Singing to God, THE Imperishable Immeasurable Immutable Eternal ONE!

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Swami Lakshmanjoo
The Bodhapañcadaśikā by Abhinavagupta

. . . with the cycle of the universe this Lord Śiva [the One Presence], nityaṁ kriḍārasotsukaḥ, he is fond of playing and playing and playing and falling.

Look at Viresh [a little boy], when he is too much excited he jumps, he hits his head. In the same way God has done this. He has crushed his own nature because of too much of ecstasy. He wants to disconnect that ecstasy. But that ecstasy in its real way cannot be disconnected at all. He knows that. But still for fun he disconnects this for the time being. And at the time of again realizing his own nature he feels that it was already there.

Disciple in Kashmir: He doesn’t completely disconnect. Doesn’t he remain in non-ecstasy?

Lakshmanjoo: Non-ecstasy, yes . . . he just ignores ecstasy.
And, vicitrān sṛiṣṭi saṁhāran vidhatte yugapad vibhuḥ. He creates, vicitrān sṛiṣṭi saṁhārā, he creates varieties of creation and varieties of destruction. He creates birds, he creates bugs, he creates all nonsense [things] in this world. Whatever is possible; whatever is not possible, he creates that.

Disciple in Kashmir: The purpose is to see . . . ?

Lakshmanjoo: The purpose is to see that God Consciousness is also there.

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