Reaching Union in Love / Bhagavad Gita XVIII.55

Bhagavad Gita XVIII.55 / Reaching Union in Love

By Loving Me (the One),
The Reality is born of who I am, how great,
Then having Known Me in Truth,
One enters into Me immediately, at once!

Bhaktya mam abhijanati
Yavan yashcasmi tattvatah
Tato mam tattvato jñatva
Vishate tadanantaram



Love is the underlying principle that generates the universe. The Love of the Creator for all of Its creation supports and sustains our each and every moment in illusory Time. In countless lives we have experienced some form of love, whether it be for another human being, a beloved pet, or even an idea as music or art. What we learn from these experiences is that our love has the power of to hold our focused attention. With no effort whatsoever we are spontaneously able to think of the object of our love throughout the day and night. If you translate this intensity of concentration into the journey toward enlightenment, you can easily understand how valuable a state of Love is to reaching Home.

I have a cherished friend who once asked me to tell him the essence of the Sanskrit texts. What did the ancient Seers, the Rishis know. At the time I was deep in the somewhat daunting challenge of learning the numerous Sanskrit terms used in the Kashmir Shaivite approach, which are very complex and require a dedicated concentration. I knew he was not ready to be open to that sort of application — yet.  So knowing what he would most definitely indeed understand, I said smiling, “Love God!”

V. Susan Ferguson


Bhagavad Gita XII.7

I soon lift up, extricate and deliver from the ocean of death and birth [Samsara], those whose consciousness, whose thoughts have entered into Me [the One].

tesham aham samuddharta mrityusamsarasagarat bhavami nacirat partha mayyaveshitacetasam


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