Clear evidence of the use of Aerosol Components


Evidence from: ‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ issued by the Department of the Navy USA, the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division; ‘The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics & Electrodynamics’ by Michael C. Kelley; ‘EW 104: EW Against A New Generation of Threats’, by David L. Adamy / Artech House 2015

Clear evidence of the use of Aerosol Components is found in the ‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ issued by the Department of the Navy USA, the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division. Secondly I found an online discussion from an esteemed Cornell University professor on Ionospheric Modification, what they call ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE (the term you should google) using barium. Last is the definition of “chaff” in a textbook on EW, electronic warfare. I believe these three are blatant factual evidence that what we term ‘chemtrails’ are well known not only to the military, but to the scientists who are developing the technology and the equations necessary to blast the Ionosphere and us with aluminum, barium, strontium, and the rest of the filaments, particulates, and nano-particles that are invading our bodies, inundating the soil, the air and oceans.


‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ issued by the Department of the Navy USA, the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division’

This manual is said to be UNCLASSIFIED and “approved for public release.” (available at amazon).
Page 7-1.14
The radiation emitted or reflected from the targets and backgrounds must pass through the intervening atmosphere before reaching the detection system. The radiation is absorbed and re-emitted by molecular constituents of the atmosphere and scattered into and out of the path by various aerosol components.
Figure 11 reveals the presence of atmospheric windows, i.e. regions of reduced atmospheric attenuation. IR (infrared) detection systems are designed to operate in these windows.
Page 7-1.16
Windows / Domes / Lens Materials
For most applications of EO (electro-optical) systems in EW, the detection system is protected from the environment by a window or dome of optically transmissive material.
Page 7-1.17
Transmission bands of representative window or lens materials are shown in Figure 14.
Figure 14.
Transmission of Selected Window /Lens Materials:  
Lithium Floride, Magnesium Floride, Calcium Floride, Fused Quartz, Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide), Barium Floride, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Sulfide, Zinc Selenide, Cadmium Telluride, Silicon, Germanium.


‘The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics & Electrodynamics’ by Michael C. Kelley
This is an actual textbook on the Ionosphere, ‘The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics & Electrodynamics’ 2009, by Michael C. Kelley, who is an acclaimed teacher on the Ionosphere and Plasma Physics at Cornell University, College of Engineering, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Michael C. Kelley has analyzed much of the data from satellites and rockets. From reading the text, it appears he has also conceived and written many of the equations and theories used to analyze the data. In this online interview (excerpts below) he discusses his uses of radar and rocketry to study the Ionosphere and later speculates about promising new studies of potential earthquake detection. This is an open discussion of barium clouds and HAARP from a professor at Cornell University in March 2013.

Excerpts of the video as my notes: The experiments with plasma physics in the 60s & 70s – As plasma physics became a discipline – the earth is so rich in processes that can be seen. Gamma rays from lightning, the aurora, being able to fly rockets & satellites through it. An amazing laboratory.
Started at Arecibo the ionospheric modification work facilities. What initiated and drove the initial desire to do that work. What has actually come out the various ionospheric modification facilities. When you use radar you are being a passive observer. Until the so called “active” experiments were evolved. @33:25
One of the major active experiments of releasing these large clouds of barium ions. That’s an interesting history itself. If you want to actively study a physical process, you put up a large cloud.

What made people want to do these active experiments with Barium?
It had to do with the Test Ban Treaty. Once the treaty was signed, it turns out that the structures associated with high altitude nuclear explosions, they are identical essentially to what happens in a large barium … put out a large barium cloud and blow a wind through it, then one side of the cloud becomes highly structured. And that’s very similar to a nuclear explosion and the plasma goes out and then decelerates, an effect of gravity.
 The plasma version of the classic Raleigh-Taylor Instability.

So the people who were studying what would happen in a nuclear war, because of the Test Ban Treaty, were left with the only option of (using barium clouds) theoretically and experimentally.

That was the beginning of what we call ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE.
The notion that in the case of the barium, you put a high density medium – not really explosive, but it’s released – the other idea was suppose you could dump energy with radio waves, so do an experiment where you put in a known amount of energy and study the results. And the other idea was that you could do inertial fusion – you could take a pellet of frozen deuterium and then collapse it by shining lasers or beams on it then you could make a small hydrogen bomb and extract energy and do it all over again –

Well, the physics of that is essentially the same as reflecting a high powered radio wave off the Ionosphere. If you shine a flashlight on a mirror, the signal reflects, but with a really high-powered light, like a laser you start to reflect the medium that tries to reflect itself. You dump all this energy in and then use facilities like Arecibo to interpret. Small amounts of energy could create non-linear effects.

The Russians were really heavily involved. That’s part of the reason too that we were concerned that the Russians [Woodpecker] were doing this kind of work. … Sending up a radio waves …showed structures … at a particular wave length…

The original HEATER EXPERIMENTS were done in Colorado. There have been some published multi radar frequency studies of this …the rocket data was exciting. The other idea is that you could use the atmosphere as an antenna – work done up in Alaska to try to create a signal that could transmit to a submarine, the so-called ELF. The interest in that has waned.

For reasons that Michael C. Kelley doesn’t seem to totally understand, HAARP seems to be surviving. The disadvantage of HAARP for Kelley is that it just doesn’t have the diagnostics. The interest in going back to Arecibo, is that Arecibo has the diagnostics to understand what’s going on. But a lot of money was spent (on HAARP).  [they laugh…]
Climate change work at Arecibo? Institutions need funding. @42:20

Full interview & discussion video:

Barium experiments quoted from the textbook, ‘The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics & Electrodynamics’ 2009, by Michael C. Kelley. (page 297):
“Many ‘active experiments’ have been conducted at midlatitudes to model this process [scintillation measurement technique] by creating artificial plasma density gradients perpendicular… The active technique is to inject large amounts of barium gas into the Ionosphere from a rocket, where the barium is vaporized from the metal state by the intensely energetic thermite chemical reaction. … The ultimate active experiment was conducted in the mid-1960s when a nuclear explosion was carried out in the Ionosphere. …The physics here is that of the deceleration of the blast as it expands outward, carrying a plasma with it.

Whether a cloud is large or small depends on its electrical properties. A small cloud is required whenever barium technique is used for tracer experiments…during a rocket flight, which traversed a dense barium plasma cloud…the electric field [electron density] was indeed lower inside the barium cloud than outside. [The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics & Electrodynamics, by Michael C. Kelly; Elsevier, 2009.]

Barium: suppresses the immune system because it is rapidly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tracts and deposited in the muscles, lungs, and bone; barium toxicity can cause difficulties in breathing, stomach & chest pains, increased blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, stomach irritation, brain swelling, muscle weakness and damage to liver, kidneys, heart and spleen; barium is 20 times worse than the worst organic chlorinated pesticide. [Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth / Elana Freeland]


Nothing in this EW 104: Electronic Warfare textbook is considered ‘classified’ by the author who is said to be “an internationally recognized expert in electronic warfare.”

EW 104: EW Against A New Generation of Threats
David L. Adamy / Artech House 2015
Definition of CHAFF: “Chaff, which comprises a large number of half-wavelength pieces of aluminum foil or platted strands of fiber glass, can be deployed into a cloud that has a very large radar cross section and can thus act as a decoy.”
This must be ‘chaff’ which I collected on my flashlight lens one night in October 2015:

My photos of the creepy stuff in chemtrails


Full Spectrum Dominance

The term “full spectrum dominance” is used by the military to describe dominance within the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum realm. Because the nature of warfare has changed and is still rapidly changing, the electromagnetic spectrum realm has become the fifth realm of warfare, the others being ground, sea, air, and space. U.S. Navy thinks it’s just fine to turn the pristine Olympic Peninsula WA into an electromagnetic warfare training zone. One technique is electromagnetic ‘jamming’ with microwave emitters. The use and control of the electromagnetic spectrum are now fundamental to warfare, including intercept, jamming, emitter location, message security, and transmission — and are “not likely to ever go away.”  The electromagnetic environment is now considered as a distinct battlespace. This information comes from the 2015 book said to be using “only open-source information” and therefore the contents are not classified: EW 104: EW Against a New Generation of Threats, by David L. Adamy; Artech House, Boston, London.


While I support the military defending me and my country, I question being considered collateral damage and their using populated areas of pristine forest as dumping grounds for toxic metals like aluminum oxides, barium, strontium, Morgellons, etc.

We the American people are beginning to realize that the ‘Land of the Free’ is no more and has been taken over by a Global Corporate Regime that cares nothing about us. We do not benefit from this dreadful American Empire most of us never wanted and that serves only the 1% oligarchy! Not only has the corporatist regime used the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system to decimate the middle class here in the United States and impoverish the rest, it also appears to be using the American population as ‘collateral damage’ in its geoengineering industry which has in fact been in effect for 60 years.

V. Susan Ferguson


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