The Sorrow in Science and Renewing Nuclear Weapons

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The Sorrow in Science: rudratva in Sanskrit literally means ‘to shed tears’

The separation of knower, knowledge and known in erroneous perception and the rudratva sorrow and suffering arising from it affects all areas of man’s activities. This is nowhere more apparent than in the enquiries of modern physical sciences, the very starting point of which is the perception of a world separate from the enquirer. The scientist looks out on a matter/motion world of substances and energies, and does not see himself in it.  His attempts to define it in terms of its physical origins are only in terms of the transitory appearances emerging…

…In the fields of communications, travel, medicine, agriculture and industry the achievements of modern science are immense. But so are its achievements in the production of weapons of mass destruction and in the technologies which denude the land and seas of their riches and threaten man’s very existence on this planet Earth.

Science which does not regard its purpose as being for the good of Earth’s inhabitants is unethical. Sciences regarding a multiplicity of separate knowables in which the nature of the scientist himself is not the starting point, will fail to produce any lasting benefit for the world’s beings. In this is the sorrow of science, its rudratva. …To remove the rudratva, the inevitable sorrow and suffering in science…a holistic science is required.
– Muni Narayana Prasad / The Vedanta Sutras of Narayana Guru, D.K. Printworld


Excerpts from an article in the Economist Jan.23, 2016
The Barack Obama administration has a trillion-dollar plan to renew nuclear weapons: Replacement of the 14 Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarines for around $140 billion for 12 new boats. $62 billion to replace the 440-strong Minuteman III land-based missile force; “America’s land-based force will be needed of only as a ‘sink’ providing targets to absorb a nuclear strike.” The new cruise missile and a $10 billion new version of the free-fall nuclear bomb called the B61-12. In October the air force awarded Northrop Grumman the $55 billion contract to develop and build around 100 of the new Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B), the principle carrier for the two weapons above. The new bombs have computerized guidance, manoeuverable tailfins and a warhead up to three times the yield of the Hiroshima bomb and will be accurate to within 30 metros to reduce collateral damage.

“The Center for Strategic and budgetary Assessments estimates that even at its peak in 2027, the complete modernization plan will claim only 5% of the Pentagon’s budget. Nuclear deterrence follows its own logic. So does paying for it.”

An insane tragic world complete misuse and waste of human intelligence and creativity…

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