Particles dispersed and scattered all over my driveway!


Feb.20, 2016 we were sprayed heavily. Big chemtrail right over my house here. Feb. 21 I walk up to the mail box and find these cream colored particles sprinkled all over the dark asphalt driveway. To be this extensive, it had to come from the sky. Any guess as to what this is? Barium, lithium, or blood…? Feb. 22, 2016 the stuff is still sprinkle-scattered dispersed all over my rather long driveway. I have taken photos of samples I managed to scrape off the asphalt to have analyzed. The stuff is definitely powdery and became dusty when I scraped it, but some were stuck in pieces. They color is not white like the photo below; it is more of a cream-brown as above. The red shocked me.





This gives an idea of the size of my driveway and how extensive…



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