical and marine research under the harshest of Arctic conditions. Even in temperatures down to minus 50°C it is believed to be able to provide comfortable living and working conditions for researchers and crew.
On board are 15 labs where researchers can work year-round.
During this year’s expedition, the vessel is to test its key equipment.

Gazprom’s new major Arctic project might be a dead end | The Independent Barents Observer

There has been a big buzz on the remote Yamal tundra since construction works were officially launched in March 2019. President Vladimir Putin was on a direct televised line from the Kremlin as Gazprom workers brought big machines and equipment across the snow- and ice-covered stretches of the Arctic lands.
“The Kharasaveyskoye field will open new horizons for the development of the industry, for the strengthening of our export potential and further gasification of Russia,” Putin said in his greeting.
The field that is located on the western shore of the Yamal Peninsula has reserves of about 2 trillion cubic meters of gas and is Gazprom’s next step in its big development plan for the resource-rich region.
The Kharasavey will be connected by a 108 km long pipeline to nearby Bovanenkovo, the huge field launched in 2012.
During the whole summer of 2022, ships have shuttled to the local Kharasaveyskoye sea terminal, many of them with construction materials and supplies to the several hundred workers on site. Production is due to be launched in 2023.
The Kharasavey and Bovanenkovo are believed to have combined natural gas reserves of seven trillion cubic meters. Several more trillions are to be added to the reserves table as Gazprom continues its grand development program for the region.

… The natural gas from Kharasavey, Bovanenkovo and other fields in the area now risk being “stuck” in the Arctic as practically all regional infrastructure is aimed at the EU market.
The natural gas from Yamal is sent by the Bovanenkovo–Ukhta pipeline, a northern section of the more than 4,000 km long Yamal–Europe pipeline.
Vast volumes of natural gas will now simply accumulate in domestic Russia. And there is hardly a quick fix to the problem.
Gazprom has ambitious plans to connect the Yamal Peninsula with China, and a new pipeline is projected to connect the Bovanenkovo with existing infrastructure on the eastern side of the Ob Bay. In 2021, Gazprom even launch an underwater pipeline across the great bay.

GAZPROM map of gas transportation system:


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We Lost the Planet from 2016 / My Kundalini Rising 2016 / Beautiful Image by E.M.Nicolay & the Draco-Zeta Invasion

Metaphysics Beyond Earth:
“Psychics are Their Only Enemies” & My Personal UFO Sightings

The Future
@23:40 Alex says: “And I’ve got to tell you, I think its aliens!”
Image by E.M. Nicolay

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Bhagavad Gita II.63 – From anger…

From anger arises delusion;
From delusion, loss of the memory;
From loss of the memory, destruction of discrimination;
From destruction of discrimination one is lost.

Bhagavad Gita II.63



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Human Hints: Key To The Invisible Prison

VSF: This is a recent post from a friend who has a wonderful consciousness and also does beautiful animated graphics!

Key To The Invisible Prison
Human Hints

Waking up is an extremely personal journey. Each individual is unique and every single human journey is different. There can be similarities in the overall process, however.

Here’s one possibility…

We start by realizing and waking up to the facts that the govt is not watching out for the peoples’ best interest. We put up with it until it hits us personally. That’s usually when we stop and take notice of what’s really going on in the world around us and what an incredible dis-service humanity is suffering worldwide right now.

Realizing that a few world tyrants are deeply wounding billions of people on a personal level, just for their own personal vanity, can be tough to come to terms with. I encourage you to accept your different levels of awakening and move on as quickly as you can. There’s a lot to be realized and there’s a lot to do. The more you wake up, the more powerful and effective your energy becomes, because you begin working on higher energetic realms beyond the physical, whether you know it or not.

It starts to dawn on us that they’ve imprisoned us and they’re poisoning us in every way they possibly can. Not just the food, water, air, screens, electromagnetic environment, sick-care system, education, literally every aspect of human life has been exploited to entrap and harm humans, without their knowledge. No attack vector has gone unused.

As that settles into your awareness as a fact we all must live with, the question becomes prevalent in your life, of where you will draw the line between surviving in modern society and not being a part of the system. Completely disconnecting is not an option for most people.

At some point, you realize you can’t escape. Even though you’re aware of the diabolical Trap you’re in, they’ve still got you. To be a part of society, we need the very things they’re using to trap us. Even though we know we’re empowering the prison by using it in any way, we must still use it

We must ingest poison if we want to eat or breathe. This is the world we chose for these existing lifetimes we’re in at this critical time. God would not allow Humans to fall into a Trap without the possibility of escape.

What fun is that?

Knowledge of the trap does not set you free, but it opens a big door in the direction of hard won sovereignty.

So how do we escape this all-pervasive Trap we were literally born into?

Higher Consciousness Is Our Only Refuge.

When we’re in higher consciousness, the Trap can’t touch us. We exclude our Selves from its effect. When we do see the fear prison, we naturally think, “That doesn’t apply to me.” or “That’s not for me.”

When we act, think and feel from a higher consciousness, the 3D prison doesn’t even know we exist. That’s the ultimate escape.

Our bodies still interact with the physical world, we still use elements of the prison, but since our consciousness is acting from a higher energetic level, using the prison does not imprison us.

When we exist and express our Selves on a higher energetic level than the physical realm, the physical realm can’t harm us. It seems impossible when you’re in the 3D Trap, but it’s true. It is possible to be physical creatures expressing our Selves from beyond the physical realm, through our thoughts and emotions.

You know what happens next?

When Humans raise their energy patterns, we bring the physical realm up with us, which transforms it into a place we actually want to be, not the Prison Planet we know right now. That’s one example of how Humanity can help Earth grow energetically. A Human Being is the bridge between the physical and non-physical. Our non-physical thoughts and emotions express through a physical body, raising the energy of the physical Earth, through the Human body interface, with the force of our Will.

When we act in the physical from higher energy in spite of the physical world feeding us nothing but lower energy, we bring the physical world up to our level.

It doesn’t seem like we make a difference because even powerful people are just a tiny force compared to the entire world of rampant darkness. A pebble in a vast churning ocean indeed. However, when billions of us do it, we will help raise the energetic frequency of Earth and leave the encroaching darkness far behind.

Join Us.
Human Hints

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Afterlife: “post-transition realities” / Location is a function of consciousness, therefore you find yourself in the particular Loka-world that you resonate with.

VSF: I feel Ramana Maharshi cleared up a lot spiritual teachings confusion that naturally ensues over the centuries.
He says that every JNANI (person of wisdom) looks forward to the time they can throw off the body.
At 76 and in ill health, I’m certainly ready to ‘throw off’ mine.
However it seems that God-within has other ideas…

I believe that after their death everyone arrives exactly in the place their faith creates for them.

I have total respect for E.M. Nicolay and his work — especially his remote viewing work on the ET Invasion, which I wrote about extensively on this blog. However, I do not accept E.M. Nicolay’s very complex ideas about Ascension.
He himself told me he had not studied the sacred Sanskrit texts.

As I have said, the concept of Ascension is no where mentioned in the sacred Sanskrit texts.
I have been told you can find this in some of the later Buddhist texts.
And… remember that Buddha was born a Hindu.
As a Prince, he would have been schooled in the Vedas, Upanishads, etc.
Also I have read that nothing the Buddha said or did was written down until 300 years after his death.
By his disciples.
So lots of room for interpretations.
Not that there is anything wrong with Buddhism.
It’s a great & wonderful teaching.
It’s just that I prefer the earlier texts. The source.

In the Bhagavad Gita — which contains many direct quotes from the Upanishads — Krishna clears up confusion created by the priests.
The priest class always modifies teachings for their own purposes.
I consider the God-Realized Saint Ramana Maharshi as an impeccable source.

Perhaps there are many worlds where souls dwell for a time.
But then they are drawn back here — to seek the final Liberation.

Since we are always God and always will be — how can the Earth plane be a school?
What do we need to learn — when we already are everything.

Ramana Maharshi does say that the Self, Atma is not a Void.
It contains All. But not in form.
That is our Real nature – who we are and have always been.

Ramana Maharshi says that there is only ONE Self.
So ultimately we all share the same soul.

Our desires lead up to our next adventure.
The Sanskrit is the Divine LILA — Play.
God is like a brilliant child longing to express Its infinite potency in Play!
I like to say: God is Crazy!
Crazy in Love with God’s Creation.

Discovering our Universe is an ongoing process for each individual.

I read the Evans-Wentz books on Tibetan Buddhism in the 60s.
I have loved and studied the Bardo Planes.
And … think of it like this…
The Tibetans were also ancestor worshipers before Buddhism hit.
They married their ancient religions with Buddhism — hence Tibetan Buddhism.

Anyone following the path of the Tibetan Buddhist teaching will arrive in the Bardo Planes.
Once again, the holographic illusions are a result of their shared belief systems.
Perhaps their ancestors are there.

God will always give us exactly what we desire (KAMA).
But anything outside of the ONE, the Primary Supreme, the substratum of this universe, the Atma, SELF is temporal.
All appearances are temporal.
Because all appearances are within time & space.
The ONE contains everything including time & space and is simultaneously beyond all of it.

I have friends that I respect, who did & still do ayahausca.
When I was living in Charlottesville VA (2004) I bought a book on what I term “jungle juice”.
There were many drawings of the beings in this realm.
From various people.

My take-away was that they were all in the same frequency waveform!
In other words, there is an Ayahausca Realm where the people who take this stuff find themselves.
Their consciousness ‘goes’ there.
Still — it’s temporal.
Not eternal like the/your SELF.

From this and other experiences, I concluded that every molecule potentially carries a specific Realm.
Like pot or any drug. Any molecule that changes your consciousness.

I lost a lot of people to pernicious molecules!
My mother, a husband, and friends.
And I determined to find God and my Home without any of that stuff.
So instead I read around 400 books on the sacred Sanskrit wisdom.

Think about this.
See if it makes sense to you.

The purpose of Life in this polarity universe is the enjoyment (Sanskrit BHOGA) of the world through the ‘Veiling’ of Oneness into the illusion of separation and multiplicity, and eventual Remembering, Liberation (APAVARGA or MOKSHA) and return to that same Oneness.

This universe is composed of an infinite number of Loka-worlds that have emerged over the cycles of time within the Manvantara. As projections of our consciousness, they are our own creation and we have all spent time in many of these myriad realms, in accordance with our correlative consciousness at the time of our death.
A person always becomes what he thinks of when he at last relinquishes the body.
[Bhagavad Gita 30(8)6]

Location is a function of consciousness, therefore you find yourself in the particular Loka-world that you resonate with. God worshipers go to the gods. [Bh.Gita 29(7)24] Those who worship their ancestors go to them, and those who revere the demons and ‘ghouls’ go to those worlds. [Bh.Gita 31(9)26]
According to the Bhagavad Gita no creature in this universe is free of the GUNAS – not only those of us here on earth, but also the gods in the heavens are under the power of GUNA-MAYA. [Bh.Gita 40(18)40]

These Loka-world realms are temporal and they are destroyed at the time of the Dissolution.

In life we accrue what is termed ‘merit’ in the Sanskrit texts. This merit determines the length of our stay in any realm, heaven or hell. Once that ‘merit’ is finished, we are compelled to reincarnate back into a human body, back here on earth.

All the worlds, even the world of Brahma – which is the highest but nevertheless also temporal and phenomenal – return eternally. [Bh.Gita 30(8)16] This means that everyone must eventually leave the pleasures of the heavenly realms – and more happily, escape the less than pleasant lower realms.
In Hindu metaphysics it is the human body that contains the most auspicious possibility to achieve realization of the totality of the universe and the Remembrance of the God-within.
The Self (ATMA) is most easily realized in the human form…
[Uddhava Gita Dialogue 2, Verse 21]
… in the human form… the Self can most easily be attained.
[Uddhava Gita, Verse 22]
To JIVAS (embodied souls who are invested with a body in every birth) the attainment of a human body, is very difficult yet valuable (as it serves a means of liberation from SAMSARA (rebirth on the Wheel of Existence).
[Bhagavata Purana, Skandha XI, Ch 2, Verse 29]
The human body contains a system of seven chakras (wheels of energy) that correlate with the seven higher and seven lower Loka-worlds. Perhaps in the golden Krita Yuga these realms were originally emitted from these chakras.

Even if some may have forgotten due to their own guna-maya delusion, the inhabitants of these heavens and hells know that sooner or later they too will be recycled back into flesh and blood. Therefore it would be quite natural for them to take an interest in the human experience.

It does seem however that some entities do not have to leave their respective Loka-worlds and reincarnate here. Perhaps these beings never incarnated into human bodies on third dimensional planet Earth and chose to create their own Loka-worlds in the Krita Yuga – the Golden Age, before the Fall, when we all still remembered that we are pieces of God – and simply remain there.

An occult technique for prolonging time in these realms, according to an old book on the Tarot (by Mouni Sadhu), was to preserve the physical human body on earth. According to this text as long as the body remained in tact, one did not have to reincarnate – and thus the Egyptians and others who knew this secret went to extremes to keep their discarded physical shell from decay.

If you accept the possibility that the term extraterrestrials (not of terra) may in fact refer to the inhabitants of these myriad worlds — then it is also possible that everyone of us here on planet Earth is in fact one of these beings – an ET. This surprising conclusion is based on the metaphysical reality that we have all spent time in many of these worlds and thus have memories of our experiences. Where have all the wonderfully imaginative science fiction stories come from? Many of us now remember past lives on other planetary systems. Perhaps this is all quite natural and would be known to us in any other cycle of time – other than the Kali Yuga where we are deluded and engulfed in confusion.

These Loka-worlds are what we would call hyper-dimensional or other-dimensional in the sense that they are not on the same vibrational frequency as we are. The entities in these realms do not have dense physical bodies, although some are seemingly ‘more dense’ than others. All these worlds are lit from within, meaning they do not have reflected light as we do here.
VAYU Purana, Part I, Chapter 53 – Arrangement of Luminaries

  1. There are crores (1000s) of constellations and as many stars too.
  2. The stars occupy their own abodes. These luminaries are the abodes of pious persons.
  3. The abodes are created by the Self-born Deity at the beginning of the Kalpa. They stay up to the dissolution of all living beings.
  4. These are the abodes of the deities in all Manvantaras. These deities identify themselves with these abodes and stay till the final dissolution.
  5. The abodes of those who have gone have vanished.
  6. In this Manvantara, the planets reside in aerial cars.
    (This is a particularly intriguing verse because it suggests the idea of planets as space ships or a giant space station-mother ship that might not require an orbit.)
  7. Svarbhanu…being a demon, harasses all living creatures.
    (There are myriad demon worlds as well, perhaps Reptilian or Borg-like.)
    VAYU Purana, Part I, Ch. 1, Verse 93.
    The stars in the form of constellations are mentioned along with the planets wherein are situated the residences of the gods who have performed meritorious acts.
    These Loka worlds are all contained within this universe – the Cosmic Golden Egg known as Hiranya-garbha. The Puranas say that there are seven higher worlds and seven lower, but within these divisions are contained thousands of cities of the Nagas (serpents), Danavas (giants), Pisacas (eaters of raw flesh), and Raksasas (demons), and a multitude of other beings in a variety of possible existences.
    All of these temporal illusory realities would correlate to some frequency of consciousness that was once emitted here on third dimensional planet Earth. These worlds all seem to have their own code of life that they adhere to, their own dharma, and the gods are often fond of the demons and have respect for them – when they are not at war with them, which happens repeatedly. Thus the primordial idea of The War in the Heavens is a frequent subject in the Sanskrit texts. These wars are often reflected here on planet Earth.
    The Puranas also say that there are thousands of crores (millions) of these Cosmic Eggs!

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Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s

Last month, legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said the time to prepare is now for the chaos that is coming in 2023.  The destabilization of America has been kicked into high gear early with the FBI raid on President Trump’s Florida home this week.  Armstrong explains, “This really is unprecedented . . . . In the United States, we are supposed to have civilized transfer of power.  That’s all coming to an end.  I am not being dramatic here.  From a legal perspective, this is completely unprecedented.  The danger of this is once they have done this, if the Republicans are ever allowed to get back into power, they would only end up doing the same thing to the Democrats. . . . It’s striking a real deathblow to the very idea of a democracy.  We are not, at least we were not until today, someplace like Guatemala where you throw the opposition in jail, kill them or whatever you do.  This is what’s going on.  They are so afraid of Trump running in 2024 that this is just over the top.  Once they did this, there is no end.”

Armstrong says the Democrats are in “dire straits” at the polls–and they know it.  Armstrong thinks the Trump raid by the FBI is an act of desperation, and it will “backfire,” but that’s not the only play in the Democrat playbook for the midterms in November.  Armstrong says, “I have been warned that the Democrats have been maneuvering, and the reason they are allowing all the illegal aliens to come in is they intend to allow them to vote.  You already had the Justice Department go after one state that said you had to prove you are an American to vote, and they filed a suit against them saying that they violated their civil rights.  At that stage of the game, hey, all of Europe, Australia, everybody should just send in a vote.”

Armstrong’s says forget what the mainstream polls are saying about voter support for Democrats and Joe Biden because the real numbers are much lower than the public is told.  Armstrong’s “Socrates” computer program shows Joe Biden has just 12% of support in America.  Maybe this is why Democrats are desperate and realize they have to cheat and break the law to stay in power.  It’s not going to get any better, and the entire world is in the same sinking boat.  Armstrong says, “We basically are sitting here in the middle of the collapse of Western civilization.  It’s socialism that is collapsing because these people have done nothing but borrow money to bribe them to vote for them . . . There is no way to pay it back, and they had no intention of paying it back. . . . Europe is, just forget it.  You have emerging markets collapsing around the world because to sell their debt, they had to put it into dollars.  Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Pakistan, Argentina are falling apart on a global scale.”

Armstrong thinks the dollar will be strong for now and not to expect a collapse in the USA anytime soon because America will be the last man standing.  That said, Armstrong does see the possibility of a “stock market collapse in September.”  Armstrong is also “worried about civil war or extreme civil unrest in 2023 in America.”  Armstrong is seeing a “world war coming in 2024 or after.”

Armstrong also said, “My computer warns that there may not even be an election in America in 2024.  It’s reaching that critical period.  So, this raid on Trump is like throwing down the gauntlet.  Everything is gone.”

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Ramana Maharshi – Part 1 & 2 -Teachings on Self-Liberation

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ALIEN WARS / “BIGGEST DISASTER In Medical History!” – Dr Charles Hoffe Gives Riveting Speech In Vancouver / New Warning to Parents / The second collection of my posts regarding the Draco Reptilian & Zeta Reticuli Alien Invasion of our planet.

Inanna Returns 2016

There are over 500 billion galaxies. Planet Earth is only one of millions of genetic experiments producing a spectrum of life forms in the universe. Planets that cannot achieve even a rudimentary state of enlightened God-Consciousness within a number of time-cycles cannot be permitted to join the Inter-Galactic Council. The human species has shown itself insufficient in this regard for millenium. By its own choice it has surrendered it sovereignty to an alien species that traded their advanced technology for human DNA.

Those humans who are able to reach Enlightenment will be liberated from this alien consciousness that is rapidly terraforming the planet and altering the previous forms of human DNA.

VSF: You know my understanding.
They have already taken the planet.
What is happening now is merely the ‘clean up’ in stages.
This is the close of a cycle of time and the Dracos are facilitating that.
A DISSOLUTION — PRALAYA in the Sanskrit.
The empire and its structures must collapse, implode.

“BIGGEST DISASTER In Medical History!” – Dr Charles Hoffe Gives Riveting Speech In Vancouver

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“We lost the planet!” / The ET Invasion and The Destruction of The Human Family with Jeff Rense and Jordan Maxwell(RIP) / Jeff Rense on Shedding!

This post was written by me April 2016

The ET Invasion and The Destruction of The Human Family with Jeff Rense and Jordan Maxwell(RIP)

Jeff Rense n Erica Khan: Shedding – Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Jeff Rense n Erica Khan: Shedding – Wednesday 3rd August 2022

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Jeff Rense n Erica Khan: Exploding Cancers; Spike Caused Neuro Damages; Many Jabbed Cant Walk, …


Toxic Nanomaterials Have Poisoned The Food Supply, Our Bodies, And The Planet

  1. Introduction
    Nanotechnology is widely applied in our everyday life and is changing the entire society. It has begun marching into the agriculture and food industry since 2003 when United States Department of Agriculture published the first roadmap in September 9, 2003 [1]. Research on this topic has skyrocketed over the last decade. It almost covers every aspect in the food and agriculture industry, including agriculture, irrigation/water filtration, food processing and packaging, animal feed, and aquiculture [2], [3], [4], [5], [6].

The food and beverage sector is a global multi trillion dollar industry [7]. A recent estimate of the global economical impact of nanotechnology is projected to be at least $3 trillion by 2020, which may employee 6 million labors in the rising nanotechnology industries worldwide [8]. This is very attractive and has driven many food enterprises involved in development and marketing of novel nanomaterial based products, and improving production efficiency, food characteristics, taste and safety. Incredibly, there are hundreds of products that have already been marketed and used in the food business over the past decade. Majority of these products are designed “out-of-food” but “inside” food industry, i.e. food contacting materials but not directly consumed by people. No novel nanomaterials containing products have been directly put into human food yet, except titanium dioxide and iron oxide that have been used as food pigment and colorant respectively already. The fundamental reason is that regulation and legislation is very limited regarding nano food, especially due to complexity of nanomaterials and case-by-case legislating procedures [9], [10], [11].

A deeper cause for the limited regulation is the poor knowledge of toxicity and risk which novel nanomaterials could bring [5], [12], [13], [14]. Many studies focus on in vitro toxicity of nanomaterials while very little in vivo toxicity data is available, not to mention chronic effect of nanomaterials (especially metal nanoparticles, NPs) [15]. At least several gaps have to be filled: toxicity of nanomaterial to mammal cells, tissues/organs and chronic effect to human body; migration of nanomaterials to food; degradation or environmental fate of nanomaterials; bioaccumulation of nanomaterials and their impact on ecosystems.

The rapid development of nanotechnology has been facilitating the transformations of traditional food and agriculture sectors, particularly the invention of smart and active packaging, nanosensors, nanopesticides and nanofertilizers. Numerous novel nanomaterials have been developed for improving food quality and safety, crop growth, and monitoring environmental conditions. In this review the most recent trends in nanotechnology are discussed and the most challenging tasks and promising opportunities in the food and agriculture sectors from selected recent studies are addressed. The toxicological fundamentals and risk assessment of nanomaterials in these new food and agriculture products are also discussed. We highlighted the potential application of bio-synthesized and bio-inspired nanomaterial for sustainable development. However, fundamental questions with regard to high performance, low toxic nanomaterials need to be addressed to fuel active development and application of nanotechnology. Regulation and legislation are also paramount to regulating the manufacturing, processing, application, as well as disposal of nanomaterials. Efforts are still needed to strengthen public awareness and acceptance of the novel nano-enabled food and agriculture products. We conclude that nanotechnology offers a plethora of opportunities, by providing a novel and sustainable alternative in the food and agriculture sectors.

Gene Drive & The Great DNA War: Dr Merritt on Vaccines, Gene Editing, Depopulation

German Electricity Prices Hit Record High As Heatwave Curbs Power Generation | ZeroHedge

Above-average temperatures throughout Germany are pushing power prices to new records as utilities reduce electricity output in western Europe amid the worst energy crisis in decades. 
National forecaster Deutscher Wetterdienst predicted a heatwave would persist through mid-August. Weather models show max temperatures will jump to mid-July levels of nearly 95 degrees Fahrenheit by Aug. 14, then slide to the low/mid 70s shortly after. 
Extreme heat and a reduction in power generation come as Europe suffers the worst energy crunch in decades thanks to Western sanctions against Russia, which has reduced the Nord Stream 1 pipeline capacity of natural gas to the continent to only 20%. This has forced some German utilities to switch over NatGas-fired generation to coal and diesel and heating oil generation — causing another crisis this week: Austrian oil and gas firm OMV AG halted crude product deliveries from storage facilities in Germany amid a “run” on supplies.
A consequence of the energy crisis will only mean electricity bills are set to rise even further. 
Customers of Germany’s EnBW will see an average of 31.1% increase in electricity bills from Oct. 1 due to utilities pushing along soaring energy costs to end users, Reuters said. 
Rising energy prices have helped push inflation in Europe’s largest economy to 8.5% in July. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has laid out a plan to support low-income households burdened by high power prices. 
… and it’s not even winter yet as some believe the power crisis in Germany and across the continent will intensify due to the lack of energy supplies.

UK Water Restrictions Go Into Effect As Heatwave Persists | ZeroHedge

Britain has recorded one of its hottest and driest summers on record. Rivers and reservoirs are drying up as towns in the southern part of the country imposed the first hosepipe ban on Friday.
The country’s record heat in July — above 104 Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) — melted airport runways, buckled train tracks, and shuttered transportation networks, as London’s fire brigade said it had one of the busiest days since World War II. The heat dome resulted in dozens of building structure fires and wildfires. 
As of 1700 local time Friday, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight residents will be placed under emergency water restrictions called “temporary use ban.” If residents water their gardens, yards, and/or clean their vehicles, they could face a stiff penalty of up to $1,200 (£1,000). A similar ban will go into effect for residents in Kent and Sussex from Aug. 12.
“Months of sparse rainfall, combined with record-breaking temperatures in July, have left rivers at exceptionally low levels, depleted reservoirs and dried-out soils,” British newspaper The Independent wrote. 
London dodged the water restrictions for now as its large reservoirs are at “very comfortable levels,” Barnaby Dobson, a research associate on the Community Water Management for a Liveable London project at Imperial College London, told Bloomberg.
However, water reservoirs in London could slump as the metro area faces levels of drought not seen in a decade.

UK Gas Crisis Set To Plunge British Pound To Historic Lows, UBS Warns | ZeroHedge
“Huge swathes of the British public aren’t going to be able to afford their bills this winter. Average families with two working parents will be in fuel poverty,”

Authored by Charles Kennedy via,
The British pound is expected to plunge to a historically low level versus the U.S. dollar in the fourth quarter of this year, when the energy and gas crisis in the UK will worsen, according to strategists at the private banking unit of UBS Group.
“We expect GBP/USD to come under pressure this year,” Thomas Flury, head of currency research at UBS Wealth Management, and Dean Turner, UK economist at UBS Private Banking, wrote in a note carried by Bloomberg.
“The euro zone and the UK are both likely to suffer energy supply shortages this winter,” the strategists said.

Energy bills in the UK are set to surge more than expected this winter, with many households struggling to be able to pay them after Russia further slashed gas deliveries to Europe, sending gas and energy prices for the winter and for next year soaring, UK-based consultancy BFY Group said last week.

“Situation Is Really Precarious”: World’s Largest Rice Exporter Faces Output Decline Amid Heatwave | ZeroHedge

The effects of elevated food prices have rippled worldwide and forced governments to impose price controls and trade restrictions. Price increases are due to supply constraints driven by several variables, including high energy prices, geopolitics, and weather. Ukraine restarted maritime transport of crops to the rest of the world, forcing grain prices to slip, though the food crisis is far from over. 
We pointed out in April that the next challenge for the global food supply could be a plunge in rice production (read: here). Fast forward months later, and our suspicions appear to be right as India, the world’s largest rice exporter, has seen planting areas of the crop decline by 13% due to heatwaves and drought. 
In the last two weeks, prices in India have soared more than 10% in top growing states such as West Bengal, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh due to lack of rainfall and crop output concerns, Mukesh Jain, a director at Sponge Enterprises Pvt., a rice trader, told Bloomberg. He expects export prices to reach $400 a ton by next month from $365 this week. 
Rice feeds half of humanity and is vital for political and economic stability across Asia. Supply disruptions due to potential trade restrictions by India could create shortages and rising prices elsewhere. 
There’s still hope crop output could recover as the monsoon season is expected to produce normal rainfall through September. However, some farmers sounded the alarm output is expected to drop significantly.

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A Selection of Upanishads by Samaneri Jayasāra – Wisdom of the Masters

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EU Clearcutting US For Fuel as Germany Turns Off The Power – Greg Reese

Greg Reese

The Environmentalist Trojan Horse of the Depopulation Death Cult

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More from Tom Luongo / Dane Wigington

A good intro & educational overview

A Boy Named Pseu: With Phil Gibson (Mr. Pseu) 164 subscribers Tom Luongo joins me once again to discuss the update on his thesis regarding the Fed vs Davos, Russia, and the transformation of the monetary system as we know it. 

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