“fracking” Mother Earth’s Magnetosphere


I now have five or more Springer text books that deal with for example Plasma Physics (Anthony Peratt), the Ionosphere (Michael Kelley), Ultra and Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (Surkov & Hayakawa), etc.. What I want to communicate to us as “the average reader” – and I include myself in this because I am not science trained – is that this field of poking the Ionosphere, Earth’s Ring Current and God-only-knows what else is expanding exploding. You can easily find papers as PDFs on these topics if you know the right terms, the ones they use.

I would imagine there are now hundreds of grad students diligently at work around the planet, using complex monster-long equations that can only be solved by super-computers, to utilize nano-particulates to rf/microwave fry and suck the LIFE force out of the sky, the plasmasphere, atmosphere, the air we breathe. I’m certain they are looking for Tesla’s Free Energy – only it won’t ever be free. The Ionosphere, Earth’s Ring Current, and the IAR are sources to vampirize, like they are fracking the Earth’s Magnetosphere.

This is becoming an industry, the insane future. If there is a future. Below is an online PDF paper that shows how blatant this has become.


IAR: Excitation of Alfvén waves and vortices in the ionospheric Alfvén resonator by modulated powerful radio waves

V.Y Trakhtengertsa / P.P Belyaevb, / S.V Polyakovb, / A.G Demekhova, / T Bösingerc
 / Abstract

A review of the artificial excitation of Alfvén waves and vortices in the ionospheric Alfvén resonator (IAR) is presented. In the framework of simplified models of the IAR and the Alfvén vortex instability, we discuss the main physical phenomena arising under the periodic heating of the ionosphere by a powerful HF radio signal with a modulation frequency F which lies in the range of short-period geomagnetic pulsations (F = 0.1–10 Hz). The amplitudes, frequency spectra, and polarization characteristics of artificial pulsations on the ground are found, and a brief comparison with experimental data is made. The Alfvén vortex instability in the IAR is analysed from the point of view of its artificial triggering. Two ways of such a triggering are discussed. The first suggests the use of two spaced transmitter antenna which produce an ionospheric current being in resonance with Alfvén vortices. Existing heating facilities are suitable for this experiment. The second method is based on the change of macroscopic parameters of the ionosphere, such as the conductivity in the instability region. This method is simple, but requires more powerful heaters.


V. Susan Ferguson


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