1PacificRedwood: Continued heating from RF transmitter

1PacificRedwood / Published on Feb 16, 2016
Tues. Feb 16: WHERE is the ‘El Nino’ we’ve been hearing about? Keep reading. An area of low pressure between Hawaii and Mexico has been prevented from developing into a genuine counterclockwise spinning low pressure (rainmaker) weather system, but yesterday, and the day before, the upper-level low was beginning to spin vigorously. Today, the counterclockwise rotation has stopped completely. Continued heating from a powerful, focused RF transmitter on that low pressure area has neutralized the counterclockwise rotation in the vortex; the remaining surrounding thunderstorm activity is now being targeted by microwave, as seen in the IR, Visible Light and Watervapor satellite shots in this video. A blast pattern is clearly visible, and a hole in the thunderstorm is opened up as a result of the watervapor being superheated.

The television weather personalities have forecasted ‘a chance’ of rain on Wednesday for Los Angeles – and that chance remains slim because of residual high pressure still parked off of California and visible on the surface pressure maps. The strong high surface pressure observed over the past 10+ days has subsided somewhat from yesterday, as shown in the maps, but time will tell if ‘they’ (the weather controllers) allow any rain into Southern California based on what the pressure maps are indicating. Meanwhile, hot, dry, July-like weather continues in Southern California, thanks to these weather controllers who have decided to install and park a zone of high pressure off California for the past ten days to block North Pacific weather as well as the El Nino pattern from tropical latitudes. It is not at all normal for continued 87-92F temperatures in the month of February in Los Angeles for ten days straight!! In fact this weather is a wake-up call to the weather manipulation occurring daily in the East Pacific. Chemtrails have also been occasionally supplementing the overly dry hot weather over the past several days if a moisture field is advancing toward the State. Yesterday, some jets were spotted spraying short dissipating trails. Looking on one of the flight-tracker websites to track one of the jets flying over our location, it did not show up on radar – they never do.

VSF: A comment on Dane Wigington’s GeoengineeringWatch.org suggested this 1PacificRedwood YouTube Channel, which is technically very interesting. The author is identifying radio frequency/microwave emitter blasts that are steering the jet stream and manipulating weather patterns. He uses maps from NOAA, etc. Brilliant idea. The more we learn about this technology, the better we are at communicating the truth.

The example video above is just one of many interesting videos here at his Channel:



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