Cultivate a place within you…

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I cannot hope to share what I am experiencing these days, it is very personal, and I have no words. I am now 70 and I have been seeking God since forty years. I have no regrets. My body is healing itself and I am filled with Joy. I can however tell you to keep doing your spiritual practices, no matter how hard it may be, or how far away God may feel, how lost, alone and filled with longing you may be.  Your ‘longing’ will carry you!  Go on with your practices of Devotion, continue to read the sacred texts because they uplift your consciousness and place you in a higher frequency. Do selfless good deeds to others with no thought of reward or praise. Forgive those who torment and revile you. All these time honored traditions serve to cultivate a place within you for God-Consciousness and Enlightenment. Remain determined with an adamantine Will.

Keep thinking of God. Love and want God more than anything. These are the symptoms of Grace. One fine day the Veils that you have drawn around you will lift, every wall will fall, and you will Remember you have always been That. TAT TVAM ASI, Thou Art That. You will Become what you always are, and everything you have ever known before will lose its hold on you. You will change, transform, sometimes in ecstasy, sometimes in rivers of tears, tears of gratitude, often in amazement and laughter! Keep on. No matter what. God will come. We are Loved beyond anything we can comprehend. We are busy writing our own stories in God’s Heart. Never lose Faith. God is Love.

V. Susan Ferguson





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