“Our task to wake up those of us who have forgotten what they went for…”

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Bruce Cathie: “The evidence I now have shows that the secrets of gravitational energy and travel in space-time have been available to a small group of our own Earth scientists for many years. Secret groups have had access to this knowledge from historical times, and our present-day technology is now enabling them to use it.”

– ‘The Harmonic Conquest of Space’ by Bruce Cathie, 1998



This is alien ET technology
Harald Kautz-Vella: “I am hardcore scientist, but I really appreciate the possibilities that lie in the spiritual world and I had so many open questions to this [now deceased] whistle blower” [on ‘optimized cluster topology’ that lets RNA DNA sequences carry life-forms/ relates to smart dust] that he attended a lady who can talk to people who are dead. The man appeared immediately and talked through her saying, “This is alien technology – it is not human technology and we have been fooled. There is no deactivation code. It doesn’t exist. It is just a big scam that they offered to us to let us think we could control the system, but this is alien technology and it is not controllable anymore through us.”

In ‘Briefing For a Descent into Hell’ written in 1971, Doris Lessing conceives an amazing and revealing insightful conversation that takes place before birth of those who have made the decision to incarnate in flesh & blood bodies and the dense miasma of consciousness that now covers our planet. The volunteers are warned:

“…it is not at all a question of your arriving on Planet Earth [with the consciousness you have] as you leave here. You will lose nearly all your memory of your past existence. You will each of you come to yourselves, perhaps alone, perhaps in the company of each other, but with only a vague feeling of recognition, and probably disassociated, disoriented, ill, discouraged, and unable to believe, when you are told what your task really is. …

“Some of you will choose not to wake, for the waking will be so painful, and the knowledge of your condition and Earth’s condition so agonizing, you will be like drug addicts: you may prefer to continue to breathe in oblivion. …

“And, when you have become aroused to your real condition, and have recovered from the shame or embarrassment of seeing to what depths you have sunk, you will then begin the task of arousing others, and you will find that you are in a position of rescuer of a drowning person, or a doctor in a city that has an epidemic of madness.”

The purpose of incarnating into human bodies is: “… it will be our task to wake up those of us who have forgotten what they went for; as well as to recruit suitable inhabitants of Earth…who have kept a potential for evolving into rational beings …”

Lessing then explains to the volunteers that there would be no point in giving them a ‘Briefing’ and that every word they are hearing will be forgotten once they have descended into a human body. But they are assured that they have all been given “brainprints” and these will be there for them when they are ready. In my words, the eternal Wisdom-Knowledge does reside within each and every one of us.

In the moments before birth, the dangers of volunteering are made clear:
“As everyone here knows, has had drummed into him or her from the moment he or she volunteered — it is not at all a question of descending into that Poisonous Hell [the earth plane] and remaining unaffected. Everyone takes his life in his hands.”

Planet Earth is a dangerous place and there are no guarantees. There will be no one to save us, no rescues! We are on our own here and apparently when we did volunteer, we were fully capable of independent thinking and sovereignty. We were not fearful needy victims wallowing in self-pity and confusion waiting to be rescued.

More warnings:
“For these creatures are for the most part malevolent and murderous by nature, able to tolerate others only insofar as they resemble themselves, capable of slaughtering each other because of a slight difference in skin color or appearance. Also they cannot tolerate those who do not think as they do. This means that unless we can perfect our own adaptation to them, they will attack us…This we must expect.”




“Passport to the Cosmos, Human Transformation and Alien Encounters” by John E. Mack

Jean: Beings of Light: “Jean told us she was taken into a spaceship ‘hundreds of times’ …there was ‘just so much light’ that she covered her eyes. The beings were subtle energies…What was relevant was the experience of mind to mind transmission…[she is] a much valued spiritual teacher, which she attributes in large part to her encounters…she ‘came to understand’ that she was ‘one of a number of people who were being neurologically reprogrammed to be transceivers.’ These people were to be ‘instruments for an intergalactic council that was working through us with people here on Earth…to foment a transformation’…

Jean’s personal transformation was also a ‘physical healing process…she would experience the top of my head as molten gold’…The result of this ‘blowing out the nervous system’ which Jean likened to ‘electroconvulsive therapy’ was to ‘activate her energy.’ This was, she said, ‘the most erotic experience I’ve ever had.’ Then, having been taken through these ‘energy gates,’ she would be ‘freed up’ to be accessible to everything. In this open state, as a transceiver, she was given a ‘complex mathematical system’ and a new ‘cosmological system’ that enabled her to ‘plug into Source, or God,’ a state of ‘unqualified and unmitigated Love’…a medium to the Divine.”











Inanna Returns 2016
There are over 300 billion galaxies. Planet Earth is only one of millions of genetic experiments producing a spectrum of life forms in the universe. Planets that cannot achieve even a rudimentary state of God-Consciousness within a number of time-cycles cannot be permitted to join the Inter-Galactic Council. The human species has shown itself insufficient in this regard for millennium. By its own choice it has surrendered it sovereignty to an alien species that traded their advanced technology for human DNA.
Those humans who are able to achieve God-Consciousness will be liberated from this alien consciousness that is rapidly terraforming the planet and altering the previous forms of human DNA.

The technology that was given to the human leaders has been misused for purposes of control and personal greed. The planet has been poisoned, your oceans are dying, animal extinction levels are increasing, and the humans themselves are becoming ill and disoriented from the toxic materials being sprayed over them daily. The corporations that have benefited from the alien technology have impoverished the general public, rather than serving them. The technology also has allowed the transfer of most of the wealth of the planet to the very few and Earth is returning to a feudal state.

The Inter-Galactic Council enforces the Law of Non-Interference. No galactic civilization is allowed to interfere with the natural evolution of colonized planets unless the rulers of that planet’s civilization gives them permission. This is precisely what has happen here on planet Earth as your leaders over 50 years ago entered into a contractual agreement with aliens beings in which human DNA was promised in exchange for technology that would allow the government of the United States of America to dominate the entire planet for a time. That contract expired in 2012 and most powers on planet Earth are now catching up creating even more perilous results and quickly terraforming the entire Earth making it uninhabitable for the normal human DNA which is not able to mutate into the required configurations.

This is the reality of geoengineering and the chemtrail dumping over the skies. Some know this is happening, others do not and are merely following orders.

The only Refuge is a higher consciousness, meaning God-Consciousness. Those who reach the understanding that everything is God, every man, woman, and child, black, blue or green, is God. There is nothing but God. TAT TVAM ASI in Sanskrit, Thou art That! Very simple! The mountains are God, the oceans, the trees and creatures that cover the earth are also God. They are us! How can you harm your own Self no matter what form that takes. How can you bow down and worship another when they are you and none is greater or less than another in essence. This is the entry level for joining the rest of the universe. The human species has not achieved this and thus is being handed over to another species that will develop the gene pool to their liking. Those humans who don’t wish to experience this have a limited time to reach God-Consciousness within their own being.

The time is Now. The Shiva Sutras are highly recommended. Whatever way you choose, unless you want to remain here for the terraforming of this planet and the altering of your DNA and your children’s DNA, then focus all your intentions on reaching God-Consciousness. This whole universe has been created to bring you to God-Consciousness.” Kashmir Shaivite, Swami Lakshmanjoo

Inanna Returns / 2016


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