Kundalini Ecstasy is Our Real State

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Kundalini Ecstasy is Our Real State

Kundalini is only a small portion of the eternal state of Being of the One. The raging torrent of Kundalini energy produces unending waves of ecstasy, which have been compared thousands of orgasms, intense beyond anything physical. Kundalini’s waves of ecstasy are not sexual in the way we normally experience sex. The Kashmir Shaivite saint and scholar, Swami Lakshmanjoo, says that this ecstasy, this ‘delight’ is in fact the source of sex. Through Grace, we may experience the waves of Kundalini Fire inundating our being and permeating every cell in our body. They are a Sacred Fire, as if writhing snake-like electric-fire energies seek out every layer of our being, our DNA, to purify us and open us to our real Nature. This is the Real Fire, AGNI, the ancient Fire Sacrifice, as we transform through total surrender into Divine Union with our very own eternal SELF.

I have read through a few books and frankly have not found them all that helpful. Yes, they answer some questions, but we are all so different and I still don’t feel that we should expect our inner experiences to conform. My own particular case is grounded in the fact that these experiences came to me at age 70 spontaneously after a lifetime of searching, of 50 years of meditation, contemplation, scriptural study, and devotion to God. My body is healing, and I am not suffering in any way, on any level. I do not believe there are any hard rules – God loves surprise! However, I do feel that this makes the case for the ancient time-honored traditions of meditation, discipline, reverence and study of the sacred literature.

It is my experience that the God-within is always in a Blissful-Nectar state of supreme ecstasy — and that Bliss state is Veiled, covered over in our current temporal identity, our data-collecting vehicle, the small identity ego. In the Satya Yuga, the first cycle of time, we would have all been operating with the Rivers of Fire and Light streaming through us as we manifested the worlds. These Divine Snake-like Rivers of Fire, as coiling and uncoiling black-red-gold cobras of light, are dormant in all of us as we play in Space and Time. They remain waiting always until the moment the God-within is weary of Play, the Divine Lila, and calls us Home, calls us back into the Rivers of Fire that flow into the Milky Oceans that are our Source, the imperishable, immutable, eternal, all pervading One. We are all Pillars of unending Divine Light.

V. Susan Ferguson


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