My photos of the creepy stuff in chemtrails

My photo below shows what is raining down on us everyday on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state and all over the planet! Aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. & Morgellons. We are all breathing these toxic particles! It’s in our air, soil and water.

This October 2015, I took my flashlight and shone it up into the night sky here to see the stuff in chemtrails. Two months later I picked the flashlight up, and noticed that these horrid things had adhered to the glass lens – still after two months!!! Most look like paper thin silver metal, aluminum worms. Notice the red one, very creepy. Morgellons maybe? What made these things stick to the glass lens? Some kind of nano coating to make them more useful? See the red one? The red one is the scariest, perhaps resembling the Morgellons filaments.

I asked Dane Wigington from if he thought these were the particulates being dropped on us from the chemtrails. He agreed. They are totally unnatural.





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