Anti-Geoengineering Legislation In Rhode Island Is Still Alive

Dane Wigington:  Rhode Island State representatives are showing a level of morality and courage that has so far been lacking from all other states. Representatives of the state, Karen MacBeth and Justin Price, are still pushing forward with their efforts to expose and ban the ongoing climate engineering programs that are decimating the biosphere and human health. has been supplying informational materials to the Rhode Island committee members and will continue to do so.

In the 16 minute video below, the Rhode Island legislative committee is addressed by Tom Loiselle, a very dedicated citizen and activist that has been instrumental in the continuing effort to push H 7578 forward. I have been communicating with Tom for some time and Mr. Loiselle has also joined the Geoengineering Watch team of attorneys on 2 recent conference calls. Our most sincere gratitude to Tom Loiselle, and to Rhode Island State representatives Karen MacBeth (Dem), and Justin Price (Rep) for their ongoing courageous efforts to address the extremely dire geoengineering issue.

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