“In duality, how can there be any word without contradiction?”


March 3, 2015


A perceptive reader recently noticed that there are conflicting contradicting theories on Metaphysical Musing. As I have ploughed through the teachings in piles of books – not only various translations of the sacred Sanskrit texts, but also the comments on them by sages and scholars – I too realized that they don’t always agree.

The thought of contradicting approaches to the Truth did bother me initially, but over time I have understood. These various approaches represent the consciousness of enlightened teachers in the context of their own times, and also the fact that each one is still expressing through their individual GUNAS.

Sometimes contradictions can in fact serve to breakdown our linear thinking. For those of you who understand the Tarot, the card that represents Christ consciousness is a man hung upside down. This symbol expresses how everything in the transactional desire realms is in reverse of the enlightened.

“No diversity is the real truth.”

The genius Kashmir Shaivite sage Abhinavagupta declared, “All such theories are merely some dialectical speculations useful in discussions and debates. None among such entities has any real existence, as all these are mere suppositions and imaginary concepts of thinkers. …No diversity is the real truth.”

Yet Abhinavagupta also says that without the sacred texts, we would all be lost! Why? Because their teachings lead us into the subtle realms, providing clues through the labyrinths of ignorance. The sacred texts are entry points into our Source left by the great ones who have gone before us, and thus require an intensity of focus.

Abhinavagupta also said after we reach God-Consciousness, there is nothing left to be done — and then he went on the write some 40 books! Those who make their being a ‘Home’ for God often become fountains of Wisdom.

A reader who studied with the Chinmaya Mission says it this way:

“As I understand, teachers contradict themselves and acknowledge the contradiction. This is part of the process or the tradition of Self-Knowledge. The tradition or succession of teachers, if not one’s immediate teacher, at the root of the lineage, is a Guru who represents the Summum Bonum, the Goal / Liberation   … Yet though the Goal is one and without contradiction, when we speak of it with language that is rooted in duality with a mind that is also begotten of duality / ignorance, how can there be any word without contradiction?”


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