The Stars over New Zealand

DSC_6999 - Version 2


VSF: This is how the night sky looks in New Zealand on a clear night. My dear friend & I would often spend warm nights beneath this spectacular array of God’s mysterious unspeakable perfection. He took this photograph from Paihia in the Bay of Islands, Far North on the North Island. Being able to see the stars and the Milky Way is what I miss most about living in New Zealand. How many of us have seen this many stars? Even on a clear night here on the Olympic Peninsula WA, there are few stars above me. The daily dose of chemtrails here blot out the sky with their milky wispy fogs and residues. Before industrial pollution and geoengineering chemtrail aerosol spraying, we all were imbued, inundated, blessed with the magnificence of the universe on every clear night. No wonder the Rishis, the Seers in ancient times worshiped Cosmic Powers, forces cosmogonic perceived as RTA, Truth in constant motion, like the stars traversing the vast heavens – metaphysical powers which later became deified. We are stardust cut off from our Source. We have lost our way in endless useless wars, ever changing temporal illusion-delusion, consumption of perishable rubbish, useless mind numbing ultimately boring doo-dahs. Let us find our way back Home!


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