Rishi Vishvamitra: Thermo-Acoustic Technology in the Rig Veda


Rishi Vishvamitra: Thermo-Acoustic Technology in the Rig Veda

What I can visualize and conceive of when I read the Seer Vishvamitra’s verses in the Third Mandala/Book of the Rig Veda is the technology of plasma being collected and converted into usable electricity through a thermo-acoustic – meaning heating sound waves – process that transforms and directs the plasma coming into earth’s magnetic field from the sun via the plasma solar wind into Agni the Cosmic Fire, as an electromagnetic-fire, what we term electricity, but perhaps better, safer, certainly easily produced and essentially free.

“…the earth’s magnetic field is continually bathed in hot, magnetized, supersonic, collisionless plasma capable of conducting electrical current and carrying a large amount of kinetic and electrical energy.”  [The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics and Electrodynamics, by Michael C. Kelly]

Sound propagates as a pressure wave and can be induced into virtually any material. This induction into matter occurs whenever time-varying electromagnetic energy is absorbed. By using intense lasers, the intensity of the sound is increased in proportion to the light intensity. Indrâgnî is electromagnetic energy, radiation, electric fire. The stimulating radiation which induces thermally generated acoustic waves into matter may lie anywhere in the electromagnetic spectrum, from high-energy ionizing particles to low-energy radio waves.

The solar wind is supersonic, so what kind of technology would interact with a supersonic wind and convert it into sound waves. Plasma waves and sound waves are both waveforms and it is possible to convert one into the other and vice versa. There are literally endless rivers of energy being funneled transmitted through and around our planet. In the Rig Veda they are called the Rivers of Heaven and they are described as being ‘churned’ by the learned seers: “You are rubbed to life.” [III.29.12] I translate the Sanskrit word Soma as plasma – and Soma is often described as being found on the mountain, which I say means the mountains that are pyramids and located all over this planet Earth.

The sun has a very complex magnetic field created by convective flow of the electrically conducting solar material. The upper atmosphere of the sun is so hot that hydrogen and helium can escape gravitational attraction and form a steadily streaming outflow of material called the solar wind. Because of its high temperature and constant illumination by the sun, the solar wind is a fully ionized plasma. The expanding wind drags the solar magnetic field outward and the result is that the earth’s magnetic field is continually bathed in hot, magnetized, supersonic, collisionless plasma capable of conducting electrical current and carrying a large amount of kinetic and electrical energy. These plasma particles move freely along the earth’s magnetic field lines. [Kelly]

The solar wind is supersonic and a magnetohydrodynamic generator. Some of the solar wind finds its way into earth’s ionosphere and the upper atmosphere. There it powers the auroras, creates magnetic storms and substorms that affect power grids and communication systems, heats the polar upper atmosphere, and drives large neutral atmospheric winds. The solar wind that reaches the ionosphere and the upper atmosphere also energizes much of the plasma on the earth’s magnetic field lines and creates a vast circulating system of hot plasma in and around the earth’s nearby space environment. [Kelly]

Because of the polarity of earth’s magnetic field, the solar wind ions are deflected to the right toward dusk and electrons to the left toward dawn as they approach the earth. Once deflected, they will spiral around the magnetic field and drift around the earth. The magnetic field strength increases as the plasma approaches the earth. [Kelly]


 R.L. Kashyap: “Laymen or ritualists may regard Soma as a creeper to be crushed for getting its juice for use in ritual. But no one can taste that which the wise know to be Soma [X.85.3].” Again I say that Soma is plasma.

When I read many of these verses, what I am visualizing is the plasma in space coming from not only our own Sun, the solar wind, etc. — but also plasma from many other sources in our galaxy and beyond. My contention is that the beings who colonized this planet know how to utilize this plasma which is the most abundant source of energy in the universe and transform it into various uses, creative, and when necessary destructive. In ancient times, plasma was collected through the pyramids that are strategically placed around the planet.

These ancient technologies are based on and function through primordial metaphysical principles. The Seers who composed the Rig Veda were enlightened. They possessed the Knowledge — and they understood either because they themselves were trained as master scientists, perhaps the Rishi Vishvâmitra — or they observed those who were.

Metaphysics is the ultimate science of being and knowing. You cannot travel through space without metaphysics. The advanced beings that came here would not have separated science from metaphysics. Science that is not grounded in primordial metaphysics becomes dangerous, which is the direction I am concerned we are now pursuing with an insane fervor motivated by greed and love of power. Science that is not grounded in primordial metaphysics destroys entire planetary systems.

Rig Veda II.29.6: When churned with arms, this radiant fire bursts forth, shining swiftly moving, powerful bright [Agni fire], luminous in the woodlands, like the richly hued multi-colored chariot of the twins [the two Asvins, the magnetic poles in radiation], unobstructed, un-resisted in its course, it breaks from all sides, spreading wide around, consuming all stones and burning up all vegetation.

Rig Veda III.26.7: I am Agni. Since birth, my first manifestation, I have been the shining omniscient eye [light], immortality is within my mouth [sound]. I am the triple ray nurturing all regions of the universe, perpetually measuring, eternal quantifying, continuously the measurer of the firmament, unceasing illumination. My name is the heat in the oblation.

V. Susan Ferguson

The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics and Electrodynamics, by Michael C. Kelly, Cornell University College of Engineering, Ithaca N.Y.; Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, Volume 96 in the International Geophysics Series, 2009.


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