1PacificRedwood / 2-28-2016

2-28-2016; Day-11 of High Pressure Blockade Stopping Rain Systems; Heavy aerosol spraying in So. CA / 1PacificRedwood / Published on Feb 28, 2016
Sun Feb. 28; Today is the eleventh straight day of a high pressure blockade being parked off the West Coast. According to the West Coast IR / Rainbow map, we see pockets of moisture moving East through most of California. Despite this, the weather was warm with low humidity (28%). The reason for the low humidity and no preceipitation was the extremely heavy aerosol ‘chemtrail’ spraying conducted all day in Southern California. As we can see in the MODUS Today color map, the aerosol spraying was wide spread around the State. 
There are actually 10 low pressure centers identified in today’s Surface Analysis Map, yet no rain /precipitation is in the forecast for the Southern California region!
Looking at the Northeast Pacific Watervapor loop we see a dark area surrounding the 961mb storm and frontal system, generated by a transmitter to isolate this giant storm and prevent it from merging with any of the other low pressure systems in the vicinity. The radar generated boundary around this large storm is especially visible in the Northeast IR/Rainbow map. Also note the extremely straight edge on the back side of the storm’s frontal system – generated by phased array radar.

 Thank you, 1PacificRedwood. Brilliant work! – VSF

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