Inanna in Japan!





VSF: A new friend in Japan has sent me these wonderful fun links. Truthfully I don’t know what the video actually says, but I liked the visual imagery and was so pleased to find Inanna in Japan, that I am posting the video. Good to know that Inanna is “working on the other side of the planet!”  THANK YOU!

From a friend in Japan: Here in Japan, a channeled material, books in two volumes, with the direct title “Inanna Bible”, was published this March. It is (said to be) written by a Japanese channeler, so it is not the usual English2Japanese-translated channeling books. Sitchin and many Pleiades-related channeling books are translated into Japanese books already. Anunnaki myths and channeled stories are widely known in Japanese spiritual communities(or spiritual-industries), well, at least on the surface.

I’m not consciously channeling Inanna, but maybe she just wanted you to know, that she is working on the other side of the planet ;> A beautiful lady, used me to write this email, maybe!!! LOL

Also comic books:
Inanna comic books, author: Reiko Okano

Pleiades affined? channeler (author) Aichi Sonia:

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