Connecting Nibiru, the Anunnaki Gold and Geoengineering Aluminum dispersion in our atmosphere!

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Connecting Nibiru, Gold and Aluminum dispersion in our atmosphere!

“…the reason for the intensity of Nibiruans’ search for gold on Earth and their immense efforts to obtain it here and transfer it in large quantities to their own planet. The metal, with its unique properties. was needed back home for a vital need, affecting the very survival of life on that planet; as best as we can make out, this vital need could have been for suspending the gold particles in Nibiru’s waning atmosphere and thus shield it from critical dissipation.
– “The Wars of Gods and Men, Book III of The Earth Chronicles” by Zecharia Sitchin, 1985

I can’t believe that I did not see this before! I have only just made the astonishingly obvious connection and correlation between Zecharia’ Sitchin’s explanation and reason for the Anunnaki mining gold on planet Earth and the technology used in geoengineering SRM solar radiation management, which disperses small particles of metals, aluminum oxide, in the atmosphere to deflect radiation. Amazed that I did not see this before! Thank you, Inanna.


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