There is no need to ‘ascend’ anywhere – except in your own consciousness.


There is no need to ‘ascend’ anywhere – except in your own consciousness.

The entire hologram is within every part of the hologram. There is no need to go to any sacred site on the planet as ‘sacredness’ is within you. Your location is a function of your consciousness. God is everywhere not just in grand cathedrals or lovely temples, and not only in religious statues or idols, or any other symbols that may represent God to the human mind and heart.

There is no need to ‘ascend’ anywhere – except in your own consciousness. You only need the force of your own focused Will and by your own efforts – which naturally evoke the concomitant Grace (ANUGRAHA) of the God-within you – generate the resonant frequency to activate the latent energies ‘sleeping’ within the holographic matrix to access all encoded primordial Wisdom-Knowledge and happily your enlightenment.


Abinavagupta - Version 3

The Kashmir Saivite Abhinavagupta tells us that there is no need to ascend to anywhere:

The state of liberation is not confined to any special abode, nor does it necessitate any ascension (towards any celestial abode). Liberation is the illumining of one’s divine potency attainable by the means of resolving the knots of ignorance.

Fully liberated beings do not have to ascend to any divine abode, that in my understanding are the temporal illusory waveforms – however enchanting or sacred – of the Phantasmal Hierarchies and the myriad LOKA worlds.

Ignorance regarding one’s real nature, consisting of supreme and divine potency, is bondage and as soon as such ignorance is annihilated, one’s really natural purity and divinity shine through the spiritual luster of his own pure consciousness and that is liberation. Such a being is liberated even while living in the physical form.

A person who realizes his real nature does not feel any dread from any quarters because everything is his own SELF. He does not experience any grief because, in reality, there is no death or destruction.

A person becomes liberated even while residing in a mortal form when the knots of his ignorance are resolved, his doubts are removed, his delusion eradicated – and his piety and sin are perfectly consumed.

When the impressions of the correct knowledge of one’s real nature become deeply impressed on his person, his ignorance, his doubts, his delusion etc. become annihilated and his good and bad deeds lose their power of fructification. Since it is ignorance with it results, which is bondage, such a person attains liberation even while living in the mortal world and is consequently known as a JIVAN-MUKTA.

The whole of objective existence, filled with everything mortal, is the cremation ground for the Liberated. … Seeing everything as SELF, he drinks the wine of Self-Bliss filled in the whole phenomena.

Liberation of a being is the final part of the Divine Play of God. Grace is bestowed playfully on us. Playfulness results in a complex variety in the Divine Act of the bestowal of Grace.

Realization of the Truth is not itself as full of taste as the awareness of one’s having attained such realization. No other aim of life remains to be accomplished.

Quoted from:
Essence of the Exact Reality or Paramarthasara of Abhinavagupta
Translated by Dr. B.N. Pandit
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 1991, New Delhi

V. Susan Ferguson


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