“Double Catastrophe Scenario” by Dane Wigington


“Double Catastrophe Scenario” Document Paints Bleak Picture
By Dane Wigington geoengineeringwatch.org / March 2014

While the “debate” of global warming rages on, both sides of this argument largely fail to recognize, let alone consider the single greatest factor affecting the climate at this time, global geoengineering/weather modification. Why Isn’t Geoengineering “On The Public’s Radar” For the scientific community, the lack of geoengineering recognition is also extensive or almost total. Numerous scientists and scientific publications banter back and forth about the pros and cons of geoengineering “proposals”, while the all too visible reality of the already ongoing programs occurring in plain sight above their heads day in and day out goes completely unnoticed or unacknowledged.

How can this be explained? It seems that much of the scientific community lives in bubbles of their own creation. For them, not much penetrates their comfort zones. They want to go to work at eight, come home at five, and not to be disturbed. For others, there is a profit to be made, or perhaps some strategic advantage to be gained. In this group, there is not a shred of honor to be found. They will never admit to and expose the globally decimating geoengineering programs from which they receive their livelihood.

There is yet another group of scientists. Honest and honorable but justifiably afraid to take a stand. They are surrounded by the matrix of the military/industrial/media complex which they know all too well will rip them to shreds if they dare to speak out. Our government has done its best to insure this fear is justified by stripping first amendment protection for government scientists and going after any whistleblower with a vengeance.

If the American population would get up from the bench and help to expose the most dire issue of geoengineering, this would provide cover for honorable scientists to come out of the shadows.

Inevitable Global Societal Collapse

What Is “Double Catastrophe Scenario”? The term “double catastrophe” in regard to global geoengineering refers to a scenario in which global aerosol geoengineering (SAG) and stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) effectively hides or masks the true extent of climate change initially, but in doing so, causes a catastrophic climate rebound and collapse when geoengineering programs can no longer be continued. This discontinuation would occur in conjunction with global societal collapse which increasingly appears to be inevitable, and much closer than any of us would like to believe.

When the global atmospheric spraying is stopped, and the full extent of the sun’s thermal energy once again reaches the surface of the planet, the climate “rebound” will be catastrophic.  Keeping The Lid On A Boiling Kettle Our atmosphere is so totally saturated with toxic metal and chemical particulates from the constant spraying that fully 20% of the suns direct rays no longer reach the surface of the planet (“global dimming”).

Though this brew of lethal reflective materials forms a membrane around our planet that cools large regions temporally (along with artificial/chemical ice nucleation of clouds), it comes at the cost of a worsened overall warming. More thermal energy is trapped by the toxic “seeded” clouds in the long run than is deflected in the short run. Lets add to this an increasingly shredded ozone layer, totally disrupted weather/hydrological cycles, altered ocean currents, triggering of catastrophic climate feedback loops, and a literal poisoning of  the entire web of life from top to bottom, again all direct consequences of the ongoing geoengineering programs.

Consideration Of The Study Below:
Like all main stream science articles, reports, and media coverage of the geoengineering issue, the study below fails to recognize or acknowledge the geoengineering “elephant in the room”. It does point out many legitimate issues and ramifications surrounding the programs that are saturating our atmosphere with lethally toxic elements, though it in no way admits to the glaring reality that geoengineering has long since been fully deployed and is not just a “proposal”. For those that truly want to comprehend the gravity of our collective situation, the document below is of important consideration and should be read. The full text can be opened at the bottom of the “abstract”. [This text has been ‘removed’ from the Internet!]

Double Catastrophe: Intermittent Stratospheric Geoengineering Induced By Societal Collapse
Seth D. Baum1,2,3,4,*, Timothy M. Maher, Jr.1,5, and Jacob Haqq-Misra1,4
1. Global Catastrophic Risk Institute 2. Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University 3. Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, Columbia University 4. Blue Marble Space Institute of Science 5. Center for Environmental Policy, Bard College * Corresponding author. seth@gcrinstitute.org
Forthcoming in: Environment, Systems and Decisions. DOI 10.1007/s10669-012-9429-y This version: 21 December 2012
Perceived failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has prompted interest in avoiding the harms of climate change via geoengineering, that is, the intentional manipulation of Earth system processes. Perhaps the most promising geoengineering technique is stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), which reflects incoming solar radiation, thereby lowering surface temperatures.

This paper analyzes a scenario in which SAI brings great harm on its own. The scenario is based on the issue of SAI intermittency, in which aerosol injection is halted, sending temperatures rapidly back toward where they would have been without SAI. The rapid temperature increase could be quite damaging, which in turn creates a strong incentive to avoid intermittency.

In the scenario, a catastrophic societal collapse eliminates society’s ability to continue SAI, despite the incentive. The collapse could be caused by a pandemic, nuclear war, or other global catastrophe. The ensuing intermittency hits a population that is already vulnerable from the initial collapse, making for a double catastrophe. While the outcomes of the double catastrophe are difficult to predict, plausible worst-case scenarios include human extinction.

The decision to implement SAI is found to depend on whether global catastrophe is more likely from double catastrophe or from climate change alone. The SAI double catastrophe scenario also strengthens arguments for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and against SAI, as well as for building communities that could be self-sufficient during global catastrophes. Finally, the paper demonstrates the value of integrative, systems-based global catastrophic risk analysis.
Keywords: geoengineering, societal collapse, global catastrophic risk, scenario analysis, climate change
Read full document – http://sethbaum.com/ac/fc_DoubleCatastrophe.pdf


Painting Life On Earth Into A Very Dark Corner

For some 60 years or more Earth’s natural systems have been increasingly thwarted. At this point, the atmosphere is so saturated with geoengineering particulates that our planet is more or less in a straight jacket. The study above makes the case that geoengineering can never be stopped once it is started. In stark contrast, all available data makes clear the ongoing global spraying must be stopped immediately. Though there will indeed be a devastating “bounce back” of the climate as the reflective particles settle out of the atmosphere, the sooner we face this the better chance we have.

To continue as we are is like continuing to climb ever higher on a ladder which you know you will be forced to leap from one day soon. The higher one climbs, the more catastrophic the impact when the inevitable leap to the ground occurs. In addition to this increased “climate forcing” and inevitable “bounce back” from continued spraying, each passing day all life is poisoned from the constant fall out. Earth must be let loose from the toxic chains that continue to decimate its life support systems day in and day out. The planet must be allowed to respond to the damage already done by these programs and other destructive human activities.

Geoengineering is not a cure, but a curse beyond comprehension. These programs of atmospheric spraying will not save life on earth but rather they will guarantee total extinction. We are all in a life or death struggle. This is not alarmism or exaggeration, but reality. It is absolutely essential for us all to pull together in this fight for life on Earth. All available data makes clear that short of nuclear catastrophe, global geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat we face. Get educated on this issue, get involved in efforts to raise awareness, get credible materials to pass out to others, and take a stand. Time is not on our side. The time for action is now. – Dane Wigington

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