Earth is not a school…

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The Earth is Not a School!

Our planet is not a school where we evolve into higher beings. Reason this out for yourself. The Sanskrit teachings say: TAT TVAM ASI, meaning Thou art That. The ancient wisdom is that we are already the One ‘playing’ here in human form. If we are already the One God ISness, the Presence, whatever term you prefer — what are we going to evolve to? More God? A more better new improved Totality. This is a ridiculous misunderstanding that has emerged from a lack of experiential Wisdom. My feeling is that this notion of an earth school came from Theosophy, which spawned so much new age nonsense.

Our planet is one in thousands. There are over 300 billion galaxies out there. There are endless worlds for the One to find endless adventures in. The Kashmir Shaivite Abhinavagupta has said that he visited 118 worlds before he became weary of these experiences.

We are the One God-Consciousness Veiled in varying forms ‘playing’ in Space-Time in human form, what I like to call our data-collecting vehicles. The human body contains the chakra system, which connects to the realms that resonate with each chakra. Thus we have the potential to realize many levels of manifested existence in the one body. We are having a grand adventure. One can surmise that other forms have their own specific limitations and capacities.

So you can forget the idea that you came here to learn anything. You already know everything. You are simply pretending not to so you can ‘play’ and experience the potential spectrum of God’s creative capacity. The Sanskrit term is the Divine LILA, meaning play as in both a drama and the play of a child. When you are weary of playing here, you will wake-up to the reality that you are and always have been the One imperishable immutable eternal God-Consciousness and you can go Home until the next adventure, perhaps in a completely different galaxy or even dimension.


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