America and the Stockholm Syndrome

In this week’s Geoengineering WatchGlobal Alert News, Jan.30 2016, Dane Wigington suggests that those who deny Geoengineering, chemtrails and weather manipulation have much in common with the Stockholm Syndrome:

Dane Wigington: “Stockholm Syndrome, normalcy bias, and simple denial, are so far ruling the day. These psychological defense mechanisms are an epidemic form of the public’s willful blindness that must be shattered. Each of us has a part to play in this most critical battle to wake the masses.We will sink or swim together, all are needed in the battle to sound the alarm. What will you do? What will be your part in the play?”

His insights led me to understand an aberration of American culture that has often bewildered me. My comment: Dane — Thank you. Your insight into the Stockholm Syndrome is brilliant and so totally insightful correct. Helpless fear renders even the intelligent to blindly defend their captors – who in this case are poisoning us from the sky.  You have said that hopeless fear triggers the forgotten primal defense mechanism. We are locked in a seemingly inescapable virtual-prison by our own thoughts, with an overwhelming sense of being powerless as the toxic particulates shower slow-death down around us onto the soil and into our lungs. And you tapped into the deepest vein of our self-delusion when you say that this feeling of living bound in an invisible prison is epidemic in our society.   Bondage indeed.

This actually makes sense of the many years of talk-radio shows telling people that our own government is against us, advising us get guns, food, bunkers, etc. Fear sells, thus Fear Inc. The threat promulgated on these shows and websites is constant, relentless, day after day by the highly successful hosts, so-called ‘insiders’ whose job it is to pretend to care. Their thinly veiled propaganda is all the while produced and sponsored by corporate monopoly media.

Why? I don’t need to name names, I can think of four right off hand that have been “allowed” and paid to spew this kind of fear to the American people for so many years now – which has frankly always bewildered me. Why does the corporate media and their various paying sponsors support these demagogic rabble rousers to endlessly spew hatred like that? This is not intelligent dissent. This effectively generates nothing but emotional confusion. Considering the insights into the potential manipulative usefulness of the Stockholm Syndrome with the kind of thinking that typically comes out of the deviant-freak Tavistock Institute, these successful fear-mongering carneys (carnival barkers) are serving the agenda of the corporate elite perfectly.

The host usually treats the audience as if they are abused-children who have no hope. And have you noticed that when they are not expressing repetitive self-righteous anger, they often whine. According to them, there is no escape. If there were a reasonable solution, they would have no job.  The subliminal message to the listener is: Adjust to the unending abuse you now suffer. Surely these actors are parasites on human weakness and misery.

And I agree: Don’t listen to anyone who encourages the use guns as a way to protest. It’s what they want. A death sentence.


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