Phased Array Radar Generates Rectangle

This video from 1PacificRedwood is BRILLIANT! Nature doesn’t make right-angles! More evidence of chemtrails being sprayed.

2-22-2016; Day-5 of Installed High Pressure off West Coast; Phased Array Radar Generates Rectangle

Published on Feb 22, 2016
Mon. Feb 22; Strong high pressure installed five days ago is blocking a giant 968mb storm off the West coast of California that would otherwise fill some resevoirs. If anyone doesn’t know where the so-called ‘El Nino’ is, its been blocked all season essentially. The weather controllers have only allowed measured amounts of precipitation into the Southern part of the State (California). A phased array radar is leaving its rectangular signature imprint on the core of this storm system to heat the core with concentrated RF energy in order to weaken the system.

There is a second hurricane-force storm right behind this current system with 964mb pressure, and is forecast to move East toward the West coast. Strong high pressure will remain in place off the West coast of Canada and U.S. and the chemtrail aerosols will probably continue to be sprayed over the Southern California and Los Angeles region for the next few days to ensure low humidity which in turn will ensure no development of precipitation potential. Chemtrails were reported in other areas in California today; thanks to everyone for providing those updates.

An educational research paper by J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D. is also featured which contains valuable research about the ingredients in chemtrail aerosols. Herndon’s extensive research effort was dismissed by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health as “strange” and “lacking scientific basis”. Everyone should download the 16 page PDF and read it. The link to the information is located at:… Scroll down to Key Links and click on ‘Retracted Article’.

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