Pyramids, Plasma and Tesla ‘free energy’

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Physics of the Plasma Universe, Anthony L. Peratt; Second Edition / Springer 1992, 2015

Plasma is today recognized as the key element to understanding new observations in near-Earth, interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic space, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and throughout the observable universe. The text, ‘Physics of the Plasma Universe’ is the result of Anthony Peratt’s 37 years research at Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The supercomputer and experimental work was carried out within university, National Laboratory, Department of Energy and supporting NASA facilities.

Anthony L. Peratt makes it clear that he is in no way connected to the Electric Universe people, even though they use and quote his research: “…now the internet allows anyone, even cults, to present their cacophony to the world, often citing unsuspecting researchers as ‘colleagues’ for false endorsement. As Hannes Alfven, Harold Urey, and myself … said ‘they deserve no attention’. …”

Here are a few illuminating quotes from Peratt’s text, ‘Physics of the Plasma Universe’:

Plasma consists of electrically charged particles that respond collectively to electromagnetic forces.
 Because of their strong interaction with electromagnetism, plasmas display a complexity in structure and motion that far exceeds that found in matter in the gaseous, liquid, or solid states.
 The term plasma came from medical science to describe their collective motions that gave an almost ‘lifelike’ behavior to the ion and electron regions.
 In addition to cellular morphology, plasmas often display a filamentary structure, which derives from the fact that plasma, because of its free electrons, is a good conductor of electricity, far exceeding the conducting properties of metals such as copper or gold.  [So we can see why the US Department of Energy is keenly interested in Peratt’s research!] 
 Nearly all the matter in the universe exists in the plasma state.
 Plasmas are prodigious producers of electromagnetic radiation!











“Inanna Returns”: Chapter X – The Ekur

The Great Pyramid at Giza, the Ekur, is a natural collector of energies. Even without the enhancements of Pleiadian technology, any pyramid will gather and amplify the surrounding frequencies. Thus the hate and anger generated by our war was magnified by the presence of the Ekur. The atmosphere of Terra was darkened and made heavy by our hatred of one another. This new density, this lowering of frequency, was merging into and altering every living thing on Terra. In her wisdom, Ninhursag saw what was occurring, but the rest of us did not notice.

Your present-day scientists understand the magnetic field surrounding all astral bodies, which is known as the Magnetosphere. While the Magnetosphere surrounds the entire planet, it is drawn to and concentrated at Terra’s polar regions. They are also aware that the Magnetosphere protects Terra from Solar Winds, which are made of high-energy plasma particles traveling at 200 miles per second. These Solar Winds would directly bombard your planet were it not for the surrounding magnetic field which deflects the solar wind plasma.

Plasma is the most abundant material in your galaxy, and therefore a desirable energy source. Pyramids contained a Pleiadian technology presently unknown to you which accessed plasma in the Solar Winds for power. The pyramids were strategically placed around the planet and used as collectors to gather the plasma. The Ekur was the largest of these power-collectors on Terra. All of our spacecraft contain similar smaller-scale collectors. Naturally, all of the planets the Pleiadians have colonized have pyramids to collect plasma power.

The Ekur was designed to connect the Solar Wind plasma to the magnetic field from within Terra’s core. This high-energy plasma was funneled down along the pyramid’s vertical axis, while the magnetism from the earth’s core was directed upward along the same vertical axis. Both were concentrated into an intense coherent path, analogous to what your scientists have achieved with light in laser technology.

Thousands of what we call the Singing Stones receive and transduce this energy. There are huge shards of amber, ruby, and sapphire; tall crystals of citrine, emerald, and aquamarine stand in a harmonic order along with amethyst, diamond, and quartz. Many of the stones, such as Uzup, you would not know, as they are gathered from the Pleiadian star system.
These Singing Stones are placed sequentially in an eloquent spiral in the very center of the Ekur, and in the center of the spiral is a monolithic blue crystal. The tip of the crystal is lined up perfectly with the point of the pyramid’s capstone for superb power amplification. The Singing Stones are truly wonderful to behold.

As the plasma enters from the top of the Ekur, and the magnetism enters from the earth, they meet at the blue crystal at the center. The two energies join, swirling in a massively powerful vortex in the form of a torus, a geometric form that looks like a donut or bagel. As the torus forms, the two energies become one in a beautiful, spiraling union of forces. The Torus of Magnetic Flow is consequently set into motion with one ring turning in on itself, the other out. Thus we generate perpetual motion.

– V. Susan Ferguson 1995


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