Chris Hedges – The Pathology of The Super Rich:

Chris Hedges – The Pathology of The Super Rich:

[Excerpts as my notes]: The rich are different…when you have that much money then humans beings become disposable, even friends and family become disposable and are replaced. And when the rich take absolute power, then the citizens become disposable —- which is in essence what’s happened. There is a very callous indifference, the power elite are utterly cut-off. They live in self encased bubbles, they have no real contact with reality and yet they have absolute power — and that becomes very dangerous politically. Because they are so out of touch and able to retreat into their enclaves, they will extract more and more and more because they have no self-imposed limits and no consequences.

Half of the country now lives in poverty or near poverty.  And what is the response? None. The elite is un-plugged out of ignorance until something erupts. The ‘cult of the self’. The total immorality of the super-rich. The super rich think of the rest of us as less than human… a kind of racism. They inhabit another world. Public Relations firms and philanthropy hides their true decadence.
 The whole notion of the free market globalization is a very thin rationale for unmitigated greed by a tiny oligarchic elite.  And they have made sure that that ideology is taught in universities across the country and economists who deviate from that ideology get pushed aside. And yet the driving ethos of that ideology is really to justify the hoarding of immense amounts of wealth by very tiny percentage of the upper ruling class.

The whole LIE of GLOBALIZATION perpetuated by people who popularize it by people like Thomas Friedman, has already been exposed — the idea that it’s going to lift all of us up, and create a middle class, and well compensated working class families in the third world has been exposed. The ideology serves the system, the intellectual class serves the system. Those economists who serve the system get tenure, etc. Those who don’t have no jobs.

We don’t live in a free market society. We live in a society where corporations at will loot the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve – and are bailed out by the tax payer. And yet that ‘socialism for the corporations’ is ignored. A disconnect. Corporations have become predators and we are all going to pay for it because most of this stuff, the bonds they are buying up are garbage — and this is going to blow right up in our face.

MIRAGES: America is the most illusion society. The airways are awash in lies, they very skillfully know how to mask everything that is being done to the rest of us… Corporations spend millions of dollars to create these mirages to force a false reality on us.  They own & control all systems of information.

The underclass is now half the country. No way to make change except step outside the system. Create mass movements to put pressure on the elite power.

The people who are running Wall Street know it’s going to collapse and what they are doing is stealing as much as they can on their way out the door. Deep cynicism. The goal is so self centered. It’s all about amassing little monuments to themselves, little empires – grabbing as much as they can on their way out.

Symptomatic of a dying civilization. They know it’s dying. They think they can retreat into their gated compounds and survived longer than the rest of us, but in the end climate change alone is going to get us. They are creating systems of exploitation, not only in terms of us but in terms of the ecosystem that if left unchecked will ensure the extinction of the human species. It may already be too late, of course. Allowing the fossil fuel industry and these corporations to determine our relationship to the environment is a form of collective insanity at this point.


VSF: Hedges understanding exemplifies the insanity of geoengineering!

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