“A man is what he believes…”


Faith is in accordance
With the truth of each,
Man is made of faith.
Whatever faith he has, thus he is.

Bhagavad Gita XVII.3 / translation by Winthrop Sargeant

Krishna_and_Arjun_on_the_chariot,_Mahabharata,_18th-19th_century,_IndiaArjuna asks Krishna what state of consciousness will emerge in one who has faith but who does not follow the laws, rites, injunctions of the sacred writings (XVII.1). In response Krishna teaches his friend the profound implications of faith (sraddha) on consciousness. Whatever we are is the result of our faith.

‘…as our faith is, so will we be’

What we believe truly does matter, for our faith reflects our beliefs and lays the foundation for our consciousness. The etymology of ‘faith’ is connected to the word ‘trust’ and in this world, the shifting temporal illusory hologram, we must all come to trust something.

We are in the closing days of a cycle of time. We all require our Faith, however that is for each of us, as we face what is coming. It is not God that has failed us. It is that the majority here on Earth have not been good stewards of this planet. Now we face the inevitable consequences of our neglect. The perfection of Creation will always re-balance and return to Cosmic Harmony, with or without us.

Some trust only money and power, some place their trust in human love and relationships, while others trust only God. Those who believe that there is nothing in this world beyond their own selfish desires will find it easy to use and abuse others. Those who love God and see God in All will feel a compassionate gentleness for All.

It’s only human nature to …

The faith (shraddha) of each one of us follows the form (anurupa) of our own unique individual nature (XVII.3). This is what we call our ‘human nature’ when we say ‘it’s only human nature’ to behave in a particular way. This ‘nature’ is produced by the relative distribution of Prakriti’s (Nature) three qualities – rajas, sattva and tamas – the three gunas in each of us.

The gunas are ever in motion, one seeking dominance over the other, shifting our consciousness. The gunas operate on their objects in the external hologram through the internal organs of the five senses. The five senses are always transmitting information as frequency waveforms to the brain. Our consciousness is formed by our reaction and attachment, or non-attachment to these transmitted waveforms.

When the guna sattva predominates, our consciousness resonates with that frequency which is represented by the gods (devas) who are the embodiment of primordial metaphysical Principles (XVII.4).

The ETs

When the guna rajas is dominant, then consciousness resonates with and becomes open to the spirit worlds, the astral planes, those worlds that are inhabited by the angelic and the demonic forces. In my view this includes the so-called extraterrestrials, which only means beyond earth. The ETs range in frequency from those who are evolved and have high-minded intentions towards human beings – to those whose actions show that they are in a tyrant-based consciousness.

Whatever experiences anyone has with any of these entities is – by the Law of Magnetism – in perfect resonant alignment with their own consciousness. If you want to leave these beings behind, simply ignore them and raise the frequency of your consciousness. If you fall back down to their level of frequency, you will find them waiting. None of these beings can liberate you from the temporal illusory hologram. Only you, through your own efforts, can liberate you from the bonds of self-created Illusions you have chased through the corridors of Time.

We meet in the Heart,

V. Susan Ferguson


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