“We lost the planet…”




It is now 5am here on the Olympic Peninsula WA, the west coast of North America and I am ‘directed’ to write this for anyone who may have the ears-to-hear. More people are coming forth with their own independent conclusion that our planet Earth has been taken over by ET tyrannical off-planet entities who obviously want most of us dead. The reasoning which is inescapable is simply that no human group would poison their own planet and themselves. I believe that in exchange for human DNA these off-planet beings gave our governments and military technologies. In their greed for power and domination, the earthlings did not understand, nor could they know that these technologies are like a Trojan Horse that would inevitably lead to their own death and the death of our beloved planet. They have lost control – and planet Earth has been lost to these heartless entities.

Think of the monumental effort that has been made to keep the relationship between the ETs and the military industrial corporations a secret. How many innocent people have been ridiculed, how many have died or been ‘suicided’, and how much better might life on this planet have been if these covert black-op corporations had not kept the technology secret. Surely the biggest elephant in the room is not even geoengineering, but the fact that planet Earth is a colony, one of thousands in a universe with 500 billion galaxies and that our own governments have been in business with some very nasty off-planet entites since the 1940s.

 Harald Kautz-Vella: “This is alien ET technology”

There are many Harald Kautz-Vella online videos to learn from. In one he says, “I am hardcore scientist, but I really appreciate the possibilities that lie in the spiritual world and I had so many open questions to this [now deceased] whistle blower” [on ‘optimized cluster topology’ that lets RNA DNA sequences carry life-forms/ relates to smart dust] that he attended a lady who can talk to people who are dead. The man appeared immediately and talked through her saying, “This is alien technology – it is not human technology and we have been fooled. There is no deactivation code. It doesn’t exist. It is just a big scam that they offered to us to let us think we could control the system, but this is alien technology and it is not controllable anymore through us.”

I have tried to say this in so many ways, gently, in scholarly ways through my findings in the ancient Sanskrit texts, the Rig Veda, the Mahabharata and the Puranas, and most blatantly in the late 1980s during my six months of ongoing visions seeing our planet Earth colonized through the eyes of Inanna and her family the Anunnaki that led to my 1995 book “Inanna Returns.” Over 150,000 pdfs have now been taken from the main website Metaphysical Musing.

In November of 2015 I was ‘guided’ to join Dane Wigington and his Geoengineering Watch website. Let me state that Mr. Wigington has no experience with extraterrestrials and he makes no assumptions in regard to their being responsible for what he terms ‘the collapse of the biosphere’.  However, I have learned a great deal from participating in the comment section. Reports from all over the world are coming in daily that testify to the fact that the aerosol spraying of toxic particulates is increasing everywhere.

One truly terrifying aspect of this phenomena is the blatant DENIAL that is reported over and over. People who can plainly see the chemtrails being painted across the sky point them out to others, friends, family and even strangers on the street who then deny the existence of any reality regarding geoengineering. This is scary. Can it be that people who have been consuming toxic food and water have already been assimilated? Can it be that the huge quantities of prescription drugs and vaccinations have already taken their toll and left people cut off from their own intuitive intelligence? Are we already at the stage depicted in the cult film “They Live”!

As I have reported previously, for the past 9 years I have been sick with the same ‘chemtrail’ symptoms others have described from inhaling barium, aluminum, etc. when I lived in Charlottesville VA around 2004. Since my Kundalini experience I AM GETTING WELL! I am not completely healthy, but better than I have felt in years. My complicated digestive issues are subsiding. I am still very careful about what I eat and would not touch sugar or alcohol. I continue to take all the prescribed natural herbal products. That won’t stop. But at 70 I am getting well.

I tell you this, because I believe that our only Refuge is God. It is in fact MY OWN EXPERIENCE now that my experiential reconnection with God and the Universe has set me free from whatever is coming and I want the same for everyone I can reach. You don’t need to find God in the same way I have. You only need to follow the sacred trail God has left for you. A strong Faith and an adamantine will to Re-Connection will Liberate you. I believe this with all my Heart. This is exactly precisely what I am experiencing. Seek Grace in whatever way you can.

“… it will be our task to wake up those of us who have forgotten what they went for; as well as to recruit suitable inhabitants of Earth…who have kept a potential for evolving into rational beings …” Doris Lessing

I repeat the message I posted previously from Inanna. Please circulate this in any manner you can. Planetary take-overs happen frequently in a universe with 500 billion galaxies. Earth is no exception.



Inanna Returns 2016

There are over 500 billion galaxies. Planet Earth is only one of millions of genetic experiments producing a spectrum of life forms in the universe. Planets that cannot achieve even a rudimentary state of enlightened God-Consciousness within a number of time-cycles cannot be permitted to join the Inter-Galactic Council. The human species has shown itself insufficient in this regard for millenium. By its own choice it has surrendered it sovereignty to an alien species that traded their advanced technology for human DNA.
Those humans who are able to reach Enlightenment will be liberated from this alien consciousness that is rapidly terraforming the planet and altering the previous forms of human DNA.

The technology that was given to the human leaders has been misused for purposes of control and personal greed. The planet has been poisoned, your oceans are dying, animal extinction levels are increasing, and the humans themselves are becoming ill and disoriented from the toxic materials being sprayed over them daily. The corporations that have benefited from the alien technology have impoverished the general public, rather than serving them. The technology also has allowed the transfer of most of the wealth of the planet to the very few and Earth is returning to a feudal state.

The Inter-Galactic Council enforces the Law of Non-Interference. No galactic civilization is allowed to interfere with the natural evolution of other planets – unless the rulers of a planet’s civilization give them permission. This is precisely what has happen here on planet Earth as your leaders over 50 years ago entered into a contractual agreement with aliens beings in which human DNA was promised in exchange for technology that would allow the government of the United States of America to dominate the entire planet for a time. That contract expired in 2012 and most powers on planet Earth are now catching up creating even more perilous results and quickly terraforming the entire Earth making it uninhabitable for the normal human DNA which is not able to mutate into the required configurations.

This is the reality of geoengineering and the chemtrail dumping over the skies. Some know this is happening, others do not and are merely following orders.

The only Refuge is a higher consciousness, meaning God-Consciousness. Those who reach the understanding that everything is God, every man, woman, and child, black, blue or green, is God. There is nothing but God. TAT TVAM ASI in Sanskrit, Thou art That! Very simple! The mountains are God, the oceans, the trees and creatures that cover the Earth are also God. They are us! How can you harm your own Self no matter what form that takes. How can you bow down and worship another when they are you and none is greater or less than another in essence. This is the entry level for joining the rest of the universe. The human species has not achieved this and thus is being handed over to another species that will develop the gene pool to their liking. Those humans who don’t wish to experience this have a limited time to reach God-Consciousness within their own being. The time is Now. The Shiva Sutras are highly recommended. Whatever way you choose, unless you want to remain here for the terraforming of this planet and the altering of your DNA and your children’s DNA, then focus all your intentions on reaching God-Consciousness. This whole universe has been created to bring you to God-Consciousness.

“We lost the planet…”

Perhaps three years ago when I was still living in New Zealand waves of sadness began to sweep over my being. I had made no effort to communicate with Inanna for many years and in fact intentionally blocked those energies, which I felt-knew would be infiltrated by astral entities attempting to confuse me, astral trolls if you like. I kept my course straight ahead in the Sanskrit texts and their purifying wisdom, the Razor’s Edge.

As the waves of sadness increased I began to identify their source. I was not unhappy. I was living in beautiful New Zealand with a wonderful man who still loves me. So where did these heart wrenching lamentations come from? It was as if everything had been lost, as if the world and everything beautiful in it were being lost.

One day standing over the sink washing a few dishes, in the ‘Eye of my Mind’ for the first time in so many years, I saw Inanna and she was weeping. Dejected, bent over in sorrow and anguish, Inanna wept. As the tears streamed down her lovely face, she said to me, “We have lost the planet.” I cannot communicate the bewildered shock I felt, at once terrible and simultaneously incomprehensible. Again and again she said, “We lost the planet.”

It has taken me three years and returning to the USA to understand her full meaning. In New Zealand, to some extent I was sheltered from what is now occurring on planet Earth. Yes, I knew about chemtrails for many years, but I had no idea how the aerosol spraying had been increased, intensified to the point of making thousands of people very ill. I still did not realize that my own chronic illnesses were caused by the chemtrails in the Charlottesville VA air and water, where I had lived before moving to New Zealand. The sky over Albemarle County in Virginia often looked like plowed snow even back in 2004. A neighbor moved after being diagnosed with barium poisoning.

During the seven years I lived in New Zealand, my chronic illnesses grew worse. I had good days and bad ones. I could function, but I could never get well. As time passed I got very homesick for the USA. There is even a condition termed ‘ex-pat’s’ disease, where those who are relocated all over the planet feel lonely and homesick for their own county and culture. I began to think of going back in spite of everything I knew and all the reasons I had left seven years ago.

The journey back was very hard on me. It was painful to leave my beloved man in New Zealand. The endless flight from New Zealand is enough to kill anyone. One of the symptoms of my illness is not being able to digest many foods — and thus I cannot eat much. By the time I arrived in Washington State, most of my muscle was gone. For the first three months I stayed in bed and still was not very aware of my new surroundings.
Beginning in May 2015, I saw that the sky over the Olympic Peninsula WA was being painted with chemtrails. From there, my awareness grew as I studied electronic warfare, the problems here with the Navy, and so many other unbelievably catastrophic issues that melded into a larger picture – a picture of dire and incomprehensible peril. We were being poisoned from the sky.

Inanna’s words came back to me, haunting me. “We have lost the planet.” Should I reveal what she had said to me? How can I express such utter hopelessness to people. I kept silent.

A friend who is a disciple of the Kashmir Shaivite Swami Lakshmanjoo and who had spent many years in Kashmir, emailed me and asked what I knew about chemtrails. I told him the story of me sitting next to the fellow from Evergreen Aviation back in the 1990s. This man was drinking those little bottles of Jack Daniels and telling me how he retrofitted airplanes. Even then, I knew what he meant — aerosol spraying chemtrails. As we exited the plane, he turned to me with tears in his eyes and said, “Some day you will thank your government.” I will never forget the expression on his face. A grown man was crying to a stranger on a plane.

My Kashmir Shaivite friend was very ill and he was convinced that the chemtrails in Los Angeles had made him sick. Now this is a man who is very spiritual, who reads Sanskrit and is highly intelligent, responsible. As we exchanged more ideas about the aerosol spraying, he directed me to Dane Wigington’s website Geoengineering Watch. Frankly at first I thought, Oh no! Not another chemtrails website overload. But Dane was different. This was not some new age overly emotional rant. Wigington had done the science, as had Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute.

The spraying continued here in my tiny town and all over the Olympic Peninsula. One day I went into a local camping shop and in an innocent friendly way asked the owner what he thought of the Navy using this pristine area for their electronic warfare games. He went ballistic and essentially told me to not question, to mind my own business, and be glad that ISIS wasn’t invading. That got me very mad! Not since I left Texas has anyone told me not to think. I decided to actively post in the comment section at Dane Wigington’s GeoengineeringWatch.org.

I had a lot of catching up to do and Dane Wigington’s website contains everything you need to know. So I began to study. I was already deeply interested in plasma physics because of what I had found in the Sanskrit text the Rig Veda. In fact it was in 2012 that I found a hymn in the Rig Veda that describes Ionospheric Heaters. The Rig Veda is undatable and could be over 10,000 years old. My years of previous research that came out of endeavoring to understand the visions that produced my first book, ‘Inanna Returns’, all seemed to find a place in the toxic nest of geoengineering.

In the early days of posting on Dane Wigington’s comments, I quickly noticed that every time I mentioned anything remotely connected with the ETs or the colonization of planet Earth, my posts would get deleted. Asking myself why, I concurred that Dane was doing the absolute right thing by keeping the question of extraterrestrial anything out of his discussion. I had seen for myself how quickly these issues can dissolve into total disarray and confusion. The astral planes are after all profoundly slippery slopes.

One day I asked Mr. Wigington and he told me that he had no experience with anything extraterrestrial. I found this very interesting considering that he lives near Mt. Shasta, where so many sightings have taken place over so many years. In fact it was on Mt. Shasta that I personally saw my first UFO, up close right over me. I began to feel that Mr. Wigington’s mission precluded the ET question.

So let me affirm here, that even though I am an active participant in Dane Wigington’s work and support him completely, he is not advocating anything regarding the ET question. Whatever I say here, whatever views I have are mine and mine alone. He is not complicit by proximity. Dane Wigington is in my estimation a very pure being whose integrity is beyond question. None of us will ever know what he has sacrificed for 12 years to bring the geoengineering monster to the general public.



Planet Earth is Not a School!

Our planet is not a school where we evolve into higher beings. Reason this out for yourself. The Sanskrit teachings say: TAT TVAM ASI, meaning Thou art That. The ancient wisdom is that we are already the One ‘playing’ here in human form. If we are already the One God ISness, the presence, whatever term you prefer — what are we going to evolve to? More God? A more better new improved Totality. This is a ridiculous misunderstanding that has emerged from a lack of experience. My guess is that this notion of an earth school came from Theosophy, which spawned so much new age nonsense.

Our planet is one in thousands. There are over 500 billion galaxies out there. Surely there are more worlds for the One to find endless adventures in. The Kashmir Shaivite Abhinavagupta has said that he visited 118 worlds before he became weary of these experiences.

We are the One God-Consciousness Veiled in varying forms ‘playing’ in Space-Time in human form, what I like to call our data-collecting vehicles. The human body contains the chakra system, which connects to the realms that resonate with each chakra. Thus we have the potential to realize many levels of manifested existence in the one body. We are having a grand adventure. One can surmise that other forms have their own specific limitations and capacities.

So you can forget the idea that you came here to learn anything. You already know everything. You are simply pretending not to so you can ‘play’ and experience the potential spectrum of God’s creative capacity. The Sanskrit term is the Divine LILA, meaning play as in both a drama and the play of a child. When you are weary of playing here, you will wake-up to the reality that you are and always have been the One imperishable immutable eternal God-Consciousness and you can go Home until the next adventure, perhaps in a completely different galaxy or even dimension.


Inanna’s weeping inside me added to my conclusion that we are now in a Dissolution, PRALAYA, meaning the end of a Cycle of Time. This was confirmed for me by the disciples of the Kashmir Shaivite Swami Lakshmanjoo, who long ago had told them this current Kali Yuga would end in their lifetime, and they are in their late 60s. I don’t feel this will happen tomorrow and even next year, however I have accepted that overtime we will see a gradual disintegration of the world we have come to accept as normal. The signs are everywhere. I don’t need to repeat them.

Certainly the massive dumping of toxic chemicals on us over the entire planet is evidence that something has gone terribly wrong. There are many theories and probably they all have some truth in them as different groups are profiting from the spraying of aerosols to manipulate the weather, stave off global warming, and some to release the poles and access oil. Crazy.

I have been very conflicted about sharing this information. I don’t want to contribute to anguish. There is enough of that. Inanna’s weeping inside me, and her blunt statement — “We have lost the planet” has haunted me for the past three years. It was only after realizing the catastrophic extent of the damage being done to the earth and all of life by geoengineering that I knew I had to speak up.

The Sanskrit texts are very explicit about death. Whatever consciousness you have cumulatively achieved over your life is what you take with you and is also the precise frequency of reality you will be magnetized to after you leave the body. If you have achieved Enlightenment, meaning if you Know you are the One, and have Become God-Consciousness then you are Free. You are Free to move through the universe as a Sovereign Being. If at your death you are in fear, bowing down and worship others in whatever form because you feel you are less than that, or worse if you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, then you are not Free and your choices will be limited by your own consciousness.

I am urging anyone who is still reading here to go within and not waste anymore time seeking anything in the external temporal holographic Illusion that by its very nature degrades and dissolves. We are in PRALAYA, a Dissolution. I highly recommend the Shiva Sutras, available as a free PDF on my primary website. I don’t know how much time we have, as I said this will occur gradually becoming more dire as the signs become more obvious blatant catastrophic.

Becoming an Enlightened being, reaching God-Consciousness is the ultimate Goal of the entire Adventure of Life here on the earth plane — and no matter what, you will be best served in that pursuit. Pursue it intensely and trust me when I say that you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. God is Love. Love God and that Love will be returned exponentially to you in ways subtle and simply wonderful — both in Sacred Ecstasy and Divine Grace. Everything else is dissolving, temporal, illusory, a waste of time now. Consider this for yourself.

Rene Guenon: “Nevertheless, the truth is that it then becomes no longer proper to use the word ‘benefic’ any more than the word ‘malefic’, for the two terms are essentially correlative and cannot properly be used to indicate an opposition when it no longer exists, for it belongs, like all oppositions, exclusively to a particular relative and limited domain; as soon as the limits of that domain are overstepped, there is only that which is, and which cannot be, or be other than it is; and so it comes about that, if one does not stop short of the most profound order of reality, it can be said in all truth that the ‘end of a world’ never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion.” [The Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times, 1945; Sophia Perennis.]

Bruce Cathie: earth“I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that space is the home of countless billions of intelligent beings, whose physical appearance is similar to our…the growing mass of evidence indicates that we are not the sole owners of the universe… Every method possible has been used to make certain that the public at large is kept ignorant of the fact that we are not alone. The reason for this massive con job is not completely clear, but possibly greed, and a fear by the comparatively small group of people who decide our destiny that they will lose control of the ordinary individual, like you and me, if the truth is known, ensures that the evidence is suppressed.”

“Matter is nothing more than a complex matrix of waveforms locked together by harmonic resonance.”

– Bruce L. Cathie, ‘The Energy Grid, Harmonic 695, The Pulse of the Universe’ / 1990

V. Susan Ferguson / April 2016

St. Teresa of Avila below…

St. Teresa’s Devotion of Ecstasy, is where the consciousness of being in the body disappears. Sense activity ceases; memory and imagination are also absorbed in God or intoxicated. Body and spirit are in the throes of a sweet, happy pain, alternating between a fearful fiery glow, a complete impotence and unconsciousness, and a spell of strangulation, sometimes by such an ecstatic flight that the body is literally lifted into space. This after half an hour is followed by a reactionary relaxation of a few hours in a swoon-like weakness, attended by a negation of all the faculties in the union with God. The subject awakens from this in tears; it is the climax of mystical experience, producing a trance. Indeed, she was said to have been observed levitating during Mass on more than one occasion…



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